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Pence hopes Dems abandon Discredited Allegations after Mueller Report

Facebook confirms employees had access to user Passwords

UPS eyes in Home Health Services w US Vaccine Project

Midwest flooding Shut downs nearly 1/6 of US Ethanol Production

New Zealand goes full Islam after Mosque Attacks


Unemployment Rate: 3.8 %
Feb. NonFarm Payroll: +20,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 54.2%
Consumer Confidence Index January: 125.4
GDP Q2: 4.1%
Last Update: 3/8/19




Mar. 25 -  Mar. 31

Some Baby Cough Syrup recalled over risk of Bacterial Contamination

Boeing loses $4.9B order for 737 Max Jets






Mar. 18 -  Mar. 24

Tyson recalls more than 69,000 Pounds of Chicken Strips

Immigration Court Backlog up 300%, System 'on Brink of Collapse'

Bernie Sanders Rallies UC Workers on Strike in Los Angeles

Union Workers stand w Trump: Don't let GM off the hook

FDA quietly bans powerful Life-Saving intravenous Vitamin C

Walmart is so desperate to fix health care

Burger King launches $5 Monthly Coffee Subscription

Meets America's first ever Fast-Food Robot Employee

Trump defends Fox News hosts from attempt to 'Silence' them

Butterball recalls 39 tons of Turkey possibly contaminated w Salmonella

AT&T raises prices for DirecTV Now streaming service

HP recalls more Laptop Lithium-Ion batteries..overheating?

Fast Food Chain agree to end 'No Poach' Agreements





Mar. 11 -  Mar. 17

Judge orders Baltimore City Public Schools to release everything/Public Docs.

Honda to recall about 1M vehicles in US to replace airbags

College Courses that prove Universities are training Students to become Socialists

Family feud over Palm Steakhouse heads to bankruptcy court

Pillsbury Flour recalled due to Possible Salmonella

AOC slams Capitalism as 'Irredeemable'

#Redford Teachers Strike looms in Kentucky

Trump's Budget will ask Congress for $8.6B for Border Wall

Polls: Young Americans are Embracing Socialism

Association of Physicians Surgeons " Strongly Opposes" Mandatory Vaccines

Amazon stopped buying goods from 3rd Party Sellers

Tesla reportedly sending workers home mid shift ?

The Fallout spreads after Laser Spine Institute's Sudden Closing





Mar. 4 -  Mar. 10

Democrats introduce paid family leave bill for Fed. Workers

Starbucks employees gave mostly to Dem. over the last 15 Years

Volvo is putting a 112 Mph Speed Limiter on all its cars

30,000 Pounds of Beef recalled over 'Extraneous Materials'

St Louis Program offers Vacant Single Family Homes for $1

More Blood Pressure Meds recalled for Cancer Risk

Amazon to launch New Grocery Store Business

Ca. refused 5.6k requests to turn over Criminal Illegal Aliens to Feds

Fiat Chrysler to reopen Idled Detroit Plant

Joy Reid Show on Kamala Harris: White Husband won't do....

Steve Scalise: Democrats applaud 'Murder' of a 'Baby Born Alive




Feb. 25 -  Mar. 3

Amazon Prime Air Cargo plane crashes

Stamps.com is breakup up with the US Postal Service

St Paul Police - Riding is too Dangerous, Police Motorcycle unit Disbanded

Fairfax accuser V. Tyson calls out VA General Assembly for Failure to Act

Etsy error results in Unauthorized withdrawals from Seller's Account

Bernie Sanders making another White House Run

Vehicle inspection fees will likely go up in Virginia

West Virginia Teachers walking out again




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