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Amazon Prime subscribers hit 80 Million

Under Armor Posts First Ever Earning Loss

Bathroom break gets Milwaukee man kicked off Delta Flight

Home Capital Slumps as New Loan Flags 'Existential Crisis'

WH begins Release of Tax Plans

Unemployment Rate: 4.5 %
March. NonFarm Payroll:  98,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 56%
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 114.8
GDP Q4: 1.9%
Last Update: 4/7/17




April 24 - April 30

Dog food sold in Indiana recalled after Euthanasia drug in product

Hilton to Hire 20,000 More Veterans

Verizon's Internet Service Just got faster

Albertson's is reportedly considering a takeover of Whole Foods

The 10 Retailers most likely to fail in 2017

Le Pen, Macron Progress to Second Round

Buyer wanted: Tiny Oregon town for Sale

Chuck Grassley expects Supreme Court Resignation 'This Summer'

EPA plans to offer buyout to Shrink Workforce

Emirates to cut US Flights after Trump Travel Restrictions

Poll reveals low job Approval Rating for Paul Ryan

Verizon, Corning Agree to $1.05B Fiber Deal





April 17 - April 23

Oregon Unemployment at lowest since 1976

Delta giving Vouchers, 'SkyMiles' as Apology for Flight Troubles

The US States that get the most Investment from China

How Car Dealers can Fake Your Auto Loan

US Retail Sales fell in March, 2nd Straight Monthly Drop

Nintendo discontinues Rare NES Classic Console

Trump's O.Care fixes don't impress insurers

Qualcomm loses legal battle w Blackberry, Must pay $815M






April 10 - April 16

Delta's Profits drops 36.3%

American Drivers won't pay much more at the Pump this Summer

Russia could soon control a US Oil Company

Ford. Exec. predicts US SUV boom will continue

Screaming man forcibly removed from seat on United Flight

Fresh Express recalls Salad Mix after dead bat found

IRS - up to 100k Taxpayers poss. affected by Student loan tool breach

What Trump's Border wall may look like

John Stossel: It's time to stick a fork in the EPA

Gillette bleeding Market Share, Cuts Prices of Razors

Navy Instructor Pilots refusing to fly over Safety Concerns

SeaDrill's stock suffers Record Plunge, after Bankruptcy warning

Lockheed Martin wins $500M Contract for F-35 Spares





April 3 - April 9

Tax Cuts will Boost US Steel: Marlin Steel CEO

# of People who owe $100k+ Student Debt Quadupled in 10 Yrs

AAA: Average Gas Prices in Michigan Rise 15 Cents

UK Firm Imagination sees shares Plunge on Apple Decision

Dollar Firms as Manufacturing data seen supporting Rate Hike

Ford recalls 53,000 Pickups because they could roll away in park

Trump ready to address N. Korea Nuclear Program

Session moves to quickly Deport Imprisoned immigrants

Crayola reveals the color of crayon it is retiring

'Human Waste' found in Coca Cola Cans at Ireland Coke Factory

Every Industrial Robot takes up to 6 Jobs study finds

Brexit officially Begins

American Airlines buys Stake in China Southern Airlines

Ford investing $1.2B in Plants as Trump Touts Jobs




March 27 - April 2

Trump signs bill overturning Obama-era Education Regulations

Devin Nunes explains his White House Visit

New Cars are taking longer to sell than they have since 2009

Metals: Gold Hits one-Month High

Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity that he's bad for America

Oklahoma Company Recalls 466 Tons of Breaded Chicken Product

Harbor Freight customers due Refunds due to Class Action Lawsuit

Shoppers get mad when their Fav. Brand is bought by The Big Guy

Mylan recalls Thousands of EpiPens over Defect

More Advertisers flee Gogle over offensive YouTube Videos

1/3 of Americans says they'd have trouble coming up w $2,000

Electronics Ban on Flights to US is Indefinite




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