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Ford's Iconic F-Series Trucks are going Electric

Networks trashed Trump w 90% Negative Spin in 2018

Gillette addresses 'Toxic Masculinity' in New Ad Campaign

ABC's Karl: 'Zero Evidence' that Trump or Campaign Colluded w Russians

Twitter suspends Conservative Radio Host for Defending Oregon Police


Unemployment Rate: 3.9 %
Dec. NonFarm Payroll: 312,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 54.2%
Consumer Confidence Index January: 125.4
GDP Q2: 4.1%
Last Update: 1/4/19




Jan. 14 - Jan. 20

Water becomes a question of Affordability in Baltimore

1 Dead, 12 Hospitalized in Mass Fentanyl overdose in Cali.

Another Honduran Caravan Starts next week

Seattle TV Station caught Doctoring Trump's Face during national address

Toyota recalls 1.7M Vehicles for Takata Airbag Inflator Problem

Ca. lawmakers proposes bill to Eliminate Paper Receipts

Top 5 Democrats who supported Border Security before Trump wanted it

Ford, VW work toward announcing Alliance at Detroit Auto Show






Jan 7 - Jan. 13

Trump walked out of "Waste of Time" meeting w Schumer and Pelosi

Pharmaceutical supplier owed $67M says Shopko

Lilly to buy Loxo Oncology in a $8B deal for a 68% Premium

Democrats introduce bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

Ford recalls over 953,000 Vehicles to replace inflators

Trump says He may Declare National Emergency to Build Wall

US Judge stands by ruling to limit Evidence in Roundup Cancer Trials

You can't get Married in DC right now.. But you can get Divorced

Cher: Can't wait until the 'White Men' in Trump Cabinet 'go to jail'

Verrizon, FiOS reaches deal to keep ESPN, Disney





Dec 31 - Jan. 6

Kanye West reasserting Support for Donald Trump

Trump moves to freeze pay for Federal Workers Amid Gov. Shutdown

Dell returns to Public Markets after 6 Years

Dow Rallies 1,000 Points

Christmas officially a National Holiday in Iraq

Never Trumpers fantasize about Tanking US Economy

Low Gas Prices are leading to Record Holiday Travel

President fights for Wall Funding




Dec 24 - Dec. 30

Supreme Court rejects Trump bid to enforce Asylum Crackdown

Drug Companies will return to raising prices in January

Seniors at Washington Housing Facility.. Can't say 'Merry Christmas' ?

Pittsburgh Mayor pushes Firearm, Confiscation Order, Gun , Mag. Bans

Zombie Mall: Within the walls of Burlington Center

27% of Americans want Santa to be Female or Gender Neutral




Dec 17 - Dec. 23

People are attacking Waymo's Self Driving cars in Arizona

Baltimore County spends $147M on School Laptops. still Terrible scores

Some of the Hottest Housing Markets are falling the hardest

Lawmakers back bill to expand benefits to workers of mass Layoffs

Del Monte recalls canned corn in 25 States, 12 Nations

Sears seeks offers on Stores Lampert needs for Turnaround




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