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12 Retail Chains Closing Stores the Fastest

U.S. Misinformed Congress, Public on Immigrant Release

Another Death Knell for the Middle Class

Mortgage Originations Expect 7% Hike in 2015

Why People Still Feel the Economy Stinks

Unemployment Rate: 5.9%
Sept. NonFarm Payroll:  248,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.97%
15 year - 3.18%

Manufacturing Index Feb: 53.2
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 79.9
GDP Q1: -2.9%
Last Update: 10/16/14




Oct. 20 - Oct. 26

Fed. Tax Revenues Above $3T for First Time Ever

Several Turner Networks Dropped by Dish in Carriage Dispute

Coca Cola Earnings, Revenues Fall in 3Q

Detroit Water Shut-Offs Bring U.N. Scrutiny

Apple Sells 39.27M iPhones

China's Economy Suffers its Worst Quarter Since the Fin. Crisis

Nearly 1,000 Univ. of Illinois Hospital Nurses Prepare to Strike

O.Care Causing Big Layoffs for Union Nurses

The Depressing Truth Behind the Job 'Recovery'

SourceGas Customers to see Increase in Bills

Few Surprises in Apple's New iMacs, iPads

CBS Unveils New Streaming TV Service

Market Fear Factors Could Linger Thursday

HBO Going to Start Selling on the Web Next Year?




Oct. 13 - Oct. 19

2/3 of America's Biggest Retailers Worried About Flat Wages

Chinese Car Sales Slow

Apple Ready for CA. "Kill Switch" Law

Chinese Institute Spreads Across US

Solar Firms, Power Companies Battle over 'Net Metering'

3 Wisconsin Utilities Propose Electric Rate Hikes

10 Things Your Insurance Won't Tell You

Wall Street's Terrible Week Ends Badly

CDC May Quarantine Citizens if They Refused Ebola Screening

Bill Gross gives Somber Outlook for Financial Markets

How Hidden Taxes Slam Cell Phone Users

Restaurant Chains Trimming the Fat Study Shows




Oct. 6 - Oct. 12

Phila. Teachers Outraged after Union Contract Canceled

Life Expectancy in the USA Hits a Record High

Volume a Sign of the Nasdaq's Weakened State

Four Red States to Consider Higher Minimum Wages

Chrysler recalls Cargo Vans due to Airbag Deployment

Samsung Hammered by Weak Smartphone Sales

Redbox Instant Shutting Down

Supreme Court Declines to Rule on Same Sex Marriage Bans

The Container Store Slumps After it Lowers Forecast

Amazon  Workers Want to Be Paid for Waiting in Line

10 Things the College Admissions Office Wont Tell You

If California doesn't get rain this winter...

GM Faces New Recall

Verizon backing down on Plans to Slow Unlimited Data Users

Pimco Total Return Fund Outflows Estimated to top $23.5B

Comcast to Follow 1M Who've Fled Bankrupt Detroit




Sept. 29 - Oct. 5

Standoff in Hong Kong on China's National Day

California Governor Signs Gun-Seizure Law

Okla. Fed. Judge Rules Against O.Care Subsidies

Consumer Confidence Falls to Lowest Level Since May

New Honda CR-V Goes High Tech to Prevent Crashes

Doubled up  Homes Aren't just For Adult Kids

Ford Says C-Max Recall will Cost $500 Million

The World's Largest Lakes Disappearing

Disney Princesses Ditch Mattel, Run Away with Hasbro

Detroit City Council Votes to remove Emergency Manager

Winter's Coming: Some Electric Costs to Spike

Gas Prices Declining

Chrysler Recalls 349k Cars to Fix Ignition Switches

Danger Lurks Underground from Aging Gas Pipes

Small Banks Feel Pinch of Regulations: Fed Officials





Sept. 22 - Sept. 28

Have a Cough? You Might Need to Show Your ID

Ferrari Recalls 3000 Cars for Entrapment Danger

How to Make Student Loan Payments Manageable

Clorox Pulls Operations Out of Venezula

Rich People, Mortgages are Getting Cheaper and Easier

Ford Offers 'Surveillance Mode' to Cops

Tax Refunds will be Cut for ACA Recipients

5 Reasons McDonald's is Falling Apart

Why the Middle Class Can't Get Ahead

University of Alaska Regents Reject Tuition Hike

Here a Bubble, There a Bubble: Ol Marc Faber

Occupy Abolishes $4M in Other People's Student Loan Debt 

Bill Gross Used $45B Derivatives to Lift Fund Gain




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