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January 22 , 2021

January 21  , 2021

January 20 , 2020

Report: Belk in talks with top lenders to avoid Bankruptcy filing

WHO Admits High Cycle PCR Tests produce COVID False Positives

US Chamber of Commerce: Help Americans by importing Foreign workers

Tuesday Morning exits Chapter 11 bankruptcy


Help support 'My Pillow', Companies pull products to silence Free Speech

Portland Antifa smashes out windows of HQ of Dem. Party of Oregon

Executive Order Terminates Construction of New Border Wall

China using language of American Left to Push Communist Party Agenda

Maricopa County Officials agree to audit voting equip. from 2020 Election

Trump - Legacy of a Patriot

You can't 'just build your own Twitter'

NY Newspaper goes after Elise Stefanik... pathetic

My Pillow CEO says Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, others dropping his products

Red Mango's Parent closes on Friendly's Acquisition. to keep Friendly's open

President Trump formally declassifies large troves of Russiagate Documents

Twitter considering Expanding 'Permanent Bans' to other GOP Groups

MI Restaurants owner faces $30,000 in Fines,Legal Fees in effort to stay open

Report: Trump to end Travel Bans on Europe, UK and Brazil

Parler CEO 'confident' platform will be back 'by the end of the month' 

Some Migrants Caravan carry fake COVID-19 Test Results

Kristi Noem's No Lockdown Win: People moving to South Dakota

Ca.halts COVID Vaccinations from Moderna batch linked to Adverse Reaction



Mike Lindell responds to letter from Dominion Lawyers

President Trump Address to the Nation 1/19/21

Over 50,000 Restaurants in Italy declare "I am open" Defying Lockdowns

Georgia Pacific to raze 11 unused buildings near downtown Camas

January 15  - January 28  , 2021
January 1  - January 14  , 2021 December 23 - December 31 , 2020

First Lady Melania Trump delivers Farewell Message

Video shows Twitter Exec. laying out Global Censorship Plan

Parler is back, kind of... CEO Post new message

DNI Ratcliffe: China Interfered in 2020 Election

Fla. Gov. says he will put an end to GOP Censorship

NY's Cuomo set up 3 Layers of Security at Capital.... No one shows up

Gab calls on Facebook and Twitter to be banned from App Store

Apple Temporarily closing some retail stores, good

Study shows extremely low rate of COVID transmission in School

Aaron Rodgers donates 500k to Barstool Funds to help Small Businesses

Zoom Call shows Fed Employees conspiring to sabotage Trump Admin?

Yelp data shows 60% of Business closures due to COVID are now permanent

Goya CEO says Lockdown are killing America

Stanford Scientist can tell if you're a Liberal by looking at your face

Bill Gates becomes single largest Owner of Farmland in the US

PepsiCo suspends all Political Contributions

BLM Left Wing Militant charged w inciting Violence at Capital Protest

Snapchat latest Social media platform to permanently ban Pres. Trump

NRA files Bankruptcy, to leave NY, will reincorporate in Texas

CA. Elementary School instruct 3rd graders to rank themselves on their...

NY Post banning CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post as Primary Sources

Recent Stories and Videos covering COVID Vaccines

Antifa Protester posing as Trump Supporter, Breaking Windows at Capital

Jack Dorsey says next Twitter Purge will be 'Much Bigger' than just Trump

Women arrested for Alleged Election Fraud, Illegal Voting in Texas

US Ban all Cotton, Tomato Products from China's Xinjiang

Google now owns Fitbit

Mailchimp Boots Gun-Rights Group

Trump was right.. Chicago Mayor wants Bars, Restaurants to reopen quickly

Full Trump Video Statement Urges Calm, Unity, No Political Violence

NJ Gov. Seizes $165k from Atilis Gym Bank Account, for remaining Open

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to files of Articles of Impeachment on Joe Biden

UK Bank threatens to cancel accounts if Customers refuse to wear masks

Poll: Republicans Voters side w Trump over McConnell

TSA to reveal security plan for air cargo industry

Jeff Zucker shutters CNN Airport Network, Cites COVID-19

7 Twitter Accounts that have promoted Violence, but haven't been banned

Gab CEO confirms that Jared Kushner,Scavino block Trump from joining Gab

YouTube suspends Donald Trump's Channel

Costco closing all Photo Centers, moving Online only

BLM surround Capital, Scream at Police... Where is the Media

Report: Trump to present evidence that COVID came from Wuhan Lab

Jovan Pulitzer releases report in regards to 2020 election

House Impeaches President Trump for 2nd Time

Report:Parler finds Potential web hosting after Amazon shuts down it servers

House Dems. introduce Bill to 'Abolish Electoral College'

Pence formally rejects Pelosi's Attempt to invoke 25th Amendment

RSBN Alamo TX 1/12/21

Weis Markets recalling Ice Cream that may be contaminated w Metal

PBS Lawyer say Gov.should build 'Enlightenment camps' Remove kids from..

LAUSD Students will be forced to get COVID-19 Vaccine to go to school

Chicago Teachers refused to return to in-person teaching

Florida GOP Rep. calls on State to Boycott Big Tech Censors

Yelp will tell you what restaurants aren't following COVID rules...Not helpful

Ill.Businesses struggling w pandemic could be on hook for $500M Tax increase

Facebook bans retailer PatriotMe from advertising Pro-America Products

Report: Trump will take on Big Tech in Final Days in Office

Paypal says it blocked Christian Crowdfunding site GiveSendGo

Pres. Trump: 'Big Tech has made a Terrible Mistake'

Amazon partner GoDaddy boots gun site from its servers

New Mexico minimum wage rises to $10.50 in 2021

Idaho Internet Provider blocks Facebook, Twitter

Airbnb to ban guests associated with Hate groups.......

Mortgage Lender LoanDepot files for IPO

Parler CEO: Attorneys drop company as Website goes offline

Walmart launches startup to build digital financial products for Employees

Report: City begins Removing ' Black Lives Matter' Mural

Ron Paul blocked from accessing Facebook page

Facebook Blacklists all content mentioning 'Stop the Steal'

Cuomo reverses: Demands "Reopen the Economy".....

A Nursing Home had 0 Covid Deaths, then it Vaccinates residents and ...

Dozens of Policymakers have violated their own COVID rules over the past year

Number Employed by Gov. in US declined 1,278,000 in 2020

Parler sues Amazon after app is suspended by Web Service

Ransomware attack hits short line rail operator OmniTRAX

Natelson: There is no Constitutional Ground for Impeachment of Pres. Trump

Parler CEO speaks out after Big Tech Censorship of Platform

600,000 Join Free Speech platform Gab in one day

Parler CEO: Tech Companies coordinated plan to close us down

US Supreme Court refuses to Fast Track Trump's Election Appeal

Staples offers $2.1B cash to buy Office Depot Parent

There's really only one way to save our Union and bring Country back together

Barstool Sports Fund helps two Indiana Businesses

Judge Blocks Trump Admin.'s sweeping Asylum Rules

COVID Rules for CA: Residents can travel no more 120 miles from their homes

apple joins google in blacklisting Parler.....

Marriot, others suspend Donations to lawmakers who voted against Biden

Nikki Haley liken Trump Twitter suspension to act of Communism

GM unveils New Logo, Plans new Website in shift to Electric Vehicles

Donald Trump , Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, and many other banned from

Amazon boots Parler off AWS; Site to go dark Sunday

Florida Doctor's Death after COVID-19 vaccine ?

Trump Campaign banned from emailing supporters, suspended by Mail Service

Penn. get extra $300 in unemployment checks starting this week

Twitter. Facebook, Instagram starting the block, Parler banned for Play Store

Video Trump Supporters attempting to stop people from breaking into Capitol

Questions about the Chaos at the Capital that desperately need to be answered

Interesting... What is going on here?

Carnival extends cruise cancellations through March

No Lockdown, No mask and Florida has same hospitalization level as 2018 Flu

Mall of America is no longer delinquent on $1.4B Mortgage

Why was the founder of BLM Group filming inside Capital, as protester shot?

Facebook, Instagram will extend block on Trump Accounts

Walgreens sells most of Alliance Healthcare Pharm. to AmerisourceBergen

Trump Administration bans Junk Chinese Alipay and WeChat Apps

Pres. Trump calls to end Violence.. Facebook / Twitter deletes/blocks

Unarmed 14 yr USAF Veteran Women, shot killed by Capitol Police

Twitter Locked Pres.Trump's Account for 12 Hours, Permanent Suspension?

Amazing.. Trump Rally video. Proud to be an American

Pence says he will not Block Biden Electors...lets America down

100 State legislators ask Pence to delay certification of Elec. votes by 10 days

Most NC Nursing Home Workers are refusing COVID-Vaccine

American Airlines grounds Emotional-Support Animals from Flights

Trump Rally in DC 1/6/21

Trump Supporters Flood into Washington DC

Kid Rock donates $100k to Barstool Fund to help Small Businesses

'Programming Error on Security Key' in GA Senate Election

Capital Police order Lockdown of Capital House and Senate Buildings

Trump hits 450 Mile goal for 2020 Border wall construction

Auto Sales expected to hit near-decade low

Climate Change Legislation won't need a price tag thank to Dems rules

Project Veritas: Central OAC Exec. admits........

Report: Dominion Machines breaking down in several GA GOP Precincts

Backroom Deal? Plan to end January 6 Challenge after 2 Hour debate ?

Manufacturing defies expectations as rebound continues

FDA admits PCR Test give False Results...

NYSE ignores Executive Order, refuses to delist China Telecoms.....

President Trump Rally in Dalton GA 1/4/21

Parent co. of Bass Pro and Cabela's plans to acquire Sportman's Warehouse

Black Proud Boys leader arrested for burning BLM Banner? hate crime?

Kelly Loeffler will object to certifying Electoral College Results

US Rep. Biggs, Gosar of AZ will object to Electoral College Votes

Cuomo threatens to fine Hospitals for not meeting COVID Vaccination Targets

Californians doing as their Elected Leaders do.. ignoring lockdown Orders

Jovan Pulitzer's Team who exposed Fraudulent Ballots in GA, getting shot at

Santa Clara County Businesses must close employee break rooms

Data Scientist discover 432,000+ Votes removed from President Trump in PA

US Attorney for North Georgia resigns, effective immediately

Cuts likely as Fiat Chrysler-PSA merger near approval

Ballots shipped from NY to PA have been uncovered?

Google, Alphabet employees to form Union?

Nancy Pelosi reelected as House speaker as Democratic Majority Narrows

Large number of Health Care and Frontline Workers are refusing Vaccines

Microsoft says Source Code was accessed During SolarWinds Hack

Gates quietly funding plan to Dim the Sun's Rays

Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy raises over $16M for Small Businesses

Police keep list of kids w Bad Grades labeling them "Potential Criminals'

US Ban Anonymous Shell Companies

Dirtbag Georgia Secretary of State to hold press conference at 3pm

Hospitals say they will publish previously Secret Prices

NY Assembly Dem. propose bill to put COVID carriers in Detention Centers

DC Officials slam Pro-Trump Rally planned to oppose Biden's Election

NY State Bill would make Vaccine Mandatory

7 Senators, 4 Senators Elect call for 'Emergency 10-Day audit of disputed states

Delaware's Plastic Bag Ban now in Effect

Drivers not using E-ZPass will absorb a 51% PA Turnpike rate hike in 2021

South Dakota makes another increase in Minimum Wage

GOP Senators, led by Cruz to object to Electoral College Certification

Trump- massive amount of evidence of voter fraud will be presented on Jan 6

Amazon gets into the podcast business, buys 'Wondery'

Dem. New Mexico Gov. fines $10,000 apiece for Christmas Eve Service

Senate overrides Trump Veto of Defense Bill

Proposed House Rules eliminate Gendered Terms like Father' and 'Daughter'

Pallets of Fake Ballots in Georgia's Fulton County were identified?

San Francisco's Lockdown and Quarantine has been extended 'Indefinitely'

Tech Expert reveals GA. Voting Machines connected to Chinese Vendor

Amazon, Walmart saw profits surge in 2020 as Small Business decimated

NYSE to delist 3 Chinese Telecom Giants on Trump Executive Order

Gov. say S.Dakota has "Perhaps the Strongest Economy" Never Lockdown

Jovan Pulitzer says GA called in Trucks to get rid of Evidence in Fulton County

About 1/2 Health Care Workers in Cali. refuse Coronavirus Vaccine

Trump extends Order Halting Visas to Prioritize Americans for US Jobs

Minimum Wages set to rise in these states in 2021

CTU Board Member vacationing in Caribbean while pushing remote learning

NBA to require Players to wear Sensors for Contact Tracing

Second Stimulus Check update: House passes Bill for $2,000 Payments

FDA retract a $14k Fee to Distilleries making Hand Sanitizer during COVID

'At Least 140' House Rep. plan to object to Biden Electoral Votes

Drug makers to hike prices for 2021

JCPenney CEO Jill Soltau to leave retailer 

Jovan Pulitzer - machine in GA communicating w Vender in China

Jovan Pulitzer reveals Live,Realtime hacking of Dominion Voting System Fulton

Small Businesses that took PPP Loans may face surprise Tax Bomb

60% of Nursing Home Staff in Ohio are refusing to get Vaccinated

Adam Carolla: If you voted Democratic, you voted for this Tyranny

CA. Supreme Court rules thousands of sex offenders are eligible for Parole

Trump ask..You Can Help: Contact your Politicians to Stop the Steal

Sweden prepare Legislation to enact COVID Lockdown till Sept 2021

Georgia State Senate Meeting on 2020 Election Fraud 12/30/20

From Lockdowns to Lawsuits: More Restaurants saying enough is enough

Multiple GOP Senators plan to challenge Electoral College Results

Over 190k Home Depot ceiling fans recalled due to reports blades flew off

Sidney Powell lays out Evidence of Rampant Election Fraud

1.5B Face Mask added to the Ocean ... where are all the Environmentalists??


Extensive Evidence of Foreign Interference in the US Election

McConnell blocks Schumer attempt to fast Track $2K Stimulus Checks

$600 Stimulus Payments will start going out Tonight, Mnuchin says

Stay at Home order Extended for Southern California

Gallup Poll Lists President Trump as Most Admired American

Video: Not wearing Mask. assault. ANTIFA riots, burn stuff down.. Good Work

These 20 States are raising their Minimum Wage on Jan. 1

ER Nurse tests positive for COVID-19 eight days after receiving Vaccine

Are House Democrats prepared to steal 2 Elections?

Vitamin D could have Prevented 90% of COVID Deaths ?

CDC reports Record Low Positive Flu Tests

WHO Chief Scientist "No Evidence COVID Vaccine prevent viral Transmission"

House votes to override Trump's Veto of Defense Bill

House passes bill for $2k Stimulus Checks, Now up to GOP Senate

FAA outlines new rules for Drones and their Operators

Rep. Louie Gohmert, Group of Republicans sue Pence

High Cycle PCR Test do not properly diagnose Covid -19 ?

New York to ban evictions in midst of pandemic

GM Recalls 840k Vehicles for Seat belt, Suspension Problems

YouTube censor Video by Dr. Ron Paul for 'Medical Misinformation'

Jeanine Pirro slams lockdowns: "Where is the Small Business Justice?

'Nobody else was going to do it'"Barstool Sports raises $6M for Businesses

President Trump lists 'Irrefutable Proof' of Rigged Election

'The Smartest Man Alive' is convinced the 2020 Election was Stolen

CA Salon Owners speak out against police enforcement due to China Virus

Restaurant revenue has fallen, even as Deliveries / Takeout sales soar

Mathematician Bobby Piton finds more than 500k unique Last Names in PA?

Trump signs COVID-19 Aid Bill into law?

US Mortgage rates fall to 16th Record Low of the Year ahead of the Holidays

If you want to Travel Next Year, you may need a Vaccine Passport...

MI AG Dana Nessel pursues legal sanction against lawyers questioning election

NY State suspends Facial Recognition Tech in Schools

Dr Anthony Facui admits he has deliberately lying to the American Public

Majority of Americans plan to delay COVID Vaccine or not get it at all

It's for Mike Pence to judge whether a Pres. Election was held at all

Attorney Sidney Powell releases 270 Page Document on 2020 Election Fraud

Boston doctor suffered severe allergic reaction from Moderna COVID Vaccine?

Trump pardons Sixteen People including Roger Stone, Paul Manafort..

University of Michigan...words 'Picnic and 'Brown bag' are offensive..?

US Holiday Retail Sales rose 3%, Driven by Online Shoppers

President Trump calls for Special Counsel to investigate 2020 Elections

Socialist calls into Hannity Radio Show.... wow

IBM and Fujifilm develop New Magnetic Tape w 580TB Capacity

CDC to require Neg COVID-19 Test for all passengers traveling to US from UK

27 Alternate Pronouns displayed on College Business School Application

Unexplained Explosion and fire damages Pharmaceutical Factory making..

New Rule could require Servers to share tips w Co-Workers

Pelosi slips unanimous consent requirement into Dems $2k Stimulus Bill

Trump vetoes Defense Authorization Bill

MI GOP Senate Leader clears Dominion Voting System of Wrongdoing...?

Surveillance Footage show GA Poll worker scanning same batch of ballots ?

Trump grants several High-Profile pardons

President Trump rejects Pork-filled Stimulus Bill, wants more for Americans

General Motors & Ford won't mandate COVID-19 Vaccination for Employees

DOJ Administration sues Walmart for fueling opioid Crisis

California and New York Populations declined from 2019 to 2020

Only 6 GOP Senators voted against Democrats' Stimulus Bill

Hospital Workers turn down COVID Vaccine: " There too much Mistrust"

Dr Brix says she will retire after 'Overwhelming' Holiday Travel Scandal

President Trump Speech on Stimulus Bill

Peter Navarro election report show 379k possible illegal votes for Biden in MI

Walmart partners w FedEx for returns from home

GDP increased at record 33.4% Annual Rate in 3rd Quarter

Rand Paul's Senate Floor Speech against COVID-19 Bill goes Viral

Billions going to Foreign Aid in Spending Bill: Gender Studies in Pakistan

Trump sign EO mandating Classical Architecture as default for Fed. Buildings

Stimulus Bill sends more than $2B to Africa and Asia

Most Ridiculous Pet Project in $900B Stimulus Package

Peloton will pay $420 Million to acquire fitness Equipment maker Precor

COVID Stimulus Bill Funds hundreds of Millions in aid to Palestinians

Lean Cuisine Chicken Meal recalled due to Possible Plastic Pieces

Study shows Mask Mandates had Zero Effect in Fla. or Nationwide

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