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Sanofi pulls Zantac from US and Canada after carcinogen found

Athletic wear company targets Trump for Humiliation in new ad campaign

Trump campaign to sue CNN over pro-impeachment bias

Dining out in Chicago could get more expensive

200 Union Pacific Workers given 2 days notice before KC's Neff Yard closed


Unemployment Rate: 3.5 %
Sept. NonFarm Payroll: +136,000 

Mortgage Rates Average:
30 Year - 3.43%
15 year - 2.74%

Manufacturing Index July: 51.2%
Consumer Confidence Index August: 92.1
GDP Q1: 3.2%
Last Update: 9/6/19




Oct  14 -  Oct. 20

University of Ala. dean who called Flag 'Racist' paid $350k to step down

Hallmark will shutter Home and Garden Division

Obama endorses Blackface Justin Trudeau

Netflix will stop working on older Roku devices in December

Millions in Ca. lose power as State Infrastructure approaches 3rd world Status

Prof: SpongeBob perpetuates "Violent, Racist" acts against Indigenous People

Sears hasn't farced better after Bankruptcy as another 100 Stores will close soon

Uber to acquire majority stake in grocery delivery company

GM-UAW strike: GM promises to build electric pickup at Detroit Plant

Sesame Street debuts character whose mother is an opioid addict

Blue Bell Ice Cream announced Voluntary Recall

DC proposes excise tax could hike prices of soda and other sugary drinks

Trump surges deportations of illegal aliens by 453 in recent months






Oct  7 -  Oct. 13

Target to power new Toys R Us website

Julian Castro escorts migrants to border, Agents return them all to Mexico

GM makes another offer to UAW after union said talks had soured

Trump loses fight to keep taxes secret, files emergency appeal

More than 1M Harbor Freight pocketknives recalled over 'Laceration Hazard'

Southwest apologizes after flight attendant posts picture of passenger in Trump Shirt

Millennials are now putting everyday items, like Shoes & Sweaters on payment plans

Restaurants unlimited bankruptcy fallout sinks more Oregon, Washington restaurants

Chicago mayor announces that she will wipe out overdue Library fees

Va. Officer detains illegal alien wanted by ICE, and gets suspended

Shocking New Study debunks risks of eating Red Meat

Report: LA Taxpayers spend $1.3B on Ilegal Immigrants Welfare in 2 years





Sept  30 -  Oct. 6

240 Megawatt Solar Facility planned for Pueblo Steel Mill

Consumer Sentiment rebounded in September

Maryland Gas Station converts to Electric car charging, stops selling Petroleum

Truck hauling Tesla Vehicles Spontaneously Combusts on I-80

Factory Jobs are again Shrinking in Industrial Midwestern States

NPR: Democrats think Trump 'Base is too dumb' to support impeachment

Nissan recalls 1.3M vehicles, for backup camera issues

Target's systems went down briefly Tuesday Afternoon






Sept 23 -  Sept. 29

Climate Activist block DC Traffic, Roads

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio drops out of presidential race

Popular Heartburn drug may be tainted w Cancer causing chemicals

Park Rapids center to close, Dialysis patients fear the worst

Julian Castro Unveils Plan to End Homelessness by 2028

Joe Biden : "It would put 720M women back into the Work Force"

Ca. adds Iowa to 'Travel Ban' due to its refusal to cover Gender Transitions in Medicaid

NY becomes first state to ban Sale of Flavored e-Cigs




Sept 16 -  Sept. 22

Pizza Hut introduces massive Cheez-Its stuffed w cheese

Another Illegal Alien charged w Child Rape in Maryland.. now at 9+

Rep Ilhan Omar married her brother and is using a Fake Name??

High School Cheerleaders on Probation over Pro-Trump Banner

Ilhan Omar's Minnesota: Mobs target Drunk people, Hate Crime?

22 People injured after three-story deck collapse in NJ

San Diego College instructs students on 'Pedophilia as sexual orientation'

GM Workers w/o Contract told to cross UAW picket lines

$4,155,323,000,000 Federal Spending set record through August

Walmart takes its $98 Delivery Unlimited Service Nationwide

Trump proposes ban on Flavored E-Cigs

Illinois record $47B Loss ignored by Mainstream Media

13k stranded after French Airlines Collapses: Official




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