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Crying on the Job??? 8 in 10 workers shedding tears????

Baltimore City Teachers beg for Fan Donations over lack of air conditioning

5 Retailers are opening Stores for every retailer closing stores

$2,500 closing cost grant announced for Illinois Home Buyers

Drug Shortages forcing Hospitals to Ration Treatments


Unemployment Rate: 3.7 %
July NonFarm Payroll: +164,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index January: 54.2%
Consumer Confidence Index January: 125.4
GDP Q1: 3.2%
Last Update: 8/2/19




Aug  12 -  Aug 18

Bayer proposes paying $8B to settle Roundup Cancer Claims

Mattel stock craters after pulling bond sale over anonymous Letter

Dad sued for Slander because he criticized the Education System

Roseanna Arquette: 'I'm Sorry I was born White and Privileged

Former CNN Host calls for 'Eradication' of Kellyanne Conway and Trump Supporters

Facebook receives Patent for 'Shadow banning' Tech






Aug  5 -  Aug 11

Victoria's Secret hires its first Transgender Model

Ca. scrubs controversial Kamala Harris-Era arrest reports

Heavy Truck Orders Collapse stunning 81%

Impossible Foods gets FDA approval to sell fake meat at Grocery Stores

Plastic Water Bottles will soon be banned at SFO

You'll get 'nowhere near' the full $125 from Equifax the FTC says

Man says he was beaten in NYC for wearing MAGA Hat

1999 Elijah Cummings: 'I left my community of Baltimore, a Drug infested area'





July 29 -  Aug. 4

Mario Lopez attacked for saying Parents shouldn't let Children choose Gender

Carlson: Don't be Fooled -Most Dems didn't care about Baltimore until Trump Tweeted

Hacienda Healthcare closing 1/2 its facility after several problems occurred

AT&T Employee Contracts in GA expire Saturday as talks continue

K.Harris, Cortez team up on 'Green New Deal' Bill for Poor

Parker Hannifin to acquire Exotic Metals for $1.56B Cash

Pfizer to absorb Mylan Pharmaceuticals, will make new company

Trump announcement agreement w Guatemala to restrict asylum claims

As accusations of fraud swirl, Ilhan Omar splits from Husband

Tulsi Gabbard sues Google for Censorship of Ads

Lockheed to move F-35 Jet Parts sourcing to US from Turkey

Boeing warns it may halt 737 Max output if Grounding drags on

Daimler to produce Crypto Hard Wallet for Automotive Industry

Paterson schools asking state for $24.6M in Emergency Aid







July 22 -  July 28

Oregon Students can take 'Mental Health days'

Comey under DOJ investigation for misleading Trump while targeting him in Probe

Target and the Fresh Market recalling some Elevation Food Products

Union: AT&T workers in NC, Southeast Planning to strike if no new Contract

80+ Types of Hummus recalled over Listeria Concerns

Boeing planes vulnerable to cellphone interference: Report

Cortez: Nobody is 'Heartbroken' at the prospect of losing Private Health Insurance

Rep. Ilhan Omar on America....

Amazon Warehouse workers strike on 'Prime Day'




July 15 -  July 21

180k Smoke and Fire Alarms recalled, May not work during a Fire

Spokane Public Schools to consider budget cuts

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot bans ICE from Police Database before raids

Mother faces 30 years in jail for recording Daughter licking Tongue Depressor

Hamburger, Hot Dog buns sold at Stores like Walmart, Aldi recalled

Sacramento County says its Illegal to work on your own car in your own garage

Ross Perot donated to Trump's re-election campaign before death: Report

From Princes to Undertakers, Norway's Motorists go Electric



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