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April 23  , 2021

April 22  , 2021

April 21 , 2021

Will there be Justice in America for the killer of Ashli Babbitt?

Study from CDC website confirms Stanford Study on Mask being Harmful

Foxconn mostly bails on $10 Billion Wisconsin Factory

Subaru recalls nearly 900K cars over engine, suspension issues


Minn. Legislator introduces Bill to strip Criminal Protestors of Food Stamps

Small Businesses reject larger Corporations Leftward Drift

Mike Lindell's New Free Speech Platform -

Mastercard buys digital identity firm Ekata for $850M

Connecticut Bill ending religious Vax Exemption passes House

BLM Activists -"We're Never Gonna be Satisfied', 'Burn it Down!'

New Jersey unveils new Safety Reforms, to curb gun violence?

American Airlines resuming beverage service for Premium Flyers in May

Herpes infection possibly linked to COVID-19 Vaccine, study says

Venmo adds Cryptocurrency to Platform

Herman Miller to purchase Knoll Furniture company for $1.8 Billion

'The Squad' pushes to 'Defund the police' while they have Private Security

Biden prepping taxes on Wealthy Americans as part of next spending bill

Minn. Mayor Fred joins Maxine Waters - Blames Police




Stanford Study: Facemasks are ineffective to block COVID 19, actually hurting u

MyPillow's Mike Lindell sues Dominion Voting System for $1.6 Billion

Maine College impose $50 Fine on Students for not wearing mask.. umm

Looking for a Jobs? Wegmans is hosting a Hiring Event Buffalo Area NY

New Video of what is really going on at the Border

Texas House passes Constitutional Carry

NBA Fast Approaching Historic Rating Lows

As Mask Mandate ends, Oregon OSHA proposes Permanent Rule

Marjorie Greene to introduce resolution to expel Maxine Water from Congress

Rep. Maxine Waters protests Past Curfew in Minn. Call for BLM to get 'more..

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis ditches YouTube for Rumble

April 9  - April 21  , 2021
March 30  - April 9  , 2021 March 15  - March 29  , 2021

Biden Administration to release 400 migrants families per day by June

Why have Open Borders but Shut Schools, Businesses and Restaurants?

Parents in NYC are suing De Blasio, City Chanceller to reopen schools

Mother of Breonna Taylor blast BLM chapter as 'fraud'

Apollo join exodus to Florida as New York Tax Hike drives out Wealthy

United Auto Workers at Dublin Volvo Plant go on Strike

Why have Open Borders but Shut Schools, Businesses and Restaurants?

Riots, Protests in Minnesota, Chicago, elsewhere reaction to police shooting?

GM and LG to spend $2.3B on Second EV Battery Plant in US

W.Va Gov.signs law eliminating sale tax on guns, tax breaks to manufactures

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer expands Mask mandate to 2 year olds

Iran starts enriching uranium to 60% its highest level ever

Trucking Giants beef up Fleet Size to meet surging demand

Washington State passes bill w goal to phase out Gasoline Cars

Most Americans oppose Woke Corporations

New Hampshire Gov. Sununu announces end of Statewide Mask Mandate

Twitter Ban James O'Keefe to censor Hidden Camera Video of CNN

Dow jumps 300 Points to top 34,000

CNN Director caught on Hidden Camera say network 'trying to help' BLM

Thrive Show in Tulsa: Video event

Democrats unveil legislation to pack Supreme Court w 4 more Justices

Texas House moves forward with no-permit carry bill

Massachusetts regulation seek to revoke Robinhood's License

A $1.2B Loss for Delta, but recovery is on the radar?

Noem: We're not accepting settlement of Illegal Immigrants in S.D.

Home Improvement Sticker Shock in CO: Lumber Shortage price up 180%

150 Unaccompanied Minors found at Southern Border arrive in Pennsylvania

GOP Lawmakers introduce Bill to strip MLB of Anti-Trust Protections

Coinbase is most Valuable US Exchange after 1st day of trading

RV Sales Hit Record in February, on pace for Blowout 2021

Mike Lindell says Costco has stopped Selling My Pillow Products

Southwest Airlines devalues Frequent Flyer Program points

Walmart makes more workers full-time in effort to retain employees

University Michigan locks out 700+ Students for not taking Weekly COVID Test

Study: Covid-19 Nasal Swabs may be causing Meningitis Infections?

Project Veritas video:CNN Director admitting they use Covid Fearmongering

Honda offers us a first look at the 2022 Civic Sedan

Chicago Teachers Union preparing to Strike over plan to reopen schools

Coinbase get reference price of $250 per share from Nasdaq ahead of listing

Ben & Jerry's attacks America's Police System

Hundreds of Corporations sign letter opposing Election Integrity Laws

The Border is even worse than you think

Health Alert issued for Raw Ground Turkey linked to Salmonella

Sen Rand Paul: For Vaccine Buy-ins, Don't Lie to People

NFL just took the strongest Pro-Vaccination stance in American Pro Sports

Nike launches refurbished Sneaker Program

Gov. to spend $352 Per Night on Hotel Beds for 80,000 Migrant Families

Consumer Prices rise more than expected, pushed by 9.1% Jump in Gasoline

Erie County Plan: No Vaccine = No Entry for Buffalo Bills, Sabre Games

GameStop board on the hunt for a new CEO: Report

NYSE Launches 'First Trade' NFTs of Spotify, Snowflake and more

Arizona Election Audit to begin

CNN Director busted by undercover Veritas Operative

Fl. Gov. Desantis hangs 'Florida uses E-Verify' Signs on Highways

Home Buyers today might be Pension Funds

FDA, CDC call for immediate pause of Johnson & Johnson COVID - Vaccine

Will Smith, Antoine Fuqua pulling out of Filming in Georgia due to voter laws

Public Storage acquires ezStorage for $1.8B

Researchers warn: mRNA injections may permanently alter human DNA?

Woke a Cola: How to Destroy a World-Leading Brand in 60 Seconds

MicroStrategy will now pay non-employee Board Members entirely in Bitcoin

Michigan has Coronavirus spike? So mask, Vaccines, Lockdown don't work?

Biden Adim. offer 4 Month Paid Leave to Fed. Employees who take in Illegal

Intel introduces 'Bleep' AI to Censor Offensive Speech

Ca. City erects Fence Outside COVID-Mandate-Defying Restaurant in Burbank

Study-  COVID Variant affects vaccinated individuals more than unvaccinated

100+ Corporate Leaders meet to plot Opposition to Election Security Measure

Microsoft in talks to buy Nuance for about $16 Billion

Man in Hospital w COVID-19 after receiving Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Biden wants to shut down Credit Bureaus???

House Republicans propose 'No Vaccine Passport Act'

David Hogg drops Pillow Venture

Biden's Job Plan could cost Taxpayers about $666k Per Job Created

Walmart, Footlocker, CVS all looted during Minneapolis area Riot

GM Cutting overtime shifts at 2 US Truck Plants due to chip shortage

Southwest Airlines, American ground dozens of Boeing 737 Max Jets

Mass Vaccination Site in Colorado shut down after adverse reactions

CEO Pay surges in 2020

Kamala Harris is MIA on Border Crisis... why?

Nestle, Mars joins Woke Wars

Amazon warehouse workers reject Union bid in Alabama

New Law: Arizona Businesses can Opt-Out of Mask Orders

NH Track Coach fired for refusing to make Athletes wear masks

MI Election Forensics Report - 66k Unregistered Ballots tallied in 9 Counties

California could require Uber and Lyft to Go Electric by 2030

Where are the Environmentalist? Face Masks are polluting the oceans

Supreme Court rules against CA. limits on in-home Religious Gatherings

Biden Border Czar Roberta Jacobson Stepping down

Business Owner fight back against COVID Masks & "Vaccines"

Biden creates Commission to study packing the Supreme Court

University of Norte Dame to force COVID-19 Vaccination for Students

Royal Caribbean CEO on New Safety Protocols, Push to Sail Again

Amazon's Twitch now Penalizes Users for Offline Activity

Biden Admin officials urged Rep. Senators to delete Pictures of Border Visit

Chicago Teacher Union wants to delay High Schools opening one week

Rep. Waltz: West Point Cadets require to attend Seminar on 'Diversity..'

Courageous Airline Stewardess resigns rather than enforce Mask Mandates

Governors signal they won't put up w Biden's 2nd Amendment attack

Tucker says Dem. 'are not trying to control guns' they're trying to control you

Iowa Gov. says she'll take Executive Action against Vaccine Passports

North Carolina sites halt J&J Shots after adverse reactions

Union wants investigation into Amazon Election Mailbox

IHOP plans to hire 10,000 Workers as Demand Picks up

Midwin Charles CNN Legal Contributor dies....SAD.. after COVID Vaccine?

US Jobless Claims jump 16,000 to 744,000

Biden Admin spending $60M per week to shelter unaccompanied Minors

Cuomo's NY leading the country in Small Business Closures

Biden just declared 'War' on Millions of Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Idaho becomes 4th State to Ban 'Vaccine Passports'

Biden is converting Seven Border Hotels into 'Casas' for Ilegal Migrants

GM cutting production at Several North American Plants due to chip shortage

Iowa Gov. says she'll take Executive Action against Vaccine Passports

New York to pay up to $15,600 to Undocumented Workers......

WTF..Tech Companies put billions into......

Brigham and Women's Hospital will offer 'Preferential Care based on Race'

Now we know who actually pushed MLB Commish to move All Star Game

Biden Poll Numbers Sink as Admin refuses to acknowledge Crisis at Border

Spotify has censored 42 Episodes of Joe Rogan Podcast

Alex Jones stops vehicle after witnessing Migrant Children ....

Chevrolet will build an electric Silverado w 400 Miles of range

Cuomo to hit Richest NYers w top Tax Rate over 50%

Mortgage refinance demand drops 20% as rates rise to 10 month High

Twitter held discussions for $4B Takeover of Clubhouse

Glen Beck: How ESG 'Credit Scores' could affect Every aspect of your life

Biden caves.. Prepares to lift sanctions on Iran

United Airlines ' Diversifying the cockpit' - Race and Gender.. forget the skills

DC Medical Examiner's Office rules Ashli Babbitt's Death at Capital a Homicide

Vermont Forward' plan ties forced Vaccination to reopening. this is Healthcare?

Biden suggests only Vaccinated can celebrate 4th of July

AZ Gov. Doug Ducey signs bill to defy any new Federal Gun Control laws

CDC says Cruises possible by Mid-Summer as Tensions Boil Over

New York officially approves Legal Online Sports Betting

Indiana AG launches investigation into 5 Big Tech Companies

Arkansas Lawmakers override Hutchinson veto on transgender youth bill

North Las Vegas Mayor leaves Democratic party joins GOP

New York's Vaccine Passport Program is already failing

Arizona is expected to pass Firearm Freedom Bill

Oregon Dept. of Ed. pushes Math is racist because it requires a correct answer

Coinbase says first-quarter sales topped $1 Billion

BLM activist threatens 'all hell is gonna break loose' if George Floyd....

Alex Jones Bullhorns Child Trafficking Facility

Feds likely to Force companies to report Pay by Race and Gender

Teen Diagnosed w Guillian Barre Syndrome after COVID-19 Vaccine

California to fully Reopen economy and end Pandemic Tier system June 15?

Lumber Prices skyrocket amid pandemic due to demand

Joe Biden is detaining 18,000 Minors, Trump's Peak number was 2,600

Texas bans Vaccine Passports

Mask wearing represents Fear and Blind Obedience, Not Science

CO has voter ID / less voting days than GA.. So MLB All Star game moves there

Millionaire New Yorkers could soon be paying the highest taxes in country

Consumer Protection Group proposes rules to prevent foreclosures until 22'

Sup.Court Justice Thomas suggest Facebook/Twitter could be reg. like Utilities

MLB requires Photo ID to pick up tickets yet blasts GA for Voter ID Law

Subaru temporarily closing plant due to chip shortage

GA GOP Lawmakers demand Removal of Coca Cola products from Office

LG Confirms it's shutting down its Mobile Business

Norwegian Cruise to force COVID 19 Vaccination for Guests and Crew

Charles Barkley unleashes one minute of Truth on America

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake hits in Inglewood Area

Toxic Wastewater Reservoir on verge of collapse in Florida

Malkin: Children are being indoctrinated by Leftists in 'War on Whites'

Youtube forces Political Videos it doesn't like into 'Private Mode'

533 Million Facebook Users' Phone Numbers ,Locations , Email... leaked online

Iowa Gov. signs Bill into Law letting Residents Buy, Carry Guns w/o Permits

Youtube deleted 2.5M 'Dislikes' from Biden White House Video, Data indicates

Biden reportedly busing scores of migrants into US Interior

'Boycott Baseball and all Woke Companies': Trump calls out MLB for moving

Wyoming's Legislature passes Voter ID Bill

CEO of US Chip Foundry - Semiconductor Shortage could last through 2022

Rand Paul blasted Dems. 'Racist' implication voters of colors can't follow rules

Capital Hill Suspect is Louis Farrakhan Supporter - 25 Yr old Noah Green

Iowa becomes 19th State to End Concealed Carry Permit Requirement

Arkansas Senate passes Bill to Permanently Ban Mask Mandates

MLB pulls All-Star Game from Atlanta over new voting law

Cornell University NY to force Coronavirus Vaccination for Students

Bill Gates' Geoengineering Plot to block the Sun is scrapped

FL. Gov. DeSantis signs EO prohibiting use of Covid-19 Vaccine passorts

Joe Biden DOT halts Texas Highway Project using Civil Rights Act

Arizona to begin Election Audit

Sick: NY State Senate pass Law to DETAIN "Contagious" People

Vaccine Passports have no Place in a Free Society

March Jobs rose by 916k, Unemployment 6%

Coinbase set to go public in direct listing April 14

Some Gas Pumps in Northwest Arkansas close because lack of Gasoline

CNN Med. Analyst: 'Narrow Window' to tie Vax. Status to getting Freedom back

GOP Kansas Lawmakers strike down Dem. Gov's Statewide Mask Mandate

Unemployment claims climb to 719,000

Funko shares jump after acquisition launches toy company into NFTs

Migrant kids sleeping in dirt under bridge under supervision border patrol

Georgia House votes to strip Delta Air Lines of Millions in Tax Breaks

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Dem Gov. Evers State Mask Mandate

Aliens will get Yearly 'Renewable' Amnesty and Social Security Cards

'Fire Fauci' Bill introduced to Congress Today

New Migrant Caravan begins Trek to US from Honduras

Biden Infrastructure Plan Erodes 'Right-to-Work' Laws, Includes 'Card Check'

Biden endorses Moving MLB All Star Game out of Georgia

Tucker: Brown University must get serious about Diversity

Biden unveils Multi-Trillion Infrastructure- Taxation Plan

Texas Rep. Party Chairman Allen West joins Gab

Arkansas Gov. Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate

Debt up $1 Trillion in first 6 Months of Fiscal 2021

Ford says Chip Shortage forcing Production Halts at Several Plants

VA. County School Advisory Board demands firing Teacher who disagree with..

Glenn Beck reveals newly approved CA School Curriculum

Weather Service Internet Systems crumbling as key Platforms are taxed /fail

Facebook bans Trump's Interview with Lara Trump

Biden to let Trump's H1-B Visa Ban expire in Win for Big Tech

Texas introduces Bill Outlawing Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

YouTube to remove 'Dislike' Feature.... wonder why

Delta to fill middle seats again, ending distancing policy

A New Law would require Employees to save for Retirement

Arizona Public Schools see major decline in enrollment...38,000

Washington - 102 Vaccinated, test positive for COVID-19, 2 died

Alaska Governor response to Biden ' We'll let citizens 'Live their Lives'

Disposable Blue Face masks found to contain toxic, cause Lung Damage?

IRS extends the Fed. Tax Deadline. Here's when state returns are due

Americans say they're watching Less Sports due to woke Political Messages

Chipotle to give away burritos and Bitcoin on National Burrito day

Bridgestone will add 58 Stores in 2021

Biden to announce up to $4 Trillion Infrastructure Plan w Massive Tax Hikes

Chipotle to give away burritos and Bitcoin on National Burrito day

Pet Food sold nationwide recalled due to Salmonella Risk

These states aren't allowed the $10,200 unemployment tax break

Congressional Candidate banned from Stripes Payment Co. ?

Foster Family told to vacate Renton Wa. home to make room for migrants

Steven Crowder's YouTube Account Locked, Demonetized...

Rand Paul call for 'More Resistance' to 'Nonsense' Coronavirus Rules

San Diego Public School Teachers to give Migrants Kids In-Person Instruction?

United Steelworkers begin strike at Allegheny Technologies Inc

Dozens in Florida contract COVID-19 after being Fully Vaccinated

Teacher Union Rep. nearly passes out from wearing mask while..

Tenn. Gen. Assembly passes 'Permitless Carry' for handguns

Harris laughs while discussing Parents struggling to educate your kids

Former Las Vegas Area Casino Workers continue to struggle after layoffs

Sony closing PSN Store for PS3, PSP, and PS Vita this summer

Study finds Carcinogen above FDA Limit in several Hand Sanitizer Brands

Up to 50% of Illegal Immigrants are Covid-infected and crossing US Border

Texas Manufacturing smashes Expectations w Record breaking March Surge

Southwest Airlines orders 100 Boeing 737 Max Planes

Mike Lindell says Social Media site will be able to handle 1 Billion users

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser tries "Blame the Victim" after carjacking death

CDC will extend national eviction ban through June 30

2 Weeks after Reopening and dropping Mask mandate, Texas cases down

Suez Canal: Ever Given ship freed, authority confirms

Antifa 'armed' rioters descend on Oregon State Capital in Salem

SD House Speaker to reject Gov. Kristi request to rework Transgender Bill

Cruz: Donna Migrant facility is at 1500% Capacity, Media Silent, Dem. don't care

Kemp set to loosen Georgia's remaining Coronavirus restrictions

Joint WHO- China report urges no further probe into Lab Leak Theory

Psaki: White House already eyeing next COVID Relief Bill

DHS readies Welcome for 800,000 'Family Migrants'

Biden lawyers urge Supreme Court to allow warrantless gun confiscation

Biden's illegal migrants and fake refugees are being flown out across US

Texas smears Gab Platform... Texas GOP to delete Gab account

Houston Physician talks about Pfizer , Moderna mRNA vaccines.....

Captain Underpants author the latest to have books pulled

NJ Teacher blamed for Trump Yearbook censorship gets $325k Settlement

Psaki: Biden to sign Gun Control Executive Orders

Democrats call Filibuster Racist... But they used it 327 times last year?

Piles of People: Photos show what Biden is trying to hide at the border

Kids in Cages is now acceptable under Democrat Biden Admin.

US Boat sales cruise to 13 Year High amid pandemic

Homeland Security chief fires almost every member of advisory council

Insurers may be on Hook for Millions tied to Suez Canal Crisis

Vehicle Mileage Tax could be on the table in Infrastructure talks, Buttigieg say

Chip Shortage will shut five Stellantis Plants into April

New York State to Official "Discriminate" ... Launches COVID-19 'passport'

Sharon Osbourne gets Canceled, exits 'The Talk' TV Show

Baltimore will no longer Prosecute Drug Possession, Prostitution...

Rutgers University to require students to have Covid Vaccine, not Teachers

Zoom profits in 2020: $660M , Zoom tax payment in 2021: $0

Colorado Democrats introduces Law to fully censor and License Internet use

Situation Update... Vaccinated people

Homeschooled Children doubled during the Pandemic, Survey Finds

Ex-CDC Chief says COVID-19 is from Chinese Lab

Gap sells Premium Children's Line Janie and Jack

US Pulls over 95% of Stockpiled Medical Gowns on ....Safety worry

AZ Gov. Ducey to lifts COVID-10 Restrictions, including Mask mandate

Oakland to give $500 Per Month to 'Bipoc Families' excluding white households

Arkansas Bans Transgender Women and girls from Female Sporting Events

Biden's Press Conference 'Cheat Sheet' Cue Cards....?

WSJ: Microsoft is now in 'exclusive' talks to acquire Discord

NJ Gym offers free Gym membership to people who refuse Covid-19 Vaccine

Chinese tech stocks slumps as US SEC beings rollout of law amid Delisting

Biden won't Yet Commit to Transparency on Border Crisis

Pelosi says it's her "Right" to seat and unseat any member of Congress

Finnair could have fleet of Electric Planes in the Sky within 5 Years

Hundreds of Migrants Children Test Positive for COVID upon arrival at HHS

Disney Plus to Raise Prices in US

NC State Leg. introduces Bill to Ban Biological Males from Women's Sports

Who is Shaking the Jar ??

Mexico President says Biden responsible for Migrant Crisis at Border

Senate confirms Dr Levine, a Transgender as Assistant Health Secretary

Former Professor, BLM Leader arrested for vandalizing Lincoln Statue

Steven Crowder... Biden's Press Conference

9th Circuit rules States can restrict people from openly carrying gun in public

The Number of Americans on Jobless Benefits rose last week

CDC says no-sail order to remain in place until Nov. 1

Global Chip Shortage worsens, forces Production cuts at GM, Hyundai

Suez blockage could delay global shipments, raise gas prices

Bill passed by House requires States to let People w/o ID Vote by Mail

Sen. Kennedy: "We do not need more Gun Control" We need more Idiot control

Minnesota reports 89 COVID-19 cases in Vaccinated individuals

Indiana to lift Mask Mandate and COVID restrictions in 2 weeks

Postmaster Gen. announces 10 Yr. plan, including longer mail delivery times

Homebuyers shrug off higher Mortgage Rates, but refinances stop booming

Orders for manufactured goods tumbled 1.1% last Month

Sesame Street studios debuts 'ABCs of Racial Literacy' ... Stop watching TV?

Royal Caribbean to discriminate? allow only fully Vaccinated on cruises?

More than 2,400 Criminal Illegals released under San Fran. Policy

Elon Musk says people can now buy a Tesla w Bitcoin

NJ Mall didn't pay Electric Bill, May lose power: Report


Teacher at new Social Justice School makes shocking admission about..

Semiconductor shortage causing issues w Layoffs and Dealership Inventory

Amazon mandating drivers sign 'biometric consent' form or lost jobs: Report

Toyota moving Fuel Cell Manufacturing from Japan to China

Neb. Dept. of Edu. - would teach Kindergarteners about Gender Identity?

BLM protesters march to popular grocery store and trap customers inside

Harry's Razor folds - ends Sponsorship w Conservative show after 1 tweet

Ohio School District spends $134k in legal fees on permit for Gender bathrooms

Biden protected by same guns he wants to ban after Boulder shooting

Biden Administration looking at US Corp. Tax Hike: Yellen

Cigna's Critical Race Theory Training? ......

Chip Shortage has Detroit Automakers struggling to maintain Truck Prod.

Illegal Immigrants to receive 4.38 Billion in 'Biden Bucks'

Paper Mill in PA "Shocked" over Plant closure, Union Endorsed Joe Biden

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just sold his 1st Tweet as an NFT for $2.9M

Obesity increases COVID Mortality... So we Lockdown indoors

Border Facility Photos, Hundreds of Children huddled in 'Terrible Conditions'

Colorado prepares to lift its COVID Mask Mandate

AT&T kicks off Bond Sale to Finance Spectrum Purchases

Oregon proposes Permanent Mask Mandate

Photos of  Biden's Detention Cells for Migrant Children Where is AOC, Dems?

IRS Tax Refund: 12M returns trapped in Logjam, should be fixed 'by summer'

CP Rail agrees to buy Kansas City Southern for $25 Billion

Biden spending Millions per day to Halt Border Wall Construction? 

IRS: Delay April 15th Tax Filing Deadline by 1 month, But NOT State taxes?

Border Patrol releasing Illegal Immigrants into US without Court Date

Trump to return to Social Media on his own Platform

AZ GOP to perform 'Hand Recount' on 2.1m Maricopa Ballots in Pres. Election

Dem Effort to Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene falls apart

Say Goodbye to $30 Plane Tickets. The era of dirt-cheap flights is ending

General Motors 'Official SUV of NCAA 'March Madness' is made in China

Coinbase delays Highly Anticipated Direct Listing to April: Report

Michigan Restaurant owner is arrested for Violating COVID Rules

Texas Gov. 10% of Migrants at 2 Border Facilities testes positive for COVID

North Carolina School District: Ignore White Parents because....

Biden Admin. spending $86M in Taxpayer money to house Migrants in Hotels

"Burn your Masks!" Massive Anti-Lockdown Protest Rage Worldwide

Biden Admin. considers flying Migrants to States near Canadian Border

Democrats Scared? introduce resolution to expel GOP Rep. Marjorie Greene

Rand Paul says Fauci is lying about Masks

Two States Tax Some Drivers by the Mile, More want to give it a try

Schumer begs JetBlue not to send NYC Jobs to Florida

Florida Gov. DeSantis makes it clear.. No Vaccination proof for Florida

Sen. Cruz: Illegals do get Stimulus Checks, Democrats are wrong

COVID cases are spiking in a Dozen States w High Vaccination Rates

China celebrates Humiliating Biden Diplomats at Alaska Meeting

House OKs Dems Immigration Bills for Dreamers, Farm Workers

Some Courts are finding irregularities in 2020

Insurance Giant Chubb seeks to buy The Hartford Financial Services Group

Dollar General will open more than 1,000 Stores this year

WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki calls issues at Border a 'Crisis' .....

Apple Tim Cook calls on Congress to pass Dream and Promise Act... Idiot

Pepsi Mango launches as Soda Giant's first flavored Cola in 5 Years

Twitter locks Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene out of her Account.. Unlocked now?

Rep. Jeff Van Drew demands probe into NJ COVID Nursing Home Deaths

Cruising in the US in May? Biden eyes relaxing travel restrictions

FedEx's sales past $20B, Profits nearly triples

Report: Ford to offshore $900M Plant Investment from Ohio to Mexico

'You parade around in a Mask for Show':Rand Paul tells Fauci during hearing

Biden overstepped Constitutional Authority when he revoked Keystone Permit

Wake County NC school district launches Campaign against 'Whiteness'

3rd Stimulus Check: Treasury says it's already sent out 90M Payments

US Jobless Claims rise to 770,000 w Layoffs still high

VA School Teachers form Doxxing group to destroy lives of parents.....

National Grid makes $11B Deal in move to green future

Sharon Osborne is finally understanding she was setup

California schools may use COVID Relief Money to pay Teacher Bonuses

Detroit's Westin Book Cadillac Hotel heading for Foreclosure

Disneyland to reopen April 30

Florida Gov. DeSantis will exclude Critical Race Theory from Curriculum

John Kerry flouts Fed. Mask Mandate on American Airlines, Not removed?

Pantene release commercial to create division

Dem. Block Bill requiring Negative COVID Tests for Illegal Immigrants

IRS to delay Tax Deadline to Mid-May

Deloitte tells employees 'Microaggressions' are punishable Offense

CBS reports there are now 13,000 'Kids in Cages' at the Border

Southern Border Open, NO care for COVID... But NY can't even open fully ?

Ticket, Passport, Vaccination Card.... Must have International Travel Docs?

Mortgage refinance demand tanks 39% as rates continue to climb

Chip Storage, Bad Weather hit Honda and Toyota in North America

JetBlue is calling Flight Attendants back to work to handle travel demand

Cold Weather chills US Retail Sales, Manufacturing Production

Coinbase registers 114.9M Shares for Public Listing

MI Attorney General blocks State Investigation into COVID-19 Deaths Scandal

3 Million Face Mask thrown away every minute... Mask contain microplastics?

WH Press Sec.: Biden looks forward to repeal of Gun Maker 'Liability Shields'

Autistic 4 Year old kick off plane for not wearing mask.. Doctor's Note useless

Mayorkas: Southern Border Crossings on Pace to hit 20 year High

Blue States move to tax PPP Loans, Collect Millions from Small Businesses

Big Tech CEO's Personal Wealth booms during Pandemic, up over $380B

Inventor of PCR Test Unloads on Dr. Fauci in earlier video

Toys R US has a new owner that's planning to open Stores again in the US

Cancel Culture at its finest

US moving 3,000 Migrant Teenagers to Dallas Convention Center

'The Talk' show co host Sharon Osbourne in process of getting canceled

Proposed Bill would allow Concealed Carry in Louisiana without a Permit

Bidien Federal Housing Admin. is now Guaranteeing Mortgages for Illegals..

Retired Army Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson arrested for attending Jan 6 Protest

MyPillow CEO says New App will be "Safe Place" for those Canceled

Gov. DeSantis overturns COVID-19 Fines against businesses

Ireland, Netherlands suspends AstraZenca vaccine over Blood Clot Fears

Newt Gingrich locked out of Twitter for criticizing Biden Immigration Policy

US Army may nix Gender Neutral Fitness, say Biological differences matter

Biden is planning first 'Major Federal Tax Hike' in nearly 30 years

Physical Therapist, 28 , dies two days after getting COID-19 Vaccine?

Parents could receive $3,600 Child Tax Credit Soon

"Out of Control" Brush Fire Sweeps through New Jersey Town

Texas Migrant Facility at 729% of its Legal capacity

Biden Border Policy sparks worry over impact on Pandemic

Fl. Desantis responds to Biden: 'We are not going to let him lock down Florida'

Feinstein Bill bars 205 Rifles, Firearms by Name

Bloomberg: White Collar Visa Workers take 2/3 of New Tech Jobs each Year

Coca Cola says it will only Hire Law Firms that Meet Quota for Black Attorney

Pelosi re-appoints Dem. Rep. Eric Swalwell to Intel Committee

YouTube blacklist 30,000 Videos it claims are COVID-Vaccine 'Misinformation'

Cuomo blames 'Cancel Culture' for growing scandals

Soaring Lumber Prices adds $24,000 to new Construction Build

S. Dakota not allowed to hold fireworks at MT Rushmore on July 4th?

Biden: Obey Dr Fauci or you'll be locked down past July 4

L.A. County to reopen indoor restaurants, gyms Monday

Stanford Prof:COVID Lockdowns are 'biggest public health Mistake we made'

Email showed Zuckerburg funded Group overruling Election Officials?

Oklahoma to roll back COVID Restrictions, End Mask mandate?

US House passes bill to Criminalize all unlicensed Private Firearm Transfers

Tucker Carlson rips Joe Biden's Speech

Beeple NFT becomes most expensive ever sold at auction - $60M+

Biden advisor appears to admit Biden caused Border Crisis



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