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Generic EpiPen could hit the Market in 2017

EpiPen Maker to offer discounts after Price Hike Firestorm

Southwest Airlines Pilots take to Picket Lines

Don't Trust Automatic Braking to Prevent a Crash says AAA

McDonald's recalls 29M Fitness Trackers Amid Burns

Unemployment Rate: 4.9%
July NonFarm Payroll:  255,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index April: 50.8%
Consumer Confidence Index April: 94.2
GDP Q1: 1.1%
Last Update: 8/5/16




August 22 - August 28

Switzerland Enlists Robots to help Deliver Mail

Gov. is buying 11M Pounds of Cheese because No one else will

Howard Johnson Restaurant to close, leaving only 1 More

Ryan Lochte Loses all his Endorsement Deals

Volkswagen cuts Golf output in dispute with Suppliers

Flint to Replace at least 200 Water Service Lines

Pres. to end Single-Sex Bathrooms on Federal Property

Univision is Shutting Down Gawker . com

Target adding Single-Stall Bathrooms to Every Store

The Difficult Task of Qualifying for Student Loan Refinancing

Many Downtown Luxury Apartments Sit Empty




August 15 - August 21

Is California Farmland Overvalued by $70 Billion?

Target's Grocery Business being Spoiled by Fewer Shoppers

Generation Screwed Fights Back

9 Cities that can't seem to recover from the Housing Crisis

Credit Card use Increasing among People w Low Credit Scores

Maine: Raising Min. Wage will hurt Small Businesses / Layoffs

The Lesson from Seattle's Minimum Wage Hike

Google Fiber seeks to Expand Wireless Tests

China to Require US Imports to be Mosquito Free

Rogers Corp. Moving Headquarters After 184 Years in CT





August 8 - August 14 

Healthcare Costs to continue Rising for Large US Employers

Valeant Shares Surge 6% Pre Market Despite Earnings

Irving Clock Boy's Family Prepares to File Lawsuit

AllState launches Stand Alone Unit to Collect Customer Data

Average 30 Year Mortgage Rates Declines to 3.43%

Donald Trump Makes up Major Financial Ground

Kate Spade Plunges - Dwindling Tourism Prompt Forecast Cuts

Teva to buy Generics Distributor Anda from Allergan for $500M

Most Companies not Planning on better Pay Raises Next Year

McDonald's removes Artificial Preservatives from McNuggets




August 1 - August 7

US Construction Spending Drops .6% in June

Verizon Spends $2.4B on GPS Vehicle Tracking Company

Businesses Slash Spending. Are Jobs next?

Union Chief says American Pushing Pilots to Speed up Flights

Cash Buyers of L.A. County Luxury Home have to reveal Buyer

Olympus told its Exec. no Warning about Tainted Med. Scopes

Sprint CEO hints at Price Hikes ahead of iPhone 7

Comcast to Offer Pay-as-you-go TV, Internet Service

Kmart Workers believe all Stores are going to Shut Down






July 25 - July 31

Fiat Chrysler recalls 323,000 Vehicles over Wiring Issue

The World's Last VCR will be Manufactured this month

308,000 Chevrolet Impalas Recalled for Faulty Airbags

Oil Trades Near 2 Month Low after Total US Inventories Climb

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and Network in Talks on Exit

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