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Lumber Liquidators Face Class-Action Lawsuit in Florida

Home Equity Loan face new Risk

State of Emergency Declared as Much of US Brace for Storm

Made in the USA push gets Boost from Ports Debacle

China Lowers Growth Target to about 7%

Unemployment Rate: 5.7%
Jan. NonFarm Payroll:  257,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.97%
15 year - 3.18%

Manufacturing Index Jan: 52.1
Consumer Confidence Index Jan: 102.9
GDP Q4: 2.2%
Last Update: 2/20/15




Mar. 2 - Mar. 8

J&J said to Agree to buy Pharmacyclics

Storm to Dump Snow from Texas to Northeast

The US has so much oil that it's Running out of Storage

Abercrombie Sales Miss Analyst Estimates

2014 Cali. Drought was Bad, 2015 will be worse

Best Buy Hikes Shareholders Dividend

HP to buy Aruba Networks

Problem with Forward EPS Hockeystick: Millions Lose Jobs

Gas Prices increase 8 Cents

Costco enters into Credit Card Agreement with Citi/Visa

Lumber Liquidators Linked to Health / Safety Violations

FL. Strawberry Farmers, worry over Falling Price / Workers

Texas Braces for Massive Layoffs Amid Oil Slump

Bright Outlook for US Economy

ATF pushes Bullet Ban, Threatens Top Selling AR-15 Rifle

KFC Coffee Cup... Now you can eat?

What's at Stake with 'Net Neutrality'.....

Target Execs Hint at more Layoffs Coming

Gov. Loan Program with a 116% Default Rate




Feb. 23 - Mar. 1

Miami Home Prices Rise in January

The Investment help that may not be

CT to Super Rich Residents: Please Don't leave

Russia cut to 'Junk' by Moody's

ComEd Cust. unknowingly contribute to Utilities Charities

Port of Oakland shut down by Union Meeting

Scrap Metal Price Drop Impacts Recycling Industry

RI Hospital Workers Authorize Union to Threaten Strike?

Relief Funds to Aid Seniors Struggling with Reverse Mortgages

Marriot, Hilton Report Rising Profits





Feb. 16 - Feb. 22

Beef Prices Expected to Head Lower

California Oranges are Rotting on the Docks

Arctic Air Blast covers more than half of U.S.

Large Student Debt Load Limit Young American Home Buying

Slow Productivity Growth Could Hurt the Economy

Odds Against Casinos Hitting Financial Expectations

Consumer Might not be up to the Job of Carrying the Economy

Is a June Rate Hike Coming?

Get Ready for $10 Oil

Automakers Pinched by West Coast Port Delays

Is your Life Insurance Through Work Enough.....

Solar Project Fizzles, 3 NJ Counties Could be Paying

Medicaid Patients Struggle to get Dental Care

Visa, MasterCard to Roll out new Cyber security Features

U.S. Orders Alabama to License Gay Unions

2014: Year of the Recalls

Boockvar: Why Retail Sales Declined Despite Low Gas





Feb. 9 - Feb. 15

NJ Foreclosure Rate Among Highest in Nation

Expedia to Buy Orbitz in $1.6B Deal

2nd Panel Approves Closing SC State University for 2 Years

You'll Pay a Lot more to see the Doctor with O.Care

Pop up Ads on TVs?

Heinz Gives Ketchup a Kick with Sriracha

Home Depot to Hire More than 80,000 this Spring

Wave of Fake Fed/State Tax Returns Filed, Experts Say

Consumer Staples Earnings Missing out on ' Gas Tax' Boost

Land Rover, Jaguar will Recall 104,000 Vehicles

Verizon to Sell $15B in Assets, Launch $5B Buyback

Average US Rate on 30 Year Mortgage Falls to 3.59%

Under Armour Buys Mobile Fitness Apps for US $560Mil

Demand for Gov. Backed FHA Loans Spikes

Hundreds of Ford Workers get $19,000 Raise





Feb. 2 - Feb. 8

UPS Reworks Peak Plan with More Charges, Fewer Drivers

A 1/3 of Mortgage Holders Don't Know Their Rate

Pres. Budget Seeks to Loosen Austerity Reins

The Buffet Rule is Back

Strong or Weak Economy? Markets and Data Disagree

Number of Las Vegas Visitors in 2014 Climbs to 41.1M

Mitt Romney Announces he Won't Run for President

Amazon Shares Rally 14% After Profit Returns

15 US Companies Hurt Most by the Falling Euro

IRS Data gives Fresh Look at Income Inequality

Millions to owe O.Care Tax Penalty

McDonald's CEO Thompson Steps Down, Stock Climbs





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