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November 27 , 2021

November 26  , 2021

November 25 , 2021

Horowitz: Why every red state has an obligation to fight hospitals killing patients on ventilators

Fairfax County Public School returns sexual explicit books to High School Libraries

Bidens continues to hurt the US Economy...US to require Truckers crossing US Border to be Vaxxed

Ford, Rivian no longer developing Electric Vehicles together

Rep. Boebert introduces Bill to prevent proposed $450,000 Payments to Illegal immigrants

GMC will begin Hummer EV Deliveries in December



Australia begins transfer COVID Cases, Contacts to Quarantine Camps?

Dollar Tree raises prices to $1.25 Nationwide, rollout complete in 1st Fiscal quarter of 2022

Home Sales rose in October as Investors rushed into the market

Biden taps into Strategic Petroleum reserve to release 50M Barrels of Oil to lower gas prices

NYC may soon let 800,000 Non-US Citizens Vote

FCC approves $6B Verizon - Tracfone Acquisition

CA. Santa Cruz County mandates Mask-Wearing in Private Homes

Rhode Island Teachers warns CRT 'Absolutely Everywhere' in Schools

In Depth Interview with Nurse about her personal experiences from the past year

Time for Federal Employees to be fired? Deadline day for Fed. Vaccine Mandate arrives

Montgomery Mall sells for $55M in Foreclosure Sale

Sweden's Ericsson snaps up Cloud Firm Vonage in $6.2B Deal

Jan 6 Committee issues subpoenas for Roger Stone, Alex Jones, and 3 others

GM Acquires 25% Stake in Pure Watercraft

Nov 19   -  Dec 5  , 2021
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Mississippi, Illinois discontinue their membership in the National School Board Association

4x more Vaxxed People are dying than Unvaxxed?

Illinois teachers fired for refusing Vaccine left to fend for themselves by Unions

Thousands of New Yorkers Flood Street to March for Freedom

At Least 5 Dead, 40 Injured after "Black Man w Dreadlocks" Plows SUV into Waukesha Parade

Fauci says Babies and Toddlers could be eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine by Early 2022

Disney World hits pause Button over COVID-19 Vaccination Policies

Loser LeBron James gets ejected after altercation w Isaiah Stewart

"We'll Never Give up" - Protest Erupt across World over Gov't COVID Tyranny

CDC / Pharma data confirms that...

At 1.9% Nebraska now has the lowest unemployment rate of any State, Ever

56% NYPD cops wish they never joined the force, says far-left policies 'absolutely destroying' NYC

Tesla server outage allegedly leaves owners unable to drive their cars

NBC Columnist: Parents 'Aren't Qualified' 'Should keep their noses out' of Education

Newport News Shipbuilding COVID-19 Vaccine Deadline suspended for employees

Florida continues to add jobs and workers, October report shows

Massive Freedom Rallies held across Australia

40% of TSA are Unvaccinated... Thousands of workers going to be to fire before the holidays?

Lack of Leadership... 88% of Americans are worried about inflation

Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted on all Charges

NYC School plans to sort kids by race for social justice programs

FL. Gov DeSantis signs legislation prohibiting COVID Vaccine Mandates in Florida

McCarthy delays Democrats'  Budget Vote w Record-Breaking Speech

Dem. CT Gov says COVID Booster need to be considered 'Fully Vaccinated'

Army Sec. says National Guard member who reject COVID-19 Vax, 'will be flagged' not permitted service

Ford enters partnership with GlobalFoundries to develop Computer Chips

New Mexico Democrat Gov. declares anyone who has not received a COVID Booster, not fully Vaxxed

Jordan Peterson: Gov. Advisor told me COVID rules based on Opinion Polls, Not Science

Nearly 1/3 of Healthcare Workers in US Hospitals still Not Vaccinated

Teacher at Illinois School has something to say

Judge in Rittenhouse case bars MSNBC from Courthouse after Jury Bus followed

FDA won't release information on Pfizer COVID Vaccine trials for another 55 Years

Fauci is essentially warning that Vaccinated Individuals are not fully protected

Fox News Hosts suggest Kamala Harris could be replaced as Vice President

UAW Union Employees vote to accept John Deere Contract

Whistleblower releases Video of Delaware county Penn. Election Officials destroying evidence/Ballots?

Situation update for Nov. 19th

Over $53M in Meth, Coke & Pot seized by Border Patrol in Texas

Zero Tolerance of Vaccine Mandates approved by New Hampshire Lawmakers

Zillow slapped w 1st Federal Lawsuit from Shareholders over Home-Flipping Business Flop

Carlson: Why did the people in charge let Kenosha be destroyed

Disney Cruise to require Children 5 and up to have COVID Vaccine

OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Vaccine Mandate after Court Block

Pelosi / Democrat reportedly seen Maskless, breaking Mask Mandate

US Housing starts Tumble for 2nd Straight Month as Homebuyer Sentiment Crashes

Illegal Immigrants would get $10.5B from Reconciliation Bill

CT. Elementary School taught about transgenderism, 'social justice standards'

12 More States sue Biden Administration over Vaccine Mandate

Officer finds Suspicious Pile of Bricks in Kenosha Back Area - Report

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul signs bill to require Utilities to use customer preferred names and pronouns

Two San Francisco Walgreens permanently close over retail crime

Fauci: 'There is misplaced perception about People's individual right to make a decision that...

Costco recalls Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Mix that may contain Metal or Glass

Tyson Foods plans further price hikes to offset inflation pressures

'The View' cuts of Jedediah Bila after sharing Accurate COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Outbreak Kills 8 Fully Vaxxed Residents, Dozens Infected at CT Nursing Home

When did the Doctors go from Heros to Zeros?

Hospital System that operates in 19 States blocked from Firing Workers over vaccine: Okla. AG

California average gas prices Hit all-time record High

Audi buys McLaren Automotive

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle:' Dirty Little Secret' about Inflation is People can afford it

Corporation imported Foreign workers to take US Manufacturing jobs over hiring qualified Americans

Ca. Group plans additional Rally against COVID Mandates

Used Tractor Prices Skyrocket amid Deere Strike

Most Millionaires would receive a tax cut under Democrats latest spending proposal

Rep. Jordan: 'Everything cost more because they have the Dumbest Economic Plan in History'

Fed. Appeals Court order Biden to Stop Mandatory Vaccine Policy

Steve Bannon released from Custody after appearing before judge

Mountain Bike National Title Winner Kyle Warner... Career over?

Record 4.4M Americans quit their Jobs in Sept. amid Vaccine, Mask Mandate

Kaiser Permanente Health reaches agreement, strike called off

Taiwan suspends 2nd round of Pfizer COVID Vaccine for Children due to Heart Problems

Loudon County Pharmacy gave the Wrong Vaccine to over 100 Children

16,000 Military Branch Service Member submitted Religious Exemption. from Vax... Zero request granted

Coffee Prices surge to 7-Yr High as Inflation hits Americans' Pocketbooks

Average New Car Price Soars to $46,000k

Kellogg Co. actively hiring, looking to replace 1,400 striking workers

Florida may withdraw from OSHA Oversight

Oklahoma National Guard won't impose Biden's Vaccine Mandate

All Florida School Districts defying DeSantis drop school Mask mandate

Alternative Musician drops another epic track

AZ School board had 'dossier' of Private Information on 'Wacko' Parents

Cardiologist who said he 'wont' cry at Funeral' for Unvaxed people, suddenly dies after 3rd Jab

Tim Pool speaks on current events

Pastor Franklin Graham developed Pericarditis after..

Cal's Football Players are 99% Vaccinated.....

Hershey to buy Dot's Pretzels for $1.2B

CA. Newsom extends COVID State of Emergency until March 31, 2022

LAPD advises City Residents to 'Cooperate and Comply' with Robbers

Biden Admin. sued by 11 Supply Chain Trade Groups opposing Employer Based Vaccine Mandate

US Households face Biggest Surge in Electricity Costs since 2009

Jordan Peterson slams COVID Tyranny:' F**ing leave me along'

Biden Banking Nominee wants to Bankrupt Oil, Gas and Coal Industries

Why are all theses Young Athletes dying?

Inflation surges to Highest Level in 30 Years

Worker Shortage at Sacramento Airport prompts closures, lines

Panera Bread plans to return to the Public Markets

PA Judges strike down School Mask Mandate

Germany EU Gov. to warn Young adults, Pregnant Women not to get Moderna Jab

VA School Board orders Libraries to remove 'Sexually Explicit' Books

Robinhood has a security breach , 7 Million accounts

DeSantis to unveil New Legislation Banning Employers from requiring Vaccinations

American Medical Association pushes Pro-Critical Race Theory Material

DoorDash plans to buy Finnish Food-Delivery company Wolt in $8B Deal

GE Stock soars after plan to split into 3 Publicly traded companies

Report: Certain Vaccinated NBA Players will have to submit to testing if they don't get booster

Producer Prices Soar at Record 8.6% Pace

Judge rules United Airlines can mandate vaccine for employees

Price Chopper and Tops Market complete merger

Most Truck Drivers will be exempt from Vaccine Mandates

FDA reports 100+ Drug Shortages Nationwide

PA. Gov. to give power to K-12 School Officials to enforce Mask Mandate Jan. 17

WH tells Businesses to ignore Federal Court Order and Implement vaccine mandate anyways

Hundreds of Thousands to go on Four Day Nationwide Strike over Vaccine Mandates

Buttigieg: Biden Admin to use Infrastructure Bill to address Racist Highway Design

Deere strike continues on.. 3+ weeks

FedEx CEO predicts 100M More Shipments this holiday compared to 2019

Used Car Market gets even more Bizarre

Individuals Reportedly from Proctor and Gamble warn about Company Vaccine Mandate

Vaccine induced Myocraditis in children has ?

Joe Biden explains the Higher Consumer Prices

Security Software Co. McAfee acquired for $14B

Admin. considers closing second Pipeline as Gas Prices Soar

Texas Sen. Cruz introduces Bill Prohibiting Vaccine Mandates for Minors

Sources: Gavin Newsom had a Major adverse reaction to Moderna Booster Shot? Where is he?

World's Largest Investment firms will need Permission to hire White men

Spire Gas Company warns St Louis Customers of potential outages this winter

Smith & Wesson already breaks ground in Tennessee after moving from Massachusetts

3 more teen deaths after COVID Jabs as reported injuries exceeds 850,000

US State w Highest Vaccination Rate reports Record 527 COVID-19 Cases

PETA calls for Dr. Fauci to resign

Energy Sec. Granholm laughing at fuel price concerns

Here's Everything America gets for $1.2 Trillion in Infrastructure Spending

Fed. Court of Appeals temp. blocks Biden's Vaccine Mandate

House Dems. pass massive $1.2T Infrastructure bill

13 Rep. voted with House Democrats to pass Infrastructure Bill

Nascar slams "Let Go Brandon" Chants, Threatens lawsuits against fans

Update:Newsmax Opposes Mandatory Vaccines

Unvaccinated Troops now threatened w losing all their Veterans Benefits

100,450,000: More than 100M not in Labor Force for 14th Straight Month, No Job, Not Looking

Peter Doocy ask Biden Spokeswomen a question.. must see

Several Virginia Counties voted to keep Civil War and Confederate Monuments

Biden Admin weighing shutting down Oil Pipeline in MI

Up to 14,000 Legal Permanent Residents of US remain in Afghanistan??

Some Dems still pushing to include IRS Monitoring Provision in Biden's spending Plan

Parents warn of fierce reaction if COVID shots imposed on kids

Biden admin considering Vaccine Mandate for Businesses w fewer than 100 Employees

Indiana Educator warns parents: We're lying about not teaching CRT..... Video Here

Gov. Gregg Abbott of Texas urges Cargo Ships to escape Cal. and reroute to his State

Mass Walkouts, Protests against Vaccine Mandates spread across US

Nancy Pelosi in April: 'We cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That's just not what we can do'

CDC Director Walensky stumbles when asked How Many CDC Employees are vaccinated

October Payrolls soar to 531k

Alaska Gov Dunleavy takes a stand against Vaccination mandates

OSHA Vaccine Mandate to hit Large Employers Jan 4

Tastykake Cupcakes recalled some brands of the cupcakes over possible metal fragments

Vaccine Stations in Grade Schools?

Children Covid Jab program to begin Nov. 8....

Sen Paul decries firing of Frontline Workers over Mandates.....Doctors / Nurses were used

School blocks Parents from attending Vaccine Drive for 5 year old students?

Something really strange is happening at Hospitals all over America

#StandWithDan trends on Twitter, Conservatives stand with Dan Bongino

The Daily Wire challenges Biden Vaccine Mandate

Something really strange is happening at Hospitals all over America

201,000 Illinoisans quit or left their jobs in August

Deere employees reject contract offer, will stay on strike

Minneapolis police ballot question rejected by voters

New Jersey Governor's Race... votes flipped?

Project Veritas: NJ Election Information

DoorDash adds emergency button as Protection for employees after driver feedback

Sugar Prices soar as Energy Crisis Boosts Ethanol Output

Truckers tried of taking blame for congestion crisis at California Ports

Gab CEO: Easy GOP Victory in Virginia meant to distract from 2020 Election, 'Do Not Forget'

Ford's new Custom Electric Pickup Truck is a blast from the past

Situation Update for Nov. 3

Soaring Wheat Prices are Raising Bread Costs

Voters punish Democrats for Leftward Shift

American Eagle acquires Robotic Logistics firm for $350 Million

Zillow seeks to sell 7,000 Homes for $2.8B after flipping Halt

Thousands report developing abnormal Tumors following...

General Motors temp. halts 2nd shift production at Kentucky Corvette Plant

Judge freezes deadline for Chicago Cops to get Vaccinated

American Airlines, others created the mess due to mandates.. now having to cancel flights

Study: American who received J&J Jab .. 3.5x more likely to develop rare blood clots

Tucker Carlson's Documentary 'Patriot Purge' Premieres

Bagged Salad recalled in 10 States after Positive Listeria Test

GM halts second Shift at Corvette Plant in Kentucky

Trump praises Rep. Glenn Youngkin on election day eye: "Flood the System and Get out and Vote'

FDA investigating reports of Teen Heart Problems caused by Moderna Vaccine

The US is now closer to a Dictatorship than a Democratic Republic

Ben Carson rips COVID Vaccines for Kids

Coca Cola buys full control of BodyArmor for $5.6B

US Coal Miners are 'Sold Out' for 2022

VA Election Director says Tuesday's Results may 'Have to wait until Friday' because of Mail in Votes

John Deere reaches agreement w Labor Union following Strike

Oil rises 11% in October as Stockpiles erode away

Parents object to these type of books in their School's Library

19 States Sue Biden Admin. over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Free Community College may be cut from Economic Package

Patriot Purge: Starting Today

ADL writes letter begging Fox News to stop Tucker Carlson's January 6 Documentary

Harvard Medical Professor: 'Don't Give Kids the COVID-19 Shot'

Inflation notches a fresh 30 Year High

Wisconsin Elections Commission holds emergency meeting on Nursing Home voting scam

Vaccinated just as likely to spread delta variant within household as Unvaxed: Study

NYC is turning into a complete mess. why are DeBlasio / Democrats so determined to shut down NYC? 

4 Shots may be need to protect against COVID.. will we see 5 shots ?

Biden Admin barred from firing Unvaccinated Employees after DC Judge issues injunction

Cigarette Sales increase for the first time in 20 years

Biden Admin. could pay illegal Immigrants Families separated at border...$450,000 per person 

VA: Glenn Youngkin up 8% over Dem. Terry McAuliffe in gov race poll

AT&T's 'Racial Re-Education Program' asserts "White People, you are the problem"

McDonald's jack up Menu Prices

Tragic: 28 yr old Bodybuilder dies "Unexpectedly" Four days after Moderna Vaccine

FDNY prepares to close 20% of Fire Companies, pull 1/5 of Ambulances as COVID deadline looms

Pending Home Sales fell unexpectedly in September, likely due to higher Mortgage Rates

Wisconsin Sheriff shows Massive Voter Fraud in 2020 Election ?

New Gender Option appears on US Passports

Ted Cruz grills Merrick Garland... must see video

Project Veritas: NJ Gov Murphy Senior Advisor...

Nursing Home Workers protest Job Cuts at St. Louis Facility

Coca Cola Foresees Product Shortages Next Year

Bongino off Radio this week over Vaccine Mandate

House Intelligence Committee calls for arrest and prosecution of Dr. Anthony Fauci ?

Largest NYC Police Union sues over COVID Mandate

Australian Teen Star rushed to hospital after Pfizer Vaccine



NY Gov. Hochul slammed for posing Maskless on Broadway

Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach to fine Shipping Companies for staying too long in Marine Terminals

Disney division hosting Drag Queen Story hour for employees Children

Missouri and Ohio School Board Associations leave National School Board Association

WH claims they are 'unfamiliar' with F Joe Biden and 'Let's Go Brandon' Chants

FDA Panel recommends Pfizer Vaccine for kids 5-11

Joe Rogan: Dr. Pierre Kory said 200 Members of Congress were treated w Ivermectin... ?? What

Loudon County is forcing Parents to sign form promising not to show anyone CRT Curriculum

NIH also funded Medical Experiments on...

Democrats new plan... Taxing Profits that don't exist

Great News: 'Dads on Duty' at Louisiana High School show America needs real Men

Thousands in NYC march against Mandates

Paypal abandons Pinterest takeover

Project Veritas: Senior Advisor reveals NJ Gov Murphy to impose Statewide COVID Mandates

Washington Gov. Inslee to mandate COVID Vaccination for all Private Business

NY New State Law lets workers propose cutting Hours instead of layoffs

Business Group ask WH to delay Biden COVID Vaccine Mandate until after holiday...

National School Board Association apologizes for letter to DOJ calling for Investigation of parents 

Shortages & Inflation are actually your Quality of Life being stolen right before your eyes

Tesla stock surges toward a record after Hertz reportedly ordered 100,000 Tesla EVs

CDC Director Walensky: 'There is a plan' to get unvaccinated workers 'Education and Counseling'

Biden FEMA rejects Texas Appeal for Emergency Aid for Border Crisis

Demand for Forensic Audits of 2020 Election in all 50 States rapidly gaining support

Alaska now Welcomes Police Officers who defy Vaccine Mandates

Yale Doctor: I'd Pull a Healthy Kid from school before

35 States will now require area codes when making local Telephone calls

Tesla hiked the price on two models by $5,000

Majority of Maryland Parents oppose Vaccine Mandates for Students, Teachers , Survey says

Louisiana High School Admin. COVID Vaccine to children w/o Parental Consent

4.7 Mag. Earthquake recorded off the Oregon Coast

NJ Gas Prices rise again just days after hitting 7 Year High

Fauci funded 'Cruel' Puppy Experiments?

Florida's Job Growth rate is 3x The National Rate

Record 80 Containers Vessels waiting off Southern California

Sad Story: 13 Year old volunteered for Pfizer Vaccine Trials...

185 Employees leave Los Alamos Nuclear Weapon Lab due to Vaccine Mandate, 153 on unpaid leave

"Walls don't work" ...but DHS pays over $455,000 to build 'security fence' around Biden's Beach Home

Fully Vaccinated... not quite. CDC says the definition of full vaccination could change in the future

Dr Steven Hotze warns about...

US Coast Guard monitoring adrift shipping containers off Pacific Coast

Sweden suspends Moderna Shot indefinitely after vaxxed Patients develop Crippling Heart Condition

College Students push back against Draconian Covid rules

NIH scrubs 'Gain of Function' definition from Website after Wuhan Bombshell, Rand Paul Vindicated

Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot creates a Police crisis, now calls for help.. Sheriff Depts. say NO

Actor Alex Baldwin fatally shoots cinematographer, injures director w Prop Gun? : Report

Shipping Cost Surge: $17,000 to ship container to California from Asia..up from $3,800 in 2020

National School Board Association apologizes for letter to DOJ calling for Investigation of parents 

Dr Steven Hotze warns about...

US Coast Guard monitoring adrift shipping containers off Pacific Coast

Sweden suspends Moderna Shot indefinitely after vaxxed Patients develop Crippling Heart Condition

College Students push back against Draconian Covid rules

NIH scrubs 'Gain of Function' definition from Website after Wuhan Bombshell, Rand Paul Vindicated

Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot creates a Police crisis, now calls for help.. Sheriff Depts. say NO

Walmart's Corporate workers will return to the office in early November

Biden says First Responders, Police who refuse Vaccine Mandates should be fired.....

Rep. Marhorie Taylor Greene introduces articles of impeachment against Biden

Pain at the pump, CA gas prices are sky high, one town at $8 a gallon

NASA Engineer think your safe.. nope here come the Vaccine Mandates

NYC Firefighters Defy Vaccine Mandate

NIH admits funding Gain-Of-Function COVID Experiments

750 GE Federal Contract workers walk out in protest over vax mandates in Ohio

A company called Apple.. will require unvax employees to test for COVID-19 Daily.. time to leave?

SEPTA transit union tells members to be ready for a strike

Nearly 1,900 Washington State employees quit or were fired over Vaccine Mandate

PayPal is in late-stage talks to acquire Pinterest

NYC De Blasio to require all NYC Public Workers to get vaccinated, No testing... Umm

WH detail plan to "Quickly" Vaccinate 28 Million Children age 5 - 11.........umm

US detained more than 1.7M Migrants at US/Mexico Border during 2021 fiscal year

Poll: Biden's Job Approval rating sinks to 37%

In-N-Out Burger tells San Francisco .'we refuse to become vaccination police'

Zillow pauses home buying in Austin, elsewhere until next year

Record number of container ships waiting to enter ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach

OSHA will not enforce policy that requires employers record their worker's adverse reaction to COVID Vax.

DHS Sec. Mayorkas test positive for coronavirus, he is fully vaccinated

Labor Strikes are exploding across the US amid Supply chain chaos, Vaccine Mandates

Southwest Airlines drops plan to put Unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave

203k Members of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union stand against forced vaccination

Statewide School walkout to protest California Gov. Newsom forced mandates

Dan Bongino gives Cumulus Radio On-Air Ultimatum

Miami private school says students who get COVID Vaccine must quarantine for 30 days

Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot caught breaking Mandate again ... does she not care?

Colorado Gov. says kids should lie and get COVID Vaccine w/o Parent

Chicago threatens to withhold retirement benefits from cops who retire rather than submit to Vax

Doctors can Prescribe Ivermectin, Hydroxychlorquine for COVID-19: Nebraska AG

Manufacturing Production falls by .7%, most since Feb.

2021 US Exports to China up 43% from 2019 level

County Music Star Travis Tritt cancels concerts at venues requiring Vax, Mask, Or testing

Base Metals surge as Energy Crisis knocks out more supply

Bojangles NC Triad Restaurants host in person hiring event Tuesday

Value is hiring people to review all 50,000 Steam games for Steam deck compatibility

Estimates that 3,200+ Chicago Police Officers are defying City Vaccine Reporting Mandate

AT&T to host hiring Event in Atlanta on Tuesday

New Rules force Navy Seals to pay back Training Money to Military if they refuse the Jab

16k Covid-19 Positive Migrants released into US by ICE, says Whistleblower

Fully Vaccinated Former SecState Colin Powell dies from COVID complications

San Francisco puts nearly 200 Unvax First Responders on leave...umm

US Treasury deputy Sec warns Unvaxxed Americans that shortages will continue until everyone is jabbed?

Virginia Tech to Limit Football Attendance, for daring to criticize.....

1,000 Netflix Employees are reportedly planning walkout protest

Police Unions in Major Cities across America are leading revolt against Vaccine Mandates

Allison Williams delivers tearful and powerful explanation why she is leaving ESPN

Immune System Functions are dropping ?

90% of San Diego Police Officers against Mandatory Vaccine

Delta Airlines forced its employees to take the COVID Vaccine, now it ditches COVID Vaccine Mandate

Investors are buying nearly 1 in 4 Homes

Factory Worker tells what happens w the 'Safety Man' told them no Jab, No Job

Ranchers launch effort to build own Meat Plants

McDonalds will trial its Fake Plant Based Meat in US

Pfizer Whistleblower newest interview

Courage is spreading across America

Plug Power CEO: Hydrogen Adoption will create 'lots and lots of jobs' in the US

Loudoun County VA Update: Family of alleged Rape Victim to sue school district

UAW strikes, Workers take to picket lines at Local Deere sites

How Bitcoin related ETF won SEC approval

Conservative Rocker Aaron Lewis destroys Democrats in epic rant

Nearly 40% of Cali State Workers are Unvaccinated.. is Newsom going to fire them all?

Girl 13, reaction after clinic administers Moderna COVID-19  Vaccine, instead of Pfizer

Joe Rogan puts CNN Doc Sanjay Gupta on spot over COVID risk to kids, Parents rejecting Vaccine

Pandemic wipes out Entire Savings of 20% of US Households

COVID Relief funds distributed to cities and states require....

Biden admin plans to Build Wind Farms to power 10M Homes

Chicago Police Union Chief tells Officers to ignore Vaccine mandate

Steven Crowder gets Suspended from YouTube

Florida COVID cases have plunged 88% in the past six weeks with NO Mandates

Boston suspends 812 City Employees due to Vaccine Mandate

Film, TV Workers Union says strike to start Monday?

TSA says 40% of Employees are unvaccinated, firing them all?

160k Illegal Immigrants released into US

In Texas, Employees fired for refusing Vax, demand their Jobs back

NBA Star gets Blood Clots, says from Jab..Ends his season?

Boeing requiring employees to get COVID Vaccine

UAW calls for Strike of Deere & Co., rejecting contract

Fed. Judge in Texas halts United Airlines enforcement of employee Vaccine Mandate

Inflation surges by most in 13 Years as Energy Prices Spike

DHS Mayorkas to help Illegals get Jobs, Higher Wages

Michael Burry drops Redpills in Epic Twitter Rant

Jen Psaki: Biden wants to use Pandemic to 'Make Fundamental change in our Economy' 

Pelosi doubles down on IRS Tracking Bank Accounts..

Father: Loudoun County Schools VA. hid Daughter's Bathroom Assault by Boy wearing a skirt

Boeing requiring employees to get COVID Vaccine

NY must allow Religious Exemptions to Vaccine Mandate, Judge rules

Gas Prices hits $5 in Manhattan

Biden spend 2.4B on Merck wonder drug, that has a 4,000% markup

New Jersey Gov. and Teachers busted not wearing Mask.. Why do you still wear them?

4.3M Workers quit their jobs in August, really?

Brent Crude Nears $85 as Global Energy Crisis Worsens

Kamala Harris Space video, had Child actors, all staged?

NYC's Unvaccinated Teachers need to waive right to sue... for 1 year of Health Benefits

Marine exposes possible punishment for refusing to follow Biden's Mandate

Lego vows to remove gender bias from Toys

Georgia Election workers fired for allegedly shredding Hundreds of Voter Reg. Applications

Texas Gov. Abbott issues executive order that bans vaccine mandates by 'all entities' in Texas

Report: School gave Laptops to kids during pandemic, then they spied on them?

Americans are paying as much as $2,100 more per year for necessities

Oil Prices Spike to Multi-Year Highs

Update: Southwest cancels 1,800 Flights after Pilots fight Vaccine Mandates

Not even One State Legislature has passed a Covid-Vaccine Mandate

Walmart, Target, other Large Retails are chartering Ships to bypass supply chain problems

Democrats press forward w Non Citizen Voting in Liberal States

Colorado State University threatens to arrest unvax students?

COVID-19 Vaccine given to Family w 2 kids ages 4,5 . Ped. Cardiologist says both kids show heart issues

Cotton Price just hit a 10-year high

6.2 Mag. Earthquake strikes southern coast of Hawaii

Newsom signs Law requiring Gender Neutral Toy Section at Large Retailers

New Report revels COVID -19 was....

Nonprofit Catholic owned Hospital denies Religious Exemptions to 650 employees for COVID Vax

L.A. Sheriff: 'I'm not forcing' My Officers to get the Vaccine

Court Sides w Unvaccinated Michigan Athletes in Mandate Case

Downtown San Francisco Empty as Office Workers move out

California law bans small-off road Gas Engines, Lawnmowers and Chainsaws

Southwest Airlines cancels 1,000 More Flights.. What is going on?

Seattle may fire 40% of Police Force over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Entrepreneur who regrets taking the Vaccine after serious side effects

Hundreds of Thousands of US troops are still not...

Florida Mom calls for 'Mass Exodus from Public Schools' to standing ovation

'That's a Lie': Biden falsely claims that vaccinated people 'cannot spread' COVID-19

New Pro Freedom Song

Anesthesiologist Escorted Out of UCLA Medical Plaza for Refusing to Get Covid Vaccine

Global Supply Chain Problems Escalate

Black School Shooting Suspect released on Bond?

Sept. Job report badly misses - +194,000

Americans spending an extra $175 per month on Food, Fuel, Housing

White House pushes for Vaccine Mandates across the Country

Elon Musk announces Tesla to move HQ to Austin

30% of American Airlines Pilots are not vaccinated, will they fire them all?

Vaccinated Vermont: 75% of Sept. Covid death were jabbed

Sweden and Denmark halt Moderna Vaccination on those under 30, due to Potential Side Effects

400 Workers quit large Michigan Health System over Mandate

US Desperate for Coal Miners to meet Soaring Global Demand

Vast Majority of Delta Variant deaths occurring in the "fully vaccinated"?

District Court Judge blocks Landmark Texas 'Fetal Heartbeat' Abortion Law

Hollywood Stagehands vote Overwhelmingly for Authorization to strike

James O'Keefe New Release Video

Healthcare in American - University of Colorado Hospital System will no longer provide...

Mexican Official says most Haitian migrants aren't refugees

Man dies from COVID-19 after Hospital rejects Court order for Ivermectin: Report

Home Depot hires Walmart delivery Drivers to drop off paint and more to Customers' Doors

Facing Forced COVID Shots, Students are withdrawing from College

IAC Dotdash expected to purchase Meredith Corporation

AG Garland's Family getting rich selling Critical Race Theory Material to Schools

Norwegian Cruise Line set to launch full fleet by April

Tucker: Your Children, Our rules

Workers at Kellogg's Cereal Plants go on Strike

Volvo recalls more than 460k Cars globally over fatal airbag issue

Pfizer Scientist: 'Your Antibodies are probably better than the Vaccination' - Project Veritas

Kaiser Permanente suspends 2,200 over vaccine Mandate... Why work at a place that "hates you"

DOJ Creates Task Force to Silence Parents Critical of Public School Boards

Joe Biden speech in Michigan

Epic: 427,000 Parents respond to National School Board Association label them 'Domestic ...

Northwell Health fired 1,400 workers, No longer Heroes

ESPN Host forced to get COVID Vaccine, now Suspended & COVID Positive

Yellen defends IRS rule requiring banks to report all transactions over $600

Cali. now bans State Funded Travel to 1/3 of America

Francis Collins, Longtime head of NIH to resign



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