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AMC threatens Legal Action over $9.95 MoviePass

Millennials are ....... Hooters have to change strategy

Consumer suit against Comcast over $1B in TV,Sport Fees can advance

Is the other Shoe about to drop for Crocs?

Amazon debuts 'Instant Pickup Points in the US


Unemployment Rate: 4.3 %
July NonFarm Payroll: 209,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 56%
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 114.8
GDP Q4: 1.9%
Last Update: 8/4/17




Aug 14 - Aug. 20

Judge orders Costco to pay $19M to Tiffany in Rings Trademark Case

Under Armour CEO steps down from Trump's Manufacturing  Council

Bill O'Reilly attempts to spin a comeback w New Online Show

PA Orchestra cancels season over money woes

JcPenney Shares hit all time low as turnaround Fails

Amazon could Start Selling Event Tickets in the US

Papaya recall grows due to Salmonella Outbreak

23% of all Federal Prisoners are Illegals

CVS Health sued over 'Clawbacks' of Prescription drug copays

McDonald's is going to nearly double its number of Stores in China





Aug 7 - Aug. 13

Tesla raising cash in push to get Model 3 to masses

States battle Sanctuary Cities

US Army reportedly bans Chinese-made Drone

Milestone for Trump: 1 Million New Jobs in 6 Months

Alfred Angelo won't deliver any more dresses

Toyota, Mazda to build $1.6B, 4,000 Job US Automotive Plant

Seattle Mayor's office manipulated a Min. Wage Study?

JBS USA recalls 5,000 Pounds of Ground Beef

Detroit Carmaker Sales takes Bigger Hit than expected





July 31 - Aug. 6

Apple stock surges to All-Time high as Forecast hints at Strong Sales

Urban Outfitters Inc. Stock drops to an 8 Year Low

Goodyear, Union Reach Tentative contract Agreement

Recalls this week: Dry Erase Boards, Mattresses

Expert tips for avoiding tainted alcohol in Mexico

45 Senators Pen Letter Urging not to Implement Trans Ban

Trump Fires Priebus, names Gen. Kelly New Chief of Staff

New SouthPark Season 21 delayed

Justice Dept. Rules Intensify Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities

California loses 1,400 Jobs as Economy shows Sign of Slowing





July 24 - July 30

8 States have not recovered Job Lost in Prior Recession

Bush Baked Beans recalled due to Defective Cans 

Corning creating 1,000 Jobs in US

Daimler to recall 3 Million Vehicles to ease Diesel Doubts

Trump: Rep. shouldn't leave for Aug. Recess until they act on O.care

Chevy forced to Extend Shutdown of Bolt Plant - No one wants a Bolt

Debt Problems are sinking three major Chinese Companies

Pizza Hut will hire 14,000 New Drivers this Year

Krogers to make $1B Contribution to its Benefit Plans





July 17 - July 23

Rand Paul says Senate Health Care Doesn't have the Votes

Asbestos found in makeup sold by Clothing Store Justice

These 19 Retailers are closing Hundreds of Stores in 2017

Honda recalling 1.5M Accord cars to prevent Potential Engine Fire

Sears Canada Managers earn thousands in Bonuses

Striking reason why the US just Spent a Record $429B in 1 Month

Royal Caribbean hoping to discourage Freeloaders w New Booze Policy

BART withholds Video of Attack over concern about "Stereotypes"




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