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Pimco Total Return Fund Outflows Estimated to top $23.5B

Comcast to Follow 1M Who've Fled Bankrupt Detroit

Standoff in Hong Kong on China's National Day

California Governor Signs Gun-Seizure Law

Okla. Fed. Judge Rules Against O.Care Subsidies

Unemployment Rate: 6.1%
Aug NonFarm Payroll:  142,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 4.15%
15 year - 3.23%

Manufacturing Index Feb: 53.2
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 79.9
GDP Q1: -2.9%
Last Update: 9/5/14




Sept. 29 - Oct. 5

Consumer Confidence Falls to Lowest Level Since May

New Honda CR-V Goes High Tech to Prevent Crashes

Doubled up  Homes Aren't just For Adult Kids

Ford Says C-Max Recall will Cost $500 Million

The World's Largest Lakes Disappearing

Disney Princesses Ditch Mattel, Run Away with Hasbro

Detroit City Council Votes to remove Emergency Manager

Winter's Coming: Some Electric Costs to Spike

Gas Prices Declining

Chrysler Recalls 349k Cars to Fix Ignition Switches

Danger Lurks Underground from Aging Gas Pipes

Small Banks Feel Pinch of Regulations: Fed Officials




Sept. 22 - Sept. 28

Have a Cough? You Might Need to Show Your ID

Ferrari Recalls 3000 Cars for Entrapment Danger

How to Make Student Loan Payments Manageable

Clorox Pulls Operations Out of Venezula

Rich People, Mortgages are Getting Cheaper and Easier

Ford Offers 'Surveillance Mode' to Cops

Tax Refunds will be Cut for ACA Recipients

5 Reasons McDonald's is Falling Apart

Why the Middle Class Can't Get Ahead

University of Alaska Regents Reject Tuition Hike

Here a Bubble, There a Bubble: Ol Marc Faber

Occupy Abolishes $4M in Other People's Student Loan Debt 

Bill Gross Used $45B Derivatives to Lift Fund Gain





Sept. 15 - Sept. 21

America's Wealth Gap is Putting the Squeeze on States Rev,

Wynn, State Regulators Sign Casino License

Vermont Shuts Down O.Care Website for Repairs

Euro Area Inflation Stays at 5 Year Low Amid Stimulus

Leading Missouri O.Care Insurer Leaves Market

Half of Nasdaq Stocks are in trouble

Trump Plaza: 4th Atlantic City Casino Shutdown

Smokers in NYC increase to 1 Million

Business Cutting Jobs Due to O.Care

Labor Board Orders CNN to Rehire 100 Fired Employees

GM Expert Says 19 Deaths Eligible for Compensation

Marriott to urge Guests to tip their Housekeepers

Heineken Rejects Takeover in Bid to Stay Independent

OECD Cuts US Growth Forecast, Warns on Risk Assets

The Roughed-Up American

Allianz May Sell Retail Unit of Fireman's Fund

Christie Seeks More Tax Incentives for A.C

NY Thruway Authority: E-Zpass Overcharged 35,000 Motorists

Sandy Storm Victims could be asked to Return Fema Funds

What City has the Highest Auto Insurance Rates?

China Inflation Data Show Economy Losing Momentum

Foreclosure Filings Rise Monthly, But Fall Annually




Sept. 8 - Sept. 14

More Education = More Income ........

40 Million Americans now have Student Loan Debt

Lawmakers Consider Reforms in Wake of GM Recalls

CFOs Would Lay Off Employees if Min Wage Rises to $15

What will the Sale of GE Appliance Mean for Jobs?

High Court Takes Look at Duke Rate Hikes

2015 Pay Raises Expected to be up 3%

Olive Garden: $100 for 7 Weeks of Pasta

Honda Recalls 126K Motorcycles for a 2nd Time

1 in 4 Grads, College Wasn't Worth it - NY Fed Calculates

11 Companies Fighting for Survival

Detroit's Municipal Bankruptcy Trail Begins

Yara Plans $2.5 Billion Gas-Based Fertilizer Plant in Africa

Lower Rates Fail to Fuel Home Buyers

PepsiCo Unveils New Water- Modeling Tool

Eric Cantor Joins Wall Street Investment Firm




Sept. 1 - Sept. 7

40 Hour Work Week in US, Actually Last 47 Hours

Men Outpacing Women in Job Gains

Russia Shuts 12 McDonald's Restaurants as Tensions Rise

Fed. Judge Voids Key Piece of Texas Abortion Law

Kraft Foods Recalls Some American Cheese Singles

US Runs Out of Investor Visas - Chinese Overwhelm Program

Itsy Bitsy Spiders Result in Kizashi Auto Recall

Consumers Deal With Insurance Deadline, Site Glitches

Guess Cuts Outlook as Fall Collection Disappoints




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