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August 17 , 2022

August 16  , 2022

August 15 , 2022

Mortgage rates surpass 5% Again

House passes Inflation Reduction Act as GOP Plots Bill's Demise

Milwaukee Tool begins making Hand Tools in the U.S.

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh...

Reason to Homeschool #7612

GM confirms it's making $1500 Option Mandatory on Some New Models

Producer Prices up 9.8% as Inflation eases Slightly

Johnson & Johnson to end sale of Talc-Based baby powder globally in 2023



Fire completely destroyed the Pendleton Flour Mills in Oregon

Inflation hits Americans' Grocery Bills as Food Prices accelerate

USPS plans to Hike Prices for Holidays

Homebuyers dial back amid affordability issues, shaky economy

New Orleans School District will require COVID Jabs for Students aged 5 and up

Boston Children Hospital offers 'Gender-Affirming Hysterectomies to 'eligible' Teenagers.....

Bed Bath & Beyond downgrade

NYC close to banning Criminal Background Checks from Housing Applications

Reason Homeschool # 2733

Trump shatters all fundraising records after raid on Mar-a-Lago

Grocery Price in July had Largest Price increase since 1979

Tenn All Female School Harpeth Hall: Anyone identifying as Female may apply

Ford raises prices of Electric F-150 Lightning by up to $8,500 due to 'significant' battery cost increases

Consumer Prices rose 8.5% in July

Reason to Homeschool #5221

Vista Equity Partners to acquire automated Tax Compliance Company Avalara for $8.4B

Disney raises streaming prices after services post big operating loss

University of Nevada launches 'LGBTQ Studies' Minor

Biden admits he has no idea what's in the Inflation Reduction Act

Apple Demands Taiwan suppliers use 'Made in China' Labels

Science...Every Senate Democrat voted against defining Pregnancy as a Biologically Female Process

NYC Mayor Eric Adams blasts Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after second bus of Migrants: 'This is Horrific'

Nutrition Scientist says Reese's Cups are healthier than Beef

Insurance companies reported 'unexplained' spike in young adult deaths

DOT is proposing  new Protections for flyers, including cash refunds for canceled flights

CVS Health is mulling a bid for Signify Health, WSJ Reports

Senate passes Democrats spending and Tax Bill , $400 Billion in Spending and $700B in Taxe

Casper is hiring Professional Nappers, Job requirements include sleeping in company stores.....

Apple and Mars Candy companies both try to appease China, after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan

Steven Crowder daily video

Cracker Barrel tries to become woke..Customers irate over plant based sausage added to menu

Biden admin to send Additional $4.5B to Ukraine

Democrats NYC another Smash and Grab



Entertainment Companies Start Dumping woke content as viewership tumbles

Democratic leaders release full text of $739 Billion Inflation Reduction Act

F BI raids Trump's Home at Mar-A-Lago

IRS Pinky-Promises 87,000 more Employees won't lead to more audits

Chairman of the Lancet's Covid-19 Commission  statement

Indiana Gov. signs Near-Total Abortion Ban

American Airlines cutting Flights from Fall Schedule

Toyota will buy back your recalled bZ4X EV

DeWalt recalling Saws after Multiple Injuries

Americans taking side gigs to make ends meet amid soaring costs

NYC: Adams asks for Photos of city Job Applicants in effort to increase diversity??: Report

Poll: Nearly 40% of Democrat Voters said Democrats have destroyed the economy

Database revels 10,000% increase in cancer reports due to...??

Customers are stealing shopping baskets instead of buying bags, NJ supermarkets says

More Americans reported loss of Pay in July

Snickers Candy Company apologizes to Communist China for Calling Taiwan a Country

July Payroll Smashes Expectations soaring to 528K

Sinema signs off on Reconciliation Bill after Dems agree to Protect Private Equity Billionaires

Chinese Company buys 300 acres near American Air Force Base

Toyota profit hit by supply shortage, rising costs

Consumers beyond done with Beyond Meat, Vegan Food company's stock tanks

Gov. Desantis suspends Soros-backed State Attorney over refusal to enforce Florida Laws

Lordstown Motors expects limited production and deliveries of Electric Pickup in 2022

Democrats are Turbo-Charging the IRS to go after the Middle Class


August 1   -  August 29 , 2022
July 2   -  July 31   , 2022 May 29   -  July 1   , 2022

Biden Admin to declare Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency

Life Insurance claims Skyrocket after ....

CVS says it plans to get into Primary Care by Year End

Biden to sign Bill Boosting China Competition and US Chip Production

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate saw biggest weekly decline since 2020

Port of NY and NJ adds fees for Ocean Carriers as Shipping Containers Pile up

Electric Jaguar I-Pace Car catches on fire while Charging, Burns to Bare Metal

TD Bank Group to acquire US Investment firm Cowen Inc. for US $1.3B

Georgia says Embryos count as Dependents for Tax Purposes

Transgender Cheerleader removed from camp for allegedly Choking Teammate

Los Angeles ends Citizenship requirement for Gov. Jobs

Pelosi arrives in Taiwan, defying China threats and US Military Warnings

US Job Opening drops below 11 Million for first time since last fall as hiring slows

Germany Biggest cities prepare for looming energy crisis by shutting off warm water, limiting heat, lights

Democrats 'Assault Weapons' Ban will outlaw a host of everyday Firearms

Reason to Homeschool #7121

Banana Boat Sunscreen recalled due to Cancer causing Chemical

Baby Formula Shortages far from over, 30% of Formula still out of stock

Illinois Hospital System to pay $10.3M in settlement w Workers over Covid-Vax Mandate

Most Americans will feel Tax Pain from Dem. Inflation Bill despite Biden's Past Promises: Analysis

Assault Weapon ban passed in House of Representatives, head to the Senate

Mortgage rates fall sharply after negative GDP Report and Fed's Latest Hike

Mom sues LAUSD after she says Son was Vaccinated without her consent, suffered Side Effects

Breitbart Business Digest: The Inflation Reduction Act is a Brazen Lie

Three Suspects arrested for Fatally Beating Ohio Teen avoid Murder Charges

CDC told Big Tech to censor Covid claims now debated by Mainstream Scientists, documents show

Reason to Homeschool # 5679

Hawaii gets last shipment of coal: Expect to pay more

China's increasing US Real Estate Portfolio a major cause for Domestic Concern: Carter

Hershey warns of Halloween Candy Shortage

L.A. County won't bring back Indoor Mask Mandate

DC Mayor requests National Guard Activation to deal w Flood of Illegal Immigrants in City

Las Vegas, NM declares emergency, with less than 50 Days of Clean Water Supply Left

15% of American Adults diagnosed w New Condition after ...., Zogby Study finds 

More than 60,000 Army Soldiers losing Pay, Benefits over Vaccine Mandate

House passes $280B Package for Chip, Scientific Research

Trader Joe Store in W. Massachusetts vote to form chain's first union

'US Economy posts Second Consecutive Quarter of Negative Growth

Spirit terminates merger with Frontier Airlines

Democrats introduce Bill to impose Term Limits on Supreme Court Justices

CT Transit replaces Electric Bus Fleet w Diesels following Massive Battery Fire

Reporter exposes White House Blatant redefining of "Recession"

Chuck Schumer, Joe Manchin strike deal on O.Care, Climate Change Bill

US Military to Prep for War if Pelosi goes to Taiwan: Report

Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates by an Additional .75% Points amid Runaway Inflation

More Information on Election Data

Laura Loomer rising...Out Fundraises career Politician Dan Webster

Biden readies to declare Public Health Emergency due to MonkeyPox

Natural Gas hits highest level since 2008

WH announces sale of additional 20M Barrels of Oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Americans likely to be tracked for CO2 Emissions under SEC's New Climate Rules

Twitter to hold Vote on Musk Merger on Sept. 13

COVID Jab Impacts both Male and Female Fertility?

Joe Biden: 'We're Not going to be in a Recession'

3M to spin off $8.6 Billion Health Care Business

Reason to Homeschool #1

Walmart plunges after slashing Profit Outlook, Blames Fuel/Food Costs

Family Dollar recalls long list of over-the-counter products due to storage issues?

Weber shares tanks as Grill Maker announces CEO Departure

California targets Private Property w Latest Water Well Fees, Charges: Report

Russia to cut Europe's Gas Flow via Nord Stream to 20%

Boeing Union Workers vote to strike at 3 St. Louis Area Manufacturing Facilities

White House announces $270M Military Package for Ukraine, No amount listed for US Southern Border

Dr Deborah Brix says she 'knew' COVID Vaccine would not 'protect against infection'

Sanderson Farms merges w another chicken giant after acquisition

Tucker Carlson video on....

Gov. Hochul paid $637 Million for at Home COVID Tests w/o contract

Biden's America: Rising Prices causing nearly 1/2 of Americans to cut back on driving

Builders 'pulling back' amid housing market uncertainty

Amazon is buying Primary Care Tech Provider One Medical for $3.9B

Reason to Homeschool # 8511

California Truckers pledge to continue blockade of Oakland Port over Controversial Labor Law

Biden Climate Advisor says Biden will move forward w "Every Power Available" to get rid of Fossil Fuels

House Democrats Block Legislative Amendment to prevent US Oil Sales to China

Alleged Attacker of Republican Congressman released from Custody

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul directed supporters to Zeldin Campaign event hours before failed attack

Rand Paul: Democrats proposed Tax Hike would hit 8.3M Small Businesses

Economic Downturn almost Inevitable

Online Car Dealer Carvana banned from Selling Cars in Illinois

Discount Retailer Tuesday Morning considers Bankruptcy as inflation mounts

US Postal Service to boost Electric Delivery Vehicle Purchases

Biden announces Executive actions on 'Climate Crisis'

BlackRock is buying Renewable Natural Gas Producer for $700M

Merriam-Webster changes the definition of 'Female'

Homebuilder sentiment plunges in July as Buyers pull back

US Navy introduces 'Plant Based Protein' Program pushing 'Vegetarian Meat Alternatives'

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz blames Democrat Run Cities for store closures

New Details showing just how quickly Armed Citizen neutralized Mall Killer: 'Nothing short of Heroic'

Mortgage Demands falls to Lowest Level Since 2000

Solar Panels subsidized by CA. winding up in Landfills, contaminating Groundwater w Toxic Metals

Toy "R" Us is coming back in a big way

"Gender Cards" is being distributed by local Pediatricians to children in the Greater Seattle Area

Nearly 1/2 of Small Businesses fear shutting down amid elevated inflation

Reason to Homeschool # 4990

Electrical Equipment caused explosion at Hoover Dam, US says

Major Study confirms COVID Vaccines Alters Women's Periods

Biden Administration's CDC encourages teachers to use Leftist Gender Curriculum

Biden intervenes in railroad contract fight to block strike

DC Mayor slam Rep. for 'tricking' Illegal Immigrants into taking buses to the Nation's Capitol

Science: Dem Rep. says it's not only Women that can have Babies

Some Biden voters have buyers remorse as various crises plague White House

Nearly 400 Cops gathered at Uvalde School before anyone did anything

US and Russia to resume Space Flights to International Space Station

Canada raises interest rates 1%

Polls: Americans' Trust in Public Schooling is Plummeting

Social Security on track for huge Cost-of-Living increase

Reason to Homeschool # 2123

Amazon slashing Private-Label selection amid weak sales: Report

Record Average Rent in New York City Exceeds $5,000

Northern Arizona U. to require 4 Diversity Courses to graduate

NYPD stops testing Police for Pot use

Manchin says he won't support Climate, Tax provisions in sweeping Democratic Bill

Panasonic is building the World's Largest EV Battery Factory in Kansas

New York Quarantine Measures ruled Unconstitutional and Illegal

Virgin Galactic will open Spaceship Manufacturing Facility in Mesa

Report shows $44B of COVID Money was sent to states that pushed CRT in Schools

GMC issues recall notice, but no parts available to fix vehicles

Social Security cost-of-living adjustment could be 10.5% in 2023

DEA seizes 1 Million Fentanyl - Laced Pills in record breaking Drug Bust

260,000+ Troops not fully Vaccinated, Many face Discharge

US Inflations Surges to New 40-Year Record High

Thinking of Buying a Car? You might be in for Sticker Shock

Most Top Biden Officials have 0 Years of Business Experience

Tesla ask Texans to limit charging Cars during Heat Wave

Walmart buying 4,500 Electric Vans from Arkansas startup Canoo

Twitter sues Elon Musk to enforce Buyout Deal

US Announces another $1.7 Billion in Aid to Ukraine, No # provided for US Southern Border

Weed Killer called Glyphosate , sold as Roundup found in Urine Samples of 80% of Participants

PepsiCo says Soda, Snack Prices may rise

Biden admin issues guidance reminding Pharmacists to fill Abortion Pill Prescriptions

Illegal Immigrant arrested for Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Ohio

Homebuyers are canceling deals at the Highest Rate since start of the pandemic

Small Business Sentiment plunges to 48 Year Low

US Consumer Prices Soared in June, CPI 9.1%

Texas tells consumers to conserve Electricity... Wind Energy Falls short

Americans' Inflation expectations hit a fresh 11 Year High in June, New York Fed says

Reason to Homeschool # 6431

Peloton to stop In-House Bike Production as part of Turnaround

Natural Immunity, Non Vaccinated - 97% Effective against Severe Covid-19 after 14 months: Study

Ford Lincoln Navigator, Expedition recall expanded owners should park outside

Auto Dealerships are facing a shortage of Technicians to fix cars

California Cities ban New Gas Stations

Biden admin awarded $177M no bid contract to House Migrant Children in North Carolina

Report: NFL Teams to start Training Camp with ZERO Covid Protocols

Residents evacuated after explosion on Natural Gas Pipeline in Wallis, Texas

Reason to Homeschool # 9623

These Biden Voters regret their 2020 choice 18 months into presidency

Nantucket's Legendary 338-Year Old Veranda House Hotel gutted by fire

Labor Force Participation -.1%, Not in Labor Force +510,000, Employed - 315,000

New Survey reveals significant Doubt about Masks and Vaccines

States owe nearly 1 Trillion in Liabilities on top of unfunded pensions, Report

Germany is quietly shutting down as Energy Crunch Paralyzes Economy

Tucker Carlson: This may have been the greatest Crime in History

US Postal Service rate increases takes effect Sunday

Elon Musk blows up Twitter Deal

CA. Law may backfire terribly as 70k independent Truckers could be forced out of work

Auto Experts uncovers Hidden Truth about EV Range Claims

At $21B, Florida records highest surplus in State History

Army cuts off more than 62,000 Unvaccinated Guards and Reserve Soldiers from Pay and Benefits

Reason to Homeschool # 8712

NJ State creates $60M 'Slush Fund' for Illegal Aliens

Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe assassinated

FDA says COVID pill Paxlovid can be prescribed by Pharmacists

Democrat NYC - Indoor Mask Advisory is Back?.. So the Vaccine works or what?

Merck in talks to buy Cancer Biotech Seagen: Report

Democrat NYC - Thug assaults an NYC Bodega worker, Worker fights back.. now faces 25 years

U.S. ran $1,049,100,000 Trade Deficit w Russia in May

Biden Tax Hike went into effect July 1, affects everything from Soap to Lightbulbs

June Payrolls unexpectedly Smash expectations +372k

Poll: 57% Believe U.S. is in an 'Economic Recession'

Tucker Carlson: Biden should be impeached for this

Senate Democrats pushing $500 Billion climate, Obamacare Package

Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister after Gov. Collapses

GameStop announcing 4 for 1 Stock Split

New Hampshire Governor signs law to expand use of 'Renewable' Gas

WH Comms. Director Kate Bedingfield to step down

Nearly 90% of Shoppers have changed their shopping habits due to inflation

Toyota runs out of Federal EV Tax Credits, pushing prices higher

64+ US Businesses vow to pay to abort unborn babies after Roe Reversal

FDA Temporarily suspends order banning Juul E Cigarette Sales

Biden close to Rollback of Chinese Tariffs

Nolte: Joe Biden ships US Oil Reserves to Foreign Countries, including China

476k Migrants Got-Aways recorded in 2022 so far

Woke Coffee Shop closes down...Had even more woke employees

Reason to Homeschool # 4811

Californians to receive $1,050 in Inflation Relief

Prices don't drop when inflation eases

LGBTQ+ Activist in Office of Nuclear Energy once defended...

Steven Crowder asked Americans if they're proud of their Country

Average Car Payment hits record $712/Month

US Postal Service price hikes on Stamps set to kick in

Deadly Listeria outbreak tied to Florida Ice Cream Brand

San Francisco couple gets $1,500 Fine for parking in their own driveway

Nissan recalls 300k vehicles in the U.S. because the Hoods may open without warning

Turkey's annual inflation soars to almost 79%, highest level in 24 years

Jim Breuer - 'Somebody Had to Say it'

Amazon cancels or delays plans for at least 16 Warehouse this year

Ilhan Omar booed off Stage at Somali Concert in Home State

Bill Gates granted authority to buy 2,100 More acres in North Dakota Farmland

Democrat run New York...Oks bill barring Guns in Time Square, requiring Social Media info for permit

Top 3 Worst US Cities are controlled by Democrats...surprise

Voyager Digital suspends all trading, deposits, and withdrawals

Salmonella found in World's Biggest Chocolate Plant

Unemployment payments uncertain as Nine States Web Host Hacked?

1,800 Flights Canceled in a single day as Fourth of July weekend

Biden Advisor asked what He would Tell Americans who can't afford High Gas Prices.... here is the answer

American Airlines offers pilots nearly 17% Raises in new contract proposal

83% of Americans cutting back on Personal Spending due to Inflation, Poll finds

JetBlue will not back down, continues its fight for Spirit Airlines

Friday Strike Deadline looms for 4 Atlantic City Casinos

Biden takes aim at America's Largest Oil Field, threatens to stop production, sending Gas prices soaring

Supreme Court deals Biden Climate agenda a serious blow

Bed Bath & Beyond turning off AC in Stores to save money as Sales Plummet

Democrats want to turn National Parks into Abortion Factories

Chevron Selling California property, moving company and Jobs to Texas

Food and Fuel Prices likely to remain high for the foreseeable future

Dr Zev Zelenko passes away.... saved thousands of lives

Airbnb makes its Party Ban permanent

New Car Quality declined sharply this year w Supply Chain Problems says J.D Powers

Ford recalls 2,900 EV F-150 Lightning Pickup Trucks

Report: Baby Formula Stock Rates not Improving, May take months to change

3 Dead after Amtrak Train strikes Dump Truck and derails in Missouri

Bidenomics: More than half of all US Consumers live paycheck to paycheck

Democrat run NYC 'Professional Shoplifter' notches 100th shoplifting bust and is released again

Three Arrows Capital Crypto Hedge Fund just defaulted on a $670M Loan

Sheetz says it's lowering some gas prices for limited time

School Districts pricing out Parents on Record Request, from $1,000 to $18M

Airlines cancel nearly 700 Flights as Labor Crunch weighs, maybe the COVID firings weren't a great idea?

23 Million Californians to get 'Inflation relief' payment after budget deal stuck

Solar Patio Umbrellas Sold at Costco are recalled after Multiple Fires

Letitia James says New York will pay for Housing, and 'Daycare' for Women to come to State to abort their babies

Supreme Court strengthens Second Amendment by striking down restrictive NY "Concealed carry" Law

Pop Star Pink demands Pro-Life Americans 'Never F**king listen to my Music again

Dick's Sporting Goods will offer up to $4,000 in Travel expensive for employees who decide to Terminate their Pregnancies

Supreme Court Reverses Roe vs Wade - Abortion returned to the States

Toyota recalls electric car for faulty wheel that could come loose: 'No one should drive these vehicles'

Maxine Waters: "To Hell with the Supreme Court, We will Defy Them" umm Democrats not about law and order?

Gas Stations now Hold up to $175 of your Money, when you swipe

Sapporo USA to acquire Escondido's Stone Brewing

Zelensky now threatens Belarus Soldiers?

FDA bans Juul E-Cigarette Products

Wealthiest Man in Illinois moves his Business from Chicago to Miami

Portland's Minimum wage might hit $16 next Year, if Inflation keeps up

Liberals Go Ballistic over SCOTUS Upholding Gun Rights

Democrat New York City....Video says it all

Publix not administering COVID-19 Shots to young children at this time

Century Aluminum in Kentucky Halts Operations for at least 9 Months

Biden blames Putin, Refiners, and Gas Stations for Record Prices

Tucker Carlson Opening Statement.. Must See

Bill Gates buys Massive Amount of Farmland in North Dakota, Attorney General Intervenes

Poll: 92% say rising Gas Prices a 'Serious' Problem in Biden's America

Raw Material costs for Electric Vehicles have doubled during the pandemic

Demand for Adjustable-Rate Mortgages surges?

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese changes its name again

'Second Pandemic'? How does this Admin know? Biden alarms twitter with his cryptic comments

Kroger and Harris Teeter are yanking Pro-American Products from Store Shelves?

Biden announces a likely Doomed Gas Tax Holiday

So much for going Green Germany Plans complete U-Turn goes back to Coal

Highest French Court Bans Burkinis.. What US companies are going to boycott

Kellogg to split into three independent companies

Mondelez buying Clif Bar for $2.9 Billion

Biden considers Gas Tax Holiday amid nearly $5 National Average

Moms continue to fight Woke Schools, but where are the Dads?

14 Republicans  joined Democrats. to advance Gun Control bill

Kroger, Walgreens brand pain relievers recalled over child packaging concerns

Reason to Homeschool # 1286

Weekend sees Massive Amount of Flight Cancellations

Flood rocks Abbott Baby Formula Plant, likely delaying productions for 'weeks'

Reason to Homeschool # 5712

US Federal Reserve working on Digital Currency

Credit Cards at 20%, Mortgages near 6%

Stephen Colbert breaks silence on staffers' Capital Arrests: 'First degree puppetry'

Major University Bars Whites and Asian Students from STEM Program, Professor Claims

Apple Workers in Maryland Vote for Company's first Unionized Store in US



6,000+ US Flights Canceled or delayed Friday

VA. Thieves stole thousands in fuel from gas station and resold at discount

German Officials warns of Gas Shortages, Bankruptcies, Massive Price Hikes

Housing Industry insider warns market seeing signs of a 'real slowdown'

Miss Universe Pageant claiming that Men can Menstruate: 'The War on Women is real'

Dr Simone Gold Frontline Doctor sentenced to Prison for Speaking w Megaphone inside the Capital on Jan 6.

Biden to announce nearly $1B more in Arms for Ukraine, No Number given for US/Mexico Border

We asked all 50 Democratic Senators if they would endorse Biden 2024, Only 5 said 'Yes'

30 Year Mortgage rates surges to 6.28% up from 5.5% just a week ago

Wholesale inflation climbs 10.8% in May, hovering near 40 year High

Raleigh Restaurant cancels Conservative Moms' Reservation over social media troll

Michigan's first gay Attorney General says there should be a 'drag queen for every school'

Reason to Homeschool # 2855

Wholesale inflation climbs 10.8% in May, hovering near 40 year High

Caterpillar leaves Illinois after decades to move to Texas

Fed Raises Interest Rates by .75 Percentage Point, its Biggest Hike Since 1994

Caterpillar leaves Illinois after decades to move to Texas

Ford issues stop-sale of Electric Mustang Mach-E crossovers

Mitch McConnell says he's 'Comfortable' with Gun Control Package

AOC suggest checking Juvenile Criminal Records to be able to buy a gun could be Racist

Nevada Dems are fleeing their Party for the GOP

Fire yesterday at Festive Food near Portage County Wis. ?

Masking and Lockdowns weakened children's immune systems: Report

Adobe will release a Free Version of Photoshop for browsers

Guns must not be used for Self-Defense, Canada's Trudeau insists

Disney's Toy Story spinoff banned in 14 Countries over Same-Sex Kiss: Report

Choice Hotels is acquiring Radisson Americas for $675 Million

Prologis acquiring Indianapolis Duke Realty Corp. for $26B

Electric Last Mile Solutions plans to declare bankruptcy a year after going public

United Arab Emirates bans Pixar's Lightyear over Lesbian scene

Reason to Homeschool #6852

Shelter, Gas, Food: Prices up in every Major Category

Gas Prices set New Record Sunday Morning

US admits in Public Doc. that there are 46 Labs in Ukraine?

Tampon Shortage hits Major Retailers Nationwide

Foreign Investment in US Farmland triples in last decade

Cosmetics maker Revlon nears Chapter 11 filing

Mortgage demand at 22 Year Low as Interest Rates climb

Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers reach Consensus on Gun Restrictions

Fire at JBS Meat Packing Plant in Green Bay

Texas Power Grid Operator braces for extreme Temperatures - Energy Rates doubled

United Arab Emirates bans Pixar's Lightyear over Lesbian scene

Rand Paul warns of 'double digit' interest rates, recession, and joblessness

Biden Approval plummets to 22% among Young Adults, 24% among Hispanics

Inflation rose 8.6% in May, Highest Since 1981

Mortgage Rates are on the rise again, 30 Year fixed 5.23%

Used car prices are going up again

Report: Consumer Goods' sizes decrease but prices stay the same

Eric Adams finally drops toddler Mask Mandate in NYC

Biden Admin: Families will pay $450 more for Gas this year

Ukrainian Officials admit....

Wales UK now feeding School Children mealworms and Crickets for lunch?

House Democrats Block Bill to provide more security for Supreme Court Justices

LTL Carrier Saia won't Transport Firearms anymore

Target says it will cut prices, cancel orders from vendors to reduce excess inventory

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin gets recalled by voters

Mexican President calls for American Superstate, Open Borders

Mortgage demand falls to the lowest level in 22 Years amid rising rates and slowing Home Sales

George Takei inadvertently makes the case for owning an AR-15

eBay Launches its Vault for Trading Cards

Treasury Secy. Yellen says Biden Admin has done everything it can to bring down Energy Costs

Kohl's enters exclusive sale talks with Franchise Group

Reason to Homeschool #8812

Biden invokes Defense Production Act to push Green Agenda

Reason to Homeschool #2977

Ithaca NY Starbucks workers claim store closing because of Union Efforts

Biden waives Solar Tariffs in Massive Win for Chinese Industry

Food Prices soar with no end in sight, Americans change habits

Dozens of Georgia churches split from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ Issues

Some Rays Players choose not to wear LGBTQAT+ Pride Night Patches

The Special Olympics drops Covid Vaccine Mandate after Florida threatens $27.5M Fine

Secret New York Migrant Flights, almost 1 a night. Why would NY allow illegals? 

Asylum Seekers overwhelm shelters in Portland, Maine

Winklevoss Twins' Gemini cutting 10% of its Staff, saying 'crypto winter' is here

Elon Musk provides list of some things we'll never see

Marriott to suspend all of its Operations in Russia

Carolina Panthers adds to its Cheerleading Squad

Gov. Workforce Grew by 57,000 in May

Chevron CEO says there may never be another oil refinery built in the US

Toddler Mask Mandate remains in New York City School because no reason

Skyrocketing Prices: Gas station charging nearly $10 per Gallon - Democrat voters must be proud

US adds 390,000 in May

US Reinstates 'We Do Not Support Taiwan Independence 'Line to Fact Sheet'

Huge Spike brings New Record High Gas Prices to Florida

Tucker Carlson exposes Democrats' Real Agenda

Biden Admin. just canceled $5.8B in Student loans

'Your life will be over' : Teammates of Lia Thomas say UPenn officials warned of consequence.....

Illinois ends its Parental Notification requirement for Minors getting abortions

Pizza Hut's Book Club promotes drag queen books to Pre-K Children

Parler CEO warns Tech Layoffs are 'just beginning'

Baby Formula Shortage hits Record 74% as Biden admits being AWOL until April

Russia: US rocket shipments to Ukraine are 'adding fuel to the fire'

NY Gov doesn't repeal their Bail Laws, but announce bill to rise age for purchase of guns, Ban Body armor

Schools no LGBTQAT Agenda, then no School Meal funding

OPEC+ announces oil production boost following international pressure

Most Student Loan Borrowers made No-Payment during US Freeze

Los Angeles Chevron Gas Station charging over $8 a Gallon

Biden moves to force Americans to Mask up again on Airplanes

'Significant' Cases of Neurological disorders associated w A. Zeneca Vaccine?

Teamsters, Car Haulers go down to the wire in contract talks as trucker strike looms

New York Gas tax break begins Wed. Save 16 cents per Gallon through Dec......

Bank of Canada hikes by 50 Basis Points

Biden raising Gas Prices on Purpose...Top Republican says

Russia's Gazprom cuts off some natural gas to Germany after Shell refused to pay for it in rubles

Top Paid LA Lifeguard Earned up to $510,283 in 2021

Home Prices surged over 20% in March

Pres. of Spanish Pharma Company on list of 2,200 people with Fake Vaccine Papers

Don't trade Real Liberty for Phony Security

NY issues first Gender Neutral Motor Vehicle Licenses....

WHO says its 'Important' that Pride Celebrations don't change over Monkeypox? Not worried about Health?

DeLorean unveils All-New Electric Alpha5

Spiking Fertilizer Costs squeeze Midwest Farmers

Canada introduces New Extreme Gun Control Measures

Reason to Homeschool # 2612

Thousands of Chickens killed in Wright County Egg Farm Fire

Households face being hit with shocking Electric Bills this summer

Gas Prices Soar to Record High on Memorial Day

Cruz asserts "We're not responding to tragedy by giving up Rights"

Georgia joins $19M Settlement alleging Ford company misrepresented Hybrid Vehicles

US savings rate hits lowest level since 2008

Reason to Homeschool # 8455

DuckDuckGo sells private search Information of users to Microsoft?

German Inflation hits 60-Year High

Flight Cancellations pile up on busy Memorial Day Weekend

Toyota cuts June output plan again, to 800,000 Vehicles

Americans paying most income taxes ever

Mortgage Rates fall to 5.1% in Biggest drop since April 2020

Florida Gov. DeSantis signs property Insurance Legislation

Baby Formula out of stock rates soars to 70% in May, Formula won't be restocked until July

If Schools don't let Boys into Girls' Bathroom, Biden will take their Lunch Money

Gas Prices increased by over 47% in last month alone

New Home Sales Plunge nearly 17% in April

IMF leader calls for American to increase Food exports.... ummmm no

Democratic Chuck Schumer Blocks School Safety Legislation

Mortgage applications fall further

Burger Chain Wendy's puts up the 'For Sale' Sign as Costs Rise

Report: Texas Shooter barricaded himself for 40 Minutes as the Police waited???

Lyft joins Uber in 'significantly' slowing hiring and cutting budgets

Hyundai recalls 239k vehicles due to exploding seat belt component

Jack Dorsey leaving Twitter Board of Directors

Oil Climbs as report shows Tightening US Gasoline Stockpiles

Biden says Second Amendment 'not absolute' at police executive signing

Drag Queens perform at Iowa High School, Give Students pointers on Gender Identity

Cargill Poultry Processing Plant heavily damaged in Fire

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wins GOP Primary in Georgia

Potash Train derailed in Canada amid fertilizer Crunch

Bank of America raises minimum wage to $22 an hour

T-Mobile will pay employees to Travel Out of State to have Abortions

US bars Russia from paying bondholders through American banks increasing default risk

Texas changed this ridiculous law as the State prepare for Summer blackouts

State Farm denies asking agents to donate LGBTQ books to schools

Biden admits sky rocketing Energy prices are part of a deliberate "Transition" to Green Energy

Tucker Carlson: This should make you nervous

Louder with Crowder - latest episode

Trump: What "2000 Mules" exposed was given to Georgia Officials who did nothing

Diesel Fuel Costs Soaring... up 75% from Last Year

Last Pay Phone in NYC removed from Service

Diesel Crisis Looms as US Supplies running on Fumes

Desperate to add more pilots, US airlines are cutting Training hours / Experience requirements

Airbnb to remove listings in China




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