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BAE Systems may sell part of its US Intel Biz

US Business Investment Plans Fall for 7th Straight Month

S&P cuts Coca Cola's AA Credit Rating Outlook to Neg.

Discover CEO: Expect 'Rocky' Rollout Payment Cards w Chips

Caterpillar Raises Profit Forecast as N.America Gains

Unemployment Rate: 5.5%
April NonFarm Payroll:  126,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.97%
15 year - 3.18%

Manufacturing Index Jan: 52.1
Consumer Confidence Index Jan: 102.9
GDP Q4: 2.2%
Last Update: 4/3/15




April 20 - April 26

Okla. admits Oil and Gas Industry Responsible for Rise in EQs

Banks seek to Block Target's Deal with Mastercard over Breach

McDonald's Same Store Sales Miss

Yahoo Misses Wall Street Expectations in 1st Quarter

DuPont warns its 2015 Profits are going to get Slammed

McDonald's Chicken Selects Fans.. We got bad news

Cali. Water Restrictions - Pit Crops Vs Lawns

Student Loan Trend that's a Cause of Concern

5 Years after Oil Spill: BP Still Faces Issues

R. Caribbean Shares Slump After Company Soft Outlook

Power Shift in America as Wall Street Bows to Silicon Valley

Antitrust Lawyers Reporting Leaning Against Comcast Merger

16% of NFL Players file for Bankruptcy within 12 Yrs of Retiring

Big Bank Profit Engines Accelerate

5 Stars: Aluminum Ford F-150 gets Top Score for Safety

Ala. Financial Troubles Leading to Closing 15 State Parks

25% of College Adjunct Faculty Get Gov. Assistance

Bank of America Swings to  a Profit in 1st Quarter

Music Services Overtake CDs for First Time




April 13 - April 19

You Aren't Spending Enough to Boost Economy

US Small Business Confidence Falls

Pepsi to Replace Coke as the NBA's Official Beverage

American Economy Still Down by 5.9 Million Jobs Since 2008

The Average Wedding Guest will Spend $673 this Year

FAA gives Amazon Green Light to test Delivery Drones

RIP Traditional Long Term Care Insurance

US to Investigate Gulf Airlines for Alleged Subsidies

What you need to know about the Grandparent Tax

States where you'll Pay Lowest Property Taxes

Royal Dutch Shell to Buy BG Group for Nearly $70 Billion

Dogs Killed over Unpaid Fees

6 Reasons to Sell Stocks Now and Go to Cash





April 6 - April 12

Boy Scouts in NY Hire Openly Gay Camp Leader

Delta assumes tax Burden for Employees in Same-Sex Rel.

Stanford Offers Free Tuition for Families Making < $125k

Allegiant Air Pilots Strike Averted by Court Ruling

US Private Sector Created 189,000 Jobs in March: ADP

Arkansas Lawmakers Pass Religious Belief Bill

Cablevision Mulls $1 Offer for New York Daily News

Many Plans, Few Solutions for Atlantic City





Mar. 30 - April 5

Volvo to Open First U.S. Car Factory

9 Medical Procedures that Cost Way too Much

For Millions, 401(k) Plans have Fallen Short

More Undocumented Workers Moving into Management

Yellen says Rate Increase may be Warranted Later in year

US GDP Unrevised at 2.2% in Q4: Corp. Profits Fall

ConAgra Private Brands Unit Struggling

Social Security will Barely Cover Your Health Costs

University of Phoenix has lost half its Students

Fed. Workers owe the IRS $3.5B





Mar. 23 - Mar. 29

16 Americans Cities with Double Digit Unemployment

Seattle Restaurant Industry Warns of Fallout from $15 Min Wage

Religious Freedom Bill Likely to Become Law in Indiana

Are Americans ready for GMO Franken-Fruit?

Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Bid

Fed Statement Doesn't Rule out Lengthy Stay at Zero

Over 16% of Charlotte Homes are Still Underwater

The 10 Worst States for Property Taxes

Pres. Admin Unveils new Fracking Rules

Wisconsin Job Creation Rank Falls to 38th in US

$2 Gasoline is about to make a comeback

Freddie Mac Delivers New Low Down Loan

Many American Unaware of O.Care Tax Requirement /Burden

Why the American Dream is Unraveling in 4 Charts




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