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Stanford Offers Free Tuition for Families Making < $125k

Allegiant Air Pilots Strike Averted by Court Ruling

US Private Sector Created 189,000 Jobs in March: ADP

Arkansas Lawmakers Pass Religious Belief Bill

Cablevision Mulls $1 Offer for New York Daily News

Unemployment Rate: 5.5%
March. NonFarm Payroll:  295,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.97%
15 year - 3.18%

Manufacturing Index Jan: 52.1
Consumer Confidence Index Jan: 102.9
GDP Q4: 2.2%
Last Update: 3/27/15




Mar. 30 - April 5

Many Plans, Few Solutions for Atlantic City

Volvo to Open First U.S. Car Factory

9 Medical Procedures that Cost Way too Much

For Millions, 401(k) Plans have Fallen Short

More Undocumented Workers Moving into Management

Yellen says Rate Increase may be Warranted Later in year

US GDP Unrevised at 2.2% in Q4: Corp. Profits Fall

ConAgra Private Brands Unit Struggling

Social Security will Barely Cover Your Health Costs

University of Phoenix has lost half its Students

Fed. Workers owe the IRS $3.5B




Mar. 23 - Mar. 29

16 Americans Cities with Double Digit Unemployment

Seattle Restaurant Industry Warns of Fallout from $15 Min Wage

Religious Freedom Bill Likely to Become Law in Indiana

Are Americans ready for GMO Franken-Fruit?

Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Bid

Fed Statement Doesn't Rule out Lengthy Stay at Zero

Over 16% of Charlotte Homes are Still Underwater

The 10 Worst States for Property Taxes

Pres. Admin Unveils new Fracking Rules

Wisconsin Job Creation Rank Falls to 38th in US

$2 Gasoline is about to make a comeback

Freddie Mac Delivers New Low Down Loan

Many American Unaware of O.Care Tax Requirement /Burden

Why the American Dream is Unraveling in 4 Charts





Mar. 16 - Mar. 22

Cheney: Pres. is "The Worst President of my Lifetime'

2014 Music Business Flat

Intensifying Calif. Drought Sets off Alarms

2,000 Geese Fall Dead 'Out of the Sky' in Idaho

For many Parents Paying Tuition Tops Retirement

Time to hit the brakes on Gas Credit Cards

What it Means if Fed no Longer says it's 'Patient' on Rates

As Anchor Stores Close, Aging Malls Fizzle

Spending for Weddings reaches All Time High

Slow Start for Syrup Season

Rate Hike Ahead, Bond Model Says Sell

Harsh Weather a Factor as US Retail Sales Fall

American Wedding Costs Soars 16% in 4 Years

Houston Ship Channel Remains Closed after Collision

Euro Plunge is Picking up Pace

The New Student aid Bill of Right, will help Borrowers





Mar. 9 - Mar. 15

Why Investors should worry about this Bad Sign for Retailers

Alcoa to buy Titanium Supplier RTI $41 Per Share

GM, Wilson Agree on $5B Buyback

Youth Unemployment  at an Amazing 17.1%

Pres. stands by Report on Ferguson

Minnesota House Passes Teacher Layoff Rules

Apple Boots AT&T from Dow Jones Industrial Average

Lumber Liquidators Face Class-Action Lawsuit in Florida

Home Equity Loan face new Risk

State of Emergency Declared as Much of US Brace for Storm

Made in the USA push gets Boost from Ports Debacle






Mar. 2 - Mar. 8

China Lowers Growth Target to about 7%

J&J said to Agree to buy Pharmacyclics

Storm to Dump Snow from Texas to Northeast

The US has so much oil that it's Running out of Storage

Abercrombie Sales Miss Analyst Estimates

2014 Cali. Drought was Bad, 2015 will be worse

Best Buy Hikes Shareholders Dividend

HP to buy Aruba Networks

Problem with Forward EPS Hockeystick: Millions Lose Jobs

Gas Prices increase 8 Cents

Costco enters into Credit Card Agreement with Citi/Visa

Lumber Liquidators Linked to Health / Safety Violations

FL. Strawberry Farmers, worry over Falling Price / Workers

Texas Braces for Massive Layoffs Amid Oil Slump

Bright Outlook for US Economy

ATF pushes Bullet Ban, Threatens Top Selling AR-15 Rifle

KFC Coffee Cup... Now you can eat?

What's at Stake with 'Net Neutrality'.....

Target Execs Hint at more Layoffs Coming

Gov. Loan Program with a 116% Default Rate




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