Daily Job Cuts


Student Debt now affect Large # of Elderly Americans

IRS to delay Tax Refunds for Millions

Reyonds  accepts offer of $49.4B from BAT

Wal-Mart to add 10,000 Retail Jobs in the US

Hyundai to invest $3.1B in US Plants


Updated: 1/18  5:20pm

      Gold: $1204.00 / oz  Platinum: $961.00 / oz  
      Silver: $17.02/ oz    Palladium: $746.00 / oz   

 Crude Oil: $51.44/ Barrel 
US Dollar Index   101.34

Dow DJIA:  19,804.72
 Nasdaq :  5,555.55

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Noble Energy buys Clayton Williams Energy for $2.7B

BMW to move forward on Mexico Plant

Eyewear Giant Luxottica and Essilor Merge

Trump insists Healthcare 'Insurance for Everyone'

Food Stamp Users can order from Online Retailers

Purchased Milk in theses 15 States may get Refund

8 Men as Rich as Half the World

Teen Retailer Wet Seal explores Next Steps

New Legislation to define milk as 'dairy only'

Legislator in Minnesota takes Oath on a Quran

Bikers for Trump ready to stand up to Protesters

House to take step toward Repealing O.Care

Takata takes Guilty Plea, will pay $1B

Business Inventories Surge in November

Millennials Falling Behind Their Parents

$100 Gold Coin - Liberty Depicted as Black Women

CVS to offer Cheaper, Generic EpiPen Version

Most American can't afford Surprise Expense

Mortgage rates fall for 2nd week in a row

Trump meets w AT&T Exec about T. Warner Merger

EPA accuses Fiat Chrysler of Emissions Cheating

Senate approves 1st Step in Repealing O.Care

Amazon to create 100k Jobs by 2018

Cigna is no longer covering EpiPen

Soon pickup FedEx Packages from Walgreens

Trump Calls CNN Network "Fake News"

Bitcoin Price continues to Slide

People urges to Flee ahead of Flooding Ca. Rivers

JetBlue - Wifi free on all Domestic Flights

Prime Member can now get their own Credit Card

J.M. Smucker raises price of Folgers/D. Donut Coffee

Keurig Product for Beer is Brewing

Bumble Bee is now on Endangered Species List

Gilden wins auction bid for American Apparel?

AT&T raising Price of Grandfather Plans Again

Coming to Wells Fargo: Card-Free ATMs

Small Business Optimism Index Surges

L'Oreal to pay $1.3B for Valeant Skin Care Brand

China pledges cuts in Excess Steel / Coal Production

Most Laid-off Energy Workers still out of work

Yahoo to change name to Altaba

Polaris ending Victory Motorcycle Line

FHA to Cut Fees, Lowering Rate for 1st time Buyers

NY State to shut Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Mars Inc.to acquire VCA owner of 800 animal Hosp.

GM Lied to the Public and to Trump?

All NYC Subway Stations will have Cell / Wifi Service

McDonald's Sells China Stake for $1.7B

New Taxes send the price of Gas Soaring in states

Starbucks to stop selling Alcohol at 400+ Stores

AT&T  can take easier route to Time Warner purchase

Fiat Chrysler to Invest $1 Billion in 2 US Plants

Inside Sears' Death Spiral

Colorado Mine Spill released 540 Tons of Metals

2018 Ford F-150 gets Redesign, New Turbo Engine

Many insured by O.Care Voted for Trump

Nokia brand launches its First Android Smartphone

Drive any Cadillac, Anytime for $1500 a month

Craftsman's Lifetime Warranty in question after sale

Ford to bring Amazon Echo into their Cars

Stanley Black Decker Opening New US Plant

Record 95,102,000 American Not in Labor Force

Trump knocks Border Wall Report - Mexico will pay

Dec Jobs - +156,000 , Unemployment  4.7%

Verizon unsure about Yahoo Deal...?

Wells Fargo giving raise to 25k Entry Level Workers

T-Mobile scraps all Mobile Plans for One

Trump says 'No Way' to Toyota Plant in Mexico

US Postal Service no longer offer services at Staples

Apple's App Store Sales top $28 Billion

Sears to Sell Craftsman for $900 Million

CA. hires Eric Holder to help block Trump Policies

New York proposes Free College Plan...

Trump to 'Repeal a lot' of Pres. O. actions on Day 1

Carnival Cruises: New Wearable Medallion?

Pres.O / Pence in O.Care Showdown

Fed. Debt Climbs $1,054,647,941,626.91 in 2016

Natural Disasters causes $175B in Damage in 2016

Ford Announces 13 Electric Hybrids by 2020

US Factory Activity Accelerated in Dec.

Bill + Hillary Clinton to attend Trump Inauguration

Americans spent this much on Rent last year...

Trump - GM "Make Car in US, or Pay Big Border Tax"

Carpool apps could take 10k Taxis off NY Streets

Mexicans outraged over hike in gas Price on Jan 1.

3,853 New Fed. Rules Issued in 2016, 211 New Laws

Bitcoin jumps above $1,000 for 1st time in 3 Years

Burger King announce Antibiotic Free Chicken

New Year's attack on Istanbul Club leaves 35 Dead

Pres. Publishes $7.4B worth of Regulation in 1 Night

New Year's Day Brings New Laws, Regulations

New French Law Ban Work Emails After Hours?

Report: Apple to cut iPhone Production by 10%

Auto Sales Growth Seen Drawing to End

Minimum wage for 4M will go up in 19 States in 2017

13 Tech. Products we lost in 2016

FAO Schwarz Owner buys Sharper Image for $100M

502 Additional Refugees dropped into Nebraska

Pres. O unleashes 3,853 Regs, 18 for every Law

Amazon Patents shows Flying Warehouses - Drones

G.W. Univ.removes US History from required courses

Trump says Sprint is bringing 5,000 Jobs Back to US

California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution..?

Cadbury recalls Chinese-Made Chocolates

T-Mobile to Remotely Kill Note 7 Batteries

Hanjin selling Port of Seattle Terminal Operations

Kate Spade & Co. Explores Sale

These 7 States will have higher Gas Taxes Jan. 1

Writedown fears wipe $5B off Toshiba's Value

CA. Man Arrested.. Under the Influence of Caffeine

Airbus Cuts A380 Production Plans in 2017

Only 1 Former President to attend Inauguration

Abbott gets Antitrust Approval to buy St. Jude Med.

PA. Gas Tax to rise 8 Cents a Gallon on Jan 1.

Snapchat  has acquired Israeli startup Cimagine

Democrats lost over 1,000 Seats under Pres. O

Home Prices in 20 Cities Increased 5.1% in October

How Americans Spent their money in last 75 years

Tesla, Panasonic to Begin Solar Production in NY

Amazon shipping Goodwill Donations for Free

69% of US Population Still Reading Newspapers

Maryand Casinos want to lower Slot Machine Payouts

Returning a Gift? Many Store tighten Policies

Trump will close Charitable Foundation

British Airways Cabin Crew call off Christmas Strike

Lockheed Martin CEO Promise to Cut F-35 Costs

US Mortgage Rates Jump to 2+ Year High

USPS will make Deliveries on Christmas Day

US 3rd Quarter GDP revised up to 3.5% Growth

Kellyanne Conway to be Counselor to the President

China Tycoon moves Jobs to US

Pres. bans Future Leases in much of Arctic, Atlantic

S.West Airlines Website Fails During Holiday Week

Population: Western States Growing Fast

SS Checks being reduced for unpaid Student Debt

San Antonio's Acelity selling LifeCell for $2.9B

Pres. O to Restrict Offshore Drilling?

6 Retailers agree to stop - on call Shift Scheduling

Gold drops as dollar closes in on 14-Year High

General Mills' Sales Tumbles 7%

Fed probing reports of Dodge vehicle 'Roll-aways'

Electoral College Vote Seals Trump Victory

Wells Fargo - New Account Openings Plunge

Russian Ambassador Shot Dead in Turkey

Electoral College set to anoint Trump

1,574 Apprehended at US Mexico Border Per Day

Corpus Christi Texas lifts Water Ban

Study: California worst State for Drivers

Rexnord to close Indianapolis Plant - Move to Mexico

Report: 820,000+ Criminal Illegals in US

7.9 Quake hits off Papua New Guinea

Danone of France to buy WhiteWave

Clearwater Paper to Acquire Manchester Industries

Verizon explores Lower Price/Exit from Yahoo Deal

McDonald's to begin Delivery Service in Florida

Pres. vows US to Respond to Russia Ele. Interference

Housing starts slide in November

Dollar Climbs to Strongest Since 2003

Trump Electors Flooded with Death Threats

DeVry to forgive $30 Million in Student Loans

City of Corpus Christi - Don't Use the Tap Water

Hospitals say 'Show me the money' before Treatment

Celebrities urge Electors Not to Vote for Trump

Alaska Air closes Virgin American Acquisition

Yahoo: 1B users affected in Discovered Breach

Frito-Lay drops Doritos Super Bowl TV Ad

Fed Raises Rates

Amazon starts Drone Delivery Trail in the UK

US Health Spending in 2015 - Avg. $10,000 Person

Trump taps Rep. Ryan Zinke as Interior Secretary

J&J pulls out of talks to buy Actelion

Dow to a new Record High, Near 20,000

Small Business Owners' Optimism Skyrockets

New Rules may Curb Classroom Junk Food

Press encouraged to turn up heat on Trump

Quest Data Breach Exposes Private Health Info.

Redstone withdrawals CBS-Viacom Merger Proposal

Asahi pays $7.8B for 5 of AB InBev's Beer Brands

Yankee Candles recalls about 31,000 Candles

Fed. Judge rejects push for PA. Recount

Oxford Students told to use 'Ze' instead of 'he' / 'She'

US Budget Deficit Totaled $136.65B in Nov.

American Express -  All Parents 20 Weeks Paid Leave

Boeing Seals Nearly $17 Billion Iran Deal

Feds to raise Rates as Trump Economy Looms

Rex Tillerson expected to be pick for Sec.of State

Walmart to invest $1.3B in Mexico

Senators Appear to Reach Deal to Avert Shutdown

Crude Inventory - 2.39M Barrels vs 1.37M Expected

Pres. orders 'Full Review' of Election-Related Hacking

Proposal - Allowing Cell Phone Calls During Flights

US Steel CEO says Company plans to Restore Jobs

Dallas Pension System Suspends Withdrawals

6.5 Mag Earthquake hits off California Coast

Delta Airlines testing a Return of Free Meals

900% Surge in Asylum Demands, only 1/2 Caught 

US-Cuba Cruises OKd to sail starting early 2017

Trump expects to tap John Kelly to head DHS

TIME Person of the Year 2016 - Donald Trump

US Factory Orders Jumps 2.7% in October

Parents Spend more time on devices than their Kids

Carlye Consortium buys McDonald China Franchise?

Trump Nominates Ben Carson as Housing Sec.

GoDaddy is buying its European Peer for $2 Billion

Amazon Launched Cashier Free Convenience Store

Feds Block Dakota Access Pipeline Route

Ford Recalls 680,000 Cars, Seat Belts may not Hold

Italy has voted 'No", Renzi set to Step Down

Venezuela's Largest Banknote now worth 2 US Cents

Pandora up 16% on Reports that it could sell itself

A.Airlines Attendants - New Uniforms make them sick

Jill Stein campaign drops recount effort in PA

Americans Not In The Labor Force - Record 95.1M

Howard Schultz stepping down as Starbucks CEO

Frigid Air Mass Building in Alaska

Amazon taking 30% Cyber Weekend Sales

Deutsche Bank to cut off around 3,400 Clients

Nov. Jobs - +178,000 , Unemployment - 4.6%

Trump Confirms Retired Marine General Mattis

Dollar General misses Profit and Sales Forecasts

Princess Cruise Lines - pay $40M for Dumping Waste

Parker Hannifin Agrees to Acquire Clarcor for $4.3B

6M have stopped paying their Car Loans

China Slaps Extra 10% Tax on 'Super Cars'

GAO: $108B in Student Loan Debt to be Forgiven?

'Fight for $15': Many Min. Wage Protesters Arrested

OPEC Agrees to Cut Production

Philip Morris - a Future without Selling Cigarettes?

Kellogg pulls Ads from Breitbart

Trump tweets Flag Burning should be outlawed

14,000 Evacuated Gatlinburg TN: Fire Still Burning

Dick's Sporting Goods acquires GameChanger Media

Starbucks ups Prices for Cold Drinks / Baked Goods

2nd Estimate of US Q3 GDP up 3.2% vs 2.9%

That Monster Sinkhole in Japan is sinking again

PA. State Dept. says Stein missed Recount Deadline

Stein sues - Wisconsin refuses to order hand recount

San Francisco - Hackers targeted Transit System

Black Friday 2016: More Shoppers, Less Spending

Lufthansa Pilots Union pushes for 2nd Week of Strike

Rare 'Thunderstorm Asthma' Kills 6 in Australia

Trump Slams Recount "Nothing will Change"

Fidel Castro dies at 90 in Cuba

What a Trump Presidency mean for the Auto Industry

States with the Most / Least Student Debt

Election Recount to Begin in Wisconsin

Trump wins Michigan by 10,704

Actelion and J&J are in talks about Takeover

Tesla completes $2B buy of Solarcity

EPA hikes Ethanol Blend Requirement in Gasoline

Pilot Strike could delay Amazon Holiday Shipments

Pres. overtime Pay Expansion blocked by Judge

Gov. Nikki Haley to be Ambassador to UN ?

Carson: Offered job at HUD

Oil Patch Recession Wipes out $4B+ in Wages

Aspartame named changed to 'AminoSweet'





1 Bank Failures For 1/13/2017

Harvest Community Bank NJ

** Last 5 Years of Bank Failures Below **



Total Bank Failures for 2017 - 1

Harvest Community Bank NJ



Total Bank Failures for 2016 - 5

Allied Bank Mulberry AR

The Woodbury Banking Company GA

First CornerStone Bank, King of Prussia PA

Trust Company Bank TN

North Milwaukee State Bank



Total Bank Failures for 2015 - 8

Hometown National Bank, Longview, WA

The Bank of Georgia, Peachtree City, GA

Premier Bank, Denver, CO

Edgebrook Bank, Chicago, IL

Doral Bank, San Juan, PR

Capitol City Bank & Trust Company, Atlanta, GA

Highland Community Bank, Chicago, IL

First National Bank of Crestview, Crestview, FL



Total Bank Failures for 2014 - 18

Northern Star Bank, Mankato, MN

Frontier Bank, d/b/a El Paseo Bank, Palm Desert, CA

National Republic Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL

NBRS Financial, Rising Sun, MD

GreenChoice Bank, fsb, Chicago, IL

Eastside Commercial Bank, Conyers, GA

The Freedom State Bank, Freedom, OK

Valley Bank, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Valley Bank, Moline, IL

Slavie Federal Savings Bank, Bel Air, MD

Columbia Savings Bank, Cincinnati, OH

AztecAmerica Bank, Berwyn, IL

Allendale County Bank, Fairfax, SC

Vantage Point Bank, Horsham, PA

Millennium Bank, NA, Sterling, VA

Syringa Bank, Boise, ID

The Bank of Union, El Reno, OK

DuPage National Bank, West Chicago, IL

Total Bank Failures for 2013 - 24

Texas Community Bank, The Woodlands, TX

Bank of Jackson County, Graceville, FL

First National Bank, Edinburg, TX

The Community's Bank, Bridgeport, CT

Sunrise Bank of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

Community South Bank, Parsons, TN

Bank of Wausau, Wausau, WI

First Community Bank of S.West FL Fort Myers, FL

Mountain National Bank, Sevierville, TN

1st Commerce Bank, North Las Vegas, NV

Banks of Wisconsin, Kenosha, WI

Central Arizona Bank, Scottsdale, AZ

Sunrise Bank, Valdosta, GA

Pisgah Community Bank, Asheville, NC

Douglas County Bank, Douglasville, GA

Parkway Bank, Lenor, NC

Chipola Community Bank, Marianna, FL

Heritage Bank of North Florida, Orange Park, FL

First Federal Bank, Lexington, KY

Golden Canyon Bank, Golden Canyon, AZ

Frontier Bank, LaGrange, GA

Covenant Bank, Chicago, IL

1st Regents Bank, Andover, MN

Westside Community Bank, University Place, WA

Total Bank Failures for 2012 - 51

Community Bank of the Ozarks, Sunrise Beach, MO

Hometown Community Bank, Braselton, GA

Citizens First National Bank, Princeton, IL

Heritage Bank of Florida, Lutz, FL

NOVA Bank, Berwyn, PA

Excel Bank, Sedalia, MO

First East Side Savings Bank, Tamarac, FL

GulfSouth Private Bank, Destin, FL

First United Bank, Crete, IL

Truman Bank, St. Louis, MO

Waukegan Savings Bank, Waukegan, IL

Jasper Banking Company, Jasper, GA

Second Federal Savings and Loan Association of Chicago IL

Heartland Bank, Leawood, KS

First Cherokee State Bank, Woodstock, GA

Georgia Trust Bank, Buford, GA

The Royal Palm Bank of Florida, Naples, FL

Glasgow Savings Bank, Glasgow, MO

Montgomery Bank & Trust, Ailey, GA

The Farmers Bank of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, TN

Security Exchange Bank, Marietta, GA

Putnam State Bank, Palatka, FL

Waccamaw Bank, Whiteville, NC

Farmers and Traders State Bank, Shabbona, IL

Carolina Federal Savings Bank, Charleston, SC

First Capital Bank, Kingfisher, OK

Alabama Trust Bank, National Association Sylacauga, AL

Security Bank, National Association, North Lauderdale, FL

Palm Desert National Bank, Palm Desert, CA

Plantation Federal Bank, Pawleys Island SC

Inter Savings Bank, FSB Maple Grove MN

HarVest Bank, Gaithersburg MD

Bank of Eastern Shore, Cambridge MD

Fort Lee Federal Savings Bank, FSB, Fort Lee NJ

Fidelity Bank , Dearborn MI

Premier Bank, Wilmette IL

Covenant Bank & Trust,  Rock Spring GA

New City Bank, Chicago IL

Global Commerce Bank, Doraville GA

Home Savings of America, Little Falls MN

Central Bank of Georgia, Ellaville GA

SCB Bank, Shelbyville IN

Charter National Bank and Trust, Hoffman Estates IL

BankEast, Knoxville TN

Patriot Bank Minnesota, Forrest Lake MN

Tennessee Commerce Bank, Franklin TN

First Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, Jacksonville FL

American Eagle Savings Bank, Boothwyn PA

The First State Bank, Stockbridge GA

Central Florida State Bank, Belleview FL


Total Bank Failures for 2011 - 92


Western National Bank, Phoenix AZ

Premier Community Bank of the Emerald Coast, Crestview FL

Central Progressive Bank, Lacombe LA

Polk County Bank, Johnston IA

Community Bank of Rockmart, Rockmart GA

SunFirst Bank, St George UT

Mid City Bank, Omaha NE

All American Bank, Des Plaines IL

Community Bank of Colorado, Greenwood Village CO

Community Capital Bank, Jonesboro GA

Decatur First Bank, Decatur GA

Old Harbor Bank, Clearwater FL

Country Bank, Aledo IL

First State Bank, Cranford NJ

Blue Ridge Savings Bank Inc, Asheville NC

Piedmont Community Bank ,Gray GA

Sun Security Bank, Ellington MO

The RiverBank, Wyoming MN

First International Bank, Plano TX

Citizens Bank of Northern California, Nevada City CA

Bank of  the Commonwealth, Norfolk VA

The First National Bank of Florida , Milton FL

CreekSide Bank Woodstock GA

Patriot Bank of Georgia, Cumming GA

First Choice Bank, Geneva IL

First Southern National Bank, Statesboro GA

Lydian Private Bank, Palm Beach FL

Public Savings Bank, Huntingdon Valley PA

The First National Bank of Olathe, Olathe KS

Bank of Whitman, Colfax WA

Bank of Shorewood, Shorewood IL

Integra Bank, National Association Evansville IN

BankMeridian N.A. Columbia SC

Virginia Business Bank, Richmond VA

Bank of Choice, Greeley CO

Landmark Bank of Florida, Sarasota FL

Southshore Community Bank, Apollo Beach FL

Summit Bank, Prescott AZ

First Peoples Bank, Port Saint Lucie FL

High Trust Bank, Stockbridge GA

One Georgia Bank, Atlanta GA

Signature Bank, Windsor CO

Colorado Capital Bank, Castle Rock CO

First Chicago Bank & Trust, Chicago IL

Mountain Heritage Bank Clayton GA

First Commercial Bank of Tampa Bay, Tampa FL

McIntosh State Bank, Jackson Georgia

Atlantic Bank & Trust Charleston SC

First Heritage Bank Snohomish, WA

Summit Bank Burlington WA

Atlantic Southern Bank, Macon GA

First Georgia Banking Co. Franklin GA

Coastal Bank, Coco Beach FL

Community Central Bank, Mount Clemens MI

The Park Avenue Bank, Valdosta GA

First Choice Community Bank , Dallas GA

Cortez Community Bank, Brooksville FL

First National Bank of Central FL, Winter Park FL

Heritage Banking Group, Carthage MS

Rosemount National Bank, Rosemount MN

Superior Bank, Birmingham AL

Nexity Bank, Birmingham AL

New Horizons Bank, East Ellijay GA

Bartow County Bank, Cartersville GA

Nevada Commerce Bank

Western Springs National Bank and Trust, Western Springs, Ill

The Bank Of Commerce, Wood Dale IL

Legacy Bank, Milwaukee WI

First National Bank of Davis, Davis OK

Valley Community Bank, St Charles IL

San Luis Trust Bank, FSB San Luis Obispo CA

Charter Oak Bank, Napa CA

Citizens Bank of Effingham Springfield GA

Habersham Bank, Clarkesville GA

Canyon National Bank, Palm Springs CA

Badger State Bank, Cassville WI

Peoples State Bank, Hamtramck MI

Sunshine State Community Bank, Port Orange FL

Community First Bank - Chicago , Chicago IL

North Georgia Bank, Watkinsville GA

American Trust Bank, Roswell GA

First Community Bank, Taos NM

FirstTier Bank, Louisville CO

Evergreen State Bank, Stoughton WI

The First State Bank, Camargo OK

United Western Bank, Denver, CO

The Bank of Asheville, Asheville NC

CommunitySouth Bank & Trust , Easley SC

Enterprise Banking Company, McDonough GA

Oglethorpe Bank, Brunswick GA

Legacy Bank, Scottsdale AZ

First Commercial Bank of Florida, Orlando FL




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Total Bank Failures for 2010 - 157 

Community National Bank, Lino Lakes MN

First Southern Bank, Batesville AR

United Americas Bank , National Association, Atlanta GA

Appalachian Community Bank FSB McCaysville GA

Chestatee State Bank, Dawsonville GA

The Bank of Miami, National Association Miami FL

Earthstar Bank , Southampton PA

Paramount Bank , Farmington Hills MI

First Banking Center , Burlington WI

Allegiance Bank of North America, Bala Cynwyd PA

Gulf State Community Bank, Carrabelle FL

Copper Star Bank, Scottsdale AZ

Darby Bank & Trust Co. , Vidalia GA

Tifton Banking Company, Tifton GA

First Vietnamese American Bank , Westminster CA

Pierce Commercial Bank , Tacoma WA

Western Commercial Bank , Woodland Hills CA

K Bank, Randallstown MD

First Arizona Savings, A FSB, Scottsdale AZ

HillCrest Bank , Overland Park KS

First Suburban National Bank , Maywood IL

The First National Bank of Barnesville, Barnesville GA

The Gordon Bank, Gordon GA

Progress Bank of Florida, Tampa FL

First Bank of Jacksonville, Jacksonville FL

Premier Bank, Jefferson City MO

WestBridge Bank and Trust Company, Chesterfield MO

Security Saving Bank, F.S.B., Olathe KS

Shoreline Bank, Shoreline WA

Wakulla Bank , Crawfordville FL

North County Bank, Arlington WA

Haven Trust Bank Florida , Ponte Vedra Beach FL

Maritime Savings Bank, West Allis WI

Bramble Savings Bank, Milford OH

The Peoples Bank Winder GA

First Commerce Community Bank, Douglasville GA

Bank of Ellijay, Ellijay GA

ISN Bank, Cherry Hill NJ

Horizon Bank, Bradenton FL

Sonoma Valley Bank , Sonoma CA

Los Padres Bank , Solvang CA

Butte Community Bank, Chico CA

Pacific State Bank, Stockton CA

ShoreBank, Chicago IL

Imperial Saving & Loan Association , Martinsville VA

Independent National Bank , Ocala FL

Community National Bank at Bartow , Bartow FL

Palos Bank and Trust Company , Palos Heights IL

Ravenswood Bank Chicago IL

LibertyBank , Eugene Oregon 

The Cowlitz Bank, Longview WA

Coastal Community Bank, Panama City FL

Bayside Saving Bank, Port Saint Joe FL

Northwest Bank & Trust, Acworth GA

Home Valley Bank, Grants Pass OR

SouthwestUSA Bank , Las Vegas NV

Community Security Bank , New Prague MN

Thunder Bank , Sylvan Grove KS

Williamsburg First National Bank, Kingstree, SC

Crescent Bank and Trust Company, Jasper GA

Sterling Bank, Lantana FL

Mainstreet Savings Bank, Hasting MI

Olde Cypress Community Bank, Clewiston FL

Turnberry Bank , Aventura FL

Metro Bank of Dade County, Miami FL

First National Bank of the South, Spartanburg SC

Woodlands Bank, Bluffton SC

Home National Bank, Blackwell OK

USA Bank, Port Chester NY

Ideal Federal Saving Bank, Baltimore MD 

Bay National Bank, Lutherville MD

High Desert State Bank Albuquerque NM 

First National Bank, GA Savannah 

Peninsula Bank, Englewood FL

Nevada Security Bank , Reno Nevada 

Washington First International Bank, Seattle WA

TierOne Bank, Lincoln NE

Arcola Homestead Saving Bank , Arcola IL

First National Bank , Rosedale MS

Sun West Bank , Las Vegas NV

Granite Community Bank NA, Granite Bay CA

Bank of Florida - Tampa Bay, Tampa FL

Bank of Florida - Southwest Naples FL

Bank of Florida - Southeast Fort Lauderdale FL

Pinehurst Bank, St Paul MN

Midwest Bank & Trust Company, Elmwood Park IL

Southwest Community Bank, Springfield MO

New Liberty Bank , Plymouth MI

Satilla Community Bank , St Marys GA

1st Pacific Bank of California, San Diego CA

Towne Bank of Arizona , Mesa AZ

Access Bank , Champlin MN

The Bank of Bonifay, Bonifay FL

Frontier Bank, Everett WA

BC National Banks, Butler MO

Champion Bank, Creve Coeur, MO

CF Bancorp , Port Huron MI

Westernbank Puerto Rico, Mayaquez, PR

R-G Premier Bank of Puerto Rico , Hato Rev

Eurobank , San Juan PR

Wheatland Bank, Naperville IL

Peotone Bank and Trust Co. Peotone IL

Lincoln Park Saving Bank, Chicago IL

New Century Bank Chicago IL

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Chicago

Broadway Bank , Chicago IL

Amcore Bank, N.A. Rockford IL

City Bank , Lynnwood WA

Tamalpais Bank , San Rafael CA

Innovative Bank, Overland CA

Butler Bank , Lowell MA

River National Bank of Florida

AmericanFirst Bank , Clermont FL

First Federal Bank of North Florida,Palatka FL 

Lakeside Community Bank , Sterling MI

Beach First National Bank , Myrtle B. SC

Desert Hill Bank , Phoenix AZ

Unity National Bank , Cartersville GA

Key West Bank , Key West FL

McIntosh Commercial Bank, GA

State Bank Of Aurora, Aurora MN

First Lowndes Bank, Fort Deposit AL

Bank Of Hiawassee , Hiawassee GA

Appalachian Community Bank, Ellijay GA

Advanta Bank Corp., Draper UT

Century Security Branch, Duluth GA

American National Bank, Parma OH

Statewide Bank, Covington LA

Old Southern Bank , Orlando FL

Park Avenue Bank , New York NY

LibertyPointe Bank in NYC

Centennial Bank, Ogden UT

Waterfield Bank , Germantown MD

Bank of Illinois , Normal IL

Sun America Bank , Boca Raton FL

Rainier Pacific Bank, Tacoma WA

Carson River Community Bank, Reno NV

La Jolla Bank FSB, La Jolla, CA

George Washington Savings Bank, Orland Park IL

The La Coste National Bank, La Coste TX

Marco Community Bank, Marco Island FL

1st American State Bank of Minnesota, Hancock MN

American Marine Bank, Bainbridge Island WA

First Regional Bank, Los Angeles CA

Community Bank & Trust, Cornelia GA

Marshall Bank, Hallock MN

Florida Community Bank, Immokalee FL

First National Bank of Georgia Carrollton GA

Columbia River Bank , The Dallies OR

Evergreen Bank , Seattle WA

Charter Bank, Santa Fe NM

Bank of Leeton , Leeton MO

Premier American Bank, Miami FL

Barnes Banking Company, Kaysville UT

St.Stephen State Bank,Saint Stephen, MN 

Town Community Bank and Trust , Antioch IL

Horizon Bank , Bellingham WA






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