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8 States have not recovered Job Lost in Prior Recession

Bush Baked Beans recalled due to Defective Cans 

Corning creating 1,000 Jobs in US

Daimler to recall 3 Million Vehicles to ease Diesel Doubts

Trump: Rep. shouldn't leave for Aug. Recess until they act on O.care


Unemployment Rate: 4.4 %
June NonFarm Payroll: 222,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 56%
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 114.8
GDP Q4: 1.9%
Last Update: 7/8/17




July 24 - July 30

Chevy forced to Extend Shutdown of Bolt Plant - No one wants a Bolt

Debt Problems are sinking three major Chinese Companies

Pizza Hut will hire 14,000 New Drivers this Year

Krogers to make $1B Contribution to its Benefit Plans





July 17 - July 23

Rand Paul says Senate Health Care Doesn't have the Votes

Asbestos found in makeup sold by Clothing Store Justice

These 19 Retailers are closing Hundreds of Stores in 2017

Honda recalling 1.5M Accord cars to prevent Potential Engine Fire

Sears Canada Managers earn thousands in Bonuses

Striking reason why the US just Spent a Record $429B in 1 Month

Royal Caribbean hoping to discourage Freeloaders w New Booze Policy

BART withholds Video of Attack over concern about "Stereotypes"





July 10 - July 16

Scrapped Electric Car Plant may mean Industry Woes

Connecticut Capital Hartford downgraded to Junk by S&P

Public Universities spent more than $100M on Sports Last Year

Some Kansas Cities closing water in response to law

Campbell Soup will buy Pacific Food of Oregon for $700M

Yet another thing e-Commerce is Killing

Chicago Police express frustration after 100+ shot in 4th of July weekend

Miami Judge Rules Fla. new Stand-Your Ground Law is Unconstitutional

Illinois on brink of 1st State rated Junk, if Budget Crisis not averted

Illinois House Approves Historic 32% Tax Increase




July 3 - July 9

Workers Celebrate LA's new $12 Min. Wage

Factories may be coming back, but Jobs aren't

Trump's Travel Ban goes into Partial Effect

WH Defends Mika Tweet: 'The American People Elected a Fighter'

Most Affordable American Cities on a Six-Figure Salary

Amazon to bring back 'Prime Day' on July 11

2,900 Sears Canada Employees won't receive severance after Layoff



June 26 - July 2

Americans say Jobs Market best Since 2001

Waymo taps Avis budget group to manage self driving Minivans

Ethereum plunges 24% as Cryptocurrencies hit by Massive Selloff

The Danger of "Public" Education

Seattle should open its eyes to Minimum Wage Research

US Suspends Beef Imports From Brazil

Maryland's first Steak n' Shake on Auction Block

Dow and S&P 500 close at record

Cellphone, Internet outages reported across the US

Colorado Group wants to ban sale of Smartphones to kids under 13

Walmart to Buy Bonobos, Men's Wear Company for $310M

20% of Baby Food Samples contained Lead



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