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Recall Alert: Nearly 600,000 Pacifiers pose choking hazard

Bitcoin Mining Banned for 1st time in Upstate NY

Bankrupt Bon-Ton: Two Possible fates, Acquisition or Death

YouTube to add Wikipedia to videos about Conspiracies

Malvern skips $4M payment to Entercom


Unemployment Rate: 4.0 %
Feb. NonFarm Payroll: 313,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 54.2%
Consumer Confidence Index January: 125.4
GDP Q4: 2.6%
Last Update: 3/9/18




March 12 - March 18

Tillerson out as Secretary of State

Workers thank Trump for ending 'Betrayal' of unfair Trade

Population declines in Alaska, and Fairbanks in 2017

Dairy Farmers in Lancaster/Lebanon County losing Milk Contracts

Tully's Stores run out of coffee as Rebranding Looms

Goodyear rolls out Moss-filled Tire that releases Oxygen

Rhode Island considering $20 Fee to access online porn

US considers Broad Curbs on Chinese Imports

Oklahoma comes closer to joining W. VA in Teacher Strike





March 5 -  March. 11

AXA is buying XL Group for $15.3B

USDA recalls 15k lbs of beef and pork over E.Coli Concern

Your Property Taxes just jumped by more than 50%

Retail Apocalypse: 23 Big Retailers Closing Stores

Toyota to form $2.8B Autonomous Vehicle research Venture

Kennedy seeks property tax hike for Philly Schools

L.A.'s real estate industry enters the age of bitcoin

Strong Tobacco Laws may also discourage Vaping

Big change coming to Ohio Drivers Licenses






Feb. 26 -  March. 4

Papa John's will no longer be the Official Pizza of the NFL

Domino's is now Biggest Pizza Chain in the World

Feds fund Clown School in San Francisco

Starkey cutting ties with NRA

GM gets Pet Friendly again by buying Blue Buffalo

Companies  Bow to Social Media Pressure, Sever NRA Ties

Boring Company wins Hyperloop Com. Drilling Approval

Walmart goes to the Cloud to close gap w Amazon

Fox News plans a streaming Service for 'Superfans'

Healthcare workers to protest possible Kaiser Layoff Plan






Feb. 19 - Feb. 25

Tesla's Latest Smart Power Grid Experiments in Canada

Joe Biden 'tip toes' towards 2020 Presidential Bid

High Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum a matter of National Security

Senators block Trump's Immigration Reforms

Milo: "The Left has already started a Civil War"

YouTube TV adds New Cable Channels

Total US Household Debt Soars to record $13T+

You can now Mine Crypto while reading the news

DOE to reject Transgender Student Bathroom Complaints


Feb. 12 - Feb. 18

Air Bag Danger: Ford/Mazda say don't drive these pickups

Dry hot CA. winter closes Ski Resorts

Dollar Stores Hammered by Trump New Food Stamp Plan

Rite Aid more than halfway through store sales

Unilever threatens online ad cuts to clean up internet

UAE Exchange signed deal with Ripple

Someone spotted a Tesla Semi on a Public Road

Journalists calls for Professors to drown Conser. Students

Amazon to deliver Whole Foods Groceries in 2 Hours

Trumps approval rating tops Obama by 4 points at same time

US Solar industry lost nearly 10,000 Jobs in 2017

Bayshore Concrete puts Plant up for Sale

Banks Branch cutbacks in Fastest Decline on Record




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