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Ford recalls 202k Pickups, SUVs, Cars to Fix Transmissions

Ford reports best First Quarter in 113 Years

Majority of Millennials now Reject Capitalism, Poll Shows

Pilgrim's Pride recalls 4.5M Pounds of Chicken

Bankrupt Sun Edison to Sell Part of its Chile Assets to Colbun

Unemployment Rate: 5%
March NonFarm Payroll:  215,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.62%
15 year - 2.93%

Manufacturing Index Dec: 48.2%
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 92.2
GDP Q1: .5%
Last Update: 4/28/16




April 25 - May 1

Wal-Mart to drop its Organic Brand, Wild Oats, after 2 Years

The Banana as we know it may be Doomed

Another Fracking Pipeline is Rejected

Pres. Pushes Controversial TTIP Trade Deal in Germany

US to buy Material used in Iran Nuclear Program

'Toxic' Toys Containing Lead for Sale in NY Stores?

How GPS Came to Be.. How it may be Altering our Brains

One of the Largest Pension Funds set to Cut Retiree Benefits

Samsung Team up Aims to Improve your Mobile Payments

Huntsman Family buys Salt Lake Tribune

Coal's Demise Threatens Appalachian Miners




April 18 - April 24

Lexmark to be Bought by Apex, PAG Asia in $3.6B Deal

GM Global Sales Slip 2.5% on S. America Weakness

Nice! Peaches, Mixed Fruit Recalled - Possible Glass Pieces

Houston Region Swamped and Shut Down by 'Historic' Flood

Saudi Prince says could Unleash Millions of Barrels oil a day

Major Oil Exporters Fail to Agree on Production Freeze

UnitedHealth to exit Michigan O.Care Exchange

7.8 Magnitude Quake Hits off Coast of Ecuador

Fisher Price Infant Cradle Swings Recalled

Illinois Unemployment Rate on the Rise

McDonald's has Ditched Wraps

Walmart expands its Curbside Grocery Pickup Service in US

McDonald's look at Buyout firm for N. Asia Store Sales






April 11 - April 17

Trump's Campaign Manager will not be Prosecuted

Nestle develops Foods to Treat Diseases

Mag. 6.9 Earthquake Strike Myanmar

Why Pres. is forgiving student loans of Nearly 400,000

Beretta is opening New Gun Factory in Tennessee

Back to Natures Issues Allergy Alert for Classic Creme Cookies

Puerto Rico Unveils New Proposal to Restructure Debt

Missouri House Passes Ride-Hail Regulations

France to Ban Glyphosate Weedkillers

Doomsday Comes to Wyoming's Coal Country

Gannett purchase of Journal Media Group Approved

Stamps dropping in Price by 2 Cents

Feds: Payday Lender Charges 700% Interest on Loans

Gov. of Puerto Rico set to Impose Capital Controls




April 4 - April 10

Amazon Expands Free Same Day Delivery to 11 More Cities

Soaring Land Values Squeeze Vancouver Home Prices

Chairman of Olive Garden Parent Company Resigns

Polar Tank Trailer to stop Operations at Springfield Facility

Trump Outlines plan to get Mexico to pay for Border Wall

Stop Companies from going overseas - Lower Taxes......

Calif. and NY are getting $15 Min Wage

Judge Approves $20B BP Oil Spill Settlement

Manufacturing Recession Deepens

Postmates is launching a Sub. Service with Free Deliveries

American Airlines will drop 24-Hour Free Hold on Reservations

Weekly Jobless Claims Rise by 11,000

No Longer 'too big to fail' MetLife Proceeds w Breakup Plans

State Dept. issued a Travel Warning for Ugly People

New FDA Guidelines ease Access to Abortion Drug

Airbag Recall could cost Takata $24 Billion





March 28 - April 3

AT&T Boost Data Limits for Home Broadband Users

States moving to restore Work Requi. for Food Stamp Recip.

Chrysler recalls 60,000 SUVs in China

Cooling Problem shuts down Nuclear Plant near Richland

A Universal 401k Plan considered in California?

GM Recalls Chevrolet Malibus over Air Bags

US Companies won't be able to do business in Cuba for Years

McDonald's wants to Trademark a 'Simple' New Slogan

VW recalls 47,000 Touareg SUVs over Pedal Issue

Will Path to Student Debt Forgiveness cost Taxpayers Billions?

Recent Recalls, Gerber Baby Food and more

9 Companies profit is down, down, down

Letter from Starboard calling for Outster of Yahoo's Board





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