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June 19  , 2021

June 18  , 2021

June 17 , 2021

GM ups spending on EV's and autonomous vehicles by 30% to $35B by 2025

Philips recalls 3.5M Ventilation Devices, cites Potential Cancer Risk


Royal Caribbean Postpones Odyssey of the Seas, more positive COVID-19

Retail Sales dropped 1.3% in May as Pandemic Shopping Habits shifted

Senate passes Bill to establish juneteenth as National Holiday

'Above a Third' of Students Fall Behind during Zoom School Year

Wells Fargo cancels Lauren Witzke's Bank Account, Leaves her Stranded

Best Buy will start selling Luggage, Grills, and Patio Furniture on its website

Federal Judge blocks Biden's pause on new Oil, Gas Leases




WH urges Americans to Snitch on Family???

Maine to start paying back to Work Bonus

The Chemtool Plant is still burning in Rockton..

Washington Prime Shopping Center Owner files Chapter 11

Study shows Hydroxchloroquine increased survival rates by almost 3x

'Touch the Ballots go to Jail' AZ Lawmaker warns Biden AG

Judge rules in favor of  Houston Methodist in lawsuit over COVID-19 Vaccines

Apple wants to join the Doctor Patient Relationship


June 6  - June 16  , 2021
May 22  - June 5  , 2021 May 8  - May 21  , 2021

What meat, clothing and five other everyday items tells us about inflation

One Shocking Chart that has Farmers Trembling w Fear

Biden tell Schumer to go ahead w $50k in Student-Debt Cancellation

Chiropractor targeted by FDA for Selling Vitamin D, Zinc to fight..

McDonald's latest Company to be hit by a Data Breach

PG&E warns of California Blackouts amid Wildfire Season

Report: This is how your children are treated at a New Hampshire School

Biden's plan to retract insulin, Epipen Discounts

Jump in Vaccine Deaths reported this week at CDC linked VAERS Website

Nearly 800 Reports of Heart Inflammation after COVID-19 Vaccination in US

Fully Vaccinated Cruise..... 2 Passengers Test Positive

Rand Paul says Faui believes Americans are too...

VA School Teacher blasts School Board over Race-based Polices

Half of Pandemic Unemployment funds may have been stolen: Axios

Beech-Nut recalls Baby Cereal, stop producing over arsenic concerns

Consumer Prices jump 5% in May, fastest since 2008

GM pushes to have most cars Electric by 2035

Iowa Gov. signs bill to ban 'Discriminatory Indoctrination' of CRT

Lockdown States finally are Reopening

Keystone XL Pipeline project Terminated

Biden revokes Trump's TikTok Ban

Houston Methodist Hospital orders staff to withhold..

Lauren Boebart brings Cardboard Kamala to Border

Peter Daszak admits to developing "Killer" Coronavrius w Chinese?

Over Half a Dozen States against Vaccine Passports

Fell Point Baltimore Maryland Businesses demand change

Cali. and Nevada are now 100% in Drought

Biden ends infrastructure talks w Republicans

Massive fire breaks out at Chinese Polysilicon Plant?

Ilhan Omar says America is like Hamas, Taliban..

Conservative group empowers parents against CRT

US Job Openings jump to record high of 9.3 Million

NYC Prep School deploy Mobile Billboards protesting Curriculum

Carnival to cruise in July, but will "discriminate" against passengers, how will FL. respond.

College Tuition is up 33% since 2000

Blackstone, others near deal to buy Medline for $30B

Koffee Kup sold to Flower Foods, Will it Reopen?

New Tom McDonald Anti-SJW Music Video..

NY Accounting Program bans White People

170k+ Ilegals stopped at border for 3 straight month

Blackstone to buy Data Center Operator QTS Realty

Washington State Free Marijuana for Vaccinations...

Houston Methodist Hospital forces workers to get COVID VAX, Non Vaxed Terminated

Lightspeed to buy Ecwid and NuORDER

Kraft Heinz to buy back up to $2.8B of Debt

Naomi Wolf is permanently banned from Twitter

Calls for Dr. Fauci to step down intensify for GOP

SCOTUS rule TPS recipients are not eligible for permanent residency

Blackstone, others near deal to buy Medline for $30B

23 States sue Biden Admin over Keystone xl Pipeline

Scientist who emailed Fauci about COVID being...

Mom in Carmel NY fights back against Critical Race Theory

United Airlines to force New employees to be COVID Vaxed?

US Judge overturns CA's ban on assault weapons

China to build 20+ Bio Labs Like Wuhan in next 5 yrs

Trump speaks live at 2021 NC GOP Convention

No proof of Vax required for Cruises departing Fla.

Twitter suspend ICAN over Fauci Email Dump..why

TikTok says it may collect users Faceprints and Fingerprints

Biden Cabinet members avoid huge tax hit...

Psaki: Fauci won't be fired anytime soon

12 yr olds to be vaccinated w/o Parental consent??

Texas Gov. issues Disaster Declaration in S. Texas

Ca. trying to create workplace violence / discrimination with new workplace rules?

GA board of Edu. votes to oppose Critical Race Theory

Staples makes $1B bid to buy consumer business of Office Depot

S. Crowder back on Youtube, launches on Rumble

Fisher Price recalls 4-1 Rock-n Glide Soothers

JPMorgan halts donations to Rep. would Objected to 2020 elections

Ex. CDC Director Redfield says he received threats from Scientist..

Nigeria halts Twitter Operations in the Country

Teachers and Parent join forces to end CRT

Facebook announce Trump is suspended for 2 years

May Payroll Miss: 559k Jobs Added in May

GM lifts forecast as Chip Shortages eases...

Russia says it will remove dollar assets from its wealth fund

Trump demands China "Pay the world 10 Trillion" in Biological War Reparations

NC county bans Coca Cola Machines over left-wing Politics

2022 Ford Maverick Compact Pickup Truck to be revealed June 8

Landlord Group urge Supreme Court to end Pandemic Eviction ban

Fauci was informed of Hydroxychloroquine success in early 2020.. but

Biden Adim squeezing suburbs out of existence

Mike Lindell presents: Absolutely 9-0

Walmart to give 740k Employees free Smartphones

Colorado to give Professional Licenses to Illegals

eBay sellers can no longer use terms

500 Ga. Rep. urge Gov. Kemp to conduct Audit into election results

Gov. Cuomo making Taxpayers pay for his $900/hr Lawyer

Tucker: Fauci's Emails Merit 'Criminal Investigation'

San Francisco Giants debut special Pride Uniforms?

JBS Meat Plants reopening in US after cyberattack

Alabama's Auto Industry looks to add 3k New jobs

Mass Steamship Authority hit by Ransomware Attack

Housing boom may be cooling as weekly mortgage demand drops again

NYC will start vaccinating students in schools?

Study revels mRNA Vaccine Nanoparticles are...

Gov. Whitmer mandates Health Professional' undergo 'Implicit Bias Training'

Biden officially ends Trump's remain in Mexico Policy on Asylum seekers

Pizza Hut brings back '90s Pie.. ' The Edge'

A video on Critical Race Theory.. Must see

17 Yr old suffers rare heart condition following the..

Biden's proposed 39.6% top tax rate

Obama says Biden is 'Finishing' the Job of his Admin.

Biden freezes Oil leases in Alaska refuge

US Keystone Pipeline shut down, but we are importing Oil from Iran?

W. Va give away trucks, cash for Vaccinations. umm

FL. Gov. DeSantis signs "Fairness in Women's Sports Act"

1/5 of US Beef Capacity wiped out by JBS Cyberattack

1/2 Nestle Packaged Food Business is not 'healthy' ?

Intel says Chip Shortages could last several years

Cyber attack Hits JBS Global Meat Operations

KKR, CD&R Strike Deal to buy out Cloudera for $5.3B

Biden DHS may bring Deported Illegals back to US?

Cruises are finally retuning to US Ports

Rand Paul, Pompeo warns Wuhan Lab still running

ICE Gov. agents provide 24/7 security / catering to illegals in Scottsdale

Big Tech, Chamber of Commerce unite to keep...

Millions could face eviction, Housing protections expire in June

NY lifts Statewide virus curfew for indoor eateries

Teacher put on leave after shredding Schools 'Pronouns' Policy

Battle brews over Banning Natural Gas to Homes?

Sen. Tom Cotton: On this day of sacred remembrance, we pay tribute

Healthcare workers sue Houston Methodist Hospital over Vaccine Mandates

Trump releases Message Honoring America's Greatest Heroes

Texas Senate passes bill to purge voter rolls of non-citizens / non-residents

Rolling to Remember forges ahead despite Biden Pentagon rejections

American Airlines / Southwest delaying alcoholic beverage sales

Ship carrying Auto Parts Sinks off Japan Coast

Alarms went off at secure building in Fulton County GA, where ballot are kept

K. Harris encourages US Businesses to outsource investments from US to ....

Amazon devices will soon automatically share your internet w neighbors?

Dodge Ram Trucks recalled because wheels could fly off

New Studies show Immunity to COVID-19 may last a Lifetime

Feds say employers can require workers to get COVID shot....

Texas passes Bill requiring Sport Teams to play National Anthem

Georgia bans Mask Mandates in Public Schools

117 Employees sue Houston Methodist for requiring COVID-19 shot

Trump: "What happens when people find out these States are gonna flip

US Postal Service looks to raise First Class Stamp to 58 Cents

Sheetz becomes first convenience store chain to accept cryptocurrency

Idaho Gov. Little reverse McGeachin's Order, reinstates Mask mandate

Inflation soars to 29 Year High

CDC to longer track Positive infections after vaccinations?

NFL Memorandum requires COVID Vacc. for Staff, Coaches.. Not Players

US Average Mortgage rates decline, 30 year Loan at 2.95%

Costco Food Courts, Sampling and Churros coming back

Senate GOP Blocks formation of Jan. 6 Commission

Missouri loses 26% of Small Businesses to pandemic, Gov restrictions

FDA Documents reveals 86% of Children who participated in ....

California to pay $116.5M in gifts, cash, to those vaccinated.... Pathetic

Lockheed Martin sent Execs on retreat to atone for their 'White Male Privilege'

Biden to propose $6T Budget increasing Federal spending to..

Idaho Lt. Governor Bans Masks in Schools, Public Buildings

Biden plans retroactive hike in Capital-Gain Taxes

Facebook to allow speculation on 'Man made' Coronavirus origins?

CDC approves 1st Cruise ship to Sail, Must be 'Fully Vaccinated'

HSBC to exit most US Retail Banking

Interesting Graph, Mass Vaccinations triggers ...

Etsy bans Most Gun Accessories from being sold on site

Walmart and Gap are coming together to create Home Decor Brand

Biden panics after reveals he canceled COVID Investigation. order 90 day report

What a Joke... NY Vaccinated Teens can enter to win Free College

Veteran Election Officials says 30,000 Fake Ballots found in GA Audit

Chicago Assembly Plant to shut down again over Semiconductor Shortages

Model dies days after receiving COVID Vaccine?

Biden shut down Trump Admin probe into Origins of COVID-19 in China?

Royal Caribbean gets CDC approval for Test Cruises this Summer

Google cuts a deal to collect patient data for Health Algorithm development

Home Builders angry as US moves to double Canadian Lumber Tariffs

GameStop is building a team for a NFT Platform

Mortgage rates should stay low until later summer, industry analyst says

Subway wants to increase Franchisees payments by 25%

Biden ditches 'Buy American' w plan to Outsource Metals Supply Chain

18 CT Teens report Heart Problems after Coronavirus Vaccine

Ikea recalls nearly 160,000 Plates, Bowls, Mugs due burn hazards

Shell to sell interest in Deer Park refinery to partner Pemex

Amazon nears deal to buy MGM Studios for nearly $9 Billion

Rand Paul receives death threat package w White powder

James O'Keefe exposes how Facebook is censoring...

Report: Joe Biden to ditch Student Loan forgiveness from Budget

Texas poised to allow unlicensed Carrying of Handguns

United Airlines turns Vaccines into a Game

Univ. of Penn. Health System to force COVID-19 Vaccines for Employees

Alabama Gov. Ivey signs bill banning vaccine passports

Tesla found guilty of throttling charging speed + Battery Capacity in Norway

Gretchen Whitmer violates own Coronavirus orders at dive bar

UK: Millions secretly tracked to monitor movement after COVID Vaccine

AMC's Former Owner and Largest Shareholder unloads most of its stake

US Capital Doors on Jan 6. were Magnetically Locked?

CDC investigating Reports of Heart Problems in young adults following vaccine

Arizona fails to pass ban on 'Vaccine Passports'

University of Virginia to mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations this fall

Marjorie Taylor Greene's response to Pelosi Mask warning 

Professor says 'White Supremacy" is root cause of Black attacking Asians

Rep. Lauren Boebart: 'Nancy Pelosi, You Can Kiss my Mask'

NH Grandmother arrested for not wearing mask at school board meeting

Discrimination.. MI School charges unvaccinated kids $80 to attend prom

Gov. Agency believes Dominion uses Cellular Modems experts say could...

Chicken Wing Shortage grips America?

Biden Admin. resettles migrant Children in Tennessee w/o Local knowledge

Tulsi Gabbard condemns Racism, demands Chicago Mayor Lightfoot resign

Oregon to introduce Vaccine Lottery.. No longer about Health?

CDC changes Test Thresholds to "Eliminate" New COVID cases among vaxx'd

White House, Dating Apps Team up to add VAX sticker on Profiles

Nolte: 'Out of Control' Shoplifting in Dem. San Francisco closes 17 Walgreens

Uber, Lyft get EV Mandate from California

Donald Trump relays urgent message about ' Massive Fraud' in AZ Election

Christiane Northrup explains risks of ....

Nvidia sets 4-for-1 Stock Split, Shares rise

NYC Dept. of Education feature Drag Queen Show aired on PBS

Number of States dropping Federal Jobless Boost rises to 22

35 Republicans vote w Dems to hold 9/11 Style Commission into Jan. 6

Mask Optional: Kroger Stores to lift Mask Mandate for Vaccinated Customers

Hate Crime? Brutal attack on Mom while at Pizza Place

Families w Children to receive monthly payments starting July 15

Oregonians in Five Counties vote in favor of joining Idaho

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot granting Interviews based on Skin Color?

Apple continues to sell out to China?

Connecticut secretly tells Health Care Workers.......

Students protest mandatory COVID Vaccinations at Colleges 

House Republicans reveal answer to Biden's Budget

Oil, Iron, and Copper all smash milestones

Bank of America raising Hourly Minimum wage to $25 by 2025

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to propose 45 cent Fuel Tax to fund Michigan roads

Employers may be liable for 'any adverse reaction from mandated Covid Shots

10 Year Old Boy Obliterates School Board's Mask Mandate

Texas Gov.prohibits mask mandates from Local Gov. across the state


Voting Machines in PA county rejecting Ballots, but only Rep. ballots

Ongoing Gas Shortages leaves nearly 90% of DC pumps without Fuel

Michigan Judge throws out Antrim County Election Case

Unvaccinated ' will end up paying the price' Biden's COVID warning

California won't lift its Mask Requirement for another month

Antrim Co. Voter Fraud Attorney Matt DePerno's Office Broken into?

Tech Companies that supported BLM, had fewer black employees

Report: DOJ goes Maskless, will not ask vaccination Status

Texas reports zero COVID deaths 2 month after lifting restrictions

39M Families to receive Monthly Child Payments in July ?

MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer unveils plans to shut down 65 Year Old Pipeline

Biden diverts Healthcare Cash to help Illegal Migrants

New Video shows US Capital Police gave protesters OK to enter Jan 6 

AT&T in advanced talks to merge WarnerMedia with Discovery

Royal Caribbean cancels new Cruise Line from Israel over unrest

Florida State records quantify defections from NY

Raising the Minimum Wage is not the answer

Disney Streaming Subs missing expectations, Park Revenues sinks

Extended Unemployment Benefits end in Pennsylvania

Foundry Groups: Inability to find workers ' Has Reached Crisis Level'

Chelsea Handler gets Moderna Jab, says she feels sick, deaf in 1 ear ?

North Carolina Legislature expected to ban Critical Race Theory in Schools

Hotel Industry struggling w 'Labor Crisis'

Jen Psaki: Illegal Aliens are part of 'What the American Dream represents'

Arizona AG calls on BIden to fire Harris as Border Czar

Wisconsin Officially launches audit of 2020 election

Consumer Sentiment unexpectedly crashes on inflation fears

American Boy Scouts required to earn 'Diversity and Inclusion' Badges

Univ. California will no longer consider SAT, ACT scores in Admin Process

Repairs of Vital Tenn. Bridge could take 2 months

What is happening at Loudoun County Public Schools Va.

Wuhan Lab deleted Fauci's NIH / Gain of Function Mention from Old Webpage

Rep. Elise Stefanik selected as House Republican Chair

Virginia Moms line up to read 'Pornographic' excerpts from assigned books

The Yankees - 8 Fully Vaccinated Players, Staff Test Positive

Greyhound Canada to cut all routes, end operations

Fauci admits only "a little more than half" of NIAID, FDA & CDC took Vaccine

Maryland lifts COVID mask mandate

US Retail spending Unchanged in April

Delta Airlines to discriminate against new employees..COVID Vaccine require

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz to lift State's Mask Mandate Friday

Walmart, Costco, Trader Joes no longer have to wear mask, if vaccinated

Why have a CDC? States and Companies won't commit to CDC Guidelines

Stellantis cuts 2nd Shift at Jeep Cherokee plant in Illinois

Florida schools barred from Mandating Covid-19 Vaccines

'Significant Discrepancies' discovered in Arizona Audit

YouTube issues strikes 2 against Steven Crowder's Channel

Biden says 'Rule is Simple': Get Vaccinated or Wear a Mask until you do.

Mask Still required indoors in Massachusetts, doesn't follow CDC

CDC is lowering PCR Cycle Thresholds for Vaccinated People Only

Biden says 'Rule is Simple': Get Vaccinated or Wear a Mask until you do.

Florida Ron DeSantis will pardon anyone charged for not wearing mask rules

Penn State will stop use terms like 'Freshman, Junior'.. Don't go to college?

McDonald's getting into the Vaccine Advertisement Business?

Kellogg New Pride Cereal.....

Here's How Biden spending could become a Hidden Tax on Everything

Biden walks away when questioned about Rising Prices for Americans

Maricopa Co.Elections Officials deleted entire database from voting machines

Rand Paul continues: Fauci could be culpable for the Entire Pandemic"

Getting Vaccinated is now becoming a Game in Ohio?

Republicans propose bill to fire Fauci amid growing discontent

US Producer Prices surges most on record

Federal Taxes, Spending and Deficit all set records through April

San Francisco plans to open High School for one obtain State funds

Migrant encounters at Southwest border jump 944 Percent over April 2020

Video in regards to the pandemic

America's Frontline Doctors warn that Covid Vaccinated can....

Lack of Leadership: more than 70% of Gas Stations in Charlotte NC out of fuel

Colonial Pipeline Restarts Operations Days after Major Hack

Inflation speeds up in April as Consumer Prices leap 4.2%

eBay embraces NFTs

Inflation speeds up in April as Consumer Prices leap 4.2%

Liz Cheney removed as House GOP Conference Chair

National Average Gas Prices surges to highest level since Obama era

Job Opening jump to record high of 8.1 Million

Gov's declare state of Emergency over Gas Shortages amid Colonial Pipeline

TX House approves Bill banning Plant-Based Foods from using "Meat" Label

Sen Rand Paul exposes Dr. Fauci for funding dangerous Research in Wuhan

US Job Opening soar to record 8.1 Million

Ca. school teaches 1st Graders that gender is a nothing more than a choice

'Woke' Apple continues to use Chinese Slave Labor, report shows

Leftist Bette Middler threatens to kill unvaccinated Kids?

Video: Women faints, Convulses on Floor at COVID Vaccine Site

Tucker Carlson: Anthony Fauci let the Coronavirus pandemic happen..

California has a $76 Billion Budget Surplus? -  Proposes rebates for Millions

L Brands to spin off Victoria's Secret by August

Visualizing the Recent Explosion in Lumber Prices

MSNBC and CNN experienced large drops in Viewer ship sine January

Gas Shortages, Long Lines across Southeast after Colonial Pipeline

"Votes were Intentionally Switched - The Numbers are Massive" - Pres. Trump

Iron Ore turns 'Very Hot' as 10% Surge adds to Commodities Boom

US Opens Safety Probe into 1.1 Million Honda Accord Vehicles

Biden Admin holds Migrants Children in mass Shelters and no one cares

McCarthy endorses Rep. Stefanik to replace Rep. Cheney

Maricopa County Election Witness Testifies that Dominion Ran Election?

Ford recalls 661,000 Exploer SUV's in North America

Biden Admin. decides Sex is Non-Biological in New HHS Announcement

JCPenney CEO touts $1.2B Cash Buffer after Bankruptcy

Another US State Bans Vaccine Passports

US cities where rents are dropping and where they're going up

Kidde smoke detectors recalled for Failures

NY Public Universities to force Proof of Vaccination for all Students

More Evidence that the Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory is the correct one

Utah Teenager Hospitalized w Blood Clots after COVID-19 Vaccine

Former FDA Chief says now is the time to begin lifting Mask Mandates

Cruise Line CEO says ships may avoid Florida over COVID Passport Ban

IRS Employees say 'Out of Ink' Printers are delaying Tax Returns......

US Declares State of Emergency to keep Gasoline flowing after hack

Disney ask employees to complete 'White Privilege Checklist'

Cyberattack forces shutdown of Largest Gasoline Pipeline in the US

Chinese Military Discussed Weaponizing COVID in 2015

Real Intelligent - PSA from Doctors: "Grow the F*** Up, Get the Vaccine

Biden Admin. has reportedly spent $3B in Taxpayer money to house illegals

SC Senate reject Constitutional Carry, Passes Open Carry w Requirements

1/2 of Americans say their Tax payments are too high, Poll Shows

Copper surges, could double to $20k a ton

California reports first ever Yearly Population Decline

Situation Update - Salk Institute reveals spike protein.....

Gov. Grew by 48,000 Employees in April

New Low, Target giving out $5 Coupon if you get COVID -19 Vax in its Stores

AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett: Dominion refuses to comply w subpoena?

April Payroll - +266k Jobs added, Huge Miss

Coinbase to close San Francisco Offices for Good, will have no HQ?

Texas Company is offering Experienced Drivers $14k a Week

BLM Militants draw AR-15's AK47's on Portland Motorists.. Nothing to see

Norwegian Cruise Line CEO says US Ships are unlikely to sail this summer

Maricopa County - Voting Machines didn't have password for Admin Functions

States that voted Biden lost Twice as many jobs amid Pandemic

Nationwide Recall issued for Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Texas Senate approves Permit less Carry of Handguns

Why are the Democrats so against the audit of Maricopa County Ballots?

Exxon expects $200 Million in charges this year for Job Cuts

Biden Admin. holding nearly 25,000 Migrants children without parents

CDC clears path for Cruise Lines to sail w Volunteer Passengers

Lumber Shortage is causing New Home Prices to Surge

Federal Judge overturns National Eviction Ban

Bezos sells nearly $2 Billion worth of Amazon Shares



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