Daily Job Cuts


Regulators Pave Way for Internet  "Fast Lane"

When is Your State's 'Tax Freedom' Day?

Wal-Mart Cuts Board to 14 Members

Hunger is a Growing Problem on College Campuses

Ga. Governor to Sign Bill Expanding Gun Rights


Updated: 4/24  10:00pm

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Fannie,  Freddie Cuts Housing Market Forecasts

Amer.Middle Class is No Longer the World's Richest

Small West,Towns to Lose Amtrak if States Can't Pay

Students Seek Loan Forgiveness

Grads Hit with Defaults, When Co-Signers Die /

Many Credit Card Users Paying Through the Nose

1/2 of Georgia's Insurance Enrollees Haven't Paid Yet

Netflix Plans to Raise Prices for New Customers

U.A.W. Drops Appeal of VW Vote in Tennessee

Okla. May Charge Cust. Who Install Own Solar Panels

Brand Names Appear in NY Common Core Tests

Gen. Mills Reverses Course on Right to Sue

Doubt is Cast on Climate Benefits of Biofuels

Many Recalled GM Cars won't be Repaired

Dupont First-Quarter Profit Tumbles 57%

Nest Uses Data to Turn Elec.Utilities into Cash Cows

Treatment Cost Could Influence Doctors' Advice

Automakers Rush to Roll Out Pint Size SUVs

Carmakers Set to Battle for Chinese Consumers..

Nebraska School's Advice for Bullying Victims..

'Like' Gen. Mills on Facebook, Surrender Legal Rights

Chipotle Plans First Price Increase in 3 Years

Detroit Pension Cuts Hit Civilian Workers Hardest

GM's Recalled Cobalt was a Failure from the Start

Home Prices Slowdown Leaves Millions Underwater

12M Americans Misdiagnosed Each Year

Yahoo Surges on Solid First Quarter

'Kill Switch' May be Standard on US Phones in 2015

Bitcoin Exchange MT. Gox will Liquidate

Is Your Home's Energy Meter Spying on You?

Fed Committed to Polices to Support Recovery

Walmart Benefits from Billions in Gov. Subsidies

Housing, Food Costs on the Rise

Detroit to Auction Vacant Homes Online

Nearly 10% of US Adults Now Have Diabetes: Study

Europe's Banks Cut 80,000  in Post Crisis Overhaul

U.S. Food Prices up 19% in 2014

Facebook Looks to Launch Financial Services

Retail Sales Jump 1.1% in March

Lawmakers Release 250,000 GM Recall Documents

Feds Make Abrupt Move in Fight with Rancher

Beef Prices Climb to Highest in 25 Years

Ukraine Stops Gas Payments to Russia in Dispute

Nasdaq Below 4,000 for 1st Time Since Early Feb.

Nevada Rancher, Feds Face Off Over Cattle Grazing

Minnesota to Increase Minimum Wage

Gap Isn't the Only Retailer with Inventory Problems

Another Possible Signal Heard in Flight 370 Search

Will Comcast's Time Warner Deal Mean Higher Bills?

Newly Started Foreclosures Head Higher in 19 States

Sebelius to Resign as Chief of Pres. Health Program

Report: 85% of Pensions Could Fail in 30 Years

Volkswagen Halts Sales of Passat, Jetta, Bettle

More Restaurants Adopting No-Tipping Policy

Toyota to Recall Nearly 6.5M Vehicles for Steering...

Sliver of Medicare Doctors get Big Share of Payout

Beef Prices Hit All Time High in US

Most Won't be able to Buy Health Ins. Until End Year

Pepsi Plans 'Made with Real Sugar' Offering

Health Insurance: 14.5M to Get Massive Increases

Airlines Nix Limes as Prices Skyrocket

More Women Staying Home with Young Kids

Fed Gives Banks 2 More Years on Risky Securities

Unemployment Insurance Ext. Heads to House

Kansas Bill Kills Long Held Teacher Rights

US Sailors Sue for $1B Over Fukushima Radiation

Ford Recalls Nearly 435,000 Vehicles

Wal-Mart Branded Cards to Transition to MasterCard

Millions of Americans Aren't Working. Why?

Angry Families want GM Prosecuted for Defects

States Where People Work Longest to Pay Taxes

Ships Rush to Investigate 'Signals' in Plane Search

March +192,000 Jobs , 6.7% Unemployment

Tyson Recalls Chicken Nuggets Sold at Sam's Stores

Millions of Americans Forced to Work Part Time

Could Be The Biggest Common Core Stories Yet?

GOP Budget Slashes Spending, Aid to Poor

GM Submits 200,000 Pages to Safety Agency

Mazda6 Sedans Recalled Due to Spiders

Millions by Millions, CEO Pay Goes Up

David Letterman to Retire from 'Late Show' in 2015

Brookstone Files for Bankruptcy, Plans to Sell Itself

Most U.S. Jobs Pay Under $20 an Hour

Detroit to Borrow $120M to Combat Crime, Blight

Chrysler Recalling 870,000 SUV's - Brake Defect

Outlet Malls' Popularity Could Spell Their Demise

Amazon Unveils Streaming Media Device

Pent. Considers Ban on Cigs Sales on Ships / Bases

8.0 Earthquake Hits Near Chile Coast

4 States Hit Record Highs for Home Prices

Common Core Testing - Some NY Students Sit Out

Chicago Tackles Pension Problem with Tax Hike

GM Recalls Reach Nearly 7 Million in 2014

260,000 Graduates in Minimum Wage Jobs

Congress Passes Bill - Stop Cuts to Medicare Docs

Caterpillar Avoided $2.4B in Taxes, Report Claims

Target Credit Rating Cut by S&P After Data Breach

GM Recalls 1.3M Vehicles to Fix Power Steering

Coldwater Creek Said to Prepare Bankruptcy Filing

Health Care Spending Growth Hits 10-Year High

Jobs Report to Show if Economy Ready to Roll

Diet Drinks Linked with Heart Disease, Death

5.1 Mag Earthquake Strikes Los Angeles Area

GM Recalls 824,000 More Vehicles Over Ignition Fears

Amazon to Launch Video Box Next Week

GM Halts Most Chevy Cruze Sales

Copper Seen Stuck at $3

Wal-Mart Sues Visa over Card Fees

Fox News Poll: Voters See Worsening Job Situation

Nissan Recalls 1M Vehicles Due to Airbag Flaw

Autism Rate Rise 30% in 2 Year Span: CDC

$1T Student Loan Debt Widens US Wealth Gap

Ukraine to get $18B Rescue from IMF

Dish and DirecTV Surge on Merger Reports

IRS says Bitcoin is Taxable Property, not a Currency

US Food Prices Are up 19% in 2014

Why Employers will Stop Offering Health Insurance

Rich Chinese Overwhelm US Visa Program

Admin. Extending Health Care Signups

Georgia may Soon Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients

Justina Pelletier to Remain in State's Custody

Pres. to Call for End to NSA Bulk Data Collection

Sales of New Homes Fall to 5 Month Low

Most Americans Can't Afford New Cars

Payday Loan - Pay More in Fees Than Original Loan

Indiana 1st State to Drop Common Core Standards?

US, Allies Sideline Russia from G8

Arizona May Allow Tesla Sales

Candy Crush Mania Coming to Wall St.

New Worry for Flood Victims: Insurance Cost Hike

Apple / Comcast in Talks on Streaming TV Service

Starbucks to Serve Alcohol at More Locations

Detroit Plans Mass Water Shutoff Over Delinq. Bills

Should Congress Limit Mortgage Deduction?

O.Care Plans Bring Hefty Fees for Certain Drugs

Wendy's / BK Rolling out Mobile Payments

Boehner: Senate Unemployment Bill is 'Unworkable'

Adios, 3 to 5 Day Money Transfers

Healthcare Website Giving Bad Info on Premium Aid

Some States Pensions in Dire Straits

Illinois to Follow CA with Millionaire Tax Referendum

Long Term Jobless Face a Dark Future in US

S&P Downgrades Russia to Outlook Negative

Average 30 Year Mortgage Rate Falls to 4.32%

New Round of Bank Stress Tests

Pay-TV Providers See First Yearly Customer Loss

Fed Tapers Another $10 Billion

Insurers on O.Care: Expect Premiums Prices to Soar

Ron Paul to Fed: Hands off Interest Rates

Stocks Drop as Fed's Yellen Outline Stimulus Exit

Under O.Care, Some Top Cancer Centers Off-Limits

State Pushes to Regulate, Tax E-Cig. Industry

Got O.Care, Can't Find Doctors

Toyota Set to Pay $1B to Settle U.S. Probe

Burger King Hits McDonald's Where it Hurts

Google introduces 'Android Wear' Smartwatches

Walmart to Start Selling Used Video Games

Get Ready to Feel Pinched by Supermarket Prices

States Urge Top Retailers to Stop Selling Tobacco

Hertz Spinning off its Equipment Rental Business

Microsoft May Unveil Office for iPad on March 27

Some Fast Food Outlet Closing on Military Bases

Mid-Size EQ Rattles Los Angeles Area

GM Recalls Another 1.5M Vehicles

UPS to Raise Some Shipping Rates 4.4%

Ukraine : Early Results Show Crimea to Join Russia

Billionaire Buys $201M Life Insurance Policy

Costco Recalls Freeze-Dried Fruit Snacks

GoDaddy is said to be Exploring I.P.O

Gov. Ceding Control of Key Internet Body

Target Warns Data Breach Could Still Get Worse

Quizno's Files for Bankruptcy

Zombie Foreclosures Weighing on Housing Markets

Gov. Workers Cost 45% More Than Private Sector

Amazon Raises Prime Price to $99

How Much the Marriage Tax Penalty will Cost You

Workers are Losing Confidence in the Economy

Gold Climbs to 6 Month High

Yahoo Unveils Partnership with Yelp

The Deadlock on Unemployment Benefits

GM Offers Recall Owners Free Loaner

Reports of Building Collapse, Explosion in NYC

Pres. Wants to Expand Overtime Pay

Last Call for Unemployment Benefits?

NJ Agrees to Ban Tesla's Direct Sales

Target Sees Drop in Customer Visits After Breach

Senator Accuses CIA of Spying on Congress

Why Casino Workers Hate O.Care

Corporate Debt Fever Rises to New Record in 2014

No Health Insurance? Prepare to pay the Penalty

Report: Cars com Put Up For Sale

McDonald's Sales Tank in February

Chiquita Combines with Fyffes to be top Banana

Fukushima Radiation - Reach West Coast Next Month

Strong Earthquake Hits of N. California Coast

AT&T Cuts Prices Again

How Grandparents Can Help Pay College Tuition?

Cumberland Farms Selling Stores in Delaware

Global Debt Markets Hit $100 Trillion Mark

Pa. Second-Worst in the Nation for Job Growth

Pentagon to Slash Subsidies to Base Commissaries?

Ukraine Standoff Intensifies

Boeing to End Pensions for Non-Union Workers

Consumer Credit Climbs 5.3% in January

CA. Beats U.S. in Millionaires, Food Stamp Users

Feb. +175,000 Jobs , 6.7% Unemployment

Albertsons to Merge with Safeway

Plunging Mall Traffic - Hurting Restaurants / Stores

There's a Flood of Store Closings

House Votes to Delay O.Care Penalty

CA. Could be in for Century-Long Megadrought

Your Workplace Health Insurance Costs $1,200 More

2M+ People Now without Unemployment Benefits

You Can Keep Your Old Health Plan Till 2016

Nasdaq Commences Private Market Operations

Pres. Budget Eyes $1T Hike in Tax Revenues

Companies Shrink Workforces in Feb. ISM Says

Employment Data is on the Way, But will it Matter?

Unemployment Insurance Extension Still in Doubt

Report: Facebook to Acquire Drone Maker

S&P 500 Ends at a Record

Pres. 2015 Budget Seeks $60B Tax Credit Expansion

Pres. Warns Russia of Costly Sanctions over Ukraine

NY Officials Join Call for Smartphone ' Kill Switch'

Free Checking Disappearing at the Big Banks

New Mortgage Underwriting Rules have Side Effects

Markets Tumble as Ukraine Crisis Deepens

Mag. 6.7 EQ Strikes off Japanese Island of Okinawa

Disney won't Fund Boy Scouts over Gay Policy

Russian Forces Reported Entering Crimea

RBS Draws up Rescue Plan for Ulster Bank

Some Recalled GM Cars Sold Overseas

US 4th Quarter Growth Whittled Down to 2.4%

Court: School Can Ban US Flag Shirts for Safety

Tesla to Raise $1.6B for 'Gigafactory'

Quiznos Preparing to File Bankruptcy Protection

Now on Your Restaurant Bill: O.Care Fee

BlackBerry Unveils New Q20 Phone

Many Foods in US Contain 'ADA' Plastic Chemical

Pres. to Detail Program to Help Minority Youth

Consumers Hit with Tax in O.Care Premium

Car Buyers Commit to Longer Auto Loans

Delta - Big Change to its Frequent Flyer Program

The Affordable Care Act's Multiple Taxes

GM Expands Ignition Switch Recall to 1.36M Cars

Too Late for a Short Term Unemployment Fix?

O.Care May Increase Premiums for 11M Workers

Lawmakers Push to End 'Scream Rooms' in Schools

Student Debt Loads Keep Climbing

Net Neutrality is Dead

Regulator to Sound Alarm on Bitcoin

Judge Rules to Put Justina Pelletier in Foster Care?

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S5 Phone

PepsiCo Issues Statement on Layoffs Abilene Plant

S&P 500 at Record in Broad Rally




 0 Bank Failures For 4/18/2014

** Last 4 Years of Bank Failures Below **


Total Bank Failures for 2014 - 5

Vantage Point Bank, Horsham, PA

Millennium Bank, NA, Sterling, VA

Syringa Bank, Boise, ID

The Bank of Union, El Reno, OK

DuPage National Bank, West Chicago, IL

Total Bank Failures for 2013 - 24

Texas Community Bank, The Woodlands, TX

Bank of Jackson County, Graceville, FL

First National Bank, Edinburg, TX

The Community's Bank, Bridgeport, CT

Sunrise Bank of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

Community South Bank, Parsons, TN

Bank of Wausau, Wausau, WI

First Community Bank of S.West FL Fort Myers, FL

Mountain National Bank, Sevierville, TN

1st Commerce Bank, North Las Vegas, NV

Banks of Wisconsin, Kenosha, WI

Central Arizona Bank, Scottsdale, AZ

Sunrise Bank, Valdosta, GA

Pisgah Community Bank, Asheville, NC

Douglas County Bank, Douglasville, GA

Parkway Bank, Lenor, NC

Chipola Community Bank, Marianna, FL

Heritage Bank of North Florida, Orange Park, FL

First Federal Bank, Lexington, KY

Golden Canyon Bank, Golden Canyon, AZ

Frontier Bank, LaGrange, GA

Covenant Bank, Chicago, IL

1st Regents Bank, Andover, MN

Westside Community Bank, University Place, WA

Total Bank Failures for 2012 - 51

Community Bank of the Ozarks, Sunrise Beach, MO

Hometown Community Bank, Braselton, GA

Citizens First National Bank, Princeton, IL

Heritage Bank of Florida, Lutz, FL

NOVA Bank, Berwyn, PA

Excel Bank, Sedalia, MO

First East Side Savings Bank, Tamarac, FL

GulfSouth Private Bank, Destin, FL

First United Bank, Crete, IL

Truman Bank, St. Louis, MO

Waukegan Savings Bank, Waukegan, IL

Jasper Banking Company, Jasper, GA

Second Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago IL

Heartland Bank, Leawood, KS

First Cherokee State Bank, Woodstock, GA

Georgia Trust Bank, Buford, GA

The Royal Palm Bank of Florida, Naples, FL

Glasgow Savings Bank, Glasgow, MO

Montgomery Bank & Trust, Ailey, GA

The Farmers Bank of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, TN

Security Exchange Bank, Marietta, GA

Putnam State Bank, Palatka, FL

Waccamaw Bank, Whiteville, NC

Farmers and Traders State Bank, Shabbona, IL
Carolina Federal Savings Bank, Charleston, SC

First Capital Bank, Kingfisher, OK

Alabama Trust Bank, National Association Sylacauga, AL

Security Bank, National Association, North Lauderdale, FL

Palm Desert National Bank, Palm Desert, CA

Plantation Federal Bank, Pawleys Island SC

Inter Savings Bank, FSB Maple Grove MN

HarVest Bank, Gaithersburg MD

Bank of Eastern Shore, Cambridge MD

Fort Lee Federal Savings Bank, FSB, Fort Lee NJ

Fidelity Bank , Dearborn MI

Premier Bank, Wilmette IL

Covenant Bank & Trust,  Rock Spring GA

New City Bank, Chicago IL

Global Commerce Bank, Doraville GA

Home Savings of America, Little Falls MN

Central Bank of Georgia, Ellaville GA

SCB Bank, Shelbyville IN

Charter National Bank and Trust, Hoffman Estates IL

BankEast, Knoxville TN

Patriot Bank Minnesota, Forrest Lake MN

Tennessee Commerce Bank, Franklin TN

First Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, Jacksonville FL

American Eagle Savings Bank, Boothwyn PA

The First State Bank, Stockbridge GA

Central Florida State Bank, Belleview FL


Total Bank Failures for 2011 - 92


Western National Bank, Phoenix AZ

Premier Community Bank of the Emerald Coast, Crestview FL

Central Progressive Bank, Lacombe LA

Polk County Bank, Johnston IA

Community Bank of Rockmart, Rockmart GA

SunFirst Bank, St George UT

Mid City Bank, Omaha NE

All American Bank, Des Plaines IL

Community Bank of Colorado, Greenwood Village CO

Community Capital Bank, Jonesboro GA

Decatur First Bank, Decatur GA

Old Harbor Bank, Clearwater FL

Country Bank, Aledo IL

First State Bank, Cranford NJ

Blue Ridge Savings Bank Inc, Asheville NC

Piedmont Community Bank ,Gray GA

Sun Security Bank, Ellington MO

The RiverBank, Wyoming MN

First International Bank, Plano TX

Citizens Bank of Northern California, Nevada City CA

Bank of  the Commonwealth, Norfolk VA

The First National Bank of Florida , Milton FL

CreekSide Bank Woodstock GA

Patriot Bank of Georgia, Cumming GA

First Choice Bank, Geneva IL

First Southern National Bank, Statesboro GA

Lydian Private Bank, Palm Beach FL

Public Savings Bank, Huntingdon Valley PA

The First National Bank of Olathe, Olathe KS

Bank of Whitman, Colfax WA

Bank of Shorewood, Shorewood IL

Integra Bank, National Association Evansville IN

BankMeridian N.A. Columbia SC

Virginia Business Bank, Richmond VA

Bank of Choice, Greeley CO

Landmark Bank of Florida, Sarasota FL

Southshore Community Bank, Apollo Beach FL

Summit Bank, Prescott AZ

First Peoples Bank, Port Saint Lucie FL

High Trust Bank, Stockbridge GA

One Georgia Bank, Atlanta GA

Signature Bank, Windsor CO

Colorado Capital Bank, Castle Rock CO

First Chicago Bank & Trust, Chicago IL

Mountain Heritage Bank Clayton GA

First Commercial Bank of Tampa Bay, Tampa FL

McIntosh State Bank, Jackson Georgia

Atlantic Bank & Trust Charleston SC

First Heritage Bank Snohomish, WA

Summit Bank Burlington WA

Atlantic Southern Bank, Macon GA

First Georgia Banking Co. Franklin GA

Coastal Bank, Coco Beach FL

Community Central Bank, Mount Clemens MI

The Park Avenue Bank, Valdosta GA

First Choice Community Bank , Dallas GA

Cortez Community Bank, Brooksville FL

First National Bank of Central FL, Winter Park FL

Heritage Banking Group, Carthage MS

Rosemount National Bank, Rosemount MN

Superior Bank, Birmingham AL

Nexity Bank, Birmingham AL

New Horizons Bank, East Ellijay GA

Bartow County Bank, Cartersville GA

Nevada Commerce Bank

Western Springs National Bank and Trust, Western Springs, Ill

The Bank Of Commerce, Wood Dale IL

Legacy Bank, Milwaukee WI

First National Bank of Davis, Davis OK

Valley Community Bank, St Charles IL

San Luis Trust Bank, FSB San Luis Obispo CA

Charter Oak Bank, Napa CA

Citizens Bank of Effingham Springfield GA

Habersham Bank, Clarkesville GA

Canyon National Bank, Palm Springs CA

Badger State Bank, Cassville WI

Peoples State Bank, Hamtramck MI

Sunshine State Community Bank, Port Orange FL

Community First Bank - Chicago , Chicago IL

North Georgia Bank, Watkinsville GA

American Trust Bank, Roswell GA

First Community Bank, Taos NM

FirstTier Bank, Louisville CO

Evergreen State Bank, Stoughton WI

The First State Bank, Camargo OK

United Western Bank, Denver, CO

The Bank of Asheville, Asheville NC

CommunitySouth Bank & Trust , Easley SC

Enterprise Banking Company, McDonough GA

Oglethorpe Bank, Brunswick GA

Legacy Bank, Scottsdale AZ

First Commercial Bank of Florida, Orlando FL




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Total Bank Failures for 2010 - 157 

Community National Bank, Lino Lakes MN

First Southern Bank, Batesville AR

United Americas Bank , National Association, Atlanta GA

Appalachian Community Bank FSB McCaysville GA

Chestatee State Bank, Dawsonville GA

The Bank of Miami, National Association Miami FL

Earthstar Bank , Southampton PA

Paramount Bank , Farmington Hills MI

First Banking Center , Burlington WI

Allegiance Bank of North America, Bala Cynwyd PA

Gulf State Community Bank, Carrabelle FL

Copper Star Bank, Scottsdale AZ

Darby Bank & Trust Co. , Vidalia GA

Tifton Banking Company, Tifton GA

First Vietnamese American Bank , Westminster CA

Pierce Commercial Bank , Tacoma WA

Western Commercial Bank , Woodland Hills CA

K Bank, Randallstown MD

First Arizona Savings, A FSB, Scottsdale AZ

HillCrest Bank , Overland Park KS

First Suburban National Bank , Maywood IL

The First National Bank of Barnesville, Barnesville GA

The Gordon Bank, Gordon GA

Progress Bank of Florida, Tampa FL

First Bank of Jacksonville, Jacksonville FL

Premier Bank, Jefferson City MO

WestBridge Bank and Trust Company, Chesterfield MO

Security Saving Bank, F.S.B., Olathe KS

Shoreline Bank, Shoreline WA

Wakulla Bank , Crawfordville FL

North County Bank, Arlington WA

Haven Trust Bank Florida , Ponte Vedra Beach FL

Maritime Savings Bank, West Allis WI

Bramble Savings Bank, Milford OH

The Peoples Bank Winder GA

First Commerce Community Bank, Douglasville GA

Bank of Ellijay, Ellijay GA

ISN Bank, Cherry Hill NJ

Horizon Bank, Bradenton FL

Sonoma Valley Bank , Sonoma CA

Los Padres Bank , Solvang CA

Butte Community Bank, Chico CA

Pacific State Bank, Stockton CA

ShoreBank, Chicago IL

Imperial Saving & Loan Association , Martinsville VA

Independent National Bank , Ocala FL

Community National Bank at Bartow , Bartow FL

Palos Bank and Trust Company , Palos Heights IL

Ravenswood Bank Chicago IL

LibertyBank , Eugene Oregon 

The Cowlitz Bank, Longview WA

Coastal Community Bank, Panama City FL

Bayside Saving Bank, Port Saint Joe FL

Northwest Bank & Trust, Acworth GA

Home Valley Bank, Grants Pass OR

SouthwestUSA Bank , Las Vegas NV

Community Security Bank , New Prague MN

Thunder Bank , Sylvan Grove KS

Williamsburg First National Bank, Kingstree, SC

Crescent Bank and Trust Company, Jasper GA

Sterling Bank, Lantana FL

Mainstreet Savings Bank, Hasting MI

Olde Cypress Community Bank, Clewiston FL

Turnberry Bank , Aventura FL

Metro Bank of Dade County, Miami FL

First National Bank of the South, Spartanburg SC

Woodlands Bank, Bluffton SC

Home National Bank, Blackwell OK

USA Bank, Port Chester NY

Ideal Federal Saving Bank, Baltimore MD 

Bay National Bank, Lutherville MD

High Desert State Bank Albuquerque NM 

First National Bank, GA Savannah 

Peninsula Bank, Englewood FL

Nevada Security Bank , Reno Nevada 

Washington First International Bank, Seattle WA

TierOne Bank, Lincoln NE

Arcola Homestead Saving Bank , Arcola IL

First National Bank , Rosedale MS

Sun West Bank , Las Vegas NV

Granite Community Bank NA, Granite Bay CA

Bank of Florida - Tampa Bay, Tampa FL

Bank of Florida - Southwest Naples FL

Bank of Florida - Southeast Fort Lauderdale FL

Pinehurst Bank, St Paul MN

Midwest Bank & Trust Company, Elmwood Park IL

Southwest Community Bank, Springfield MO

New Liberty Bank , Plymouth MI

Satilla Community Bank , St Marys GA

1st Pacific Bank of California, San Diego CA

Towne Bank of Arizona , Mesa AZ

Access Bank , Champlin MN

The Bank of Bonifay, Bonifay FL

Frontier Bank, Everett WA

BC National Banks, Butler MO

Champion Bank, Creve Coeur, MO

CF Bancorp , Port Huron MI

Westernbank Puerto Rico, Mayaquez, PR

R-G Premier Bank of Puerto Rico , Hato Rev

Eurobank , San Juan PR

Wheatland Bank, Naperville IL

Peotone Bank and Trust Co. Peotone IL

Lincoln Park Saving Bank, Chicago IL

New Century Bank Chicago IL

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Chicago

Broadway Bank , Chicago IL

Amcore Bank, N.A. Rockford IL

City Bank , Lynnwood WA

Tamalpais Bank , San Rafael CA

Innovative Bank, Overland CA

Butler Bank , Lowell MA

River National Bank of Florida

AmericanFirst Bank , Clermont FL

First Federal Bank of North Florida,Palatka FL 

Lakeside Community Bank , Sterling MI

Beach First National Bank , Myrtle B. SC

Desert Hill Bank , Phoenix AZ

Unity National Bank , Cartersville GA

Key West Bank , Key West FL

McIntosh Commercial Bank, GA

State Bank Of Aurora, Aurora MN

First Lowndes Bank, Fort Deposit AL

Bank Of Hiawassee , Hiawassee GA

Appalachian Community Bank, Ellijay GA

Advanta Bank Corp., Draper UT

Century Security Branch, Duluth GA

American National Bank, Parma OH

Statewide Bank, Covington LA

Old Southern Bank , Orlando FL

Park Avenue Bank , New York NY

LibertyPointe Bank in NYC

Centennial Bank, Ogden UT

Waterfield Bank , Germantown MD

Bank of Illinois , Normal IL

Sun America Bank , Boca Raton FL

Rainier Pacific Bank, Tacoma WA

Carson River Community Bank, Reno NV

La Jolla Bank FSB, La Jolla, CA

George Washington Savings Bank, Orland Park IL

The La Coste National Bank, La Coste TX

Marco Community Bank, Marco Island FL

1st American State Bank of Minnesota, Hancock MN

American Marine Bank, Bainbridge Island WA

First Regional Bank, Los Angeles CA

Community Bank & Trust, Cornelia GA

Marshall Bank, Hallock MN

Florida Community Bank, Immokalee FL

First National Bank of Georgia Carrollton GA

Columbia River Bank , The Dallies OR

Evergreen Bank , Seattle WA

Charter Bank, Santa Fe NM

Bank of Leeton , Leeton MO

Premier American Bank, Miami FL

Barnes Banking Company, Kaysville UT

St.Stephen State Bank,Saint Stephen, MN 

Town Community Bank and Trust , Antioch IL

Horizon Bank , Bellingham WA






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