Daily Job Cuts


Cisco near deal to Acquire BroadSoft

Bitcoin breaks above $6,000 , 1st time in History

Trump plans to bring 'Biggest Tax Cuts Ever' is US History

Trump will allow classified JFK Documents Public

General Electric Profit Falls will cut $20B in Businesses


Updated: 10/23   8:00pm

      Gold: $1281.80 / oz  Platinum: $924.00 / oz  
      Silver: $17.06/ oz    Palladium: $946.00 / oz   

 Crude Oil: $51.92 / Barrel 
US Dollar Index:  93.81

Dow DJIA:  23,273.96
 Nasdaq :  6,586.83

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US Long Term Mortgage Rates Fall: 30 Year at 3.88%

Muslim Professor: Genocide against White 'Morally Required'

First look at 8 Prototypes of Trump's Border Wall

Playboy announces 1st Transgender Playmate..........

One of the Biggest ICOs crashes before it even launched

Trump blast Media for Ignoring Russia Uranium Deal Story

Apple slashes iPhone 8 Suppliers Orders by 50%

Ford to recall 1.3M Trucks in N. America for Door Latch Fix

Verizon FiOS stops carrying Univision

NFL announces plans to 'Promote Social Change'

Anthem, CVS team up for Prescription Drug Service

Amazon strikes deal w Landlords to  install Lockers in Apts

George Soros Donates $18B to 'Open Society' Foundation

Monday Night Football Rating Fall to Season Low

Christie backs Newark's Amazon Bid w $7B in Tax Breaks

Nordstrom suspends its plan to go Private

Judge blocks Trump's Latest Travel Ban Order

Huge Story on Hannity... Tonight ?

NFL Near Empty Stadiums as Fans leave the League

Ruby Tuesday chain sold to Atlanta Investor

White House: $4,000 more for Families w Business Tax Cuts

Louisiana Oil Rig Explodes, Injuries Reported

Kroger considers selling off almost 800 Convenience Stores

Russia may soon issue own  Currency, The CryptoRuble

Louisiana Sheriff Office boycotts Ford for its NFL Support

GM Reaches Agreement to End Canada Strike

Report Claims Whole Foods is raising some Prices

Wind Power to overtake Coal Power in Texas

Social Security Benefits to rise 2% Next Year

Trump issue Stop Payment Order on Health Care Subsidies

2 'Dreamers' Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Immigrants

Amazon making it easier for Teens to use their Parent's CC

General Motors plans to Temp. Shut Down Detroit Factory

Tesla recalling 11,000 Model X SUV's for Seat Issue

Trump Eases O.Care Rules w Executive Order

Unemployment Claims fall to Lowest level in 43 Years

California's Hit with Devastating Wildfires

Twitter Suspends Acc. of Weinstein Accuser Rose McGowan

Boy Scouts announce it will now......Admit Girls

VW to roll out Electric Trucks, Buses in $1.7B Project

Chicago's Soda Tax Fizzled after 2 Months

GA. Mom upset about Sexual 'Identity Def.' Quiz at School

Now Amazon wants the Key to your House

Honeywell spins off $7Billion+ of its Operations

Billions in Illinois Bills not Sent for Payment

Donald Trump challenges NFL Tax Breaks

Your FitBit, KeyFob, Pacemaker could Snitch on You

Express Script to buy Evicore Healthcare for $3.6B

Health Insurers in Fla. request Rate Hike up to 71%

Sunday NFL slips again as NFL Ratings Continue to Crater

Cali. can now Jail People for Misusing Gender Pronouns

Jerry Jones Cowboys - Stand for Anthem or sit for game

VP Pence leaves Colt-49ers game after players kneel

TWC Board fires Harvey Weinstein

CA. Hepatitis A Outbreak on verge of Statewide Epidemic

Trump to take Executive Action on Health Care

Senators Pledge to Support Rebuilding of Puerto Rico

Antifa Group plans Nationwide 'Deface Columbus Day'

Tropical Storm Nate weakens, Brings rain to Georgia

Public Fears Growing Dominance of Robots

Kellogg is buying the Protein Bar Maker RXBAR

Trump rolls back O.Care Birth Control Mandate

UC Student who stole 'Maga' Hat may face Charges

Facebook to build $1B Facility in VA, No one will work there?

Amazon may enter the Pharmacy Market, Sell Drugs Online

Cook County Soda Tax to be Repealed next week

Dr. Seuss Museum replace Mural after complaints of racism

California Becomes 'Sanctuary State'

CFPB is shutting down a lot of Payday Loans

Hurricane Nate heading towards the US?

September Job Number - -33,000, Unemployment - 4.2%

Netflix is Raising its Prices

For Profit Blamed for Many Student Debt Defaults

California Allows GM to Expand Self-Driving Car Fleet

Amazon is Testing its Own Delivery Service

Puerto Rico is running out of Money

Sharks, Sea Life Dying in San Francisco Bay

Job Hunters worried that robot will throw out their Resumes

American Optimism about the Economy Hits all-time High

NJ Mega Car Dealer pulls TV Ads over NFL Protests

Ford plans $14B in cost cuts as part of new Strategy

The Donors of Anti-Trump 'Resistance' Pac Uncovered

Yahoo says all 3B of its accounts were hacked in 2013

Trump ahead of Reagan's Record in Cutting Regulations

Wal-Mart acquires NYC Delivery Service Parcel

Coca Cola buys Water Brand Topo Chico for $220M

Talks to take Nordstrom Private are Faltering

GM Plans 20 All-Electric Models by 2023

50 Dead, 200 Injured after shooting in Las Vegas

Monarch files for Insolvency in UK

San Juan Teamsters didn't show up for work to distribute aid

Whole Foods says Customer Payment info. was hacked

GA. Students called names after reciting Pledge of Allegiance

San Juan Mayor refused to Visit FEMA HQ

Fed-up Illinois Homeowners consider moving

H&M Profit Falls as Retailer Discounts

Walmart's Jet site to launch its own line of Groceries

Ikea has acquired TaskRabbit

US slaps Duties on Bombardier's C Series Jet

Puerto Ricans running out of cash - Hurricanes woes mount

Trump waives Jones Act, Enable Shipment to Puerto Rico

More Americans are Falling Behind on Student Loans

Dyson is developing an Electric Car, want it on street by 2020

Trump Pitches Massive Tax Cuts

Uber to Shutter its US Auto Leasing Business

Anthem retracts from ACA Market in Maine

Trump cuts Obama's Refugee target in half

2018 O.Care Premiums Surge 45% in State of Florida

Tax Reform plan would dramatically lower rates for Business

Construction begins on Border wall Prototypes in Otay Mesa

Senate GOP kills Health Care Bill, Ending O.Care Repeal

Cabela's , Bass Pro complete Merger

Vimeo plans to acquire company Livestream

GE to sell Industrial Unit to ABB for$2.6B

Sunday Night Football hit w Season-Low Ratings

SAP is buying Identity Management Firm Gigya for $350M

NFL Fans lash out - "You can Take your NFL and Shove it"

Vape Tax dooms dozens of shops across Pennsylvania

Facebook / Amazon so big, they are creating their own towns

New Travel Ban bans travel from 8 Countries

Dam Failing in Puerto Rico as Residents are Evacuated

Southern Mexico rocked by 6.1 Mag. Earthquake

Failing Dam in Puerto Rico triggers evacuations

Tesla wants to build 'Mega Supercharging' stops

Trump Travel Ban expires Sunday, New Restriction expected

McCain comes out against GOP Health Care Bill

Uber loses its License to Operate in London

US Current account Deficit hits $123.1 Billion

Verizon to boot Rural Customers citing Roaming charges

T-Mobile and Sprint are closing in on a Deal

Ca. School tapes Students Wrist - Slavery Lesson

Kohl's to start accepting Amazon Returns at Some Store

Hurricane Maria leaves Puerto Rico facing months w/o Power

Fiat Chrysler recalls 494,000 Ram Trucks due to fire risk

Mortgage Rates rise for 1st time in 7 Weeks

Albertsons has acquired Meal Kit Startup Plated

Why Amazon's Tax Bill is puny compared to Rivals

All Power out as Hurricane Maria's Winds, Crush Puerto Rico

Ford trims Production at Five Plants in N. America

MGM goes "All in" on Casino Project in Bridgeport

Study Shows Student Debt Delays Home Buying by 7 Years

Post Holding buying Bob Evans Farms in $1.53B Deal

Clinton considers Contesting Election Results?

Cat. 5 Hurricane Maria, Another blow to Caribbean?

Rolling Stones Magazine up for Sale

Walgreens tweak Rite Aid deal to gain US Approval

Northrop Grumman is buying Orbital ATK for $7.8B

GM + China to recall 2.5M+ Vehicles over Airbags

Tropical Storm Maria strengthens into Hurricane

St. Martin Residents Fight to Survive after Hurricane Irma

Toys r Us may be inching closer to Bankruptcy

Penn. delays Medicaid, State Pension Payments.. No Money

College Park Maryland won't allow non Citizens to vote

California is about to be a so called 'Sanctuary State'

CA. Lawmakers advance Major Housing Bill

# of Illegals trying to get into the US is steadily rising

Nestle to buy majority stake in Coffee Chain Blue Bottle

Grower groups  Irma caused 50% Citrus Loss in parts of Fla.

Study confirms Flu Shots linked to Spontaneous Abortions

Antifa Activists say violence is necessary

Trump blocks China backed Bid for Lattice

Amazon is planning a Mega Warehouse in Mexico

Bernie Sander to  introduce Single Payer Health Bill..

ESPN Anchor blasts Trump as 'White Supremacist"

New Safety Guidelines for Self-Driving Cars

Full SCOTUS Keeps Trump Travel Ban in place till Oct.

Houston Mayor proposes Property Tax Increase

Supreme Court keeps Refugee Travel Ban in Effect

Americans headed towards $1T in Credit Card Debt

CA. sues Trump Admin. over DACA Elimination

Nordstrom is testing a new Store that doesn't sell Clothes

Mercedes-Benz to offer Electric Option for Every car by 2022

Antifa throws smoke / Projectiles at Police at Portland Rallies

220 Languages are spoken in California

Hurricane Irma grounds Thousands of Flights

China looks at Ending sales of Gasoline Cars

Cruise Lines are sending their ships on Rescue Missions

Chili's Slashing Menu to Focus on Customer Favorites

Royal Caribbean using own ships to Evacuate Employees

Caribbean Islands Brace for Hurricane Jose

Mexico shaken by "Most Powerful EQ in a Century"

Royal Caribbean using own ships to Evacuate Employees

Equifax says Data Breach could affect 143M US Consumers

Hartford CT warns it could file for Bankruptcy

Islamic State urges Supporters to Poison Grocery Stores, Attack Harvey Shelters

Every Cruise out of Florida on Friday is Canceled

Penn. Vape Tax: Good for State, Bad for Business?

Deere to acquire robot company Blue River

T-Mobile to offer Free Netflix Subscriptions

Billions are Drinking Water Contaminated w Plastic

Toys r Us hires law firm to help restructure its Debt

Refugee Admission lowest in 15yrs. Muslim Declining

Hurricane Irma, Now a Category 5 Storm

United Tech. agrees a $30B deal for Rockwell Collins

Jobs in New York  reach 9.12 Million

Tronc acquires New York Daily News

Trump Admin. announces plan to end DACA

Bitcoin price drops - new ruling from Chinese Regulators

Trump: We must fix our Self-Destructive Tax Code

S. Florida threat increasing as Irma Strengthens

Poltico: Trump will close DACA Amnesty

Texas Gov.signs "Sanctuary Cities" Bill into Law

Hurricane Harvey relief brings Millions in Corporate Gifts

SC Mortgage Assistance Program Ending this Year

August Nonfarm Payroll - +156,000, Unemployment - 4.3%

Trump pushing for $6B in Harvey Recovery Funding

Trump gives Pay Raises to Military, Federal Workers

Macy's, Best Buy to expand Same Day Delivery Service

Trump cuts Budget for O.Care Ads

Harvey wiped out as many as 40,000 Homes in Houston

L.Angeles change Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day

F. Judge blocks enforcement of Texas Sanctuary Cities Law

US East Coast Drivers pay more at Gas Pump due to Harvey

Amazon is actually the weakest of the big US Retailers

United Tech. nears deal to buy Rockwell Collins for $20B+

Flood Stricken Homeowners are unlikely to pay Mortgages

Kathy Griffin rescinds Apology for Trump Photo

FBI shuts down request for files Clinton.. No Public Interest

Tomi Lahren is Joining Fox News

Google will now talk through Speakers, Fridge, Vacuums

Hurricane Harvey tosses Global Oil Market into Chaos

21th Century Fox pulls UK Fox New Feed from Sky

Uber to stop tracking Riders after they are dropped off

AT&T to Expand 5G US Broadband Trials

Gender 'X' could soon be an option on Ca. State IDs

Logan Airport may charge Drivers for Pickup/Drop offs

1st Grader sent to Office for 'Misgendering' Fellow Student

Trump , First Lady set to Visit Texas today

NYC Boosts Cigarette Prices to $13 a pack

Trump vows '100%' support,, Fed. Aid to Harvey Victims

Berkeley Police allowed Antifa to assault Demonstrators

Free Speech Bill in Ohio aimed at College Campuses 

SJWs want Veterans 'banned' from 4 Year Colleges

Apple gets $208M Tax Breaks to build, Promises 50 Jobs

Gilead to buy Kite Pharma for about $11 Billion: WSJ

Harvey Costs seen at Catastrophic Levels, Many Uninsured

Maine Blueberry crop fall w disease, lack of Pollination

CBS Corp. to Acquire Australia's Network Ten

Donald Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Houston Forecast: 'Unprecedented' 50 Inches of Rain

Congress passed a bill - Warrantless Searches of Homes





0 Bank Failures For 10/20/2017


** Last 5 Years of Bank Failures Below **



Total Bank Failures for 2017 - 7

The Farmers and Merchants State Bank of Argonia KS

Fayette County Bank IL

Guaranty Bank, (d/b/a BestBank in Georgia & Michigan) WI

First NBC Bank LA

Proficio Bank UT

Seaway Bank and Trust Company IL

Harvest Community Bank NJ



Total Bank Failures for 2016 - 5

Allied Bank Mulberry AR

The Woodbury Banking Company GA

First CornerStone Bank, King of Prussia PA

Trust Company Bank TN

North Milwaukee State Bank



Total Bank Failures for 2015 - 8

Hometown National Bank, Longview, WA

The Bank of Georgia, Peachtree City, GA

Premier Bank, Denver, CO

Edgebrook Bank, Chicago, IL

Doral Bank, San Juan, PR

Capitol City Bank & Trust Company, Atlanta, GA

Highland Community Bank, Chicago, IL

First National Bank of Crestview, Crestview, FL



Total Bank Failures for 2014 - 18

Northern Star Bank, Mankato, MN

Frontier Bank, d/b/a El Paseo Bank, Palm Desert, CA

National Republic Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL

NBRS Financial, Rising Sun, MD

GreenChoice Bank, fsb, Chicago, IL

Eastside Commercial Bank, Conyers, GA

The Freedom State Bank, Freedom, OK

Valley Bank, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Valley Bank, Moline, IL

Slavie Federal Savings Bank, Bel Air, MD

Columbia Savings Bank, Cincinnati, OH

AztecAmerica Bank, Berwyn, IL

Allendale County Bank, Fairfax, SC

Vantage Point Bank, Horsham, PA

Millennium Bank, NA, Sterling, VA

Syringa Bank, Boise, ID

The Bank of Union, El Reno, OK

DuPage National Bank, West Chicago, IL

Total Bank Failures for 2013 - 24

Texas Community Bank, The Woodlands, TX

Bank of Jackson County, Graceville, FL

First National Bank, Edinburg, TX

The Community's Bank, Bridgeport, CT

Sunrise Bank of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

Community South Bank, Parsons, TN

Bank of Wausau, Wausau, WI

First Community Bank of S.West FL Fort Myers, FL

Mountain National Bank, Sevierville, TN

1st Commerce Bank, North Las Vegas, NV

Banks of Wisconsin, Kenosha, WI

Central Arizona Bank, Scottsdale, AZ

Sunrise Bank, Valdosta, GA

Pisgah Community Bank, Asheville, NC

Douglas County Bank, Douglasville, GA

Parkway Bank, Lenor, NC

Chipola Community Bank, Marianna, FL

Heritage Bank of North Florida, Orange Park, FL

First Federal Bank, Lexington, KY

Golden Canyon Bank, Golden Canyon, AZ

Frontier Bank, LaGrange, GA

Covenant Bank, Chicago, IL

1st Regents Bank, Andover, MN

Westside Community Bank, University Place, WA

Total Bank Failures for 2012 - 51

Community Bank of the Ozarks, Sunrise Beach, MO

Hometown Community Bank, Braselton, GA

Citizens First National Bank, Princeton, IL

Heritage Bank of Florida, Lutz, FL

NOVA Bank, Berwyn, PA

Excel Bank, Sedalia, MO

First East Side Savings Bank, Tamarac, FL

GulfSouth Private Bank, Destin, FL

First United Bank, Crete, IL

Truman Bank, St. Louis, MO

Waukegan Savings Bank, Waukegan, IL

Jasper Banking Company, Jasper, GA

Second Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago IL

Heartland Bank, Leawood, KS

First Cherokee State Bank, Woodstock, GA

Georgia Trust Bank, Buford, GA

The Royal Palm Bank of Florida, Naples, FL

Glasgow Savings Bank, Glasgow, MO

Montgomery Bank & Trust, Ailey, GA

The Farmers Bank of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, TN

Security Exchange Bank, Marietta, GA

Putnam State Bank, Palatka, FL

Waccamaw Bank, Whiteville, NC

Farmers and Traders State Bank, Shabbona, IL

Carolina Federal Savings Bank, Charleston, SC

First Capital Bank, Kingfisher, OK

Alabama Trust Bank, National Association Sylacauga, AL

Security Bank, National Association, North Lauderdale, FL

Palm Desert National Bank, Palm Desert, CA

Plantation Federal Bank, Pawleys Island SC

Inter Savings Bank, FSB Maple Grove MN

HarVest Bank, Gaithersburg MD

Bank of Eastern Shore, Cambridge MD

Fort Lee Federal Savings Bank, FSB, Fort Lee NJ

Fidelity Bank , Dearborn MI

Premier Bank, Wilmette IL

Covenant Bank & Trust,  Rock Spring GA

New City Bank, Chicago IL

Global Commerce Bank, Doraville GA

Home Savings of America, Little Falls MN

Central Bank of Georgia, Ellaville GA

SCB Bank, Shelbyville IN

Charter National Bank and Trust, Hoffman Estates IL

BankEast, Knoxville TN

Patriot Bank Minnesota, Forrest Lake MN

Tennessee Commerce Bank, Franklin TN

First Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, Jacksonville FL

American Eagle Savings Bank, Boothwyn PA

The First State Bank, Stockbridge GA

Central Florida State Bank, Belleview FL


Total Bank Failures for 2011 - 92


Western National Bank, Phoenix AZ

Premier Community Bank of the Emerald Coast, Crestview FL

Central Progressive Bank, Lacombe LA

Polk County Bank, Johnston IA

Community Bank of Rockmart, Rockmart GA

SunFirst Bank, St George UT

Mid City Bank, Omaha NE

All American Bank, Des Plaines IL

Community Bank of Colorado, Greenwood Village CO

Community Capital Bank, Jonesboro GA

Decatur First Bank, Decatur GA

Old Harbor Bank, Clearwater FL

Country Bank, Aledo IL

First State Bank, Cranford NJ

Blue Ridge Savings Bank Inc, Asheville NC

Piedmont Community Bank ,Gray GA

Sun Security Bank, Ellington MO

The RiverBank, Wyoming MN

First International Bank, Plano TX

Citizens Bank of Northern California, Nevada City CA

Bank of  the Commonwealth, Norfolk VA

The First National Bank of Florida , Milton FL

CreekSide Bank Woodstock GA

Patriot Bank of Georgia, Cumming GA

First Choice Bank, Geneva IL

First Southern National Bank, Statesboro GA

Lydian Private Bank, Palm Beach FL

Public Savings Bank, Huntingdon Valley PA

The First National Bank of Olathe, Olathe KS

Bank of Whitman, Colfax WA

Bank of Shorewood, Shorewood IL

Integra Bank, National Association Evansville IN

BankMeridian N.A. Columbia SC

Virginia Business Bank, Richmond VA

Bank of Choice, Greeley CO

Landmark Bank of Florida, Sarasota FL

Southshore Community Bank, Apollo Beach FL

Summit Bank, Prescott AZ

First Peoples Bank, Port Saint Lucie FL

High Trust Bank, Stockbridge GA

One Georgia Bank, Atlanta GA

Signature Bank, Windsor CO

Colorado Capital Bank, Castle Rock CO

First Chicago Bank & Trust, Chicago IL

Mountain Heritage Bank Clayton GA

First Commercial Bank of Tampa Bay, Tampa FL

McIntosh State Bank, Jackson Georgia

Atlantic Bank & Trust Charleston SC

First Heritage Bank Snohomish, WA

Summit Bank Burlington WA

Atlantic Southern Bank, Macon GA

First Georgia Banking Co. Franklin GA

Coastal Bank, Coco Beach FL

Community Central Bank, Mount Clemens MI

The Park Avenue Bank, Valdosta GA

First Choice Community Bank , Dallas GA

Cortez Community Bank, Brooksville FL

First National Bank of Central FL, Winter Park FL

Heritage Banking Group, Carthage MS

Rosemount National Bank, Rosemount MN

Superior Bank, Birmingham AL

Nexity Bank, Birmingham AL

New Horizons Bank, East Ellijay GA

Bartow County Bank, Cartersville GA

Nevada Commerce Bank

Western Springs National Bank and Trust, Western Springs, Ill

The Bank Of Commerce, Wood Dale IL

Legacy Bank, Milwaukee WI

First National Bank of Davis, Davis OK

Valley Community Bank, St Charles IL

San Luis Trust Bank, FSB San Luis Obispo CA

Charter Oak Bank, Napa CA

Citizens Bank of Effingham Springfield GA

Habersham Bank, Clarkesville GA

Canyon National Bank, Palm Springs CA

Badger State Bank, Cassville WI

Peoples State Bank, Hamtramck MI

Sunshine State Community Bank, Port Orange FL

Community First Bank - Chicago , Chicago IL

North Georgia Bank, Watkinsville GA

American Trust Bank, Roswell GA

First Community Bank, Taos NM

FirstTier Bank, Louisville CO

Evergreen State Bank, Stoughton WI

The First State Bank, Camargo OK

United Western Bank, Denver, CO

The Bank of Asheville, Asheville NC

CommunitySouth Bank & Trust , Easley SC

Enterprise Banking Company, McDonough GA

Oglethorpe Bank, Brunswick GA

Legacy Bank, Scottsdale AZ

First Commercial Bank of Florida, Orlando FL




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Total Bank Failures for 2010 - 157 

Community National Bank, Lino Lakes MN

First Southern Bank, Batesville AR

United Americas Bank , National Association, Atlanta GA

Appalachian Community Bank FSB McCaysville GA

Chestatee State Bank, Dawsonville GA

The Bank of Miami, National Association Miami FL

Earthstar Bank , Southampton PA

Paramount Bank , Farmington Hills MI

First Banking Center , Burlington WI

Allegiance Bank of North America, Bala Cynwyd PA

Gulf State Community Bank, Carrabelle FL

Copper Star Bank, Scottsdale AZ

Darby Bank & Trust Co. , Vidalia GA

Tifton Banking Company, Tifton GA

First Vietnamese American Bank , Westminster CA

Pierce Commercial Bank , Tacoma WA

Western Commercial Bank , Woodland Hills CA

K Bank, Randallstown MD

First Arizona Savings, A FSB, Scottsdale AZ

HillCrest Bank , Overland Park KS

First Suburban National Bank , Maywood IL

The First National Bank of Barnesville, Barnesville GA

The Gordon Bank, Gordon GA

Progress Bank of Florida, Tampa FL

First Bank of Jacksonville, Jacksonville FL

Premier Bank, Jefferson City MO

WestBridge Bank and Trust Company, Chesterfield MO

Security Saving Bank, F.S.B., Olathe KS

Shoreline Bank, Shoreline WA

Wakulla Bank , Crawfordville FL

North County Bank, Arlington WA

Haven Trust Bank Florida , Ponte Vedra Beach FL

Maritime Savings Bank, West Allis WI

Bramble Savings Bank, Milford OH

The Peoples Bank Winder GA

First Commerce Community Bank, Douglasville GA

Bank of Ellijay, Ellijay GA

ISN Bank, Cherry Hill NJ

Horizon Bank, Bradenton FL

Sonoma Valley Bank , Sonoma CA

Los Padres Bank , Solvang CA

Butte Community Bank, Chico CA

Pacific State Bank, Stockton CA

ShoreBank, Chicago IL

Imperial Saving & Loan Association , Martinsville VA

Independent National Bank , Ocala FL

Community National Bank at Bartow , Bartow FL

Palos Bank and Trust Company , Palos Heights IL

Ravenswood Bank Chicago IL

LibertyBank , Eugene Oregon 

The Cowlitz Bank, Longview WA

Coastal Community Bank, Panama City FL

Bayside Saving Bank, Port Saint Joe FL

Northwest Bank & Trust, Acworth GA

Home Valley Bank, Grants Pass OR

SouthwestUSA Bank , Las Vegas NV

Community Security Bank , New Prague MN

Thunder Bank , Sylvan Grove KS

Williamsburg First National Bank, Kingstree, SC

Crescent Bank and Trust Company, Jasper GA

Sterling Bank, Lantana FL

Mainstreet Savings Bank, Hasting MI

Olde Cypress Community Bank, Clewiston FL

Turnberry Bank , Aventura FL

Metro Bank of Dade County, Miami FL

First National Bank of the South, Spartanburg SC

Woodlands Bank, Bluffton SC

Home National Bank, Blackwell OK

USA Bank, Port Chester NY

Ideal Federal Saving Bank, Baltimore MD 

Bay National Bank, Lutherville MD

High Desert State Bank Albuquerque NM 

First National Bank, GA Savannah 

Peninsula Bank, Englewood FL

Nevada Security Bank , Reno Nevada 

Washington First International Bank, Seattle WA

TierOne Bank, Lincoln NE

Arcola Homestead Saving Bank , Arcola IL

First National Bank , Rosedale MS

Sun West Bank , Las Vegas NV

Granite Community Bank NA, Granite Bay CA

Bank of Florida - Tampa Bay, Tampa FL

Bank of Florida - Southwest Naples FL

Bank of Florida - Southeast Fort Lauderdale FL

Pinehurst Bank, St Paul MN

Midwest Bank & Trust Company, Elmwood Park IL

Southwest Community Bank, Springfield MO

New Liberty Bank , Plymouth MI

Satilla Community Bank , St Marys GA

1st Pacific Bank of California, San Diego CA

Towne Bank of Arizona , Mesa AZ

Access Bank , Champlin MN

The Bank of Bonifay, Bonifay FL

Frontier Bank, Everett WA

BC National Banks, Butler MO

Champion Bank, Creve Coeur, MO

CF Bancorp , Port Huron MI

Westernbank Puerto Rico, Mayaquez, PR

R-G Premier Bank of Puerto Rico , Hato Rev

Eurobank , San Juan PR

Wheatland Bank, Naperville IL

Peotone Bank and Trust Co. Peotone IL

Lincoln Park Saving Bank, Chicago IL

New Century Bank Chicago IL

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Chicago

Broadway Bank , Chicago IL

Amcore Bank, N.A. Rockford IL

City Bank , Lynnwood WA

Tamalpais Bank , San Rafael CA

Innovative Bank, Overland CA

Butler Bank , Lowell MA

River National Bank of Florida

AmericanFirst Bank , Clermont FL

First Federal Bank of North Florida,Palatka FL 

Lakeside Community Bank , Sterling MI

Beach First National Bank , Myrtle B. SC

Desert Hill Bank , Phoenix AZ

Unity National Bank , Cartersville GA

Key West Bank , Key West FL

McIntosh Commercial Bank, GA

State Bank Of Aurora, Aurora MN

First Lowndes Bank, Fort Deposit AL

Bank Of Hiawassee , Hiawassee GA

Appalachian Community Bank, Ellijay GA

Advanta Bank Corp., Draper UT

Century Security Branch, Duluth GA

American National Bank, Parma OH

Statewide Bank, Covington LA

Old Southern Bank , Orlando FL

Park Avenue Bank , New York NY

LibertyPointe Bank in NYC

Centennial Bank, Ogden UT

Waterfield Bank , Germantown MD

Bank of Illinois , Normal IL

Sun America Bank , Boca Raton FL

Rainier Pacific Bank, Tacoma WA

Carson River Community Bank, Reno NV

La Jolla Bank FSB, La Jolla, CA

George Washington Savings Bank, Orland Park IL

The La Coste National Bank, La Coste TX

Marco Community Bank, Marco Island FL

1st American State Bank of Minnesota, Hancock MN

American Marine Bank, Bainbridge Island WA

First Regional Bank, Los Angeles CA

Community Bank & Trust, Cornelia GA

Marshall Bank, Hallock MN

Florida Community Bank, Immokalee FL

First National Bank of Georgia Carrollton GA

Columbia River Bank , The Dallies OR

Evergreen Bank , Seattle WA

Charter Bank, Santa Fe NM

Bank of Leeton , Leeton MO

Premier American Bank, Miami FL

Barnes Banking Company, Kaysville UT

St.Stephen State Bank,Saint Stephen, MN 

Town Community Bank and Trust , Antioch IL

Horizon Bank , Bellingham WA






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