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Student Debt By Major

Don't Have Health Insurance in 2015.. Prepare to Pay

Texas OKs New History Textbooks Despite Complaints

GOP Searches for ways to Block Pres. Immigration Moves

4 Immigration Fixes That Could Turbo Charge Tech

Unemployment Rate: 5.8%
Oct. NonFarm Payroll:  215,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.97%
15 year - 3.18%

Manufacturing Index Feb: 53.2
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 79.9
GDP Q1: -2.9%
Last Update: 11/7/14




Nov 24 - Nov. 30

Goldman Accused of Exploiting Aluminum Storage Rules

More Snow Coming to NY??




Nov. 17 - Nov. 23

Arsenic Levels in Rice?

Senate inaction allows NSA to Keep Collecting Phone Records

Storm Blamed for 4+ Deaths in Upstate NY

Red Light Camera coming to Albany NY

Alaska Rural Post Offices Reducing Hours to Avoid Closing

Old Foreclosure Debt Coming Back to Haunt Homeowners

Study May Change Way Heart Attacks are Treated

Senate Set to Vote this Week on Keystone XL Pipeline

Cold Snap Expected to Bring Sub Freezing Temps

More Progress Needed to Ease Student Debt

MD School District Decision on Religious Holidays

10 Things Real Estate Appraisers wont tell you

Billionaire Gross $290 Million in Bonus in 2013

Facebook Updates Privacy Policy

Halliburton in Talks to buy Baker Hughes

Arctic Cold Spreads Across the Country




Nov. 17 - Nov. 23

Pres. Own Regulator Unsure about Net Neutrality Plan

Next for Banks: Layoffs, More Regulations

Why some Generic Drug Prices are Skyrocketing

O.Care 2015: Higher Costs, Higher Penalties

UNO Considers Closing 3 Degree Programs

Restaurants Hit as Folks Snack at Home

Banks Face Billions in Forex Penalties

Can Soda Survive America's Anti Pop Culture?

O.Care Exchanges will be Slower Than Expected

Who's Afraid of Fed Raising Rates?

Lot of Part Time Workers in Post Fin.Crisis America.

AT&T to buy Mexico's Lusacell for $2.5B

Supreme Court to Hear New O.Care Challenge

Amazon Surprises with New Device, a Voice Assistant

US Employers Report Planned Layoffs of 51,183 in Oct

Asking Prices for Houses Accelerate in 40 Metro Areas

Here's what a Republican Takeover Looks Like


Nov. 3 - Nov. 9

Red Leaning States Say Yes to Higher Minimum Wages

SF Voters Approve Minimum Wage Hike to $15

ADP: Businesses added 230,000 Jobs in October

South Dakota OKs upping Minimum Wage to $8.50

Dish Network could Drop CNN from Lineup for Good

Look Out Below! Oil is not Done Falling

Voters Firmly Back Minimum Wage Increases

Goldman Slashes 2015 Oil Price Forecast as Glut Grows

Outback's Parent Company to Sell Roy's Restaurant Chain

U.S. Sues Southwest Airlines over Maintenance Issues

Airlines Turn Nickel and Diming into $49.9B

P&G has cut more than 10k Jobs Since 2012

Forgotten Payphone Relics no Talk, No Action

Oct. Sales Cars: Detroit up and down, Import Brands Rise

My College Degree is Worthless

Singapore Tops the List of Best Places to do Business

11 Facts About the Texas Economy

10 Famed American Franchises that Faced Financial Ruin

Stocks Bounce into Nov. Focus Turns to Global Economy

First Look: Inside the Year's Hottest New Cruise Ship

American Horror Story: Seven Big Economic Lies

American Face Post Foreclosure Hell

NY Times Drops after Forecasting Decline in Ad Revenue






Oct. 27 - Nov. 2

Judge OKs Debt Plan for Bankrupt Ca. City

Rents are Soaring... So are the Evictions

566,000 Dodges and Jeep Recalled

"Grandfamilies" Raising Grandkids can mean going Broke

Facebook Shares drop on Guidance, Increased Costs

Gov. Accuses AT&T of Misleading Customers

UPS: We're Ready for the Holiday Shopping Rush

Thousands with Degenerative Cond. Classified as Fit to Work

Do Companies Charge Online Shoppers Different Prices?

13 Europe Banks Flunk Test

Ford Aims to Charge up Sales with Electric Car Price Cut

7 Things the Middle Class Can't Afford Anymore

4 Misleading Myths about Small Business America ....

12 Retail Chains Closing Stores the Fastest

U.S. Misinformed Congress, Public on Immigrant Release




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