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Fiat Chrysler recalls 323,000 Vehicles over Wiring Issue

The World's Last VCR will be Manufactured this month

308,000 Chevrolet Impalas Recalled for Faulty Airbags

Oil Trades Near 2 Month Low after Total US Inventories Climb

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and Network in Talks on Exit

Unemployment Rate: 4.9%
June NonFarm Payroll:  287,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.66%
15 year - 2.89%

Manufacturing Index April: 50.8%
Consumer Confidence Index April: 94.2
GDP Q1: 1.1%
Last Update: 7/8/16




July 18 - July 24

First Supersized Cargo Ship Arrives in Port of Baltimore

Fewer People are Starting Their Own Businesses

ConAgra Foods Recalls 200k Pounds of Frozen Chicken/Beef

Its RNC Time, and Cleveland showed its Readiness Sunday

You can D/L Movies / Video to SD through Amazon Video app

Qatar Airways to take 49% Stake in Italy's Meridiana

China 2nd Quarter GDP Grows 6.7% Year on Year

O.Care Insurer - Shutdown sought for Land of Lincoln Health

Airbus to Sharply Cut Production of A380 Jumbo Jets

Citibank cancel some Venezuela Accounts as Economy Spirals




July 11 - July 17

Why Venezuela's Oil Production Plunged to a 13 Year Low

Senate Passing bills at rate not seen in Decades

Millen. Engage in Smartphones More than Actual Humans

Public Univ. now Require Application Pledge Commitment to..

ConAgra Foods Frozen Entrees Recalled - Foreign Objects

Proposal to cut Social Security undermines Retirement Security

State deems HealthyCT, Financially unstable

McDonald's to Expand All Day Breakfast

Delta cuts Outlook as June Unit Revenues Falls 5%

Low Paid Workers are leading in Wage Gains

General Mills Flour Recall Widens





July 4 - July 10

New law gives Calif.. right to temp. Confiscate owners guns

Goldilocks jobs Report for June would be 'just right'

US Military Lifts Ban on Transgender Personnel

CIBC to buy Private Bancorp in deal valued at $3.8B

US GDP in 1st Quarter Revised up to 1.1% Rate

Ikea recalls Millions of Dangerous Dressers

PetSmart plans to open 80 Stores in 2016

Stocks Crash as UK Votes to Quit EU

NJ 23 cent per Gallon Gas Hike??




June 27 - July 3

Land of Lincoln sues over Unpaid O.care Subsidy

Costco, Citi Flooded w Complaints in Card Rollout

California's Skyrocketing Housing Costs

Mitsubishi Motors Expects $1.38B Net Loss

FedEx Plans Increased Spending

SC Students go to School on Constit. under Law

What is 'Brexit'?

Downtown Business Closing Down in San Benito







June 20 - June 26

Nat.Gas Shortage may = Rolling Black out in S. CA

NASA Unveils Plans for Electric Powered Plane

Baltimore Sch. Consider Closing 2 Muslim Holiday

Smith & Wesson  Boost Guidance after Results

Envision, AmSurg Unite to Create Health Care Giant

Scared Investor Flee to cash at Highest Level Since 2001

Bed Bath and Beyond acquires One Kings Lane





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