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Eric Swalwell: Keep Pistols and Shotguns but AR-15s have got to go

Acting DHS Chief 'Sabotaged' Ice Raids by leaking plan to Washington Post

Missouri Health Dept. declines to Renew License for State's last Abortion Clinic

Penn. College Offers "Queering God" Course

Another week, another Rating drop for CNN


Unemployment Rate: 3.6 %
May NonFarm Payroll: +75,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 54.2%
Consumer Confidence Index January: 125.4
GDP Q1: 3.2%
Last Update: 6/7/19




June 24 -  June 30

Low Prices and High Waters backing coal railcars into Storage

NY State set to legalize Electric Scooters and Bikes

Every Democratic 2020 frontrunner supports Males athletes in Girl's Sports






June 17 -  June 23

Upstate NY revolt against Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens

Ragu Pasta Sauce recalled over possible plastic fragments concerns

Great Lakes may get pounded by 13 Foot Waves as Storm Threat

FL Gov. signs bill banning Sanctuary Cities

Chewy prices its IPO at $22 Per Share, Raise $1B

Flour sold at Walmart and Target being recalled due to e.Coli Concerns

Parents, Staff and more upset over AUMC Child Care Center closing

Target is now offering Same-Day Delivery on thousands of items

Scooter Startup Bird buys Struggling Competitor Scoot






June 10 -  June 16

Ilhan Omar says it is 'UN-American' for ICE to detain Illegals

Footage shows Migrants walking around border wall to enter US

Stag Arms announces leaving New Britain CT , New site not identified

Apple's US iPhone can all be made outside of China if needed

Comstock Resources buying Haynesville Firm for $1.6B

Progressive News Site, now in Financial Dire Straits

Slumping Coal Exports threaten rail and ocean shipping demand

Tyson Foods recalls more than 190k Pounds of Chicken Fritters sold to schools..

Nancy Pelosi opposes Mexico's Promise to keep Migrants

Kroger recalls Frozen Berries over possible Hepatitis A Contamination

Facebook suspends app preinstalls on Huawei Phones: Report

Bayer drops ads from 'Ingraham Angle, Tucker Carlson Show

VT slaps Dollar General $1.7M for Pricing Errors

Jamba Juice drops the juice from their name

Twitter takes no action against account joking about killing 7 year old





June 3 -  June 9

TPUSA High School: Teachers triggered by 'America is the greatest.. Signs

GameStop's Stock in a free fall

Walmart revamps iconic vest w New Look for Employees

CVS makes its Pitch for the Future of Health Care

Typhoid Fever, Typhus & Tuberculosis: LA Diseases coming to your city?

NY could become 1st State to Ban Cat Declawing

Every Clothing Store stock is down for the past month - Mitch Nolen

Recall: 100,000 Pounds of Johnsonville Sausages for 'Foreign Matter'

31k pounds of Perdue chicken recalled due to possible contamination

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra abruptly cancel Concerts, Shortens Season

Bob Iger: "Very Difficult" for Disney to work in Georgia if Abortion law enacted

United Airlines now offering 'Non-Binary Gender' and 'Mx' title booking options

Rushed passengers left nearly $1M in loose change at US Airports in 2018

Biological Male wins NCAA Women's Track Championship

Judge: Anheuser-Busch must pull some Corn Syrup ads about MillerCoors





May 27 -  June 2

Honda recalls 137,000 SUVs due to sudden air bag deployment

Chevy is brining back the Seat Belt Interlock

US weighs Blacklisting up to 5 Chinese Surveillance Firms

Nevada Legislature passes Abortion Protections

USPS is testing Self Driving Trucks to move Mail between Cities

Auto Industry cutting jobs at the fastest pace since the Financial Crisis

Joy Behar: Trump and all the Rep. 'Should be thrown into Jail'




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