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Last Min. Holiday Shopping May Drive up Retail Profits

What Every State in the US is Worst at

Early Gift: Gas below $2 at Some Stations in 24 States

GM Halts Deliveries to Russia

Big Changes are Coming for Credit Cards

Unemployment Rate: 5.8%
Nov. NonFarm Payroll:  321,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.97%
15 year - 3.18%

Manufacturing Index Feb: 53.2
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 79.9
GDP Q1: -2.9%
Last Update: 12/5/14




Dec. 22 - Dec. 28

Russia Crisis Hits Pimco Fund, Wipes Out Options

IRS can Audit for 3 Years, Six, or Forever




Dec. 15 - Dec. 21

Pre. Homeowners Could Jack Up your Insurance Rates

Gulf Market Plunges as OPEC Says 'No Set Price' for Oil

NY State Manufacturing Index Lowest in 2 Years: NY Fed

Crashing Crude may Blow a $1.6T Hole in the Global Oil Sector

HBO's Standalone Streaming Service to Launch in April 2015

Mortgage Giants Ease Down Payments on 1st Homebuyers

Fitch Downgrades France's Rating a Notch to 'AA'

Cheaper Gas, Food Lower US Producer Prices

Atlantic City's Casinos to Pay More under Increased Taxes

Oil Closes Below $60

18% of Americans Doubt They'll Get Out of Debt





Dec. 8 - Dec. 14

Ca. Unemployment to Drop Closer to US Rate

Canceling a Hotel Reservation Last Minute Could Cost You

Feds to Big Banks: You Need Even More Capital

More Than 1,000 Protest in Berkeley, Shut Down I-80

Crude Oil Swoons to 5 Year Low

FDA's New Rules Could Cut Americans Joy by $5B

McDonald's Same Store Sales Fall More Than Expected

McDonald's Expands Custom Sandwich Option

CBS Back on Dish after 12 Hour Blackout

America's Job Recovery in 6 Charts

Appraisal Hypocrisy Hits Home

Apple Deleted Music from Customers' iPods

Tim Hortons, Burger King Deal Gets Gov. OK

Coal States Brace for Plant Closures Due to EPA Rules



Dec. 1 - Dec. 7

Amazon Unveils its Own Line of Products

Chrysler will Replace Airbags in 149,000 Trucks

Amazon: Shop while you're in the Toilet

Critics says Com. Core Includes Collecting Psych Data on Kids

World's Most Corrupt Industries

Car Sales Should Show Economic Engine Running

Quake Rattles Northern Arizona

Black Friday Fizzles with Consumers as Sales Tumble 11%

Oil at $40 Possible

2/3 of Americans Limiting Spending

Coca-Cola's New venture: Expensive Milk

Walmart hit with protests on Black Friday

Thanksgiving Shoppers get a Jump on Black Friday Sales

Toyota Recalls More Vehicles over Dangerous Air Bags

Prisoners got $70M from Fake Tax Refund Claims

Sony to Offer Partial Refunds for Gaming Console






Nov. 24 - Nov. 30

More than half of Employees Don't Feel Respected

This is Where 70% of Tax Dollars Go

Student Debt By Major

Don't Have Health Insurance in 2015.. Prepare to Pay

Texas OKs New History Textbooks Despite Complaints

GOP Searches for ways to Block Pres. Immigration Moves

4 Immigration Fixes That Could Turbo Charge Tech

Goldman Accused of Exploiting Aluminum Storage Rules

More Snow Coming to NY??




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