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September 17 , 2021

September 16  , 2021

September 15 , 2021

Texas Hospital faces closure over Vaccine Mandate, CEO says

Israeli Study: Fully Vaxxed are 27x More likely to get COVID compared to people w Natural Immunity



2021 Met Gala - Celebrities wore no mask, only 'help' had to. 'COVID rules are for serfs, not celebrities'

Honda, Toyota reject Dem. Pro Union Electric Car Subsidy Plan

Teutopolis IL School District confines 5 Students in isolation for hours, for protesting Mask mandate

DeSantis: Businesses asking for proof of Vax will be fined $5,000 a Violation

General Milley secretly pledge to warn Chinese Communist Party if...

Federal Judge blocks NY State Health Care Worker Vaccination Mandate

Atlanta's Mailchip agrees to $12B sale to Intuit

2 Healthcare workers come forward about Medical Fraud?

Nicki Minaj has not yet got the Vaccine, Why? and slam MSNBC's Joy Reid

NYC Teacher protest Vaccine Mandates

Texas to begin building over 700 Miles of Border Wall

Israeli Health Minster admits Vaccine Passport "only intended to pressure unvaccinated to get vax."





California Resident Shocked to discovery They've 'already voted' in Recall Election

Hurricane Nicholas live updates

Dems Amnesty Bill - Expand foreign worker pipeline till at least Sep 2031

Harris Teeter stores begin limiting Store hours Sept 15

Michigan Health System says Workers w Natural Immunity don't need Vaccine

House Democrats propose raising Capital Gains tax to 28.8%

Airlines' Debt Pile hits $340 Billion as COVID chokes travel

Inventor of the mRNA Vaccine....

August 25  - Sept. 14  , 2021
August 1  - August 24  , 2021 July 6  - July 31  , 2021

NYers can face a Total Tax Rate of 61.2% under the House Plan

Pres. Trump: "They are going to Decertify this Election!"

120,000 in France take to the streets to protest Vaccine Passports

Dr Fauci wants unvaxxed Americans not refugees banned from Air Travel

Ethics Professor delivers emotional 'Lesson' on Vaccine Mandates

Washington University Student senator takes down and throws away flags from 9/11 Display

Kentucky Hospital Care Workers refused to comply w Vaccine Mandate, forced Hospital to fire them

Surgeon General says Biden admin will 'monitor' exemptions to COVID Vaccine mandate

"We're not Done yet' Biden to announce more Pandemic Measures

Members of Congress and their aides are exempt from Vaccine Mandate ??... weird

Social Security Admin. disbursed $125M in Benefits to deceased beneficiaries

27 States declare their Opposition to Biden's Federal Vaccine Mandates

Grocery Prices heading Higher: Kroger

World's Shippers are earning the most money since 2008

Lara Logan segment on Biden's sweeping Vaccine Mandates / Afghanistan

NC Doctor wants to be 'Scary to the Public' and inflate COVID Numbers 

WH request language change to allow Afghan refugees to collect welfare

Trump visits NYC Police and Fire Dept on 9/11

NY Hospital to pause delivering babies as Maternity Workers quit over Forced Vaccines

Army Football players run out on field carrying American Flags

Australia Citizen band together and take their freedom back

Study find Teenage Boys 6x more likely to suffer Heart problem from Vax, then Hospitalized w COVID

Toyota says it will Fight US House Electric Vehicle Tax Plan

Biden advisor says President "Will run over" GOP Governors who resist Vaccine Mandate

Echo Global being acquired by private equity firm Jordan Co.

Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates do not apply to Illegal Immigrants

"Have at it" Joe Biden taunts Rep. vowing to fight his unconstitutional Vax Mandate

Kamala Harris: 'When People are able to make choices without Gov. Interference. we are a stronger Society'

NY law phases out most Gas-Powered Vehicles by 2035

Walmart phasing out store Workers quarterly bonuses

Former FDA Commissioner: Fauci funded Gain of Function on even deadlier Coronaviruses

19 Governors, 2 AGs resist Biden's Vaccine Mandates

Ron DeSantis promises to Battle Biden's Sweeping COVID-19 Mandates

Producer Inflation accelerated in August - Wholesale prices rose record 8.3% from year ago

650,000 Postal Service are not exempt from Vaccine Mandate??

Noem: 'I had no Idea anyone alive could wreck this country as fast as Joe Biden is'

The Daily Wire - We're not complying w Biden's new Mandates

Biden will try to impose COVID Vaccine Mandate on all Businesses w 100 or more employees

Los Angeles Unified School District to Force COVID-19 Vax for Students

United Airlines will place Employees granted religious or Medical Waivers on leave.. then fire them?

Job openings hit 10.9M, fifth straight Record High

Biden Dec 2020: 'I Don't think' COVID Vaccination 'Should be Mandatory'

Taliban still Blocking Americans from leaving Afghanistan: Blinken

Microsoft call off US Return to Office... why?

Biden I'm Supposed to stop and walk out of the room'

Biden purges Trump appointees from numerous Boards

Huge: Results of Canvassing in Arizona Released

Publix plans its first Kentucky Store in E. Louisville

Democrats pushing slew of Tax Hikes to fund Massive spending plan

Rand Paul says new Documents prove Fauci lied to Congress... will he be held accountable?

More "Fake" food coming.. now Meatless Chicken Nuggets

Seattle could lose 200 more Police Officers due to Vaccine Mandate

Texas Abbott signs 'Election Integrity Bill'

Statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee Dismantled in Virginia

Biden request $6.4B in Taxpayer Money to resettle 95,000 Afghans across U.S.

GA Bulldogs dealing w COVID outbreak among Vaccinated

Bullsh*t story - Oklahoma hospitals are filled with Ivermectin Damaged Patients

Biden Rap tops 800k Views....

Police, Firefighters in LA form group to resist Vaccine Mandates

Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from attending Virtual Classes ?

Portland to consider banning Travel, Trade w Texas in protest of abortion law

New Material released through Freedom of Information Act

Hurricane Larry churns as a Powerful Cat. 3 Storm

Eric Clapton, Van Morrison defy COVID-19 Groupthink

140,000 French Citizens Protest against Vaccine Passport

Cornell University 95% Vaccination Rate, 5x more COVID cases now than last year?

Planned Parenthood Temp. Blocks Texas Right to Life Heartbeat Law

GoDaddy to terminate hosting of Texas Anti-Abortion Tip Website

A week+ without Power, New Orleans still in the dark

Louisiana Utility Workers turn their back on Biden as Motorcade drives by

Oregon Police and Firefighters sue Gov. over COVID Vaccine Mandate

More Election Audit updates

Vermont will pay you $7,500 to move there and work

NY Eviction Moratorium extends to Jan. 2022

235,000 Jobs added in August, Unemployment 5.2%

Its Spreading: "F*ck Joe Biden" Chants break out across the Country

Ohio Nurses' Union Poll finds 30% would quit Hospital over Vax Mandate

Ca. Airline Employees to boycott work on Sept. 8 to protest for Medical Freedom 

GM, Ford halt some Auto Production as Chip Shortage worsens

Horowitz: CDC endorsed use of Ivermectin for Afghan Refugees

Why are Democrats so concerned about fighting Texas Pro Life law?

Toyota will cut Global Production by 40%

Baxter to acquire Hillrom in all-cash deal

Ida Flooding brings death, destruction to Northeast

Protesters storm French Mall while refusing to show Vaccine Passports, SWAT Police fail to stop

Illinois Student will soon be able to take up to 5 days off from school, to tend to their mental health

15,000+ Teachers in NYC gearing up for a battle over mandatory vaccinations

House Dems. defend teaching CRT in the Military

Professor David Clements gives a Huge Audit update

Study finds over 80% of US Adults have some immunity to COVID

Supreme Court refuses to block Texas Abortion Ban

US Auto Sales crash as Dealer Inventory hits New Record Low

Dems block Vote to require Biden rescue of Americans and Equipment left in Afghanistan

New York Health Care workers.. your no longer Heroes

GM closing Wentzville Plant for 2 Weeks

Tucker: Maybe what looks like Chaos is in Fact a plan of sorts

McConnell: Biden not going to be Impeached ?

Boebert calls to impeach Biden, Harris and Sec of State Blinken

Mass Resignation of Bus Drivers in Chicago over Vaccine Mandate

Twenty States sue to block Biden Gender Identity rules for schools

Subaru tells some Impreza owners: Don't drive the car amid new recall

Some States that will let you keep a Digital Version of your Driver's License on you iPhone?

Ohio Judge orders Hospital to treat Ventilated COVID-19 Patients w Ivermectin

Honolulu looking to go broke, require proof of COVID-19 Vax.

Biden told Afghan Pres. to "Create Perception" Talibian wasn't Winning

Boebert calls to impeach Biden, Harris and Sec of State Blinken

Mass Resignation of Bus Drivers in Chicago over Vaccine Mandate

GM Temporarily halting production of 3.0 Liter Turbo Diesel engine built in Flint

Businesses exiting California surges in 2021

More than 400 Jobs available at Career Kickoff Job Fair in Tampa Fla.

Iconic B&M Baked Bean Factory to close / sold

Tucker: White House arming the Taliban as it disarms Americans

Japanese Medical Chairman doubles down on Ivermectin

Detroit Zoo Vaccinating at Risk animals for COVID-19

Roughly 43,000 Absentee Ballot counted in DeKalb county in 2020 violated chain of custody rule

Taliban is openly mocking the United States now

Ida prompts Colonial Pipeline to shut down 2 fuel lines

Sec. of State Blinken turns back on reporters who asked about Abandon Americans

Thousand in London march against Vaccine Passports, Medical Coercion

Infographic reveals shocking amount of Military Hardware Biden handed to Taliban

Study finds Mask Mandates have no substantial effect on slowing COVID-19 spread

All of New Orleans w/o power after Hurricane Ida

Montana only State to ban Vaccine Requirements for employees

Twitter permanently bans Alex Berenson after Viral COVID Tweets

Biden files 14,000 Afghans into Dullies VA in 12 Days

Israeli Study shows Natural Immunity 13x more Effective than Vaccine at stopping Delta

FL has recovered over 960k of 1.3M Jobs lost in Pandemic

Christian Schools vastly outperforming Public Schools during Covid-19

Cook County judge strips Mother of Parental Rights over Vaccination Status

Moderna Vaccine halted in Okinawa Japan, after Contamination from 'Black Substances'

Hurricane IDA.. 'Pray for Louisiana'

Japanese Med. Association chairman tells Doctors to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID

Here are the Identities of the 13 Troops killed in Kabul

The Mask Mandate Farce

Military Members speak out against Vaccine Mandates

New Yorkers fight Vaccine Mandates in NYC, Large Union Protest at City Hall

Americans stuck in Afghanistan, but Afghan Refugees arriving safely in PA

SCOTUS decision overturning Biden Eviction Moratorium

SCOTUS decision overturning Biden Eviction Moratorium

Situation Update for Aug. 27th

Politico sells to German Publishing Giant Axel Springer

Q2 GDP Revised to 6.6% Missing expectations

Biden Admin 'Back to School' Transgender Message

Tesla files to sell Electricity in Texas

Biden abandoning thousands of American in Afghanistan as he takes in Refugees

11 Dead, hundreds injured  as explosion rock Kabul

Hurricane Ida heads toward Gulf Coast

San Francisco to suspend all Cops, Firefighters who refuse vaccine, so much for heroes

Chicago Police Union says ' Hell No' to COVID Vaccine Mandate

Japan suspends 1.6M doses of Moderna Vaccine after reports of Contamination

Tucker blasts Lindsey Graham for confirming Radical Biden Judges

Steve Bannon on Tim Cast IRL

Gov. Abbott issues New Order blocking COVID-19 Vaccine mandates

NY: New Governor same old crap. Mask mandate in Schools

San Francisco to suspend all Cops, Firefighters who refuse vaccine, so much for heros

Tucker blasts Lindsey Graham for confirming Radical Biden Judges

Mortgage rates fall for 1st time in 3 Weeks

94.7% of People Evacuated by US from Afghanistan are not Americans

Delta Airlines is rising Health insurance premiums for unvaccinated employees by $200 a month

Biden plans to bring 50k Afghans to US w/o Visas

Illinoisans paid almost as much on Unemployment as at work

CVS to force Nurses, Corp., Pharmacists to get Vax.

Disney World to force Covid-19 vaccine for Unionized employees

Unvaxed Student Athlete forced to wear Ankle Tether?

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul calls for Statewide Vaccine Mandate for Public Schools

Airbnb to house 20,000+ Afghan Refugees, 100% paid for

Supreme Court orders 'Remain in Mexico' Policy reinstated

Oregon Gov.  : Outdoor Mask Mandate returns

The Photograph that brought an end to 1918 Mask Mandate during Spanish Flu

Adam Schiff admits American unlikely to be evacuated from Afghanistan by Aug 31.

Fireman protest Mandatory Vaccination at rally in CA.

Wayne Root: How Vaccine Passports will cause Economic Collapse

WA Middle School teacher says it would be 'lucky' if Unvaccinated people die

FDA grants Full approval to Pfizer COVID shots

Kyrsten Sinema continues to threaten $3.5B package amid house turmoil

Situation update for August 23

Schumer, Colbert Dance as thousands of Americans trapped in Afghanistan

Taliban draws Aug 31 red line for troop withdrawal

NYC Teachers and Staff are now treated like trash.. get vaccinated or find a new job

Henri, now a Tropical Depression still brining Heavy Rains

Jovan Pulitzer on the AZ Audit Report

Patagonia cancels business w Jackson Hole Resort

Ala.Doctor says he will not treat the unvaccinated, umm no longer a doctor then?

New Interview with Dr Lee Merritt, Reiner Fuellmich..

Video shows Maskless people at Pelosi fundraiser.. Why?

Health Authorities are now pushing Booster Shots

95% of Voting Age Georgians are registered to vote?

GA Gov. signs order blocking COVID-Mandates on Businesses

US Investigates Moderna Jab data shows 2.5X Higher Risk of Heart Inflammation

Biden Admin. charging Americans $2k to leave Afghanistan

Ford halts truck production for 1 week in Kansas City

Adobe buying in $1.2B Deal

Jovan Pulitzer: AZ Audit report to delivered on Friday

Edu. Dept. will cancel Student Debt for more than 320k

Workers at Mondelez Inter. Bakery in VA. on Strike

Toys R Us is coming to more than 400 Macy's Stores next year

Bank of America tells employees US is 'White Supremacist' ?

Judge rules against COVID Vaccine Mandate at Louisiana Medical School

Outback Steakhouse to hold Virtual Hiring events across W. Michigan Aug. 25

Biden lack of Leadership - Berates Unvaccinated and Rep. Governors

Old Navy overhauls plus size fashion line for Women

Ohio School Board Meeting .. Dr Brooks?

This is how College Students are being treated

Community members give powerful speeches in San Diego

Situation update for Aug 18

Water Shortage on the Colorado River will bring cuts for AZ farmers

Biden admin to extend Travel Mask Mandates to Jan 2022

Alarming Study confirms Vaxxers will face....

Homebuilder confidence sinks to 13 Month Low

Trump issues Statement on Afghanistan Horror

Democrats want more Open  Borders

Nationwide Frozen Shrimp recall expands

Healthcare Workers in CA tired of being treated like Garbage

Biden plans to house 30k Afghans at US Military Base

New Zealand enters lockdown over 1 Covid case

Hyatt plans to Buy Apple Leisure Group from KKR and KSl Capital

Biden admin announces historic increase in Food Stamp benefits: Report

US Industrial Production surges in July

California... more than 1 Million Acres burned

Some NYC Restaurant won't Discriminate, Support Them

California... more than 1 Million Acres burned

PG&E warns of Power Shutoffs in 16 N. Cali. pockets

Biden's First Months have been some of America's Worst

Dow falls more than 400 points

South Carolina School District back to Virtual Classes

New York City Restaurants will now discriminate... is it a good idea?

'Freedom Rally' at Oklahoma State Capital to protest Mandates

Multiple Unions push back against proposal for Vax. Mandate

T-Mobile investigating claim of data breach affecting nearly all its US Customers

Texas Supreme Court rules in favor of Gov. Abbott

Powerful 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake strikes Haiti

CDC creating database of household of unvax kids?

Biden lack of Leadership...Afganhistan falls, Taliban declares Victory

Larry Elder vows to nix Mask, Vax Mandates if elected CA. Gov.

Jen Psaki is 'out of the Office' Aug. 15- Aug. 22

DHS releases threat advisory including ...

CDC planning Internment Camps called 'green zone'

Mayorkas says 'we're going to lose' the border crisis

40% of bused-in Migrants Covid Positive

Biden Admin. not mandating COVID Vaccine for White House Staff... umm???

Chet Hanks: 'I Am Never Getting the Vaccine!'

Producer prices soar 7.8% Annually in July

New Orleans to require COVID Vaccine or Neg. test for Bars, other venues

Joe Biden thanks 'Heroes' forcing Mask Mandates on children

Dem. introduce bill to make Biden Admin ban unvaccinated passenger from flights

Fed. Judge denies Landlord request to block National Eviction Ban

Menstrual Products now required in Boys/Girl School Bathrooms in Illinois

Do Mask work? The Best Studies suggest they don't

Adidas sells Reebok to Authentic Brands for $2.5B

Chicken recall: 59k+ affected due to salmonella concerns

Supreme Court refuses to block Indiana Univ. Vaccine Mandate

Biden's Edu. Secy. backs forced Vaccinations of School Staff

Schwarzengger to antimaskers:Screw your Freedom

EBay's active buyers declined 2%

Report: Pfizer Vaccine Manufacturer, doesn't Mandate Vaccines for employees.. why?

Biden 'Inflation Tax' erases gains in workers' pay

ATL. elementary school segregated classes by race

Sen. Blumenthal: 'No' $24T in Fed. Debt is not too much

Tucker: Unmask the Kids

Video shows Migrants packed together in enclosed facility..

Students in Tennessee stand up, NO more Mask

Va, School Teacher that actually cares, stands up for what is right

Philly to announce Mask or Vaccine req. for Businesses

Atlantic Mag: ;'Nancy Pelosi will announce that she is stepping down'

Apple Call Center workers face AI Surveillance Cameras at home

Mexican President: I discussed ' Complete Opening' of Border w Kamala

Massive Crowd gathers at Tenn.School Board Meeting

Biden admin says Cubans are not Welcome???

Subway Franchisees are fed up w Megan Rapinoe's TV ads

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium

Why do Dems not believe in COVID? Rep. Rashida caught maskless at party

MT Vernon School Board Meeting - Dr Dan Stock MD

Rand Paul implores Americans to 'Choose Freedom'

Carlson:You can be sophisticated or a super spreader

Pentagon to require COVID Vax for all troops by Sept. 15

HHS documents admit the CDC has never...

Sanderson Farms sold for $4.5 Billion

Vaccinated people may play key role in aiding more...

Oregon Gov. signs law allowing Students to graduate w/o proving they can read/write

SC Gov. McMaster rejects Mask Mandate in Schools

Extra unemployment benefits to end for 7.5m in Sept.

Why did Fox News censor Dan Bongino interview

Philip Morris heats up race for Vectura w $1.4B Bid

Doctors share their own Vaccine Stories

18 Senate Rep. on board w Infrastructure Bill

Physicians may lose License for posting 'Misinfo' on COVID

Report:Kath Hochul getting ready to take over NY Gov position

University of  Wisconsin Madison removes 42 Ton Racist Rock

Renters are behind $3,700 in rent on average

Paypal works to remove "hate and extremism" from platform

Postal Service to slow certain mail deliveries in Oct

CDC director admits that Vaccination Passports are Futile?

Thousand in France protest COVID Rules

Joe Rogan slams Vaccine Passports, Dictatorship?

There are about 1M more job opening than people looking for work

Former Biden Covid advisor - Cloth Mask not very "effective"

Biden admin considering withholding funds to force Vaccinations?

United Airlines to force US Employees to get Vaxxed

July Jobs - +943,000, Unemployment rate 5.4%

NYers explains why They Refused to get Vaxxed

Ford launches buyouts in bid to cut 1k salaried jobs

1.5k COVID positive migrants released in 1 week

Carlson: CDC Rochelle Walensky now makes the laws

Sen. Rand Paul urges Americans to "Resist" Pelosi &

Millions of Dehumidifiers recalled over fire risk

Creepy Apple will scan Photos on iPhone, iCloud ?....

AOC Masks up for Photo op... Then removes it after?

A Pathologist summary of ....

Private Sector Hiring slows sharply in July

Boston Mayor likens NYC's Vaccination mandate to slavery

Parents take Stand against School Mask Mandates

Wis. Election officials quietly remove 200k from Voter Rolls

CVS is raising its Minimum Wage to $15 an hour

Target to pay 100% of College Tuition and Books

CDC issue 60 Day COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium

US will review Oil and Gas leasing Program in Alaska

NASCAR to require masks in enclosed areas

American Wrestler praises USA after winning Gold

Spirit Airlines cancels half its flights, American Airlines also struggling

Refuse Vax..You may not receive unemployment benefits

Intel Analyst:Pres.Trump won 7 'Biden' States in 2020

Real Talk with a Nurse...What is going on

WH does not extend eviction moratorium

NIH Director: Parents should wear Mask inside Home

Maricopa County issues defiant response to Audit Subpoenas

Democrats capital gains tax hike may cost 745k Jobs

NY Teachers Union against Vaccine Mandate

Equinox + SoulCycle to force Vaccinations....

NY Gov. cuomo tells Private Businesses.... umm no

Foot Locker to buy 2 Shoe Store chains for $1.1B

Charlotte NC - Nurses / Doctor Protest Forced Vax

Report: Evidence points to COVID emerging from Wuhan

Healthcare Workers Protest Vaccine Mandate

Election expert:find 8.1M excess votes in US Election

Obama plans Birthday Bash despite COVID

Infrastructure Bill ...outsourcing of US Manufacturing?

Dr Stella Immanuel launches $100M Lawsuit against CNN

Congress fails to extend Fed. Eviction Moratorium?

Large Dem. Run Cities lag Nation in Job Recovery

CDC: 397 Children suffered Heart Inflammation after COVID Vax.

Omaha comp. recalls raw Beef over E.Coli concerns

CDC admits "fully vaccinated" are super spreaders ?

Bacon may disappear in CA. as Pig rules take effect

Chick-Fil-A's to open first Hawaii Location

Why so desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates?

AMA to urge end of Sex ID on all Birth Certificates

Mexican President rejects Jabs for Kids

Pending Homes sales drop in June


Email shows Milwaukee Election Exec. laughing...

DC Dem.Mayor caught partying w/o Face Mask

Average New Car Prices hit a record $41k in July

Disney tells salaried / Non Union employees must get Vaccinated

Publix to require all associates to wear mask, Vax too

Fla. Gov DeSantis issues Exec. order allowing parents to reject masks for kids

Disney World to once again require Masks indoors

Eviction Moratorium to expire Saturday

Biden mandate all Fed Workers must be Vax. Not Postal Workers

Congress members, defy Pelosi's mask mandate

Massive 8.2 Earthquake rocks Alaska Peninsula

Delta, United providing free Flight to US for Migrants?

Pelosi's orders Police to arrest Mask Mandate Defiers

Situation Update: CDC admits vaxxed can be Super spreaders

Fed keeps interest rates near Zero

7 States have banned Mask Mandates in Schools

China makes Demands of US at Bilateral Talks

Postal Workers union bristles at Vaccine Mandate

Media Coverage of BLM Protest vs Capital Riot

Evidence suggest COVID Vax may*Spread*the virus?

Only Two People agree to pay Mask Fines on Airlines

COVID Positive Illegal Immigrants sent to Hotels?

Trump: 'We won't go back, we wont mask our kids'

CBS admits COVID rise in counties w High Vax Rates

50,000 Illegals crossed Border without Court Dates

Walmart to pay for Tuition + Books for its Employees

Joe Biden insulted 100M Americans, Great leadership

AP: Home schooling surges across US

Democrats: 'We're Fucked' with Election Integrity laws

Megadrought pushes 2 Major Lakes to record low Water Levels

Blood Doctor: mRNA Vaccine changes Red Blood Cells?

Co. pays Social Media Influencers to promote Vax

CDC reverses , Mandate mask for vaccinated?

59 Million American prohibited from buying High powered Dells

American Airlines warns about Jet Fuel Shortages

NYC Mayor urges Businesses to force COVID-19 Vax

Healthcare workers go from Heros to Zeros....

Rand Paul officially sends Criminal Referral on Fauci to Justice Dept.

New Home Sales Unexpectedly Plunge 6.6%

Minn. 4th Graders told to hide "Equity Survey' from Parents

CDC abandoning the PCR Test for COVID???

Frito-Lay workers choose to end strike after 20 days

CDC abandoning the PCR Test for COVID???

Fauci says New Mask Mandate 'under consideration'

USPS will move forward with higher prices

CDC withdrawals fraudulent PCR Testing protocol

Biden spending over $2B to halt Border Wall Construction

Thousands of Patriots attend Trump speech in Phoenix

Another 2.2M Stimulus Checks just sent out, here's who will get them

Home Prices hit New All Time Highs

BBQ Companies go public.. shift to Home Cooking

Cleveland Indians have a new Name after 100 Years, But does anyone care?

Joe Biden accepts 600,000 Migrants in Six Months

Chicago to enforce Mask Mandate in Schools, Vaccinations worthless?

DHS: Returning Deported Migrants need Federal Aid for Housing

House Democrats block COVID Origins Bill.....umm

Uber Freight is acquiring Transplace for $2.25 Billion

Thieves stroll out of TJ Maxx in Cali. with heaps of Stolen Merchandise

Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses no longer have choices? Banner Health to force..

R.Paul: I will be seeking a criminal referral against Fauci for lying to Congress

"Patriot" is hate speech?? MSNBC Warns viewers..

China is buying up American Farms......

US Attorney files lawsuit against US Gov. for 45,000 Vaccine Deaths

Gov. Advisor admits Mask do Virtually nothing, "Comfort Blankets"

American Academy Pediatrics recommends Masking in School for everyone?

Apple Delays Office return by at least a month... who cares?

Blackstone acquires majority stake in Simplilearn for $250 Million

VP Harris will not Quarantine after possible Coronavirus exposure?

Capital 'Rioter' sentenced to 8 Months in Jail... Antifa, BLM Looters nothing yet

Ford recalls more than 770,000 Explorer Vehicles

WH calls for people to be banned from all Social Media if they spread ...

US Retail Sales unexpectedly rise .6% in June

IRS to deposit hundreds of dollars into local bank Accounts, Child credit

AZ State Senator demands Biden Electors be recalled in AZ

DACA Immigration Program Invalidated by Federal Judge

'Let them Die' : NAACP Official attacks Anti-CRT Parents

Netflix Plans to offer Video Games, in push beyond Films, TV

J&J sued after recalling Sunscreen due to Cancer Causing Chemicals

AZ Maricopa County will not turn over Routers... Election Audit

AZ Senate Pres.- 2020 election audit ballot count doesn't match maricopa tally

Doctor says mRNA vaccines "will kill most people" through Heart Failure ?

LA County orders Mask Mandate even Indoor and for Vaccinated

Microsoft agrees to buy security Software provider RiskIQ

FDA adds warning over Neurological Side Effects linked to J&J Vaccine

Norwegian Cruise Lines sues state of Florida over vaccine passport ban

"Ignoring No Soliciting Signs, Use your Script" Vaccine door knocking Docs.

# of Deaths reported after COVID Vaccine jumps by 2k, according to  VAERS

Democrat Groups plans to "Fact Check" Private Text Messages

California and other parts of the West Broil and burn

Biden fires Social Security Administration Chief

Another MI Lawmaker request forensic audit of 2020 Election

China threatens retaliation after US blacklist more companies

Over 5,000 Teachers sign pledge to defy Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws

Workers reject 3rd Tentative agreement at Virginia Volvo Plant

Cali. Gov. ask residents to cut water usage by 15%

Ca. Schools to require masks for all Fall Classes, not following CDC guidance

Steve Bannon interview on Arizona Audit

GM recalling 400,000 Pickup Trucks for exploding side air bags

Subway closing half its Restaurants on July 12 to overhaul the Menu

John Kerry flouts Mandate at Logan Airport

Ford secures Chip to Finish "Thousands" of incomplete F-150

Joe Biden kneels before Israeli President in White House

Trump: Free Speech under Attack; Suing Twitter, Facebook, Google

Amtrak makes $7.3B Investment in New Trains from Siemens

Joe Biden kneels before Israeli President in White House

Knight Swift Transportation acquires AAA Cooper for $1.35B

Gas Prices are set to climb another 20 cents a Gallon this summer

Psaki: We will be going door to door to harass Unvaccinated Americans

Hotel Business still way down in Major US Cities

Fifth graders in Chicago Elementary Schools will have access to...Condoms

AMC says it won't seek shareholders approval to boost Shares outstanding

Tropical Storm Elsa lashing Florida Keys

CDC investigating death of 13 yr old who died suddenly after COVID Shot

Several women on US Soccer Team turn away from Veteran playing Anthem

Nation's Largest Teacher Union approves plan to promote CRT in Schools

Another Democrat Success Story: 99 Shot, 17 Dead across Chicago since Fri.

CDC investigating death of 13 yr old who died suddenly after COVID Shot

Several women on US Soccer Team turn away from Veteran playing Anthem

Bugatti joins forces w Electric Hypercar maker Rimac

US Army directs Commands to prep for Mandatory COVID shots from troops

Target, Walgreens make changes due to increase in San Francisco Thefts

Spain Proposed Law ' Allow seizure of Citizens Property during Health Crisis"

Tyson recalling almost 8.5M Pounds of Ready to Eat Chicken Products

Fentanyl seizures at Southern US Border spike 4000%

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts suffer huge declines in membership

New Study links " Acute Chest Pain" in Male Soldiers to mRNA Vaccines

California gasoline Tax Increases to over 50 Cents

Blackstone buys Vdara & Aria Properties, then rents it back to them

4th of July Holiday Gas Prices are the highest in years

Nevada Minimum wage to increase July 1



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