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December 5 , 2022

December 4 , 2022

December 3 , 2022

Reason to Homeschool # 19,459 

GOP's Stefanik says Postal Service stole $20k in Donor Checks from Mail

Corvette Plant dispute could lead to Temp worker layoffs, 2nd shift cut 

US Manufacturing Sector Contracts in November - ISM

Unexplained, Record 2.7M Jobs Gap emerges in Broken Payroll Report

Job Cuts surge 127% in November as companies brace for economic downturn

Tech Layoffs send Visa Holders on search for employment

New Study has some Bad News for Wind Energy Advocates

November Jobs +263,000 , Unemployment - 3.7%

U.S. Gov. to back Mortgages of $1M in priciest areas

Senate reaches deal to avert rail strike

Recall Alert: 8M items recalled by The Laundress for Bacteria Risk

Florida , DeSantis yanks billions in Investments from ' woke' BlackRock over ESG Investing

Minnesota Nurses authorize second strike at 16 Hospitals

Walgreens launches 24/7 Same day delivery at nearly 400 stores

Appeals Court denies Biden's bid to revive Student Debt Bailout

EPA quietly quadruples regulatory cost of carbon emissions in new war on fossil fuels

Kroger stock pops 2.5% in premarket after company raises its full-year guidance

Fed Chair Powell says smaller interest rate hikes could start in December

GE sets details of Healthcare Division Spin-off

Delta makes it harder, more expensive to get into its Airport Lounges

Maryland County first on East Coast to ban Natural Gas Heat for New Buildings

Airbnb launches platform allowing renters to host apartments, partnering w major landlords

Elon Musk confirms that Twitter has interfered w elections

Dems Elect Hard Left Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to succeed Pelosi as House Leader

Reason to Homeschool # 5,229

Volkswagen says EV Battery plants "Practically Unviable" in EU due to soaring Energy Costs

Ca.City will send Adult Residents, Non Citizens $100 Taxpayer funds to donate to political candidates

Hyatt acquires Dream Hotel Group's lifestyle hotel brand and management platform

Report: Thousands of pedophiles in Democrat run California serve less than 1 year in prison?

U.S. OKs $1 Billion arms sale to Qatar during key World Cup Match

House passes Legislation forcing Rail Workers to accept Biden Offer

Biden boasts about 'Largest Ever Release' from Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Oil Exec. rip Biden Admin's 'Completely inaccurate', 'Flat out lie' about US Energy Production

Consumer confidence falls to four-month low due to high inflation and rising interest rates

AZ Maricopa County vote to Certify Election Results.. "It is what it is"

Fort Worth TX Water Utility is holding a hiring event Wed. Nov 30th

More than half of top U.S. Medical Schools mandate teaching Critical Race Theory

Pelosi says House will take Floor vote Wednesday on Legislation to avert railroad strike

AZ Counties threatened w Class 6 Felony charges if they won't certify the election?

Life Insurers pay record death benefits in 2021

Trump: Arizona Election was another...

BlockFi files for Bankruptcy as FTX Contagion spreads

400 Groups urge US Lawmakers to take 'Immediate Steps' to block potential rail strike



Biden Admin Employee charged with stealing Women's Luggage at Minneapolis Airport: Report

Help wanted: Texas has over 1 Million job openings, the most ever

Houston issues Boil Water Notice following Power Outages to water Treatment Plants

Why GM dealers are quietly repairing Teslas

Yahoo gets 25% Stake in Taboola as part of Long-term advertising deal

Illinois Lawmakers return this week amid calls for changes in Cashless Bail Law

Reowned Oncologist sends urgent letter calling to end...

Protests erupt in China demanding that Xi Jinping resign over COVID Restriction

What cars are being discontinued in 2023?

Mike Lindell launches bid for RNC Chairman

NYC Bill preventing Landlords from performing Criminal Background checks gains traction

Oil Plunges to lowest since 2021 as China unrest rattles market

University of California workers plan to resume picketing Monday as strike continues

Kari Lake files Lawsuit against Maricopa County over Election Day Issues

JetBlue won't hire the unvaxxed, but hired Violent Felon to fly planes

San Francisco Police seek approval to use Robots to deploy Lethal Force

Severe Storms predicted Tuesday could affect 25M People in the south

Frontier Airlines has replaced its Telephone Customer Service line with Online Chat to cut costs

EU accuses Washington of making a Fortune from Ukraine War



Mercedes to charge Electric Car Drivers $1,200 a Year to drive fast

Black Friday Online Sales Top $9 Billion in New Record

Employers Rethink Need for College Degrees in Tight Labor Market

SC Newly Elected Conservative School Board fires Superintendent, Bans Critical Race Theory

Bidenomics: 41% of Small Businesses can't pay rent this month, report warns

NYC has a Brand - NYC Migrants wait in line 25 hours in near freezing temps for ICE Meetings

Reason to Homeschool # 9,487

Biden pushes to Ban 'Semi-Automatic' Firearms: 'No Social Redeeming Value'

Elon Musk says he will make an alternative phone is Apple, Google ban Twitter

Biden Admin bans Sugar Producer Central Romana

How Black Friday is different this year, because of Record Inflation

What is going on in Maricopa County AZ?

Health Officials warn against eating raw oysters distributed to 13 States over virus risk

German Manufacturer picks North Carolina for North America HQ

Ford recalls 518K SUVs in US over possible Fuel Leak, Fire Risk

Homeschool your kids, they may be thankful that you did

Senator urges local manufacturing Norcold not to close plants

Biden to send Ukraine another $400 Million in weapons from US Stockpile

Will the Twitter App stay on Apple and Google app store

Fed Staff warn Chance of Recession in Next Year is now near 50%??

Federal Court strikes down another provision of New York's New Gun Control Law

New York Gov. signs first of its kind law cracking down on bitcoin mining

California to Ban Gas and Diesel Trucks by 2035'

Biden extends freeze on student loan payments until June 30, 2023

Retail Trade groups say a Rail Strike would be devastating to the economy

Beyond Meat gets more bad news..

Illegal Migrants will Flood the US border when one major Trump-Era Policy Ends

Ice Cube turned down $9 Million rather than get COVID Vaccine

HHS Report recommends Gov. 'Encourage or Mandate' Masking to fight Coronavirus''.....No thanks

Mortgage demand rises 2.2% as Interest Rates Decline slightly

Reason to Homeschool #12,134

Videos / Interviews on the Economy, Fed, Inflation...

LG Chem to build $3.2 Billion Plant in Clarksville TN to supply materials for EV Batteries


December 1   -  December 31 , 2022
November 1   -  November 30 , 2022 October 1   -  October 30 , 2022

CNN to face Historically Low Rating and Layoffs by end of 2022: Report

Paramount to scrap deal to sell Simon & Schuster to Penguin Random House

Texas breaks all-time record for total jobs, leads nation in job growth

Bitcoin hits 2 Year Low as $1.4 Trillion wiped off crypto market this year

Stew Peters network presents..

Sheetz offering Unleaded 88 Gas for $1.99

Rail Union rejects Biden Deal, set stage for December Strike

Arizona Voters approve Law to Handout In-State Tuition to Illegal Aliens

Domino's Pizza orders 855 Custom-Made Chevy Bolt EVs for US Pizza Deliveries

Crypto Brokerage Genesis is said to warn of Bankruptcy without funding

Bob Iger returns as Disney CEO after less than a year in retirement

Rail Union rejects Biden Deal, set stage for December Strike

All New York Schools must ditch their Native American Mascots by the end of the Academic Year

Reason to Homeschool # 32,698

Freight Demand has not found the floor

Biden's EPA holds up Major Oil Refinery amid National Fuel Crisis

Diesel Price Increase affects Trucking Industry

Eversource seeks 43% Rate Hike for Electric Customers in Mass. this winter

Photo - Budweiser Cases fill warehouse due to World Cup Ban

FTX files for Court relief to pay Vendors, begin review of assets

L.A. County strongly recommends Indoor Mask-Wearing Again.........

Why is Alaska still counting Ballots? Sen. Lisa Murkowski takes narrow lead over Kelly Tshibaka

Mike Rowe sounds the Alarm on Men not wanting to work anymore

Arizona AG launches investigation into Maricopa County ' Election Irregularities'

Home Sales Plunge, Investors Pull back too

Kevin McCarthy says he will remove Ihan Omar from committee assignments over 'Antisemitism'

Trump Reinstated on Twitter

Tesla recalls 321,000 US Vehicles over Red Light Issue

Epic Snow Totals from NYS Lake Effect Bands, Orchard Park 77" of snow

Colorado pursuing 2 Potential Factories tied to Semiconductor Manufacturing

Report: Senate Republicans start Amnesty talks with DACA Illegal Aliens

American Bar Association drops LSAT requirement for Law School Admissions in the name of Diversity

48% of Maricopa County AZ Election Centers had Ballot Processing Malfunctions on Election Day

Florida reports 30 Consecutive Months of Job Growth

Electric Hummer could cost as much as $100 Per Charge, YouTube Review shows

Cali. Driver accused of Hitting Law Enforcement Recruits released from Jail

The closing of a Maine Paper Mill has been delayed, will stay up and running through end of April 2023

Existing Home Sales Tumble for a Record 9th Straight Month

A National Rail Strike could start in December

Danielle DiMartino Booth latest interview....

Tyson Fresh Meat Inc is recalling 100,000 Pounds of Ground Beef

Lauren Boebart wins after Dem. Opponent concedes

Democrat run Philadelphia: Gas Station Carjackings more than quadrupled in 2022

Kari Lake 'exploring every Avenue' for Legal Challenges over Arizona Election

General Motors says it will stop burning cash on Electric Vehicles by 2025

Nancy Pelosi will not seek re-election as leader of the House Democrats

FDA clears Lab-Grown Meat for Human Consumption... umm NO

Biden to hand out Billions to Stop Developing Country from using Coal

What is going on with Housing, Recession....?? 

John Fetterman adviser admits Senator will not be able to answer questions in Usual way

Judge strikes down portions of DeSantis's "Stop Wake" Act governing Public Colleges

Hobbs's lead over Lake Narrows in Arizona Gubernatorial Race

Disney World hikes price of admission for 2nd time this year, admission as high as $189

About 2,000 Starbucks workers stage 1-day Strike at more than 100 Stores

San Francisco launches Program to Pay Trans Residents $1,200 a Month for 18 Months

Louisiana's Oil and Gas Sector expected to gain 3,500 by Q2 of next year

Gemini, BlockFi, Genesis announcing new restrictions

Zelensky almost plunged us all into World War III. Again, Enough Already

Biden demands $10 Billion more in COVID funds after extending 'Health Emergency' to April

Thruway closing to Commercial Traffic Thursday in W. New York due to anticipated snow storm

Global Oil Inventories Hit Lowest Level since 2004

Poland, NATO agree deadly Polish Border 'Russian Attack' was Ukraine Missile

Household debt soars at fastest pace in 15 Years, as Credit card use surges

Reason to Homeschool # 15,200

Sharp drop in Mortgage Rates does little to boost demand

Credit Card Balances just experienced the biggest annual jump in more than 20 years

Donald Trump running for President

Estee Lauder to buy Tom Ford in $2.8 Billion Deal

NBC News suggest Kids avoid physical interaction with the 'unvaccinated' this holiday season

New York City has a brand - Man caught with 20,000 Fentanyl Pills released without bail

Biden unveils $37B more in Emergency Ukraine Aid, No Number given for the Southern Border

US District Judge rules Title 42 Rule used to expel Migrants is unlawful

Analysis: New Yorkers to pay 'at least' $600M for Illegal Immigration Influx

Greg Abbott declares an "Invasion" at the Southern Border

Rep. endorse McCarthy for US House Speaker

Boston Officials accuse Walgreens of 'Racism' for closing some stores, will Walgreen sue? 

One of England's Largest Solar Farms goes Bust after borrowing  655 Million

Americans to see Highest Thanksgiving Gasoline Price Ever

Health System cash reserves Plummet

American was built on Coal, Now Biden wants to abolish it

Frontier and 5 other Airlines to refund more than $600M to Travelers

Ukraine Zelenksy calls for Peace???... why the sudden change

Despite only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day - Katie Hobbs and Democrats are winning over 50%..

Even with Slower Inflation, Consumer Sentiment weakened sharply in November

FedEx Freight to begin driver furloughs next month

Collapsed Crypto. Exchange FTX has ties to Ukrainian Gov, Top Biden Adviser

Patriots in Arizona calls for a New Legitimate Midterm Election on December 6

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried admits FTX?

Bed Bath & Beyond's stock falls as retailer plans to issue shares to pay off some debt

Kari Lake sounds off: 'Arizonans know BS when they see it'

AZ Kari Lake - check the status of your ballot

Philadelphia preparing for Potential Bus of Migrants from Texas

US is extending COVID public health emergency through Spring 2023....umm

Federal Court Declares Biden's Student Loan Bailout is illegal

Foreign Owned Farms draining Southwest Aquifers to Feed Cattle Overseas

Elon Musk reportedly demanded a Payroll Audit to confirm Twitter employees were 'real humans'

Mortgage rates fall sharply to under 7% after inflation eases

New York City has a Brand

1 in 6 Hiring Managers told to Deprioritize White Men, Study Find... Equal Employment Opportunity is a joke?

FTX faces Potential Hack, See outflows of more than $600M

North Carolina scraps Red-Light Camera after Legal Challenges

Cyrpto Billionaire and Democrat Donor's $16B Fortune evaporated in a matter of days: Report

TransUnion Data Breach compromises Financial Information of Consumers

Seven people in NY infected with Listeria outbreak strain

Tucker Carlson: Its Hard to Understand this

HarperCollins union begins strike, citing wages, diversity

Amazon becomes World's First Public Company to lose $1 Trillion in Market Value

US Rep. Lauren Boebart pulls ahead after Multiple suspicious ballot drops from her Dem. Opponent

Rail Union pushes back date for Potential Strike

California, Vermont approve Limitless Abortion Measures

Nicole weakens to Tropical Storm after making landfall in Florida

Musk's First Email to Twitter Staff ends Remote Work

Katy Tur suggests John Fetterman could potentially be a future Presidential Nominee

Biden vows 'Nothing' Different in next 2 yrs despite majority saying US headed in 'wrong direction'

Core CPI Inches lower from 40 Year High - 7.7%

Number of Illegal Alien Invaders who eluded Border Patrol reaches Record Number in October

Homeowners have lost $1.5T in equity since May

TSMC eyes Multi-Billion Dollar Arizona Factory Expansion

Binance backs out of FTX Rescue, Cryptocurrencys continue fall

Reason to Homeschool  #13,811

US Exit Polls: 73% of Voters angry about direction of Country - So they voted Democrat

WTH? Is going on with Arizona Maricopa County Tabulation Center???

Pennsylvania voters reelect Democrat Lawmaker who died of cancer last month

Green New York.. NY City has starting installing thousands of Giant Grey 5G Towers

Rivian's Troubles are only Mounting a year after IPO Bonanza

El Segundo Oil Refinery Engulfed in Flames Tuesday

Why the Red Tsunami seems to have hit only Florida?? No Mass Mailing of Vote-by-Mail Ballots ?

Cryptocurrencies fall after FTX Binance Turmoil spooks investors

Tesla recalls over 40,000 cars to address power Steering flaw

Kohl's CEO Michelle Gass to step down, join Levi Strauss as CEO in waiting

Michigan Gas Prices spike 27 Cents

More reports of Voting Machine Malfunctions in Texas, NJ? 

Poll: Skyrocketing Inflation causing Financial Strains across all Income Groups

Powerball drawing for $1.9B jackpot delayed due to security protocol issue

Walgreens combines VillageMD and CityMD in $8.9B Deal

Carvana shares plunge to record low as Used Car Prices Fall Fast

Walgreens Unit to Buy Summit Health

Appeals court orders True the Vote Leaders to be released from jail

NYPost - Get out and vote for Rep. Lee Zeldin to save NY and its democracy

Democrats, Mainstream Media acknowledge Gov NY Kathy Hochul is in Trouble

Fetterman Campaign sues PA Election Officials to have Ballots w/o Dates and Incorrect Dates Counted

Musk tells 'Independent Minded Voters' , "Vote for Republican Congress'

Democrat Party loses support among Hispanics, Black Voters before 2022 Midterms

Housing Market braces for Rising Layoffs 'soon' as Mortgage Lenders, Home Sellers cut 1,000's of Jobs

Subtropical Storm Nicole forms, takes aim at Florida

Biden welcomes at least 6,200 Illegal Aliens into US Everyday at border

Election Day Tabulators across Maricopa County are not working, several other location also?

Democrat Congressman suggests, Eat Cheaper Food like Chef Boyardee to combat inflation

Judge Temporarily stops Kroger Albertsons merger

Biden snaps at Rally: 'No More Drilling! There is no more Drilling!'

Business Giants get Lower Interest Rates for Meeting Diversity Quotas

Leftist Drug Policies led by NY Gov. Kathy Hochel destroy New York State

Sears out of Bankruptcy, a handful of Stores are left

Philadelphia Home Depot Employees overwhelmingly reject unionization

VW recalls vehicles for tire pressure monitoring malfunction

Report: AZ Rep.Kari Lake's Campaign Office receives suspicious White Powder, threatening messages

Blood Moon to appear during Lunar Eclipse on Election Day

Lidar markers Ouster and Velodyne agree to merge

Wells Fargo faces US Demand for Record Fine exceeding $1 Billion

Germany study finds Plummeting Fertility Rate

Democrat New York City has a brand

Stellantis says to stop Driving older Challengers, Chargers, Magnums and 300s over Faulty Airbags

New York City opens another Hotel for bused-in-migrants

Former Twitter Employees air their grievances after Elon Musk's mass firing

Kathy Hochul draws Tiny, Biden Size Crowd.. Zeldin packs the House

BIden says Coal Plants 'All Across America' will be shut down, replaced with wind and solar

Strategic Petroleum Reserves drops below 400M for First Time in 38 Years

Urbana Ill. Energy Rates Triple, what this means for your next bill

Carvana sinks on earnings miss, Bleak outlook on Used Car Demand

Here's what Elon Musk sent out to Fired Twitter Employees

Free Returns may soon be a thing of the past as retailers roll out stricter Policies

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul claims Cashless Bail does not impact Crime

October Payroll - +261,000 , Unemployment rate 3.7%

Avon to close R&D Operations in Suffern NY, move to Brazil and Poland

NY Democrat Official caught removing 'Illegal' campaign signs for GOP Candidate Lee Zeldin

Gallup: Only 21% of Americans Satisfied w Direction of U.S.

NYC's New Pay Transparency Law went into effect Tuesday

Dodge and Chrysler warn owners to stop driving these popular models after three death

2 Democrat Strongholds report huge early Vote Numbers for Republicans

New Car Loan Rates set to hit 14-Year High as Affordability Crisis Worsens

Gov. Hochul calls rising Crime a 'Conspiracy' pushed by Republicans

Joy Behar suggests American who are worried about inflation are stupid

American Airlines pilots union rejects pay hike offer

No, There will not be any "Pandemic Amnesty"

October Sales for Ford drop 10% in US

Small Business Owners say Inflation is crushing their Business: 'Out of Control'

NY Gov Hochul's New York.....

The Democrat Blame Game begins ahead of Midterm Slaughter

Chick-fil-A's Four day weekend experiment for workers

Alberta Governor apologizes for Treatment of the 'Discriminated Against' Unvaxed

Steven Crowder streams on Rumble after Youtube suspension

PA Supreme Court rules State cannot accept undated, incorrectly dated Mail-in-Ballots

Amazon closes below $1 Trillion valuation for the first time since 2020

One of COVID's worst Tyrants wants Forgiveness

Bed Bath & Beyond investigating Possible Data Breach

Lawmaker warns of impact from Diesel Shortage, Rail Strike after election

Supreme Court allows TSA to issue Mask Mandate

Teachers Union President backs call for 'Amnesty' on COVID Policies.. umm NO

Delta Pilots vote in favor of Potential Strike as contract talks drag on

FNC's Carlson: Democrats 'Need' Censorship to hold onto power

J&J to buy Heart Pump Maker Abiomed in $16.6B Deal

Levi's pushed her out when she spoke up against COVID Madness, But Jennifer Sey isn't done talking

Illegal Migrants crossing Southern Border, Attack Border Patrol Agents

Trafalgar Poll: Republicans Lee Zeldin takes lead in New York Governor's Race

YouTube announces new "Certification" protocol for videos containing Medical Information ?

Dollar climbs ahead of Busy week for Central Banks

Outrage ensues after The Atlantic suggest 'Amnesty' for Pandemic Authoritarians.. Never Forget

CBS Poll: Voters say Democrats Favor Migrants over Americans

Steven Crowder suspended again on YouTube

1 in 331 Billion Chance: Same New York Lottery Numbers drawn twice in 1 day

Elon Musk reportedly ordered company-wide layoffs at Twitter

Toyota to limit smart keys to 1 per New Vehicle sold, due to Semiconductor Shortage

NY Gov Kathy Hochul shows 0 Remorse for Firing Unvaxed H.Care Workers:"I would do it all over again"

Illinois - 132,188 Public Employees with $100,000 + Paychecks cost Taxpayers $17 Billion

EU Member Countries agree to ban Sale of Gas-Powered Cars and Van starting in 2035

Massive Crowd at Lee Zeldin for Governor Rally

Lifelong Democrat Lawmaker to Vote Republican in NY Governor Race: "Hochul has no Clue"

Wind Farm in Germany is being taken down for Expansion of Coal Mine

Tucker Carlson: Opening Statements

Another Fed Rate Hike is expected next week

Randolph Union High School VT suspends Student and Her Father over Gender Identity situation

Decline in U.S. Pending Home Sales gathers steam in September.. 31% Plunge from last year

Amazon to open new Satellite production facility in Kirkland

Kari Lake exposes how Fake News is Made... Must Watch

Stellantis offers buyouts to certain Salaried Employees in Transformation move

Daughter of Dr Fauci works as a Software Engineer at Twitter

Biden: 'Main Driver of Food Prices' is Packaged Goods, So People will buy Cheaper Raisin Bran

Core Scientific shares fall 76% after the bitcoin miner warns it can't pay debt

Elon Musk finally takes over Twitter, Fires Top Executives

Amazon Stock sinks 11% on Weak 4th quarter guidance

NY Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul urges parents to remask their toddlers

Gov. DeSantis heading to New York to Campaign for Lee Zeldin

No, PayPal didn't reinstates $2,500 Fine for Spreading 'Inaccurate' Information

All Signs point to Republican Landslide in Florida

Arizona County reverses decision to hand count all ballots

Kia recalls 72,000 Sportage Models, says Park outside due to engine fire risk

Mortgage Activity Hovers at slowest pace since 1997

Poll: Kari Lake leads Dem. Opponent Katie Hobbs by 11 Points

Kansas city Fed Manufacturing Survey unexpectedly plunges into contraction

Survey: Nearly 1 in 5 Americans skipped meals, didn't buy groceries due to high inflation

Major Fuel Supplier on "Code Red" as Diesel Crisis Hits Southeast

EV Startup Faraday slashes Salaries to Conserve Shrinking Cash Reserves

Gross Domestic Product increases 2.6% in 3rd Quarter

NY Gov Kathy Hochul shows 0 Remorse for Firing Unvaxed H.Care Workers:"I would do it all over again"

Clorox recalling Pine-Sol Cleaning Products over Bacteria Exposure Risk

Radial announces plan to add 500+ Seasonal Jobs at Brownsburg Indiana Fulfillment Center

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul to Lee Zeldan on Crime: "I Don't know why that's so Important to you"

Most North Carolina Hospitals overcharging Patients

Fauci's NIAID lab in Maryland moves to create severe Monkeypox Strain

Mortgage Activity hovers at slowest pace since 1997

The Moment when Zeldin won the NY Gov's race against Hochul

Reason to Homeschool # 2,549

Kraft Heinz CEO: Inflation and supply Shortages here to stay for a while

New York GOPers Demand Election Board Clean up Voter Rolls inflated by 3M voters missing ID info

Student Survey: Yes Critical Race Theory is being Taught in Schools

Americans now say they will need $1.25M to Retire Comfortably, survey finds

"Progressive" Democrats formally retract call for Diplomacy as Ukraine War Hawks Steamroll Dissent

Former Levi's Top Exec. reveals how woke mobs took over corporations

Failed NY Gov. Hochl dismisses New Yorkers very real concerns on Rampant Crime

New York City ordered by Court to reinstate all those fired over COVID Vaccine Mandates

The $107,000 GMC Sierra EV Denali Electric Pickup Truck Reservation 'Sold out' in 15 Minutes

Big Banks and Credit Card Giants just Greenlit a plan to Track Your Gun-Store Purchases

Man uses Gas Generator in Electric Vehicle to drive 1,800 Miles

As Students Test Scores Plummets, Education Secretary proposes 21% Budget Increase

Unilever Dry Shampoo recalled after FDA finds Potential Carcinogens

GM Launching return to Office Plan for Salaried Workers in January

GM Launching return to Office Plan for Salaried Workers in January

Adidas ends partnership with Ye

Student Loan Forgiveness plan is Temporary Blocked

More Fake Meat coming to a Store near you.. Fake Steaks

Democrat Henry Cuellar: 'The Border is not secure' Under Biden

EU to give Ukraine 1.5 Billion Euro per Month Next Year

NY Judge delivers blow to Democrats plan to use COVID 'Emergency' as excuse for Mail in Bailouts

Aurora patient information breached; 3 Million patients exposed

Newsmax drops Journalist Lara Logan over Immigration Remarks

Railroads reject demands from Holdout Union, raising odds of strike

Zeldin Surges in New York Governor's Race

Electric Vehicles owners shocked by Battery Replacements costing $20,000...Great Job

FedEx is shutting down its Robot Delivery Program

Data shows Conservatives are Happier than Leftist...

Canada bans New Handgun Sales, Transfers

Poll: Rep. Lee Zeldin takes the lead in New York over Gov. Kathy Hochul. Byeeee Gov. Hochul

Amazon to take Hawaiian Airlines stake in Cargo-Hauling deal

Biden's Diesel Fuel Supply Crisis

Appeals court pauses Biden's Student loan relief program until review is complete

18% of Cattle Died immediately following mRNA "Vaccination"

60k Real Estate Deals called off in September

Instacart reportedly pulls IPO

US Home Buyers and Sellers are facing the worst market in a decade

61,000 Homes are Empty in San Francisco: Report

Pfizer plans to Hike Price of US COVID-19 Vaccine by 400%... because Science?

J.D. Vance takes Lead in Ohio Senate Race after Debates: Poll

American Airlines is ditching First Class on all Long Haul Flights

Senator Kennedy: 'Vote!.. If dead people can do it, So Can you!'

Bannon gets 4 Months behind bars for 1/6 Subpoena

Congress considers giving another $50 Billion to Ukraine.. No amount provided for US Southern Border

Starbucks closes more than 20 Stores Nationwide due to Safety Concerns

Philly Fed: Inflation getting worse even while demand slumps again

Amazon shuts online store fabric com in cost cutting move

Intel CEO says 'Targeted' cuts coming next month..

Supreme Court rejects request to block Biden Student Loan debt forgiveness program

CDC set to add COVID-19 Vaccine to Childhood Immunization Schedule

Moderna CEO: COVID-19 is like the Seasonal Flu

Rand Paul: "Appalling" That CDC has approved COVID Vaccine for Kids

Existing Home Sales fall to a 10-Year Low in September, as Mortgage rates soar

Democrats blocked Trump from refilling Oil Reserves at $24/Barrel.. Biden says he'll refill at $70 a Barrel

BMW rolls out $1.7B Electric Vehicle Investment at its SC Operations

New York City has a brand

Florida agriculture losses from Hurricane Ian could total $1.56B

Concerns about Rail Strike disruptions loom ahead of holiday season

Alaska Airlines pilots approve new agreement on wages, schedules

These Business Titans are sounding the Alarm over the US Economy

NC School cancels Volleyball games against 1 team after Transgender Player injures Girl

Why Lee Zeldon will win in New York

AOC gets mercilessly heckled at her Townhall

NYC Tent City for Migrants include Free Wifi, Video Games, Popcorn Maker, Foosball Tables

NYC New York City has a brand

Reason to Homeschool # 16,211

Mortgage apps reach the lowest level in 25 years

Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus blames Biden for Oil Supply issues

Nascar Suspends Bubba Wallace after Race Crash

The future is bright... Electric Vehicle owner took 15 hours to drive 178 Miles

Amazon Warehouse Workers in NY State vote against Union

McDonald's to sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts at 9 Locations in Latest Menu Experiment

All Ages Drag Brunch in Plano TX, Why is this allowed?

CDC Panel Unanimously Votes 15 - 0 to add COVID-19 Shots to Childhood Vaccine Schedule

Sam Club's Membership increase Monday for 1st Time in nearly a Decade

Democrat Signs found Booby-trapped w Razor Blades in Buck County Pa. ?

Study: Americans Families $6K Poorer thanks to Joe Biden's Inflation, up from $4.2k

Biden Admin to announce another 15M Barrels from reserve. 180M barrels since May

Kari Lake destroys Fake News Hacks

BP buys Renewable Natural Gas Company in $4.1B Deal

CDC moves to add COVID Vaccine to child immunization schedule for Federal Programs

Walmart, CVS start selling over-the-counter hearing aids

Deep Blue New England is at Risk of Blackouts this Winter

Inflation gave Millions of workers a 3% Pay Cut in September

The CDC  will vote Thursday to ..... 

China halts LNG Sales to Foreign Buyers to ensure Own Supply

House Reps. pledge to pass Parental Bill of Rights if they take back control of Lower Chamber in Midterms

Digital License Plates available to Californians

Boston University creates COVID Strain with 80% Mortality in Mice.. why

Toys R US launches 451-Store Revival in Macy's locations ahead of holiday season

Democrat Run Illinois recommends Vaccinated Individuals Wear Masks

Gannett asking staff to take buyouts, mandating all employees to take 2 weeks of unpaid leave in Dec.



White House is pushing ahead research to Cool Earth by Reflecting back Sunlight.. Plants need Sun?

Rep. Lee Zeldin has closed gap on Dem. Gov. Kathy Hochul... NYers need a new direction

New York City has a brand ?

Study finds High Levels of Toxic Chemical in Clothing from 11 Brands

Recalled Baby Formula may be improperly sealed

Michigan suspends Carvana's Dealer's License for repeat Violations

Study: Lockdowns and Masks stunted babies development and impaired their social functions

Lee Zeldin to declare Emergency on Day 1 in Office if elected NY Governor

Inflation is High, Social Security COLA 2023 Benefits are rising 8.7%

Kroger purchasing Albertsons in $24.6B Merger

Hochul demands Biden Admin help w Influx of Migrants

269+ K-12 Educators arrested on Sex Crimes in first 9 Months of this year

Netflix will add a new Ad-supported Service starting Nov 3.

Puberty Blockers cause Infertility, and given out 'Like Candy' according to Gender Clinic Director

30 Year Mortgage Rates increase to 6.92%- Highest since 2002

Saudi Arabia publicly rejects Biden's demands to lower oil price before US Elections

AOC Humiliated at a Town Hall

Consumer Prices Surge Higher than expected up 8.2%

White House weighs Ban on Russian Aluminum - Russia supplies 10% of US Aluminum Imports

Muslim Protesters shut down Michigan Board Meeting over LGBTQ Books

Bodybuilding Icon and Author Doug Brignole passes away at 63

Amazon Workers in Albany prepare for Pivotal Union Vote

We could be losing 175,000 Jobs a Month Soon

JP Morgan Chase cancels Kanye West

Alaska cancels snow crab season, threatening key economic driver

Pfizer Exec. admits under Oath: 'We Never Tested COVID Vaccine Against Transmission'

Jury reaches verdict - Alex Jones ordered to pay $965M

Wholesale Prices rose .4% in September, More than expected as inflation persists

Colorado Secretary of State says office accidentally sent 30k voters registration notices to Non-Citizens

Liberal enclaves panic over possibility of migrants arriving on their doorstep

Tulsi Gabbard leaves Democratic Party

Nissan takes $687M Loss as it sells Russian Business for 1 Euro

TikTok bans the term "White Lives Matter"

Republican Treasurers pull $1 Billion from BlackRock over alleged Anti-Fossil Fuel Policies

Blue vs Red States: Income Inequality far worse in Dem-Run States, Data Shows

PayPal did not back down? Still threatens fine?

Paypal value down $6 Billion after 'Misinformation' Policy

License of Novi Carvana dealer suspended by state of Michigan

Large Rail Union rejects Deal, Renewing Strike possibility

Dunkin Drinkers in uproar after Coffee Giant changes rewards program

NY Gov. Hochul hunts for Marijuana DWI Tests as NY opens Cannabis Shops

Twitter Censors Florida Surgeon General Jospeh Ladapo's Coronavirus Vaccine Guidance

US Postal Service wants to Hike Stamp Prices to 63 Cents

Facebook warning 1 Million Users about Stolen Usernames, passwords

Rivian EV recalls nearly all vehicles due to possible loose fastener

South Africa may soon take Land without Compensation

Hurricane Ian floods leave mess, insurance questions behind

Millions of Californians to receive Economic Relief Payments

Rocket Builder Astra Space gets delisting warning from Nasdaq

Biden admin issues over 300,000 Smartphones w Tracking Devices to Illegal Immigrants

Vanderbilt Pediatric Gender Clinic in Nashville halts Gender Transition surgery on Minors

D.C. Council gives first approval to bills to let Non-Citizens Vote, Make Mail in Voting Permanent

$570M worth of Binance's BNB token stolen in another major crypto hack

Ukrainian President Zelensky calls for NATO to launch 'Preemptive Strikes' against Russia

Federal Judge declares major parts of sweeping NY gun law control law unconstitutional

Biden admin looks to scale down Venezuela Sanctions... ummm

Tucker Carlson:  Interview with Kanye West

Outraged Mother protest at School Board Meeting

Biden pardons those with Federal Convictions for possessing Marijuana

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signs bill to prevent gender reassignment services at Children's Hospital

US Army fails to meet Recruitment Goal by 25% this year

Mortgage Activity hits 25 Year Low as Rates rise

Reason to Homeschool # 12,799

US Economy added 263,000 Jobs in Sept. Unemployment 3.5%

OPEC + Energy Ministers agree to 2 Million Barrel cut to Oil Production

Ukraine Zelensky signs decree ruling out Peace Talks with Putin

Elon Musk agrees to Twitter buy at $54.20 a Share

Philadelphia judge blocks enforcement of gun ban at recreation centers and playgrounds

More than a thousand California Wells run dry

Biden to continue depleting US Oil Reserves as OPEC slashes production

Around 90%of CEOs believe a recession is coming

Manhattan's Housing Market is starting to cool with Sales Stalling

How long does it take to charge a Hummer EV... 4 Days with a standard home outlet

NY Gov. Hochul call for 'Federal Solution' to Border Crisis now that Illegals Migrants flood NY

Top UN Advisor shreds Ukraine Narrative in Live Interview

Hospitals, Clinics are promoting services to...

US Border arrests of Migrants with Criminal Histories up 350% since 2020

Norwegian Cruise Lines drops all Covid-19 Mask, Vaccine and testing rules... Weird why now?

Gas Price hits record high $6.466 in Los Angeles, Soars past June High

Norwegian Cruise Line says NYC reached out to house Illegal Migrants on Cruise Ships.. See below

Major Medical Orgs demand that the DOJ go after people who share 'Misleading' Information Online

Cheese recall underway after Several people are sickened by listeria

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul's Maddening Electric Vehicle Mandate... what about Battery Waste, Pollution??

Tucker Carlson: Opening Statements

Peloton will put bikes in every Hilton owned Hotel in the US

South Korea's Naver to buy US e-commerce site Poshmark for $1.2B

Reason to Homeschool # 18,455

Liberal Strongholds cling to Vaccine Mandates

34 US Political Prisoners in DC demand transfer to Guantanamo Bay to escape intolerable conditions

Student debt forgiveness curveball means 4 million borrowers won't be eligible

Some Unvaccinated Hawaiian Air workers allowed to return to work, after Vaccine mandate dropped

Massive efforts to restore power underway in Florida, 42,000 Lineman responding

Costco may be forced to sell Gas to everyone, no just members in NJ

September border crossings to set new record, Internal DHS Data show

Rite Aid Exec. Impossible to stop NYC Store Thefts

House passes Gov. funding, averting shutdown threat

United Airlines will suspend service at New York's JFK Airport

Bank of America: US unemployment will climb to 5.6% by end of 2023

Bed Bath & Beyond reports 28% drop in sales

Gas Stations in France running on Empty as Strike enter 4th day

Biden Admin scales back student debt relief for Million amid legal concerns

CarMax Q2 used car sales fall 6.4%, shares plunge

CDC quietly lifts universal Mask recommendations for Health Care Providers

Study reveals Trace Amounts of Covid-19 Vaccine mRNAs found in Breast Milk

Bed Bath & Beyond reports 28% drop in sales

Google is shutting down Stadia

GM delays return-to-office mandate after employee backlash

Walt Disney World & Universal Orlando close parks for 2 days due to Ian

US Home Prices fall for first time since 2012, Largest Ever Deceleration

Vanguard is Liquidating a US Listed ETF for the First Time Ever

Leaks on Russian Gas Pipelines raise concerns about sabotage

Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving: Gave up 4-yr, $100 Million+ extension to be unvaccinated

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff threatens to pull company from Indiana over Abortion Restrictions

Schnucks buying remaining Fricks Market Stores

Biden Student Loan Handout to cost more than $400 Billion: CBO

Oregon Gas Prices jump nearly 40 cents in a week

US is sending $1.5B per month to Ukraine... No amount provided going to protect US southern border

Democrats must be proud, of their Democrat cities

US Congress negotiators set $12 Billion for New Ukraine Aid, No # given for US Southern border

Another Florida Insurance Company declared insolvent

Most want real Meat... Beyond Meat Sales Plummet

Macy's plans to hire 46% less seasonal employees than last year

Italy elects its First Female and Populist Leader in History - Giorgia Meloni

Newt Gingrich predicts Republicans will pick up between '20 and 70' seats in the House

New York City ordered to reinstate all Cops fired over Vaccine Mandates

Reason to Homeschool # 5231

Heating Homes will cost a lot more this Winter

GM shifts course, will call workers back to Office

Tropical Storm Ian 'still organizing' over Caribbean Sea, Florida could see Storm Surge

Tesla's German Gigafactory catches fire

Gavin Newsom signs law to expand State ID for Illegal Aliens

'We will not back down' : Donations pour in for Pro-Life Father of Seven

Investors are now bracing for 'Hard Landing' for economy

Powell's stark message: Inflation fight may cause recession

Americans have lost $4.2k in income under Biden, study says

California moves to Ban Natural Gas Furnaces and Heaters by 2030

Mortgage rates jump again, remain above 6%

Nancy Pelosi booed during surprise appearance at NYC Music Festival, Video appear to show

Fire breaks out at World's Biggest Produce Market in Paris

VP Harris: Sending Migrants to Sanctuary Cities is inhumane

Here's what Costco is saying about inflation

FedEx hikes package rates for 2023

National Grid Customers could see 64% Increase in Electric Bills

Ford begins construction on $5.6B Tennessee Electric Truck Factory

47 in Minnesota's Somali Comm, charged with stealing $250M in Covid-19 funds from Children Programs?

House Democrats vote to give Non Citizens the right to vote

Biden's Build Back Better' Agenda is leading to nearly empty Food Banks

Bed Bath & Beyond's Merchandise problems will make it hard to pull of a Turnaround this holiday

Reason to Homeschool # 4656

Tucker Carlson: This is Insane

National Transportation Safety Board recommends all new vehicles be equipped Speed Limiters

24 Attorneys General demand Credit Card Companies drop plans to Track Gun Sales

Tucker Carlson - Important opening statement

National Transportation Safety Board recommends all new vehicles be equipped Speed Limiters

New York AG sues Trump over fraud allegations

Reason to Homeschool # 7390

Hertz to buy up to 175,000 EVs from GM

California will consider Banning the Sale of New Diesel Trucks

Lithium Mining for Electric Vehicles is incredibly destructive to the environment?

Matt Walsh exposes Vanderbilt Pediatric Transgender Clinic

Federal Reserve raises interest rates by 75 Basis Points for 3rd Straight Month

Car Buyers pay 10% above the sticker price on average

'We will not back down': Major CEO claims 'Anti-Woke Backlash' is 'Dangerous for the world'

Walgreens buys remaining Stake in Shield Health Solutions for $1.4 Billion

Gov Bill Lee calls for Investigation of Vanderbilt's Pediatric Transgender Clinic

BP Refinery Fire in Oregon Ohio

Licensed Therapist brags about Grooming Children..

Inflation could cost your Family an extra $11,500 this year

NYC Drops Vaccine Mandate for Private Sector Workers and High School Student Athletes in Nov.

Beyond Meat COO, arrested for Biting Man's nose during College Football Game

Microsoft boosts quarterly Dividend by 9.7%

Biden admin to continue draining Oil from Strategic Reserves through Election Day

General Motors and Kroger launching Electric Grocery Cart

Germany closes in on deal to Nationalize Gas Giant Uniper

DeSantis addresses Migrant Crisis

Biden Admin. okays $600 Million in 'Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine'

New California Law erasing Traffic fines, forgives $50 Million of San Francisco Debt

FNC's Gutfeld:: GOP Governors moving Migrants exposed Liberal 'Phony Compassion'

Family Dollar recalls Toothpaste, Pregnancy Tests, other Medical items

NYC Fires 2,000 Educators Since Oct 2021...Heroes to Zeros

Ford warns investors of an extra $1 Billion in supply chain costs during the third quarter

Tesla is hiking Supercharger Prices "Significantly" Across Europe

Biden nears 100 Executive Orders estimated to cost taxpayers almost $1.5 Trillion

Why are Walmart and other Major US Retailers canceling Billions of Dollars in orders?

Food Allergy Public Health Alert for Food Item sold only at Publix Stores

NYC Mayor say Migrants could be housed on Cruise ships.. why Democrat so against illegals immigrants?

100 of 102 Illinois State's Attorneys oppose Cashless Bail letting 2nd Degree Murderers out of Jail

Kari Lake's Bold Plan to End the Border Crisis

More than 38,000 Healthy Choice Power Bowls have been recalled nationwide

Biden declares 'The Pandemic is over'

Mortgage Rates top 6% for the First Time Since 2008 Financial Crisis

We're going into a Worldwide Recession, FedEx CEO warns

Hurricane Fiona leaves all of Puerto Rico without Electricity

Home Depot's Customers have been resilient despite economic headwinds, CEO says

Store Capital Corp. will sell to investor Groups from the US and Singapore for $14 Billion

FedEx closing Stores, Offices, delaying hires, pull forecast

A Video worth watching

Germany tightens Control over Industry with Russian Oil Grab

Redfin predicts sharpest turn in Housing Market since 2008 Crash

Biden begs Mexico to keep illegal aliens from crossing into US

New Normal...Kids Myocarditis awareness Commercials running in NY ?

Biden admin awards $80M Contract that prohibits GPS Monitoring of Illegal Immigrants

Patagonia founder gives up Company in fight against 'climate change'

Buses arrive at Martha's Vineyard and deport Illegals off the Island

Why Toyota isn't all-in on Electric Vehicles

Reason to Homeschool #12,562

Martha's Vineyard Chamber declares 'Humanitarian Crisis' over arrival of 50 Migrants

NJ Lawmakers consider tweaking Plastic Bag Ban, as reusable bag plan causes 'problem'

Nomura forecasts Historic 100- Basis Point Fed Rate Hike

Martha's Vineyard Homeless Advocate says Migrants there will eventually have to move 'Somewhere else'

California Democrats won't debate in any race for Statewide office

Spanish TV Reporter - Martha's Vineyard residents privately admit, they 'don't want Migrants here'

Consumer demand collapses

Bernie Sanders blocks Proposal which would avoid Rail Strike

Why Toyota isn't all-in on Electric Vehicles

CEO makes case for Race-Based Layoffs

Biden's Depletion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is reaching Crisis Levels

Tentative Deal with Rail Unions, avoids potential strike

Ford sets new Requirement for Dealers to sell EV's

Honda will introduce at least 10 Fully Electric Motorcycles by 2025

'Largest Private Sector Nurse Strike in US History' unfolds across Minnesota

Mortgage demand from Homebuyers falls 29% since last year, as interest rates surge past 6%

Tim Ryan: We need to 'Kill and Confront' Extremist Republican Movement

Twitter Shareholders approve $44 Billion Musk Acquisition

Wegmans discontinuing Popular SCAN App at all Stores

Reason to Homeschool # 3490

Amtrak cancels all long-distance Travel ahead of Possible Nationwide Railroad Strike

Bernie Sanders blocks Proposal which would avoid Rail Strike

Oil Prices rise as Supply Uncertainty Mounts

"It's F*cked up. We really don't have real, True Freedom of Speech!" - Youtube Star Jake Paul

This is how much Social Security Benefits are likely to rise Next Year

Inflation rose faster than expected in August, Keeping prices painfully high

Illinois plans will get rid of Cash Bail starting in 2023

Peloton expands Bike Rental Program nationwide

Tucker Carlson opening statement

Food Prices Hit 40 Year High, Keep Breaking Record every Month

Republican Lee Zeldin 6 points away from Democrat Kathy Hochul

Disney Employees, Corrections Officer, Deputy Police Chief, Teachers among 160 Arrested in FL

GE is Splitting into Three Independent Companies

US Railroad enact "Contingency Plan," Preparing for Labor Strike as Union Talks Fail

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul admin gave COVID Test Contract to Campaign Donor's Company 2x Price

Climate Change.....ummm

House returns to Washington facing prospect of a funding bill crisis

400 Doctors Declare Medical Crisis over C-Vaccine, Recommend an Immediate stop to all Programs

Project Veritas: NYC Middle School Teachers encourages Students to engage in Political Violence

Out of Control Oregon Wildfire 0% Contained after burning 87,000 Acres

Guaranteed Income Programs spreading across US

BYU finds no Evidence of Racial Slur at Duke Volleyball game?

MicroStrategy says it may buy more Bitcoin in Stock Sale Filing

Nevada is clamping down on Classic Car Registrations

Mosquito Fire burns more than 33k acres, forces more evacuations

Post Vaccine Concerns labeled Misinformation are Legit

Mortgage Rates close in on 6%, Highest Since 2008

Ukraine's Top General Doesn't Rule Out "Limited" Nuclear War

Credit Card code to Track Gun Sales approved by Standards group

'Treat them like Shit': Democrat running for Senate goes on Racist Rant

European Central Bank raises rates by 75 Basis Points to tackle soaring inflation

California Man's Tesla implores him to not charge Vehicle




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