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Honda recalls 137,000 SUVs due to sudden air bag deployment

Chevy is brining back the Seat Belt Interlock

US weighs Blacklisting up to 5 Chinese Surveillance Firms

Nevada Legislature passes Abortion Protections

USPS is testing Self Driving Trucks to move Mail between Cities


Unemployment Rate: 3.6 %
April NonFarm Payroll: +263,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 54.2%
Consumer Confidence Index January: 125.4
GDP Q1: 3.2%
Last Update: 5/3/19




May 20 -  May 26

Auto Industry cutting jobs at the fastest pace since the Financial Crisis

Joy Behar: Trump and all the Rep. 'Should be thrown into Jail'

Nordstrom slumps on forecast cuts

Non-Citizens commit 42% of  Federal Crimes

Vienna Beef recalls more than 2k Pound of Hot dogs

Walmart plans new 300 acres HQ to attract top talent

Amazon is building dedicated warehouses for Hazardous Goods

Trump's Immigration Plan prioritizes skilled, Educated Immigrants

Taco Bell is opening a Taco-Themed Hotel and Resort

Trump admin will 'Shed Light' on Secretive Practices that cost the Taxpayer

Ford recalls 270,000 cars because they may roll away when parked

Stanley Black & Decker to open Craftsman Plant in Fort Worth






May 13 -  May 19

New York City Council considering banning Fur

Detroit's LED Streetlights going dark after a few years

More 'Heartbeat' Abortion bans advancing in South, Midwest

Trump to US Companies: Make Products at Home

Left unveils New Plan to Allow Cancellation of Student Loans in Bankruptcy

Furniture Company recalls 310k chests following child death

Imam of Portland's Largest Mosque had Citizenship Revoked

Elizabeth Warren... wow

Meghan McCain, Seth Meyers have testy exchange over ilhan Omar

Trump may redefine Poverty, cut Americans from Social Welfare Programs





May 6 -  May 12

Atlantic City Line Conductors earned thousands in Overtime, while no Trains running

AZ dept. of Child Safety sends Swat Team for 'Medical Kidnapping'

Easily available home equity lines of credit threatens Homeowners

Marsha Blackburn: Even the Media can't ignore Historic Job Numbers

Automotive Industry sees Thousands of Job Cuts this Year

Lowest unemployment in 19 year for workers w/o Bachelor's degrees

Modell's tap real estate adviser to negotiate leases

Homelessness in NYC is the worst that it has ever been

Trump may designate Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group

Democrat State Rep. says men should be Castrated to end Abortions





April 29 -  May 5

Useless Twitter bans James Woods account

Ocasio- Cortez: "I Don't Care if you're Documented or Undocumented'

Youtube strips ad revenue from 2nd Amendment Activist Antonia Okafor

E.Coli outbreak linked to Ground Beef spreads to 10 States

Amazon Alexa Team can access Users Home Addresses

Trump vows he'd take impeachment fight to Supreme Court

Target recalls half a million wooden Toys

America's Biggest Supermarket struggles w Online Grocery Upheaval





April 22 -  April. 28

Ohio, Kentucky doctors among 60 charged in Illegal handing out Opioid Prescription

60 Biggest Companies paid no Federal Taxes in 2018

Jury selection continues in Apple vs Qualcomm Trail in San Diego

Students rebel against Transgender Ideology in Alaska, Iowa

Notre-Dame Treasures, Relics saved, Priest Led Human Chain

T&T may have just signaled the end of Hulu as you know it today




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