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US rejects Ford Petition to delay recall of 3M Vehicles

Germany bans Kid's Smartwatches over Privacy Concerns

Phone Companies get new tools to Block Spam Calls

'Nightmare-Inducing' Robots are now able to do Backflips

Boy banned from High School Dance Competition in Minnesota


Unemployment Rate: 4.1 %
Oct. NonFarm Payroll: 261,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index June: 57.8%
Consumer Confidence Index July: 121.1
GDP Q2: 2.6%
Last Update: 11/3/17




Nov. 20 - Nov. 26

Household Debt rises by $116B as Credit Card Delinquencies pile up

Rent to own  Complaints spur Investigation by Fed. Agency

Buffet adds more Apple, Reduces IBM stake by another third





Nov. 13 - Nov. 19

Donald Trump teases Major 'Deals' Announcement at the WH

Wal-Mart seeks upmarket Web Shoppers Lord & Taylor Products

'Hannity' fans blow up Products as Companies pull Advertising

Bitcoin Cash Skyrockets, Bitcoin Price Drops

GE faces 2nd Dividend Cut Since Great Depression

FEMA offers to Airlift Puerto Ricans to mainland US

Laureate Education posts Large Third Quarter Loss

Walmart already offering Black Friday Deals on its Website

Hollywood wracked by chaos in aftermath of Sex Scandals

Remove "The Star-Spangled Banner' as National Anthem, NAACP urges





Nov. 6 - Nov. 12

VA Gov. Mcauliffe on Donna Brazile Revelations: 'Nobody Cares'

Cyclist fired after giving Trump's Motorcade the middle finger

iHeartMedia investors watch for signs of Bankruptcy in 3Q Earnings

Oil passes above $64 per Barrel as Saudi Political Tensions Increase

Altice Jumps into Wireless Business in deal w Sprint

Hershey's Gold: Candy Company offer 1st New Bar since 1995

Papa John's Says its Evaluating NFL Sponsorship

Two Senior Executives to leave Under Armour

37.8M Fire Extinguishers made over 44 Years recalled

Six Year Auto Loans have become standard

Sears is starting Black Friday early this year

Walmart will hold Parties in its stores this holiday season






Oct.30  - Nov. 5

Fierce competition causes a spate of Baltimore area restaurant closures

Pepsi opening new Fairborn Michigan Warehouse..

Feds probing 840,000 Ford Fusions for Loose Steering Wheels

Harley Davidson Earnings Report is even worse than you might think

US Growth Above Forecast 3% on Consumer, Business Spending

Mattel misses big on Earnings and Suspending its Dividend

S. Security Admin. spending tops $1Trillion for 1st Time

Venezuela may be in Default in Under 48 Hours

China shuts down Thousands of Factories in Pollution Crackdown



Oct.23  - Oct. 29

NAACP warns African American about Flying American Airlines..

GM to cut Sedan Production, Continues Shift toward Trucks, and SUVs

Hartford to acquire Aetna Group Life, Disability Business

Whirlpool seeks 50% Duties on LG, Samsung washers in US Trade Case

Vermont's First Target Store planned for S.Burlington

Initial Jobless Claims slump to 44-Year Low

Verizon Revenues beats as Wireless subs Increase

EBay projects Holiday Profit that Falls Short of Expectation

Credit Rating for Philadelphia Energy Solutions unit cut to CCC

Kohl's says its not trying to get acquired by Amazon...




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