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Feb 22 , 2020

Feb 21  , 2020

Feb 20 , 2020

Victoria's Secret to be sold for $525M, CEO Les Wexner will step down

MGM Resorts says Data Breach exposed customer info. 10.6M affected

Amazon drops more Logistics Providers, Citing Safety, Performance Issues

NY County legislator wants to ban Citizens' private homes 

Bloomberg battered by Left & Right in Debate Disaster


Cord Cutting accelerated in 2019

New Law in Cambridge Mass. protects illegal immigrants driving w/o License

Sanders Campaign no plans to stop Superdelegates from Stealing Nomination

CA. Corps.must add 1k women to their boards to meet Gender Quota Law

Parents sue Wisconsin School District over Transgender Policy

Andrew Yang joins CNN as Political Commentator

Ally Financial to buy CardWorks for $2.65 Billion

Gold Prices topped $1600 and may soon hit more than 7 year high




As China grinds to a halt, firms can no longer afford to pay workers

Bed Bath & Beyond to sell its flower and gifts business

NASCAR Driver Ryan Newman is walking and playing w daughters after crash

Taxpayers in Low Migration States pay $454M a Year for Illegals/Anchor Babies

UK Nation Health Service can refuse to treat Homophobic or Sexist Patients?

Boeing finds debris in wing fuel tanks of undelivered 737 MAXs

Blue Apron is considering selling itself

Public credits Trump more than Obama for Booming Economy

Kickstarter employees have Unionized

US Companies in China struggle to find workers as Virus rages

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VA. Proposed Meal Tax Bill could 'destroy' jobs for small businesses

Some Insurance companies give better rates to customer w certain jobs, edu.

Pres. Trump commutes former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's Sentence

Franklin Agrees to buy Legg Mason to create $1.5T Giant

Plymouth Rock vandalized ahead of 400th Anniversary of Pilgrims to America

Russia becomes 1st Country to Ban all Chinese from Entering

Empire State Manufacturing Index hits Highest level in 9 months

Apple says coronavirus effects will cause Revenues to fall short of Guidance

Virginia lawmakers reject Assault Weapon ban... for now

Pete Buttigieg vows to open up O.Care to Illegal Immigrants

Mastercard wants to identify you by your Heartbeat, Veins

Coronavirus Cruise Passengers Land in US, Including 14 w Infections

Dairy Farmer Cooperative agrees to buy Dean Foods for $425M

More Americans now Identify as Republicans than they do as Democrats

General Motors is leaving Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, markets

VA Lawmakers voted to Destroy American History via Monument Removals

NYC Subway Thief thanks Democrats after 139th Arrest, Release

There's now a Record Number of 401k and IRA Millionaires

Bloomberg takes lead in New National Democratic Primary Poll

Price of Wine expected to drop to lowest Level in Years

Minnesota considers bill against Hair Discrimination

Kraft Heinz bonds fall into 'Junk' Territory after downgrades

VT Rep. Gov refuses to support Trump Re-Election, Endorses Challenger

6.1M Individuals off Food Stamps under Donald Trump

Trump Admin ordering Elite tactical Units to enforce Immigration Laws

U. Mississippi unveils new mandatory 'Diversity and Inclusion' Training

Pentagon moves to cut off sales of American Chips to Huawei

DOJ won't pursue Criminal Charges against McCabe

US Retail Sales increased .3% in January

Biologically Male Runner to compete in USA Women's Olympic Trials

China reports 33% Surge in Coronavirus infections over 24 Hours

Scott Presler heckled while cleaning San Francisco Streets.. really

Pentagon transferring $3.8B to Border Wall

Modell's works w Vendors, Landlords to avoid Bankruptcy

US says Travel Restrictions "on the table" as sharp rise in Cornonavirus

Rep. Bill would punish states that give Driver's License to illegal aliens

Bernie Sanders single payer Healthcare system failed in his own State

FDA recalls certain Medtronic Insulin Pumps

Virginia Bill give Electoral Votes to Popular vote winner has passed

AOC is going to be guest judge on a reality TV Drag Show Competition

Virginia House approves Assault Weapons Ban

Ford recalls over 240k Vehicles to fix suspension problem

Wisconsin School District abandons 'A-F' Grading Scale to prevent Stress

Tesla recalls older Model X Vehicles due to Power Steering Issues

Antifa runs wild in Portland, Desecrates War Memorial, Throws bottles..

Honda's Minivan Odyssey now a recalled 2018-20 models

American Airlines extends some Flight suspension to China through April 24

Apple Engineer who died in Tesla Crashed, Complained about Autopilot before

Under Armour expects shipping delays, sales hit due to Coronavirus

Cuomo will give feds some access to DMV records

Carolla: CA. would care about the Homeless, 'If it could get money from them'

Credit Card Debt in US rises to record $930B

Coronavrius global death total 1,112

US Household debt exceeds $14 Trillion for the first time

Airlines encourages passengers to report bad behavior

Sonic to buy 73 Units from Bankrupt  Franchisee

T-Mobile is said to win Court's nod for Sprint takeover

Donald Trump's Budget promises 1,000 miles of Border Wall

Small Business owners more optimistic at start of 2020, NFIB says

Burger King closes half of China Restaurants as virus spreads

Barr announces sweeping new sanctions against Sanctuary Cities

US Border seizures of Meth. Fentanyl set to break records in 2020

Trump's Proposed Budget would protect Social Security and Medicare

CEO of Burger King Owner: 'We are all in' on plant based foods

GM recalling 130,000 Pickups to fix Brake Glitch

Trump will propose spending cuts, Tax cut extension in upcoming budget

Simon Property Group to purchase mall operator Taubman Realty

VA School tells students to quit flying US Flag on Vehicles.... so the next day

Coronavirus now disrupting China's Shipping Industry

Trump scrubs 70 Obama holdovers from NSC

Pete Buttigieg calls for decriminalizing all Drugs, including Meth/Heroin

Cruise Line ban Chinese Passport holders over Coronavirus fears

Funding secured for 1k Miles of Border Wall, WH officials say

'Most Radical' Immigration Bill that designed to 'create a whole new country'

Ebay stock drops after NYSE Parent company say deal talks are off

Tesla remotely removes features from used cars without warning

Cruise Line ban Chinese Passport holders over Coronavirus fears

Dems. pass bill allowing Illegal Immigrants to seek damages from employers

Pence confirms tax cuts 2.0 coming likely this year

Ford shakes up Top Management, Promises faster turnaround

63.4%: Labor Force Participation at Trump-Era High

Virginia Democrats advance assault weapon ban

House to Vote on Bill designed to Nullify Right to Work Laws

Southwest Airlines to give its Employees 6 Weeks of Extra Pay

Jan. Payroll soars by 225k, Unemployment 3.6% 

CA. is losing more Jobs to China than any other state


China to halve retaliatory tariffs on hundreds of US Goods

Carlson: Criminals would be protected from Deportation under new Bill

Report: Taxpayers forking over up to $6,500 per Illegal Alien

GM takes $3.6B hit from UAW Strike

Jobless claims falls 15k to 202,000..returns to a 50 Year Low

Senate votes to Acquit President Trump

New Airline is coming to Indianapolis w New Non-Stop Flights

Wind Turbine Blades can't be Recycled, So they pile up in Landfills

Liberal White Women pay $2,500 to learn over dinner they're racist

Dow rises sharply as Market Rally extends to 3rd Day

United starting own flight school to help recruit 10k New Pilots

Pelosi rips up copy of President's State of the Union Speech

Dem. Rashida, Tim Ryan others storm out of SOTU Address

Ralph Lauren has closed about 1/2 its stores in China due to Coronavirus

GM to pay UAW workers $8,000 in Profit sharing

Trump honors Rush Limbaugh in State of the Union

7 Charts Illustrates the Amazing Labor Market

Trump demands lower Drug Price Bill

Record Economic Optimism under Trump

Starbucks UK partner w LGBTQ - help trans kids find Hormone Treatment

Rush Limbaugh to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Buttigieg Campaign is tied to company behind Iowa Caucus App Failure?

Trump approval rating hits All-Time High amid Impeachment

Intercontinental Exchange makes offer to buy eBay

Ford reports $1.7B Quarterly loss, Shares tumble

DHS offered to Test Iowa Voting App, Democrats declined

Commuters facing major delays leaving NY, Clogging up NJ Transit

FTC sues to block Shaving Merger

Sephora plans to open 100 New Stores from Charlotte to Nashville

Visa planning big changes to US swipe fees in a Decade

Rush Limbaugh announces he has 'Advanced Lung Cancer'

Hy-Vee Stores in some East. Iowa cities to begin closing overnight

US Manufacturing Sector surges back to growth in January

California bill seeks takeover of PG&E

JCPenney shares slide after NYSE sends notice of Non-Compliance

2.7 Mag Earthquake reported in Virginia early Mon. Morning

NFL Halftime Show: Features Kids in

Chinese Stocks sink 8% in worst rout since 2015 Bubble Burst

Swiss Air to sever ties w Chocolate Supplier over ProLife, Christian Views

Forever 21 to be sold to Mall Owners Simon, Brookfield, Brand Authentic

Jay-Z, Beyonce sit during the National Anthem

Washington Dem. seeks to push LGBT Sex ed for Kindergarteners

Why are Liberal Cities such a Mess?

Wives now out earn their husbands nearly a third of the time

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