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Behind the Cornucopia of Higher Food Prices

Nike Reportedly Abandons the FuelBand

Plane Owned by Bank of Utah in Iran??

Wisconsin to Restrict parents from Giving up Adopted Kids

About 1/3 of Chicago Area Homeowners Still Underwater

Unemployment Rate: 6.7%
Mar. NonFarm Payroll:  192,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 4.46%
15 year - 3.47%

Manufacturing Index Feb: 53.2
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 79.9
GDP Q4: 2.4%
Last Update: 4/4/14




April 14 - April 20

Up to 2.6M Cards Breached at Michaels

Citigroup Received Mixed Signals on 'Stress Test'

US Home Buildup in March after Frigid Winter

The American Dream Turns into a Global Nightmare

NY AG Subpoenas High Frequency Traders: Source

Hundreds Missing After South Korean Ferry Sinks

Toyota Dramatically Redesigns Camry

Google Unveils Project Ara, a 'Modular' Smartphone

Beef Prices are the Highest They've Been in 27 Years

Detroit Reaches Deal with Retired Police and Firefighters

O.Care Sending Premiums Rising at Fastest Clip in Decades

Google Purchases Drone Maker Titan Aerospace

For the Unemployed, The Tax Man Still Comes

Chevrolet Drops Top on Super-Hot Corvette Z06

Reasons not to Marry or Remarry....

Walgreens urged to leave US to gain Tax Benefits

Cubans Getting Squeezed by Soaring Milk Prices

7.6 Mag Earthquake Hits Near the Solomon Islands

Ohio Links Fracking to Tremors

Florida Leads Nation on Charging Kids as Adults

2014 Crash will be Worse Than 1987's: Marc Faber

Bitcoin Slides Below $400 on China Concerns

S&P Downgrades New Jersey on Budget Concerns

BofA to pay Customers $727M over CC. Practices



April 7 - April 13

Plunge in Refinancing Hits Mortgage Applications

Possible Merger of Pennsylvania School Districts

New York Rich Face Tax Surprise When They Die

New Food Labeling Coming for Honey?

Weather Channel Coming Back to DirecTV

Holder: We Want to Explore Gun Tracking Bracelets

This is What Employment in America Really Looks Like

Pres. to Strengthen Equal Pay Protections

GM Dealers: No Parts Received Yet to Fix Ignitions

Ca. Bad Dreaming? Gas Prices Head Higher

India's Sun Pharma to Buy Ranbaxy in $3.2B Deal

Hope Flickers for Workers Jobless for Years

Stocks: Brace Yourself for Ugly Corporate Earnings

Pres. Admin. Faces Backlash on Wood Stove Reg.

Wi-Fi Speeds are About to Triple

Brutal Sell-Off in Tech Stocks

O.Care Makes it More Difficult to Buy Insurance Year Round

Fast Food Workers Push for Higher Min. Wage in NYC

America's 20 Best and Worst Paying Jobs




March 31 - April 6

Out of Work, Benefits and Running Out of Options

Pimco Total Return has 11th Month of Outflows

More Americans See Middle Class Status Slipping

Claire's CEO Resigns After Less Than 2 Years

Report: Production of new iPhone Screens to Start in May

Honda Raises Prices, While Nissan's Fall

Forget the '1%': Super Rich .1% Pull Ahead Even More

Last Minute Rush to Enroll in O.Care

Cumberland Farms Departing New Jersey

Brutal Winter Should Lead to Rise in Lake Levels

Maryland to Abandon $125M O.Care Exchange?

Nevada Gambling Revenue Falls 13.7%

Culinary Union Authorizes a Strike Against 10 Casinos

Twitter May be the Next Myspace

US Appeals Court Upholds New Texas Abortion Rules

Bitcoin Price Plunges on Reported PBOC Move

CT Boosts Minimum Wage to $10.10 by 2017






March 24 - March 30

Another Round of Food Stamp Cuts in States

Will the Fixed Rate Mortgage Become Extinct?

Facebook to Buy Virtual Reality firm Oculus VR for $2B

Wal-Mart Recalling 174,000 Dolls Over Burn Risk to Kids

Unemployed, and Heading Toward Foreclosure

Georgia Proposes Sweeping Law

168,000 Gallons of Oil to Corral

Fewer, But Worse, Troubled Banks at end of 2013

Gun Control Measures Met with Defiance from Law Enforcement

Walmart now has 6 Types of Stores

The Law That Could Sink Birth Control Coverage

Rough Road Ahead for GM

Stress Test: Banks Lose $501B in Bad Recession

Companies Turn to Cyber Insurance as Hackers Threats Mount

USPS Billions in the Red as Lawmakers Push Reform

Detroit Spends More to Issue Parking Fines than it Collects

Yuan hits one-year low against U.S. Dollar






March 17 - March 23

Bay Area City CA. Votes for $12.30 Minimum Wage

17 Bay Area FL Sweetbay Stores Converting to Winn Dixie

Dwindling Enrollment - Bleak Picture for Louisiana College

Fed Moves Economic Goalposts

38% of Private Employers to Cut Workers if Min Wage Increases

What States Have the Highest and Lowest Taxes?

This NYC Home's Price Rose 54% in a Week

Drop-Dead Date Looms for Microsoft's Windows XP

34% of Workers Have Less Than $1,000 for Retirement

Low Wage Workers plan to sue McDonald's and Win

High School Senior Kicked out, Jailed for Pocket Knife in Car

Sally Beauty Says Data Breach Hit Under 25,000

Argentina Currency Crisis is No Joke

Poland: Russia Faces Sanctions as Early as Monday

Homeless Schoolchildren Numbers Soar as Fed. Funds Decline

Senate Lawmakers Unveil Bill to End Fannie,Freddie

Honda Recalls 886,815 Odyssey Minivans for Fire Risk

US FDIC Sues 16 Banks for Rigging Libor

University Offers to Pay Students for Year Off

McDonald's Workers Sue for Wage Theft

Aeropostale Posts Wider Quarterly Loss

Repairs for Recalled GM Cars to Start in April

The Scary Factor Behind Copper's Price Plunge

Sears Filing Details Plan to Spin off Lands' End



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