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May 29 , 2020

May 28  , 2020

May 27 , 2020

US LNG Investment suffers as Demand Dwindles

President will sign Executive Order on Social Media Censorship

Trump slashes cost of insulin for Medicare enrollees to $35 a month


Walmart now partners with resale site ThredUp

Consumer Confidence rises in May as economy reopens

Indian Scientists discover Hydroxychloroquine Treatment prevent COVID-19

Trump threatens to 'Close Down' Twitter, Other Social Media

Chicago Mayor launches Police Raid on Black Church's Sunday Services

India expands use of Hydroxychloroquine to prevent Coronavirus

Trump may move GOP Convention over Coronavirus Restrictions in NC

Butchers booked through Summer

Trump says he has a chance 'To Break the Deep State'

VA. Ralph Northam caught at Beach w/o Facemask, Social Distancing

Trump considers panel to Review Complaints of Bias on Social media

Justice Dept. warns LA Stay-At-Home extension could be Illegal

Las Vegas to reopen Casinos... with Restrictions




Hertz expected to sell vehicles at Deep Discounts

Pandemic will drive major changes to the nursing home industry

The Economic "Reopening" is a Fake Out?

Twitter Verification purges Mediaite Journalist who reported Obama Spying

Second Stimulus Check coming 'Sooner' rather than later, Trump Advisor

Bidens Comments... Harris Faulkner says 'It Doesn't need a label, its hurtful'

US Colleges accepted billions in unreported donations from China/Russia

$21M Brooklyn Field Hospital never saw a Patient amid COVID Pandemic

Google, Facebook, Microsoft lobbying Trump for Foreign H1B Cheap Labor

WA State loses "Hundreds of Millions" to Nigerian Unemployment scheme

Trump Admin withdrawals from Open Skies Treaty

May 25 -June 1 , 2020
May 16 - May 24 , 2020 May 8 - May 15 , 2020

Whitmer extends Michigan's Stay at Home order until June 12

Biggest Power demand plunges since Great Depression.. reshaping markets

Documentary removed from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

Trump declares Houses of Worship essential

Thousand of Coronavirus patients sent to Nursing home in NY.. Cuomo order

Over 600 Doctors send letter to Trump urging and end to Lockdowns

Confirmed? Coronavirus vaccine will contain aborted human babies

China seizes control of PPE Factories

Twitter allows Users to Disable Replies, Avoid Criticism

Democrat Amy Klobuchar husband took Hydroxychloroquine ?!!!!

S.Abrams: Illegal Imm."are now no longer able to elect anyone that rep. them"

University of Cali. system to stop using SAT, ACT tests for admissions

Obama, Gates, others behind the group pushing Global Response to COVID

Tucker Carlson details facts about the China Coronavirus

American Billionaires got $434 Billion richer during Pandemic

GM to restart its plant in Mexico as soon as Thursday Night

Biggest US Mall is 2 Months Delinquent on $1.4B Loan

Trump says US won't shut down again if there is a second wave of COVID

Dell Halts 401k Matching, Pay Raises, Hiring to Preserve Cash

California: 340,000 Public Employees w $100k Paychecks costs $45B

Home Mortgage delinquencies spiked a record amount in April

NJ Dept. of Health shuts down Gym Operating in Defiance of Gov.'s  Orders

University of Delaware turns back FOIA requests on Biden Records

Jobless claims jump 2.438M

Michigan AG, made Trump wont wear mask. Threatens charges against Ford

Apple releases iOS 13.5 w Contact Tracing Feature built in software...???

Senate confirms Ratcliffe as next Director of National Intelligence

The Full Fauci Timeline: Setting Fact from Fiction

Chicago begins fining Churches for Holding services deemed in violation..

Continued Lockdown Dangerous, Even Deadly

Supreme Court blocks House Dems effort to get Mueller Grand Jury Info

Nearly 20% of Illinois Restaurants may go under in the Coming months

Facebook blacklist Brighteon due to 'Plandemic' Documentary.???

Senate passes bill that could delist Chinese Com. from US Stock Exchange

CDC says Coronavirus 'does not spread easily' via Contaminated Surfaces

All States will be on path to reopening for Summer

Poll: 78% of Americans are willing to pay more for Non-China Made Products

Royal Caribbean pushes Sailings back for a third time

Whitmer: I had 'Conversation' w Biden Campaign about Vice Presidency

FDA appears to soften stance on Hydroxychloroquine

USDA programs to provide $19B in Relief to Farmers, Ranchers

The Shutdown may soon Collapse in Penn. thanks to local resistance

65%+ Doctors would Prescribe Hydroxychloroquine to Family Mem. w COVID

NJ Gym cited again for defying state shutdown order, Member detained

DOJ clear Pork Industry's Plan to Collaborate on Euthanizing Hogs??

Illegal Aliens jam Phones lines as California offers $500 for Virus relief

Pier 1 plans to wind down its business after not finding a buyer

Trump signs order to speed deregulations to help w Economic Recovery

Over 4 Million Americans are now skipping their Mortgage Payments

Hertz is unloading a ton of Corvette Z06s

Restaurants have to charge fees due to spike in Food Supply Prices?

Trump takes action to move Pharmaceuticals Man. out of China, Back to US

Housing starts slide 30% to lowest level since 2015

Texas Doctor praises Trump following Hydroxchloroquie Announcement

Judge in Oregon ruled Gov. Brown's Restrictions were "Null and Void"

Amazon, JC. Penney in talks: Report

Support New Jersey Gym...Owners receive summons for disorderly conduct

China admit that it Intentionally destroyed Coronavirus Lab Samples

McDonald's ban Public Soda Fountains amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus restrictions ease across America

Many will learn that Public Schooling isn't all that essential after all

Dow rallies 900 Points

World's Largest Contract Chipmaker halts deliveries to Huawei

Navarro: China deliberately allowed virus to spread outside its borders

Workers' return Monday is Major Test for Auto Industry

Fiat Chrysler in talks for $6.8B Italian State Backed Loan

Dem-imposed Coronavirus orders face lawsuits across the nation

JC Penney plans to spin its properties into sep. Real Estate Company

State Lockdowns are creating a Mental Health Disaster

Oregon fines Salon Owner $14k for opening her doors too soon

Italian Member of Parliament demands arrest of Bill Gates?

Azar: No Spike in Coronavirus in places reopening

Krogers announces new Bonuses after Cutting Hazard Pay

Gov. Newsom to give Illegals $75M Stimulus Money, Cut $19B from Schools

House Democrats adopt Historic Rules Changes, Allowing Proxy Votes

JC Penney has 2 months to get support for a plan for its future

United Airlines says it needs only 3,000 of its 25,000 Flight Attendants

TSA preparing to Check Passenger Temperatures

Youtube removes viral video from Epidemiologist who denounced lockdown

Dr. interviewed by the Health Ranger on Pandemic

FDA Halts Bill Gates backed COVID-19 Testing Program

Taiwan's TSMC announces $12B High Tech Factory in Arizona

Justice Dept., State Att. General poised to hit Tech w Antitrust lawsuits

US Postal Service delays next generation delivery vehicles

NIH begins clinical trial of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin for COVID

Trump RT Michelle Malkin Video on Big Tech Censorship..Then Twitter Censors

NY Tourist arrested after posting Hawaii Beach Photos

Ca. Biopharma com.says it found Coronavirus 'cure' 100% blocks COVID-19

COVID-19 layoffs are coming for NJ Teachers

Dr. Anthony Harris: 'Testing is not going to be the answer' To get us Back 

House passes $3T coronavirus aid package

Trump admin. takes step to relax Trucker Drive-Time rules

Facebook agrees to buy Giphy for $400M

La County Public Health Director,isn't a Medical Doctor and makes $550,000+

Some Arizona casinos begin reopening after closing due to Coronavirus

Trucks used for Storing bodies during Pandemic, can be used for food again

Retail sales plunge a record 16.4% in April

Board outlines dire Scenarios for Maryland Finances amid Pandemic

Starbucks to seek Rent Relief from Store Landlords

Los Angeles to shut off water, power of Nonessential Businesses.. Walmart?

Meijer expands store hours

Cali. prepared to enact Martial Law if its a 'Necessity', Gov says

JC Penney set to file for Bankruptcy in Coming Days

Publix returning to regular hours beginning  May 16

Restaurants across US put Reopening Plans in place, Hand Washing..

US blocking shipments of Semiconductors to Huawei Tech. Report


Poll: 40% of Families more likely to Homeschool when pandemic ends

Peter Nararro rips 'Disgruntled Obama Employee' Rick Bright

Northam confirms Virginia will enter first phase of Reopening on Friday

1st case of COVID-19 in US treated w Remedesivir in Late January?

Some US Schools are pulling the plug on Distance Learning

PA Health Secretary moved Mother out of Nursing Home during Pandemic?

CNN puts Climate Activist Greta Thunberg on Coronavirus Panel

Burundi becomes 2nd African Nation to Expel WHO

Jobless Claims: Another 2.98M Americans file for Unemployment Benefits

Missouri Gaming Commission extends order closing Casinos through May

Hertz canceled most New Car Orders as Pandemic Shuts down Travel

Controversial Decisions by Govs. in NY, NJ, and PA criticized

Uber ride will change, Starting May 18

World's Biggest Container Shipper warns of 25% slump in Volume

Six Flags announces Post-Coronavirus Reservation System

Washington reopening plan will require Restaurants to  keep Customer Log

Republicans win 1st Democrat Held California House Seat since 1998

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down Tony Evers' Stay-at-Home Order

B&N slowly Reopening Stores to Customers

JC. Penney nearing $450M funding to navigate bankruptcy

Grocery Prices reach 50-Year High Amid Pandemic

Biden named in List of Obama Officials who requested to 'Unmask' Flynn

US Supreme Court rules w President....

Ben Shapiro: Flynn Prosecution shows Obama Admin. Shattered Rule of Law

'You're not the End All' Rand Paul slams Facui in heated exchange

'The Price is Right' donates nearly 100k to Planned Parenthood

GOP poised to retake Katie Hill's California Seat

SF State, Others schools to stay online in fall.. is this really about COVID-19?

NY Thruway approves $450M contract to renovate all 27 Rest Stops

LA County Coronavirus Stay at Home Order may drag on through July

Walmart to repeat Cash Bonuses for all US Hourly Employees

Port of Seattle Police Officer suspended after speaking out about Lockdown

Pelosi Coronavirus plan allows Business to hire Illegal Aliens over Americans

B. Gates says 700k could suffer side effects from Vaccine?

Why does the Mainstream Media so desperate to keep the Lockdowns going?

China Factory Prices Plunge as Virus Hammers Demand

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas could open First, Company to reopen in phases

Chesapeake Energy warns it may not be able to stay in Business

GNC signals it could seek Chapter 11 Filing

A Major Airline 'Most likely' will go Bankrupt, Boeing CEO says in interview

Grenell declassifies names of Obama officials who 'Unmasked' Flynn

"OBAMAGATE!" Trump tweets Tucker Carlson.. Must watch

Elon Musk restarts Tesla Factory in defiance of County Orders

Facebook and YouTube removing "Plandemic" Video

Trump says ' more to come' on Russia probe documents

Durham moving 'Full-Throttle' on Russia Probe Review

Obama participated in plot to Frame Flynn: Sidney Powell

NY State Cuomo says State will begin reopening on Friday

Sephora not moving out of J.C. Penney

Obama participated in plot to Frame Flynn: Sidney Powell

NBC News admits it 'Inaccurately cut' AG Barr interview

Detroit's Automakers have enough cash to last the year w/o a Bailout

Metro Atlanta's Biggest Mall reopening under Strict Guidelines

Apple to move 1/5 of iPhone Production from China to India

MI Barber forced to Close, or Potentially be 'Held in Contempt of Court' Jailed

Elon Musk threatens to move Tesla out of California

Tourist arrested as Hawaii tries to curb Virus Spread

Facebook, Google allow employees to work from home through end of 2020

COVID-19 infections would plummet if 80%of Americans wore Mask?

Ilhan Omar got caught raising money for Minnesota Food Store, Took Money?

Facebook / Twitter removes viral 'Plandemic' Video

USDA to purchase $470M in Excess Food from Framers, Deliver to Needy

Business Demands more Foreign Workers as 33M Americans go jobless

MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extends stay at home order until May 28

Delta suspends service to nearly dozen US Airports starting next week

RI becomes 1st in Northeast Bloc to lift Stay-at-Home order

Something Odd is going on in Parking Lots around the US

Record 103M not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Sinks to 47 Year Low

DOJ drops Michael Flynn Prosecution

JCPenney in talks to fund Potential Bankruptcy Filing next week

MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extends stay at home order until May 28

Nearly 1/2 the Leisure and Hospitality Jobs were lost in April

DOJ drops Michael Flynn Prosecution

Seattle closed 20 Miles of Street to Cars during lockdown now Permanently

US Lost 20.5M Jobs in April Unemployment soared to 14.7%

Vitamin D Levels may impact COVID-19 Mortality Rates, Study Claims

AOC: Illegals deserve 'Fair Share' of Stimulus Funds

Nearly 50M Americans had their Credit Card Limits cut in the past month

US House Dems. to attempt passing next coronavirus Bill Soon

Class 8 Heavy Duty Truck Orders Crash to 25 Year Low in April

Auto Dealers betting big on Discounts to help move Inventory

Good News: Tesla reportedly halts car production at Chinese Factory

Texas Salon Owner Shelley Luther ordered released from Prison

Cali. announces program to remove people w COVID from their Homes

Million of Mask Made in China sent to Canada... Useless

Sell out Cali. strikes deal to buy Mask from Chinese auto Company.. $1B

PawPaw, Goat, Vehicle Oil test Positive for COVID-19 Virus - Pres. Magufuli

YouTube deletes Video 'Plandemic" ??

Sephora wants to back out of JCPenney Stores

Facebook appoints new Censorship Czar, mostly Anti-Trump

Disneyland Resort Hotels push back Reservations until July

Intel Chief tells Schiff transcripts of Russia Probe interview cleared for release

Lord & Taylor is reportedly preparing to liquidate its stores, closing?

PA Dairy Farmer "Crazy" Idea on what to do with his milk vs Dumping it

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