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Harbor Freight customers due Refunds due to Class Action Lawsuit

Shoppers get mad when their Fav. Brand is bought by The Big Guy

Mylan recalls Thousands of EpiPens over Defect

More Advertisers flee Gogle over offensive YouTube Videos

1/3 of Americans says they'd have trouble coming up w $2,000

Unemployment Rate: 4.7 %
Feb. NonFarm Payroll:  235,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 56%
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 114.8
GDP Q4: 1.9%
Last Update: 3/10/17




March 20 - March 26

Electronics Ban on Flights to US is Indefinite

Cheerios gave away free Seeds, but they could do harm

Should the US raise the age for Mandatory IRA Withdrawals?

MTA Fare and Toll Hike set to go into effect this weekend

Monopoly kicks out three classic game tokens

Company recalls 21,000 Pounds of Frozen Pizza sold at Walmart

American Airlines offer free meals on Flights between L.A. and NY

Fewer Americans filed Claims last week for Jobless Benefits

McDonald's eases into Mobile Ordering

NYC sues Verizon over unfinished Fiber Rollout





March 13 - March 19

Your Credit Scores might suddenly rise this Summer

Ford to Start Producing Luxury Lincoln SUV in China by 2019

2 Corp. Giants behind NYC's 'Fearless Girl' Statue

Study reveals whopping 48M Twitter accounts are bots

Bottle Water overtakes Soda as America's No.1 Drink

Nearly 40% of Millennials will Stash their Tax Refund

EPA's Environmental Justice Head Resigns

US Fertility Rate at Lowest Point Since Record Begin in 1909

Recall Alert: Craftsman Portable Table Saws

Silicon Valley loses 100% of all 2016 Job Gains in Jan.

This tiny home was printed from a 3D printer in less than 24 Hours




March 6 - March 12

This tiny home was printed from a 3D printer in less than 24 Hours

Store closures will push 30% of US Mall to brink of death

One of the Rarest Precious Metals is on the Best Run in a Decade

Alexandria City Schools VA. closing on 'Day without Women'

CA. Beaches start to reopen weeks after sewage spill in Mexico

Trump plans Monday Morning - New Immigration Executive Order

Peanut Butter substitute recalled after E.Coli outbreak

Wilbur Ross to CNBC: Well be 'aggressive' on Trade

Costco is raising its Annual membership Fees

Nintendo Switch made cartridges taste bitter

Krogers plans to expand its Home Delivery Service

Subway's 'Chicken' is only about 50% Chicken




February 27  - March 5

Spicer checks WH Staffer's Phone

Baltimore Teachers rally in Annapolis as Budget shortfall Looms

Email Sears' CEO just sent to the company announcing Layoffs

Trump meets with Top CEO's

Wells Fargo fires Managers, Denies Bonuses in Account Probe

American Airlines starts selling 'Basic' Economy Fares

YouTube is getting rid of Unskippable 30 Second Ads

Monopoly ditches Classic Game Piece





February 20  - February 26

Four Giant New ships on the way for Norwegian Cruise Line

Yahoo issues warning in fallout from Hacking Attacks

Lidl: First 20 Stores to Open this Summer

Empire State Manufacturing Index Surges to 18.7 in Feb.

SoftBank to buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3B





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