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Ford recalls Nearly 412k SUVs to fix Fuel Leaks

GM puts IBM Watson in cars w the New OnStar Go

20,000 Supporters Turn out to see Trump in Tampa

This could one day replace your Lithium Ion Batteries

Wall Street Journal offering Employees Buyouts to Limit Layoffs

Unemployment Rate: 5 %
Sept. NonFarm Payroll:  156,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index April: 50.8%
Consumer Confidence Index April: 94.2
GDP Q1: 1.1%
Last Update: 10/7/16




October 24 - October 30

Jim Beam Whiskey workers end Strike in US

ND Pipeline Protest Prompts more than 80 Arrests

Nintendo just announced new Game Console

Ford to idle 4 Factories due to slowing Car Demand

Netflix Soars 20% as new Subscribers Stream in

When do we turn back the clocks?

Jim Beam workers Reject New Contract as Strike Looms




October 17  - October 23

San Fran. Tech Elite Fund Measure to Ban Homeless Camps

More Than 1 Million in O.Care to Lose Plans - Insurer Quits

Gov. are giving Billions in Tax Breaks to Tech Giants

Gov't says Colder Weather will Boost Winter Heating Bills

Nearly 100k Pa. Voters Switch from Democrat to Republican





October 10  - October 16

Amazon's Full on Demand Streaming Music Service Launches

Faulty Brakes Prompt Big Toyota Recall

Comcast hit with FCC's Biggest Cable Fine Ever

HHGreg joins list of Retailers closing for Thanksgiving

VW Group recalls over 281k VW and Audi Cars

Okla. Workers' Compensation System under New Scrutiny

Pres.Admin. is Delaying Thousands of Deportation Cases

Record Number of US Billionaires are Immigrants

Wal-Mart provides Lackluster Profit Outlook

Gundlach warns: Look here for the next Bank Bombshell

IMF says 1/3 of Banks in Top Countries are too weak to Survive

ADP Private Payroll Rise 154,000 in September




October 3  - October 9

Southwest Airlines Launches 3-Day Sale

Amazon Bans Reviews Posted for Free Products

Feds open Investigation into Ford F-150 Brakes

Alaskans not Happy with Dividend Checks

Where America's Newest Citizens come from, by State

Deutsche Bank takes a lashing from the Public

Alphabet Evaluating Bid to Add Twitter to Google: Report

ASU Trustees, Custodians Surprised by Layoffs

Well Fargo CEO Denies Dumping Stock on Insider Info.

O.care problems making Coverage Harder to Afford, Find

Lawmakers strike deal to avoid Shutdown








September 26 - October 2

For Profit College Students account for 35% of all Loan Defaults

Stanford will pay you to attend its Business School

Oil Prices could drop to the mid $30's this autumn

AmEx can Bar Merchants from Steering User to Rival Cards

Disney is most Likely to Acquire of Twitter, Analyst Says

Got a Yahoo Email Account? 3 Things you need to Know

Target just removed a Kid Size Carts from its Stores

Yellen helps Clinton dodge a bullet

Blue Bell recalls Cookie Dough Ice Cream over Listeria

Time Warner Cable is now Spectrum

Drivers wasted $2.1B on Premium Gas last Year

1 Conglomerate is buying up all the Hip, Green Companies

Could Driverless Cars Kill 4 Million Jobs?



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