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May 25 , 2022

May 24  , 2022

May 23 , 2022

Best Buy 1Q Sales Top Market Views; Earnings Fall

Stacey Abrams calls Georgia the 'Worst State in the Country'

NYPD puts 4,650 Vaccine Firing on hold?

State Farm accused of pushing LGBTQ+ Books on Kids

NSBA letter drafts called for National Guard and Military to be deployed

Starbucks will exit Russia closing 130 Cafes

GOP Rubber Stamps Biden's $900M for more Immigration from Ukraine

Broadcom in talks to acquire Cloud Company VMware



Posobiec detained at Davos Event 

Democrats' Gas Price Gouging Bill could lead to 1970s Gas Lines

Ukrainian leaders rules out ceasefire, will not end fighting, war continues

Biden: US would send Military if China were to invade Taiwan

Pathetic... Shipment of Baby Formula arrives from Europe, wont be on Store Shelves

Supreme Court could rule on Roe v. Wade on Monday... Admin braces for violence after decision

US Automakers forced to hike prices due to rising Raw material costs

Electric Vehicles really are "Green"- Electric Vehicle makers are jacking up prices up 23% since Feb 2021

Zelenskyy warns of coming Food Crisis - 10 Week away

Plants need Carbon Dioxide to survive.. So Biden funds $3.5B to remove Carbon Dioxide out of Air?

Of Course... Philly Schools will again require Face Mask for all Starting Monday



Reason to Homeschool # 2988

Disney Launches lgbtq Clothing line for Children and Older

Biden back WHO Treaty would yield United States Public Health Powers to UN

Biden admin adds $100 Million in arms for Ukraine on top of $40 Billion aid package

Ford recalling some SUVs over Fire Risk

'76' Gas Station Chain Reprograms Washington State Pumps for $10 a Gallon

135+ Teachers , Aides have been arrest and charged w Child Sex Crimes in 2022 alone

"Build Blackouts Better": Half of America Faces Power Blackouts this Summer: Regulator warns

Harley-Davidson suspends production in York County Pa. Factory

Spirit Airlines urges shareholders to reject JetBlue's tender Offer

Turkey say it will vote NO on Sweden, Finland NATO Bids

Volkswagen announces $3,000 Bonus for Workers and New Hires

Dem. Witness at Judiciary Committee Abortion Hearing says Men can get Pregnant / have Abortions

Anti-Abortion hearing leave Democrat Lawmaker a stuttering Mess

Mexico's Shelves are stocked with Baby Formula amid U.S. Shortage

Californians likely to see water conservation mandates take effect in June


May 1   -  May 23 , 2022
April 11   -  April 30   , 2022 March 17   -  April 10   , 2022

Chicken Wing Chain Wingstop may raise its own chickens to control costs

Diesel Prices surge has New England Fishing Industry Reeling

Biden raid on Critical Strategic Petroleum Reserve leaves lowest Level in 35 Years

Florida Homeowners Insurance  policies dropped

Target shares sink after company says High Costs, Inventory woes hit profits

Florida Homeowners Insurance  policies dropped

Rep. Sen. Cynthia Lummis apologizes after affirming the existence of 'two sexes' as scientific truth

Carvana banned from doing business in Illinois over Registration, Title issues

Buc-ee's opens first SC Location

Biden's 'Disinfo' Board Paused, 'Scary Poppins' Drafts Resignation

National Border Patrol Council Pres. predicts 230,000 Migrants will be released in US next month

Russian Energy Company shuts off Electricity to Finland

US Media begin calling to expel Turkey from NATO as Finland, Sweden seek entry

Verizon raises fees for Wireless Service, add new charge for businesses

Project Veritas new video from Senior Engineer at Twitter

Starbucks to cover employees' Travel expenses for abortions, gender-affirming surgeries

Health Care costs for retired Americans expected to surge next year

South Carolina bans Biological Males from Women's Sports Teams

JetBlue launches Hostile takeover for Spirit

Disney's Favorability Rating Plummets 53 points in 1 year

20 European Gas Buyers open Ruble accounts for Payments

Judge orders Indiana School to allow Female Student Transgender to use Boys' Bathroom

Varieties of Starburst, Skittles and Life Savers Gummies recalled

Study finds 'Positive Correlation' between Higher-Mask Usage and covid-19 deaths

3 Automakers reinstate Mask Mandate at some Michigan Facility....shut them down?

McDonald's to exit Russia after more than 3 decades

Dinesh D'Souza talks election integrity from American Freedom Tour

Reason to Homeschool # 1892

Mom reads Book available to Students... School Board cuts her off..... why???

Supply Chains: XPO Logistics CEO 'can't say the economy is super strong'

Biden admin knew the Baby Formula Shortage was coming in February

Zelenzkyy signs law this weekend, banning Opposition Parties and Seizing their property

House Lawmakers can now order Booze deliveries straight to their offices.. w taxpayer funded MRA's?

Bidenflation sends consumer sentiment crashing to lowest level in over a decade

House of Rep. to give staff free Peloton Memberships, costing taxpayers

Samsung in talks to hike Chipmaking Prices by up to 20%

Growing Number of covid-19 deaths among Vaccinated People: Federal Data

S. California fire torches Million-dollar coastal homes as blaze continues to grow

Kathy Barnette soars in the PA Polls - People believe she's sincere

Senator Rand Paul stalls uniparty Bill giving $40B in more funding to Ukraine

'Major Grain Explosion' at Peoria's former ADM Plant

Reason to Homeschool # 9231

Florida Gas Prices soar to New Record High

Illegal Immigrants first to get 'Pallets' of Hard to Find Baby Formula

American's Diesel supply on verge of Catastrophic collapse

Microsoft pledges abortion and gender transition benefits for employees and their dependents

Reason to Homeschool # 4877

Biden decides to cancel Oil and Gas lease sales in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico

Wholesale Inflation rose 11% in April as producer prices keep accelerating

House passes Bill for $40B in Ukraine Aid....

Military Doctors can't trust DOD Medical database after covid vax injuries scrubbed?

Grocery Store prices up 10.8%, most in nearly 42 yrs

Tesla recalls 130,000 cars for overheating infotainment systems

Biden signs bill that aims to streamline U.S. Military aid to Ukraine

Report: 1 in 4 Electric Vehicle charging stations in San Francisco out of order

Costco ends Mortgage program Membership perk

New Orleans mayor launches guaranteed income program for teens?

Congress vote on nearly $40B in additional Ukraine funding, no # for US borders

Congress waiting 2 weeks to schedule hearing on Formula Shortages

Consumer Prices up 8.3% in April

Gas Prices reach New Record High

Taco Bell launches 'Drag Brunch' Events at US Locations

Biden signs bill that aims to streamline U.S. Military aid to Ukraine

Report: 1 in 4 Electric Vehicle charging stations in San Francisco out of order

Costco ends Mortgage program Membership perk

Target collaborates w 'Queer- owned' brand to sell Chest binders...

Dinesh D'Souza's '2000 Mules' Movie alleging voter fraud, makes $1M on Streaming Sites

Largest Cryptocurrencies fall as Cardano plunges

NY Gov. Hochul is vaccinated and boosted.... tests positive for covid-19

Target, CVS, Walgreens impose baby formula purchasing limits due to shortage

Grid operators warn of electricity shortage amid switch to renewable: report

Parents hunting for Baby Formula as Shortage Spans US

Ford is selling 8 Million shares of EV Maker Rivian, sources say

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is qualified for reelection, Judge rules

ABC's 'The View' Sunny Hostin calls Black Republicans an 'Oxymoron'

DeSantis authorizes largest tax relief in Florida History

California says it needs more power to keep the lights on

Scottsdale School - Parents who discovered secret dossier compiled to silence their speech announces lawsuit

Migration from Big Cities boosts housing prices in smaller markets

Biden announces additional $150M in Ukrainian Military aid

Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers: Credit Card debt way up

Boeing to move Headquarters from Chicago to Virginia

Dinesh D'Souza and True the Vote provide answers / evidence on 2020 election

Worker output fell 7.5% in the first quarter, the biggest decline since 1947

Gov. Newsom lashes out at Pro-Lifers, says Men cannot get Pregnant...... what?

Teachers brags about LGBT Indoctrination

Passengers say 100 people test Positive for covid-19 on Carnival cruise

Biden says War in Ukraine is good for American Jobs...

Customers concerned over Vision Home Builders closing

Liberal Group calls for protests at Conservative Supreme Court justices' homes

Levi Strauss & Co. endorses abortion as 'Critical' to women's progress

MIT study finds covid vaccine 'significantly associated' w jump in emergency heart problems

Fed raises rates by 1/2 a percentage point, Biggest hike in two decades

Reason to Homeschool # 9356 - All Oregon schools to put 'Menstrual Products' in Boys bathrooms

Supreme Court leaker could be disbarred but likely won't face charges

New Ca. Program lets 1st Time Homebuyers borrow down payment at 0% Interest

Disney funds an organization...

US Imports from Russia increased in first month after Ukraine Invasion

Starbucks counters unions w $1 Billion Investment in workers

Food Processing Plant Saladino's Plant in Fresno California... Fire damage

'Leftists have suddenly realized what a Women is again!

CA. Democrats allow Gas Tax to rise 3 Cents per Gallon on July 1

Pope admits NATO likely provoked Putin's Invasion

Ukraine says no Peaceful Solution is possible....?

Tucker: This is why Democrats are taking us to war with Russia

GOP Congressman looks to strip Disney of No-Fly Zones over theme parks

1,000 Workers go on strike at CNH Industrial Equipment maker

Liberals suffer meltdown over leaked Supreme Court draft

Violent 11 Year old girl is terrorizing unsuspecting people in Boston..Cops know about it, do nothing

Reason to Homeschool # 4210

Who leaked the Supreme Court Opinion?

Reason to Homeschool #7255

US suffers decline in Natural Gas Production as Countries seek Russian Alternative

Versant Power is installing more than 100,000 smart meters, You can opt out

Samantha Power says 'catastrophic' food shortages are an opportunity to implement left-wing policies

Amazon offers US Workers $4,000 reimbursement for out of State Abortions

Pelosi meets with Poland's President after Kyiv visit

DHS expecting up to 18k Migrants daily once Title 42 is lifted: Mayorkas

Price of Diesel hits all-time high, straining the trucking industry

Chesapeake Fire responds to industrial fire at Perdue Farms Facility

House GOP introduces bill to terminate Biden's 'Disinformation Governance Board'

Patients treated w Pfizer's Paxlovid experience second round of covid-19 shortly after recovering

Reason to Homeschool #2542

Millions of bees en route to Alaska die after Delta Airline Shipping Mishap

Atlantic City Dealers' Union backs Casino Smoking Ban

Ford Explorer SUVs recalled as they can roll away, even while in park

Why we "suddenly" have a Minister of Truth in America

Biden admin talks about using Veterans Affairs resources to treat migrants at southern border

Apple shares dip after Cook warns of a possible $8B hit from supply constraints

First Shipment of Russian Coal Paid in Yuan on its way to China

Chip Roy rips into Secretary Mayorkas, Administrations Immigration Policy

Biden to ban Incandescent Light Bulbs

FDA releases plan to ban Menthol in Cigarettes, Cigars

Biden tells Teachers: Children are 'yours when they're in the Classroom'

Hy-Vee wants 500 Office employees to move to retail jobs, citing 'Economic Challenges'

Millions must cut Water use in drought-stricken California

Illegal Aliens in US up to 1M under Biden, Total 15.5M, Costing Taxpayers $143.1 Billion a Year

Rep. pushing to impeach DHS Secretary over growing border crisis: Report

Biden wants another $33B to help Ukraine.... how much to help protect US southern Borders?

Drought: Severe Water restrictions begin in Southern California

New Magnet Facility breaks ground in Texas to address supply chain

Ford loses $3.1 Billion, hit by investment and chip shortage

San Francisco has spent Billions to end Homelessness and it's been a total disaster

Sheriffs Shocker: 'No Border Left'

Four European Gas Buyers Fold to Russia demands, Pay for Gas in Rubles

Chuck Schumer: 'Only Way' to reduce inflation is to 'Raise Taxes' & undo Trump Tax Cuts

Gas Greed: California to raise Taxes despite having highest in nation

Study: Recycling and Storing EV Batteries will be a 'Huge Issue'

Twitter's Top Lawyer cried during Meeting about Elon Musk Buyout: Report

Ukraine Zelenskyy demands 'Global control' over Russia's Nuclear Capabilities

Biden reportedly nearing announcement on Federal Student Debt "Cancellation"

Russia halts Gas delivery to Poland and Bulgaria?

Over 60 Tons of Ground Beef recalled due to possible E. Coli Contamination

Biden slashes Millions of acres eligible for Oil Drilling in Alaska

Two Dayton Ohio area defense contractor companies adding 310 new Jobs

Why many employers have ditched 4 year Degree requirements

DeSantis signs Election Integrity Bill

Court Temporarily blocks Biden Admin from lifting 'Title 42'

Vaccinated up to 15x more likely than unvaxxed to develop Heart Inflammation: Study

Why many employers have ditched 4 year Degree requirements

Ukraine bans Crypto Purchase in Local Currency

Ford expects Combustion Engine Production to continue "until 2040"

Most Identify Economy as the Top Issue determining how they will vote in future elections

US rent prices reach record high as buyers pushed out of market

California Lawmakers propose 4 Day Workweek

What's going on with all these food processing plant disasters?.. Tucker Carlson reports

Canceling Student Loan Debt 'Still on the Table' WH says

Court Advances effort to block GOP Candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene from appearing on Ballot

Libs of Tik Tok's Popularity Skyrockets after WaPo's failed dox - and smear campaign

Philadelphia ends its reinstated indoor mask mandate after just 4 days

Asian - Americans are bolting from the Democratic Party

Best Buy recalling several Air Fryers due to fire and burn risks

LA County reinstates Mask Mandate aboard public transit

CDC asks DOJ to appeals lifting of Mask Mandate "To Protect Public Health"

DeSantis signs Bills into Law that strips Disney of Special Powers, Blocks CRT in Schools

Reason to Homeschool #2365

Tenn. Rep. remove Morgan Ortagus , others from ballot

Florida Legislature votes to strip Disney Self-Government

Coinbase launches NFT Marketplace

Florida Senate passes Bill dissolving Disney's Special District

Reason to Homeschool #6245

GE Refrigerators from Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot are being recalled, Handles are detaching

Port Authority continues forced Masking at NY Airports

Illegal Immigrants from Mexican Drug Cartel nabbed w 20k Fentanyl Pills near Detroit

Labor and Cement Shortage causing 'Perfect Storm' industry expert warns

Feds could limit water flow to Arizona, other western states

Verizon raising Minimum wage to $20 an hour for US Employees

Gov. Youngkin sells out Virginia Children to Google

Germany facing Price Hikes for a Decade, warns top Economist

Stellantis stops production in Russia

Reason to Homeschool #7453

Verizon raising Minimum wage to $20 an hour for US Employees

Gov. Youngkin sells out Virginia Children to Google

Germany facing Price Hikes for a Decade, warns top Economist

Stellantis stops production in Russia

Reason to Homeschool #7453

DeSantis calls on legislature to target Disney's Self Governing Special Status: 'Termination'

Netflix stock plummets roughly 25% following report of 200,000 Lost Subscribers

National Grid pushes back on all Electric NY

Homeowner groups seek to stop investors from buying houses to rent

WaPo's Taylor Lorenz attacks Libs of TikTok

Jen Psaki Cries: Anti-Groomer Law 'Makes me completely crazy'

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra confirms vaccines are..

Blackstone group buys American Campus Communities

Oil from Biden's Emergency SPR Release is heading for Europe

Judge declares Federal Public Transportation Mask Mandate unlawful

Thousands of California Grocery Workers ratify new contract

Postal Service Ok'd to change parcel delivery standards

Home Appraisal notices arriving w 'Sticker Shock' for many

Price of Corn hits 9 Year High as surges in Commodities continues

Shanghai's Latest COVID Lockdowns

The next Supply Chain shockwave

Natural Gas Prices continue to trade at a nearly 14 year high

Illinois now providing Illegal Immigrants with free healthcare

TSA will not enforce covid mask mandate on planes, public transit

NYC Businesses will be required to publish salary ranges on Job ads..

ilhan omar mocks worship service, 'Why do you hate Christians?'

Ever Forward container Ship stuck in muddy bottom of Chesapeake Bay for over a month finally freed

Fully Vaccinated Australia now seeing massive rise in "Unexplained Heart Attacks"

Biden resumes oil and gas leases on federal land at dramatically lessened scale

Reason to Homeschool #574

Tesla will no longer include a mobile charger w new Vehicle purchases

Homeschooling numbers remain highly elevated

MSNBC Mika - It's our Job to control how People think..not Elon Musk's

CF Industries warns that Fertilizer rail shipments are now being halted during spring planting

Amazon CEO says not adding cryptocurrency as payment option anytime soon

Customers face inflation 'Challenge' as restaurant feels financial crunch: Dickey's Barbecue Pit CEO

MSNBC Mika - It's our Job to control how People think..not Elon Musk's

'To Anyone seeking Abortion Care, know your Welcome in New York' Gov. Kathy Hochul

California State Senate pulls bill Forcing covid-19 shots for School Kids

WH extends Student Loan Pause through Aug. 21, talks of Canceling Debt?

NY Times Op-Ed on Holy Weekend: Lets get rid of God

WH extends Student Loan Pause through Aug. 21, talks of Canceling Debt?

University of Oklahoma hosts 'Drag Queen Story Hour' for kids as young as 2 ?

Russia warns US of 'unpredictable consequences' amid latest arms shipment to Ukraine: Report

Mothers Rage at the Defeat the Mandates Rally in Los Angeles

Disney insider says Company is receiving 'Overwhelming' # of negative phone calls: Report

Reason to Homeschool #6232

Mortgage rates reach 5% for first time in over a decade

College Students are smart.......

Toyota recalls 460,000 vehicles as software issue can impact stability control system

Amid inflation and worker shortages, Small Businesses pessimistic about the future

Questions answered?

Kentucky Legislature overrides Dem. Governor's Veto passes 15 Week Abortion Ban

Ron DeSantis bans Late-Term Abortions in Florida

College of Holy Cross is 90%+ vaccinated but has spent $7.2M+ on covid tests?

Elon Musk no longer Twitter's Largest shareholder after another buyer ups its stake in the company

New Mexico is paying College Tuition fo

Elon Musk makes $43B offer to buy Twitter

Price of Gasoline up 48% in a year

First Texas Bus drops off migrants blocks from US Capital in DC

Horowitz: NH Senate passes bill that could empower Hospitals to arrest Family who dare disagree w Doc.

Poll shows Americans turn back on Disney, DeSantis taking action to embolden Parents

Amazon adds 5% Fuel and Inflation surcharge to certain seller fees

Biden approves $800 Million in Artillery, Helicopters for Ukraine... How much for US/Mexico border?

Bed Bath & Beyond posts disappointing results

Oklahoma Gov. signs Law banning nearly all abortions

Supplier Prices rose 11.2% from a year ago in March, the biggest gain on record

25+ Months to slow the spread - CDC extends Travel Mask Mandate for another 15 days

New York Lt. Gov Brian Benjamin arrested in campaign finance scheme

Lithium prices - $115.80 per Ton in September 2020, $1045.90 a Ton in March 2022

CNN+ reportedly draws fewer than 10,000 Daily Viewers

Sen. Krysten Sinema calls for increased US oil Production

Founder of Home Depot says Biden 'worse than Jimmy Carter'

March Inflation rate soars to 8.5% under Joe Biden

Once a retail giant, Kmart down to 3 Stores after NJ Closing

Mass Migration puts strain on Southern Border

Today's 30-year Mortgage rates dip back below 5%

Biden Infuriates Environmentalists, Oil Refiners by allowing more Ethanol in Gas to lower prices

Report: Twitter's woke staff 'Super Stressed' by Elon Musk Chaos

Food Inflation has now reached 12.6% per month

Datto to be acquired by Kaseya for $6.2B

Etsy sellers go on strike as site increases fees on creators

Linkedin Disables Air Force Vet's Account after criticizing Loan Forgiveness

California, New York handled COVID-19 lockdowns the worst, Florida among the best

Jack Posobiec locked out for tweeting...

Texas dispatches buses to border to send illegal migrants to Joe Biden in Washington DC

Emory University limits Internet Access for Unboosted Students.... because they care ?

Biden could bring 30k Illegal Aliens to US Border everyday with end of Title 42

Kraken shuts down Global HQ because 'San Francisco is not safe'

Chip undersupply to last until 2024, say Volkswagen CFO: Report

9,000+ US Flights Delayed, 1,100+ Canceled Fri-Sat.

769 Athletes have collapsed while competing over the past year

Matt Gaetz calls to end Disney $600 Million 'Tax Cheat' Loophole

Palladium, Platinum soar after London Market Blocks Russian Products

Tucker Carlson: "Deeply Disturbing" Content being pushed on Schoolchildren

Walgreens starts rationing Baby Formula as Shortage Worsens

Texas starts dispatching Charter Buses to the Southern Border to transport Illegals to D.C

US Consumer credit growth soars in Feb. at highest rate in 20 Years

Democrats block Subpoena for Hunter Biden to testify before Congress

Psaki insist 'Gender-Affirming Health Care' for Kids is a 'Best Practice'

Reason to Homeschool #487

The Most Vaccinated US Counties also have the most COVID cases: CDC

Walmart says its raising truckers' pay to $95,000 - $110,000 in first year

Amazon plans to object to union win in New York

Lighten load from Massive cargo ship in attempt to free Ever Forward from Chesapeake Bay

Appeals court reinstates Biden Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate

Democrat success story in NYC - Crime jumps 36.5%

L.A. County Votes to ban official travel to Florida, Texas over LGBTQ policies

Alabama Senate passes Transgender Bathroom Restrictions Bill

Gov. Abbott: Texas Military to begin Mass Migration Response Drills

Dave & Buster's to buy Main Events for $835M

Healthcare in American - Let a 9 Year old die.. Hospital refuses Father-Son Kidney Transplant over COVID Jab

Forecasters predict 19 named storms for Atlantic Hurricane season

Americans want Trump back in 2024, including a whopping 1 in 5 Democrats

Trump endorses Marjorie Taylor Greene, six others

Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed to Supreme Court

Puerto Rico plunged into Darkness after Power Station Fire

German Lawmakers reject Mandatory Vaccination Bill in latest blow to Chancellor Scholz

Democrats defend Teaching Gender Ideology to Kindergarteners

Pinterest becomes first Social Platform to ban Climate Change Misinformation

Zelensky demanded Russia removal from UN Human Right Council...... Russia Suspended

FL. Gov. DeSantis signs 'No Patient Left Alone Act' into law

Biden FEC nominee admits her name is on Legal Document attesting .....

Alaska Airlines goes woke w Gender Neutral uniforms, personal pronoun pins

Surging Interest Rates push mortgage demand down more than 40% from a Year ago

Washington Post admits NATO wants to Prolong War in Ukraine.....

Intel to suspend Business in Russia

Joe Rogan reveals that woke 'Anti-Racist' ideology was pushed on his 9 year old child in Ca. School

Democrat NYC is a mess

Cash App breach impacted over 8 Million Users

Apple lobbies Corporate world to denounce bills protecting Children from Body-altering Procedures

White House to extend the student loan moratorium once again

Fully Vaxxed and Boosted Adam Schiff tests Positive for COVID-19

Spirit shares surges 20% after news of JetBlue acquisition offer

DirecTV to drop OANN Tuesday despite Pressure

Amber Athey fired from Radio Station after joke about Kamala Harris Outfit

NYC Mom who criticized Mayor Adams' Toddler Mask Mandate fired from City Position

California City to give Universal Income to Transgender, Nonbinary Residents?

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signs law Legalizing Abortion up until the Moment of Birth

Zelensky demands Russia be expelled from UN Security Council

Biden Admin. ends COVID-19 for Illegal Migrants before regular Americans

European Markets nixed as US halts Russian Bond Payments

Satellite Photo show Mass Grave in Ukraine? Russia Denies Involvement

Mask Wearing has left a Generation of Toddlers struggling w Speech and Social Skills

Hate Crime? Hoax at High School in Sacramento Ca. - 2 Black female students write Racial Slur

Oil Drilling execs call out Biden's gas price blame game: 'We can be energy Independent again'

Biden's Mass Migration plan offers 'Broadscale Release Mechanisms'

New York set to ban Natural Gas in new Building.. good thing Electricity is free and doesn't pollute at all

Biden admin agencies refuse to answer 'What is a Women?'

EV Startup Polstar signs deal to supply up to 65,000 Vehicles to Hertz

Elon Musk just took a 9.2% Stake in useless Twitter

Apple demands States enact laws to bolster grooming efforts in schools / destroy Women Sports



Pete Buttigieg: Get used to crushing Gas Prices until we achieve 'Clean Energy' independence

Disney is expanding the company's dealing in 10 Countries w explicit anti-gay laws

Travel Chaos as US Airlines cancel 3,500+ Flights over Weekend

NYC will continue forced Masking of Children under 5 years old, abuse of power continues?

German Retailers to increase food prices by 20-50% on Monday

California has $600M in unclaimed can, bottle deposits

Alaska Airlines cancels more than 70 Additional flights as Pilot Shortage continues

Russia threatens to limit vital Agri Supply to 'Friendly' Countries only

Harris Faulkner skewers Disney for trying to take away 'innocence for our Children'

Median Home Prices hit Record $405k in US: Report

NYC is a joke....NYC "top" Health Official refers to white women as 'birthing people'

Iowa House passes Bill requiring Schools to Post Curriculum Materials Online for Parent Review

New Vehicles must average 40 MPG by 2026 up from 24 MPG

Georgia set to become 25th State w 'Constitutional carry' law in major win for gun-rights activists

Judge strikes down NY's Toddler Mask Mandate

L.A. County to launch $1,000 Per Month Guaranteed Income Program

Gazprom Halts Gas Shipments to Europe via Critical Pipeline

OPEC refuses to increase oil output as US announces massive release of crude reserves

Winsome Sears: Americans know Biden is to Blame for High Gas Prices

Ford recalls 737,000 Vehicles to fix Oil, leaks, Trailer brakes

Report: Jen Psaki leaving White House for NBC's Peacock streaming platform

GM recalling 628k Vehicles because Windshield wipers can fail

DeSantis says Disney should be stripped of 'Special Privileges' that allow self governance

Putin gets his way on Rubles-for-Energy Demand

Honda, Acura to sell certified 10-Year old used cars

Reason to Homeschool #974

Wake Forest Univ. stands w Med Student who boasted about abusing patients for their Political..

GameStop plans a Stock Split; Shares Soar

US Economy added 431,000 Jobs in March, Unemployment fell to 3.6%

Postal Service's new Dimensional Surcharges could pack a wallop

Passport suppose to be secure? Biden applauds launch of new 'X' Gender marker

'100 Percent' Vaccinated Cruise Ship hit with COVID-19 Outbreak

Russian Palladium and Platinum - too important to Sanction

Biden's lowering Gas Prices by emptying our Emergency Reserves

Putin signs Decree ordering Gas Exports to be halted if buyers don't pay in Rubles

Fox News hires Caitlyn Jenner as a Contributor

Over 60,000 voters on NC rolls are dead, registered twice or enrolled in other state, report warns

The CDC is being sued by 21 States, led by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

"Put on your Seatbelts" : BlackRock CEO warns over 'Scarcity Inflation'

Teacher would rather get fired than obey Florida Law saying School must inform parents about children...

Ruble edges closer to clawing back all its post-invasion decline

AP: Joe Biden will drop Title 42 Border Protection

Robinhood extends trading hours from 7am to 8pm

Kellogg's Workers win big raises after spate of strikes

Austin Airport warns of Jet-Fuel Shortage as it see rush of travelers

Disney Executives admit they are pushing 'Gay Agenda'

Washington entacts plan to ban non-electric cars by 2030

FDA Authorizes 4th Pfizer and Moderna COVID  Vaccine doses for people age 50 and older

The Gov. is set to execute 1.5 Million Hens and Turkeys

Reason to Homeschool #3745

Border Patrol chief says US on track to hit 1M Migrant encounters in 6 months as crisis accelerates

Biden pitches largest Tax Hike in history as part of $5.8T budget request

United Health to buy Home Health Firm LHC Group for $5.4B

Foreign Investment Firms are buying Substantial Amount of US Homes - one firm 800 a month

Modesto based Save Mart supermarkets sold to Los Angeles private equity firm

Chicago Mayor talks about defunding the police, while having a 71 Person Police Unit protecting her

India and Russia working to launch a Rupee-Ruble trade agreement

New Balance bulks up Manufacturing presence in US

Facui: American should be ready for Possibility of a 'more rigid type of restrictions'

Russia said it will cut back on operations near Kyiv?

NYC not considering to rehire Unvaccinated workers

Heart Issues Detected Months after COVID-10 Vaccination: Study

Ties to Ukraine Biolabs get fresh scrutiny

Reason to Homeschool #375

Florida's DeSantis signs Parental Rights in Education bill, hits back at Hollywood critics

Zelensky says seeking peace 'without delay' in latest round of talks w Russia

Soaring Cotton Prices could mean clothing is about to get more expensive

1 in 5 Businesses were closed in January, Meta survey finds

Madison Cawthorn talks about 'DC elites' having ***** and doing ***** ?

Kremlin threatens to halt supply - G 7 Ministers reject "Unacceptable" demand to pay for gas in Rubles

NBA Player Kyrie Irving says the unvaccinated need to 'stand together'

Horowitz: Moderna pushing High dose shot for babies who are in no danger from COVID

Bay Area Businesses left w Unpaid Bills after Startup Zero Grocery Shuts down

Colorado wildfire forces evacuation of more than 19,000 residents

Kavanaugh joins Libs, setting stage for Biden to expel unvaxed Seals from Navy

New Florida law requires High School Students to take Financial literacy course

Walmart stops Cigarette sales in some US Stores :WSJ

Nearly 50,000 California grocery workers vote to authorize strike

Cali. Gov. Newsom appoints first openly Transgender Judge to bench........

Ukraine Zelenskyy - accuses The West of lacking courage in the fight

Scientist currently developing Controversial "Contagious Vaccines"

Dredging underway to free 1000-foot grounded cargo ship in Chesapeake Bay

WH rushes to clean up Disastrous remarks Biden made about Putin during Speech

COVID cases increases at Highly Vaccinated Cornell University

Three States suspend Gas Taxes

Housing Market: Pending Home Sales fall for fourth straight month

Untapped Domestic Energy - Only 2,500 of 90,000 US Dams are generating Electricity

Reason to Homeschool #765

State Lawmakers spent COVID pandemic money on new Hotels, Baseball Stadiums, and Ski Slopes

PA Supreme Court prevents Senate Audit of Dominion Voting Machines in State

GM to halt truck production at Fort Wayne for two weeks

Uber reaches Deal to list all NYC Taxis on its app

Biden warns of 'Real' Food Shortage following sanctions on Russia

US ends Aluminum and Steel Tariffs w Britain

Tucker responds to Twitter Banning him: 'The Point is to make the rest of us repeat a lie'

Biden changes stance on sanctions, now say they 'never' deter

Patreon joins the cancel culture.. removes BlazeTv Host's account over 'hate speech'

Honda announces 3 new cars

Gov. Newsom announces details of Gas rebate proposal that would send $400 to vehicle owners

Wall Street bonuses climb to record $257,500 per worker last year

House Dems. push Biden to extend Student Loan freeze through the of the Year

NYC Mayor Adams to lift COVID Vaccine Mandate for NYC's Pro Athletes... because well science

US to expand Russia Sanctions, US has to accept 100k Ukraine refugees?

Georgia Parent reads sexually charged passage from HS Library... Board cuts her off

Reason to Homeschool #1756

Nestle meets Zelenskiy demands, Stops most Russian Production, Barring Essentials

Gingrich: VP Kamala Harris may be the dumbest person ever Elected V.President in American History

Airlines call for End to Biden's Mask Mandate

'I'm not a Biologist' " Supreme Court Nominee says she can't define the word 'Women'

Arizona 1st State to support digital driver's licenses in Apple Wallet on iPhone... Can you trust Apple?

Reason to Homeschool #1876

House Democrats propose Gas Stimulus to slap bandage on rising prices

Pancake mix sold at Walmart, Kroger recalled over contamination

Democrat run NYC another unprovoked beating

Disney launching Task Force to make more LGBTQ+ content for Children and Families

Ukraine blocks Trans Women Refugees: "They are Men, Must go back & Fight"

Fertilizer prices just hit a record high

South Dakota Gov. signs bill banning CRT-based training at Universities

Poll: Majority not confident Joe Biden will secure US Borders

Glenn Beck: Inflation Price comparisons

Israel's COVID-19 Cases Surge - 83.1% Vaccinated?

Daily Wire Jeremy Boreing launches a Razor Company

California Grocery Workers vote on whether to strike

Tucker: Why go the extra step to tell us that Ukraine is a model democracy when it's not at all?

Reasons to Homeschool #2756 - Wa schools adapt race-based discipline

The cost of Lithium - a Metal used to make Electric car Batteries is up almost 500% since last year

Large Twister rips through New Orleans

Wegmans recalls some fruits due to Listeria risk: See List

Russian Court bans Facebook, Instagram

Biden warns of possible Russian Cyberattacks... Its coming?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hospitalized w infection

Zelensky tells American Companies what to do?..Calls out Nestle over its ties to Russia

Kohl's confirms it has received multiple preliminary buyout offers

General Motors is creating an import business to send certain Iconic Vehicles to China

This is how the left treats Supreme court Justice Clarence Thomas

VW recalls over 246,000 SUVs due to unexpected braking

Over 500 workers at California Chevron refinery go on strike

Inflation stings most if you Earn less than 300k, here how to deal. Let your dog die, Public Transportation..

A Strange form of Democracy

Ukrainian Officials keep getting caught fleeing country w suitcases full of cash and euros

'Hell No' : Cruz slams Fauci for suggesting COVID Restrictions might be reinstituted

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hospitalized w infection

Agencies come together to erase most medical debt from Credit Reports

Kemp signs law suspending Georgia gas taxes through May

Cali. the 5th Largest Economy in the world, must prepare for a 3rd straight drought year

New York City Officials say private sector vax mandates are 'indefinite'

Zelensky makes the call?? - says WWIII assured if negotiations w Russia Break Down

Tucson, Arizona will require 2022 Election Workers to be Vaccinated.....ummm

GM is buying out Softbank's Stake in Autonomous Vehicle Unit Cruise

Tucker: Another border surge is coming

House approves Halting Trade Relations w Russia... What are they doing about the US southern border?

YouTube bans high profile "Anti-Vaccine" accounts

Japan parts makers halt output after 7.4Mag earthquake

Lara Logan sheds light on Ukraine

Price Controls, Dystopian Travel Restrictions to 'Manage' Soaring Energy Costs

Austria to reintroduce COVID Mask Rules just 2 weeks after they were abolished

Ukraine: Zelensky uses Marital Law to ban Main Opposition Party???

Target looks to massive solar panels in Ca. Parking lot as "Green" Model to power its store

CDC lowers Caribbean COVID-19 Travel warnings

Egg Prices Soar as Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu spreads ahead of Easter

CDC lowers Caribbean COVID-19 Travel warnings

Tucker Carlson confronts Rep. Salazar over push for No-Fly Zone in Ukraine, US Border

CDC eliminates 25% of Pediatric COVID deaths overnight, blames it on a Coding error?

Kohl's ignites bidding war and stock jumps 16%

Senate vote to end TSA Mask requirements, WH promises veto

Reading ability of Children Plummets compared to Pre-Covid times

Mortgage Rates tops 4% for the 1st Time since 2009

NY Gov. Hochul to extend COVID State of Emergency for another Month

Loudoun County Public School Va. failed to inform Parents about Bathroom Assault

Ukraine approves law criminalizing dissent, punishes Pro-Russia sentiment w up to 15yrs in Jail

'Overwhelming' Needs to investigate COVID-19 Vaccine Tinnitus: Researchers

Federal Reserve approves .25% point rate hike

Walmart distribution center catches fire near Indianapolis Airport

Jussie Smollett to be released from jail after court ruling

Andrew Cuomo considers political comeback by running for Gov. of NY: Report

Highly Vaccinated South Korea reports 400,000 New Covid cases in 1 day......

7.3 Magnitude quake hits North Japan, Tsunami alert issued

California Lawmakers vote against ending Ca. Newsom Emergency Powers

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic embrace Freedom, Remove Mask mandate on Flights

Daylight Saving Time may be on the way out

Trevor Noah rips Joe Biden..."Would have never happened to Donald Trump" 

SEC plans to force Public Companies to disclose Emissions

Cargo ship runs aground in US

Biden announces $1 Billion in New Military Aid to Ukraine, $0 for US Border wall?

US Senate votes 57-40 to Pass Rand Paul's Bill to end Transportation and Airplane Mask Mandate

JP Morgan didn't want unvaccinated employees during pandemic.. now lifts ban. Why go back?

Zelensky addresses Congress in Plea for West-Imposed "No Fly Zone'

Rand Paul introducing 'Fauci Amendment' to prevent "Health Dictatorship"

VA report recommended closing dozen of Hospitals and Clinics

Tucker Carlson: Everything that Tulsi Gabbard said about Ukraine Biolabs is true

Ohio becomes latest State to allow concealed gun carry w/o a Permit

Inflation rises to 10% in producer index, highest on record

Subaru is killing the gas version of this Iconic Model

Macy's is overhauling its website and retraining employees in a bid to be your personal stylist

AMC to acquire 22% of gold and silver miner Hycroft in surprise move

Democrat led NYC...NY Asian American women punch over 125 times, face stomped

Ford to ship Explorer SUVs without chips that power auxiliary AC and heat

US Oil Tumbles more than 8%, dips below $100 per barrel

Millions of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to be set loose in US

Teachers Union will force L.A. Kids to wear Mask even as Mandate ends

Farmers hit hard by price increases, Fertilizer costs as food price spike looms

Bongino: Destruction of US Fossil Fuel has been Biden admin energy plan since day 1

85% of Maryland Students are Not Proficient in Math after COVID School Closures




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