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Dec 14 , 2019

Dec 13  , 2019

Dec 12 , 2019

Truckers struggle after Celadon Bankruptcy

New Statue w Dreadlocks, Sneakers comes to Richmond Va.

Notle: CNN rating drop by Double-Digit during Impeachment week

KY Gov. restoring voting rights to 100k felons ?

House approves Farmworker Amnesty

Delta takes stake in Private Jet operator Wheels 

Parma City School District Ohio considers closing schools

Nestle sells its US Ice Cream Operations for $4 Billion

UAW ratifies 4 Year Contract w Chrysler

Planned Parenthood to open Rep. Health Center at LA Schools




Trucking Market will absorb Celadon Shutdown

Fed leaves interest rates unchanged

Students love Medicare for all, until learning what's in it

Krogers, Walgreen start Pooling Purchases together

NY Bill would require taxpayer funded Medical Abortions for..

St John Properties hands out $10M in Bonuses

FBI warned of loophole allowing Foreign Nationals to buy Guns

VA Dem. walks back gun control plan after backlash

Arrests / Removals of Illegal Immigrants up under Trump

Greta Thunberg TIME's 2019 'Person of the Year'

Consumer inflation rises again

US Military grounds 300 Saudi Aviation Students

Peloton shares could be headed to $5

Dec 6 - Dec 11 , 2019
Nov 30 - Dec 5 Nov 24 - Nov 29

Univ. of Phoenix to cancel $141M of Student Debt

Fed. Texas Judge blocks Trump from using Military Funding for Wall

ANTIFA attacks another Journalist in Portland

GM rolls out Big New Chevy SUVs

Fed. Texas Judge blocks Trump from using Military Funding for Wall

Congressman AL Green pulls the 'Your Racist" on reporter

E.Coli infection Linked to Salad Kits sold in 3 states 

Trade Agreement reached by US, Canada and Mexico

AT&T sets DirecTV and U-Verse price hikes

Iowa State promises major new Diversity initiatives

Pres. Trump rally Tonight in Hershey PA

Pete Hegseth banned from Twitter for sharing....

House set Wed. Vote for Farmworker Amnesty

American Companies need to relearn American Values

Dem. to unveil 2 impeachment articles against Trump

Hallmark Channel caves to LGBT Mob

Report reveals Afghanistan War was always based on lies

Nadler Failed to swear in Witnesses at Jud. Impeachment Hearing?

Disney+ Spotlights Transgender Girl in Marvel Series

Owen Shroyer interrupted Dem. Impeachment Coup.

White Castle recalls frozen Burgers over Listeria Fears

DOJ Inspector General releases Report on F BI Conduct

UnitedHealth's Optum to buy Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy

PG&E reaches $13.5B settlement w Cal. Wildfire Victims

Nunes: Going to take legal action over Phone Exposure

CNN Ratings Plummet to Multi Year Low

Ford recalls 262k Pickup Trucks w Defective Tailgate Latches

Job Growth soars in Nov. Payroll 266,000

NJ closer to ban on Plastic Bags, Straws and Foam Cont.

Heroin Addicts in San Diego are dying from Flesh Bacteria

5G Radiation causes Behavior Changes in Humans

Prediction of Malpractice Lawsuits 'Gender Affirming' Doctors

US Jobless claims tumble again to 203,000 near 50 year Low

Pelosi says House will Draft Articles of Impeachment

Tucker Carlson destroys Dem. Witness and Moron Pam Karlan

Kid Rock on Detroit Restaurant closing

Nunes: Schiff violated my 'Civil Liberties' w Phone Snooping

Chris Pratt forced to publicly apologize for drinking out of a water bottle

Dem. witness Pamela Karlan takes a shot at Barron Trump

Facebook wipes out Conservative Ads before UK Elections

WH tightens Food Stamp work Requirements

ATF: 423M Guns in America, 8.1B rounds of Ammunition / yr

Cargo Bike Deliveries to help easy NYC's Congestion woes?

Survey: 1 in 5 Left leaning Bosses ' will not hire' Trump Supporters

Michelle Malkin floats the idea of Running for Office

Cyber Monday 2019: A Record $9.4B Haul

Larry Page steps down from Alphabet

Joy Reid blames Racism for Kamala Harris dropping out

Bill requires workplaces to give staff 2 Months notice before shutdown

Kamala Harris drops out 2020 race for President

Tesla drivers wait up to an hour to charge Electric Vehicles


Ollie's Bargain Outlet CEO, founder dies at 61

North Korea warns US will choose its 'Christmas Gift'

US Proposes duties on $2.4B of French Good over Tech Tax

US Manufacturing freefall over but growth still in question

Children's Cereals are contaminated w Roundup

JC.Penney regains compliance w NYSE

Virginia Dem. Ready to Pass New Gun Restrictions

Ukrainian Pres. says again No Quid Pro Quo for US Aid

Supreme Court takes up 1st Gun rights case in nearly a decade

Chicago mayor fires city's Police Chief, 'Intolerable' actions

Dem. Steve Bullock ends Presidential Campaign

Melania Trump's 2019 White House Christmas Decorations

Small Business Saturday sets New Online Sales Record

Austin School District approves what type of Curriculum

Winter Storm takes aim at Northeast

Amazon, eBay address Mercury-Laced Skin Creams

Trump seeks to designate Mexico Drug Cartels as terror org.

NYU Professor writes book comparing Trump to Hitler

More than 7 in 10 Cali. Immigrant Households are on Welfare

Wild Harvest Organic All Purpose Flour Recalled

Twitter bans Ilhan Omar's Competitor... but why?

USA Today Best Seller Author Jennifer Jaynes found shot to death

Chicago Suburb to use Marijuana Sale tax to fund Reparation Program

Black Friday shopping frenzy breaks all record tops $4B

First Lady Melania Trump response to Teens booing her in Baltimore

Major Sewage Spill in Orange County Cali., beaches closed

Tech Giants promise $3B to help solve Nation's Housing Crisis

Facebook bans all  Content on Vaccine Awareness

Viacom, CBS to set date to close Merger

Thanksgiving shoppers expected to spend $4.2B Online

UAW-FCA deal to include $9K signing bonus: Sources

Fiat Chrysler recall: Ram van fan overheat, cause fires

Monsanto pays out $10M for spraying Toxic Chemicals on..

US Growth revised higher to 2.1% in 3rd Quarter

Amazon plan to put Alexa in almost everything

College Cost Skyrocket 112% above rate of inflation

Showtime's 'Shameless': America is a 'piece of s**t Country'

Trump signs Hong Kong Human Right Bill

Seattle City Council oks new 57 cent tax on Uber, Lyft

Poll: 44% of NJ residents plan to move out of State

Target joins Walmart in Tainted Lettuce Recall

A.C. Moore to close all Stores, Some to become Michaels

Colorado Public Schools requiring...what

Los Angeles fines riders for 'Manspreading'

Schiff plans to send impeachment report to House Judiciary

VA. Sheriff will not enforce unconstitutional Gun Laws


Weak 12: Most of NFL Season Done, Most Seats Empty

HP reject Xerox's $33.5B Bid

LVMH to close deal to buy Tiffany Co,

Uber Shares tumble  London revokes its operating license

Not a single team called C. Kaepernick since workout

Novartis nears deal to buy The Medicines Co.

Leftists attempt to 'Cancel' Elise Stefanik

Monsanto used banned Pesticides on Research Crop

Trump leads top 2020 Democrats in Wisconsin

Business Activity accelerates going into year end

Republicans must be allowed a day to call witnesses?

Bumble Bees sells for $925M to Taiwan based fishery

Justice Ruth Ginsburg admitted to Hospital

New Transgender Rules for NJ Police

Telsa unveiling goes Horribly Wrong

700k Jeep, Dodge SUV's recalled engine problems

295 Speed Camera rake in $26M, DC Residents question legitimacy

President Trump signs Temporary Spending Bill

SPLC labels Latin Rite Catholics ... Hate group

Another day at California State University

CA. can't force Trump to release tax returns, Supreme Court rules

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