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Chrysler Recalls 792,000 Older Jeeps

Possible Listeria Spurs Recall of Summer Fruits

Detroit Retirees, Workers OK Pension Cuts

Report: Hedge Funds Escaped Billions in Taxes

Twin Cities Foreclosure Crisis Subsides as Home Prices Surge

Unemployment Rate: 6.1%
June NonFarm Payroll:  288,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 4.15%
15 year - 3.23%

Manufacturing Index Feb: 53.2
Consumer Confidence Index Feb: 79.9
GDP Q1: -2.9%
Last Update: 7/17/14




July 21 - July 27

Teamsters Don't Like Bathroom Rules

Subaru Sued Over Vehicles' Oil Burning

Housing Market Sluggish Amid Dip in Mortgage Activity

100 Homes Destroyed in Washington Wildfire

Netflix Kills its Saturday Mail Delivery

Car Insurance Rates Rise 79% When you add a Teenager

30 year Loan Average 4.12%




July 14 - July 20

Foreclosure Activity Hits Lowest Level in Eight Years

Airlines Annoying Fees Add up to $31.5B

Financial Gloom Worsens for US Colleges

Montreal Casino Workers Plan 24-Hour Strike

Buffett's Gift to Gates Foundation is Biggest Ever

IBM to Start Selling Apple iPad and iPads

All Eyes on Yellen as Fed Watchers Await Testimony on Hill

Delcath Systems Inc Board Takes 50% Pay Cut

Abbott to Sell Portion of Generic Drug Business for $5.3B

What Stores do to Trick Consumers

Pizza Hut to roll out 'Pizza Cookie'

Report Cites VA Struggles with Benefits Paid to Veterans

Workers Told to Pay Back Salary Raise by Florida County

Auto Suppliers Investing Billions in Michigan

Volkswagen Halts Sale of New Golf, GTI

Amazon Sued by FTC for Unauth. Children's In-app Purchases

1 Million Strike in Britain over Pay and Cuts: Unions

US Jobless Claims Flirt with 300K

10 Brands that will Disappear in 2015

Marc Faber: The Asset Bubble has Begun to Burst




July 7 - July 13

PA Senate Delays, Maybe Kills Cigarette Tax Bill

Chinese Cash Buyers Drive US Foreign Sales Jump

5 Things you need to know about the Immigration Crisis

500K Urged to Flee Massive Typhoon in Japan

Homeownership: A Shortcut to the Middle Class?

Thousands Still Face Coverage Delays

Boeing Fears Reg. Wave amid Battle over Fish..

California Wildfire Burns on

Can you Pass this Kindergarten Entrance Test?

Rise in Part-Time Workers Worries Some Experts

Jeep may make Wrangler Lighter, Less Powerful

Student Loan Forgiveness May be Coming

Backlash Stirs in US Against Foreign Worker Visas

Baby Photos, Resumes Among N SA Spying

Corinthian College Selling Most of its Campuses

Ca. Chicken Producer Linked to Salmonella Issues Recalls

Bausch & Lomb recalls about 850,000 Tubes of Eye Ointment

Mazda to Unveil next MX-5 Miata Sports Car

Ca. Town Reacts as Border Crisis Hits Main Street





June 30 - July 6

Yellen: Fed won't Raise Rates just to Burst Bubbles

Burger King Sells Gay Pride Whopper

Where the Student Debit Crisis Really Hits

Graco Agrees to Recall Infant Seats

Pound Punches Higher in UK Manufacturing Growth

Supreme Court Rules for Hobby Lobby in Contraceptive Case

New TSA Fees to Make Airfare More Expensive

Aereo Suspends TV Service, But not Shutting Down

Crumbs Bake Shop Set to Delist from Nasdaq

Daimler and Nissan Approve Joint Mexico Production

Barnes & Noble to Separate Retail, Nook Media

NY to Issue ID Cards for Undocumented Immigrants

AAA Forecast 41M People Planning July 4th Vacation

Pa. Considers Performance Based Layoffs for Teachers

Parents to Grads: Student Loans are your Problem








June 23 - June 29

Electric Bills Going up for Some Chicagoans

Boehner Plans Lawsuits Against Pres. over Executive Orders

Starbucks ups Price on Drinks, Bagged Coffee Today

Pres. Move to Help Students.. Not as Forgiving as it Seems

Missouri Teachers Training to Carry Concealed Weapons

Investors to keep a Nervous Eye on Housing this week

Feds Shelve Plan to Fly Migrants to California

Google Nest to Acquire Dropcam in $555 Million

Starbucks Hiking Prices on Drinks, Bagged Coffee

Congress Probes How IRS Emails Could go Missing

Eli Lilly Bets Big on Diabetes, Cancer Drugs

Water Prices: Why They are Likely to Rise

Flint Mott Community College - 3.1% Tuition Hike in Jan.

Wages are Falling in Manhattan and L.A.




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