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Trump tells California ' There is no Drought'

There's only one way to Battle Inflation in Retirement

Gawker Hires Bank, Makes Plan after Hulk Lawsuit

Takata Short on Cash, Wants Carmakers to Share cost of Recall

Nearly 1/2 of US Households would struggle w $400 Expense

Unemployment Rate: 5%
April NonFarm Payroll:  160,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.66%
15 year - 2.89%

Manufacturing Index April: 50.8%
Consumer Confidence Index April: 94.2
GDP Q1: .5%
Last Update: 5/18/16




May 23 - May 29

Toyota will invest in Uber

Sports Authority shutting down with Giant Sale

American Capital Sells to Ares Capital

Tribune gets $70.5M Investment, Rejects Gannett Offer

GE to Invest $1.4B in Saudi Arabia

US Problem: I work three part time Jobs

Tax Refund Late? The IRS may Owe you Interest

US Credit Card Debt Reaches $1 Trillion

Hersheypark Guest use Bathroom based on Gender Identity

Venezuela is Running out of Sugar

Congress wants Verizon Strike to End

Okla. passes Bill making it a Felony to Perform Abortions




May 16 - May 22

Cuomo: Allow Liquor Sales in NY, Before Noon on Sundays

US Bans E-Cigarettes in Checked Bags on Planes

Fiat Chrysler Recalls 500,000 Jeeps over Airbag Malfunction

Bye, Bye Time Warner Cable, Hello Charter

Insurance Com. Sues Fed, Says Owned $223M under O.Care

Amazon brings Free Food Delivery to Manhattan, Dallas

Hundreds of Students walk out to Protest Budget Cuts

NYT Trump's Mistreatment of Women - Women Fires Back

New Fed. Crowdfunding Rules for Companies

37,372 Grand Cherokees Recalled for Electrical Glitch

3 Key Facts to know About S. Security Survivor Benefits

Retail Sales Post 1.3% Gain

Alcohol Sales Fall for 1st Time in Nearly 20 Years

Sears to Open all Appliance Stores

US orders Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms

Joe's Crab Shack backs away from no-tipping Policy

0 to 400 MPH in 2 Seconds, Welcome to the age of Hyperloop






May 9 - May 15

Dean Foods to Buy Friendly's Ice Cream, Swings to Profit

Newspaper Chain Sending IT Jobs Overseas

Retail Sales Likely Rebounded in April

Edible Silk Coating Keeps Fruit Fresh for a Week

Univ. of Phoenix Investors OK $1.14B Buyout

Since 2014 -US has added 450k Waiters and Bartenders

Feds Announces Final E-Cigarette Rule

Kellogg's First Quarter Profit Fell 33%

Recalls - Sunflower Kernels over Listeria Concerns

Teamsters Retirees await word on Deep Pension Cuts




May 2 - May 8

McDonald's is Now testing Garlic Fries

CT Gov. Sign Gun Confiscation Bill - Details at Link

Verizon - Union Decline Company's 'Final Offer'

Oracle Scoops up Opower for $532M

Gold Tops $1,300, Hits 15 Month High

Puerto Rico to default on $370M Debt Payments

Chobani's CEO giving up to 10% of his Company to Employees

Why many Retirees will run out of Money

Freddie Mac may need Another Taxpayer Bailout Next Week

Forever 21 is Having Problems Paying the Bills

Ford recalls 202k Pickups, SUVs, Cars to Fix Transmissions

Ford reports best First Quarter in 113 Years

Majority of Millennials now Reject Capitalism, Poll Shows





April 25 - May 1

Pilgrim's Pride recalls 4.5M Pounds of Chicken

Bankrupt Sun Edison to Sell Part of its Chile Assets to Colbun

Wal-Mart to drop its Organic Brand, Wild Oats, after 2 Years

The Banana as we know it may be Doomed

Another Fracking Pipeline is Rejected

Pres. Pushes Controversial TTIP Trade Deal in Germany

US to buy Material used in Iran Nuclear Program

'Toxic' Toys Containing Lead for Sale in NY Stores?

How GPS Came to Be.. How it may be Altering our Brains

One of the Largest Pension Funds set to Cut Retiree Benefits

Samsung Team up Aims to Improve your Mobile Payments

Huntsman Family buys Salt Lake Tribune

Coal's Demise Threatens Appalachian Miners





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