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August 4 , 2020

August 3  , 2020

August 2 , 2020

The cost of becoming a US Citizen just went up drastically

PA. Republicans outpacing Dems. in New Voter Registration by 135k

Powerful Picture exposes the double Standard for Politicians

Tucker Carlson criticizes Dr Fauci for dodging questions about protests


Ratings Crash for NBA, MLB after Protest-Filled Debuts

Marathon Petroleum to sell Gas Station Chain to 7 Eleven Owners for $21B

Covid-19 shuttered more than 1 Million Small Businesses

Big Pharma will be exempt from COVID-19 Vaccine Liability Claims?

NJ assembly passes bill - would allow illegals to get Professional Licenses

Trump says he will ban TikTok through an Executive Action

Atilis Gym wants to reopen Safely...... they reopen themselves

Supreme Court denies request to halt Construction of the Border Wall

Caterpillar North America Machine sales crash most since the Financial Crisis

Nvidia in Advance talks to buy SoftBank's Chip Company Arm

Laura Ingraham: Teachers Unions may prove 'Nonessential' to Parents




NHL's Ranger, Islanders stand together for National Anthem

Doctor Simone Gold fired from Hospital after attending 'White Coat Summit'

Portland Protesters burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets

Coca Cola to debut new Coke w Coffee in the US in January 2021

Jim Jordan gets heated w Dr. Fauci in House Hearing

Seattle City Council moves to Defund Police and create 'Civilian Led Dept.'

Doctors reveals the Real Reason for Anti-Hydroxychloroquine Hype

Largest Florida Police Union back Pres. Trump: 'Tired of being a Punching Bag'

July 31 - August 7  , 2020
July 21 - July 30 , 2020 July 13 - July 20 , 2020

Fiat Chrysler lost $1.24B in 2nd Quarter of 2020

Restaurants are rushing to Liquidate Assets on Facebook Marketplace

NBA Every Player and Coach takes a Knee during National Anthem..

Full Appeals Court agrees to rehear Michael Flynn's Case

Tucker Carlson: America is witnessing a Brazen Power Grab

Restaurants are rushing to Liquidate Assets on Facebook Marketplace

Full Appeals Court agrees to rehear Michael Flynn's Case

Impossible Burger's Fake Meat coming to 2,000 Walmart Stores... yuck

Hydroxychloroquine lowers COVID-19 Death Rate, Henry Ford Health Study

Ford sales halved in the Second Quarter

CBS Experiment proves Mail-in Ballots could be a Disaster

Hydroxychloroquine - Ohio Gov. wants State Officials to Reverse Prohibition

Trump backs Short Term deal to stop Renter Evictions

Walmart cuts Corporate Roles as it merges Online, Store Businesses

Norwegian extends cruise cancellations through Oct. 31

Judge blocks President's Public Charge Rule... Again

Terry Perry on 'Defund Police' push : 'I Think we need more Police'

Kwik Trip buys Madison based Stop-N-Go chain

US Q2 GDP Crashes by a Record 32.9%.. Time to start Manufacturing

Gov. Whitmer signs executive order limiting indoor gathering to 10

Busch Gardens to begin phased reopening in August

US Mint reduces Silver, Gold Coin supply to purchasers

Fed holds rates steady , as expected

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google get grilled by House Antitrust Panel

How the HEALS Act's 70% wage replacement in unemployment would work

Ohio see Peak in Coronavirus Hospitalizations, Bans Hydroxychloroquine

Steelers' Stephon Tuitt: I'm not kneeling for the Flag'

Portland fining Feds $500 every 15 Min. for Fence around Courthouse

Federal Agents pull out of Seattle, Mayor says

Fare Hikes, Layoffs, Shutdown possible for PA Mass Transit w/o Funding

Nike scraps Phoenix Manufacturing Plant plan

Barr: 'Since when is it OK to burn down a Federal Courthouse?'

Doctors meet with VP Pence on accessibility of Hydroxychloroquine

Bank Slash Credit Card Limits as Economic Crisis Not over

Harley Davidson shares tank as Coronavirus spurs quarterly loss

Over 100 Police Agencies pull out of Agreements to Guard DNC Convention

Sycamore to buy JCPenney Merger w Belks..JCPenney brand may vanish?

Senate HEAL Act includes another $1,200 Stimulus Check

Trump backs Doctors who says Hydroxychloroquine cures Coronavirus

Trump Admin halts new DACA Applications

Tailored Brands says Bankruptcy "Likely"

National Teacher Union supports strikes over reopening plans

Silence Frontline Doctors... WOW

Dry Bulk Shipping Rates Slashed in Half

Big Tech Apple, Facebook..CEO's prepare to Testify before Congress

Kodak stock rises - report of $765M Gov. Loan to help produce generic drugs

Updated: Video worth checking out

Twitter censors video of Professional Doctors? Locking Accounts?

Joe Biden says Women need his help to Succeed in America

Gold Futures Hit $2000 after US Mint Reduces Bullion Coin Supplies

Another account Trump Jr locked for posting Press Conference by Doctors?

Trump post deleted on Hydroxychloroquine use for China Virus

CNN forces Sinclair Broadcast Group to axe Interview w 'Plandemic' Author

Top Democrat Jerry Nadler: Violent Antifa Riots in Portland are 'A Myth'

NJ Gym owners arrested after ignoring COVID-19 Lockdown Orders

Cryptocurrency funds rally as Bitcoin hits a 2-Month High

Walgreens CEO Stefano Pessina to step down

Seattle Radio host believed the protest in Seattle were Peaceful, then .....

Planet Fitness require Members to wear face mask while working out in gyms

US Mint asks for help w Coin Shortage

Multiple Police Cars set on fire across City Overnight

Hanna becomes Hurricane as it heads toward Texas

Cyclospora infection climb to 641 in 11 States from recalled Salad Mix

Hertz has to sell 182,000 cars by 2021

Just over 7% of Auto and Personal Loans are in Financial Hardship Programs

Epidemiologist says Hydroxychloroquine is 'the key to defeating COVID-19

Coronavirus is crushing Fitness Industry Pros

Seattle Police Dept. tells Small Businesses  'You're on your Own'

Trump's Executive Order will drop the price of Insulin down to Pennies a day

NY Gov Cuomo violated own Mask Rules in GA, Declined to Self Quarantined

Got Seeds from China you didn't ask for? Don't Plant them

Feds clash w Portland Protesters again

Walmart, Home Depot, CVS, will serve Customers who don't wear Mask

McDonald's to require face coverings in all its US Restaurants Aug. 1

Justice Dept. arrests 18 Portland Rioters

Treasury Sec. Mnuchin - If you got a Stimulus Check, likely to get another

Dr Fauci watching Baseball Game without a Mask??

Lidl pulls up stakes in Texas

Anti Police Protesters target Mayor Lightfoot Home

Covington Teen settles defamation Suit w Washington Post, 6 more to go

Trump: If Schools do not reopen their funding should go to the parents

Walmart is opening Florida Doctor's Offices as Walmart Health

Federal Employees can get one day off for every 1.4 Days worked

Chicago's Lightfoot appeases mob, removes Columbus Statue

Trump to sign E. Order aimed at lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Half of CDC Coronavirus Test Kits are Inaccurate, Study finds

NFL Washington Redskins to temp. change name to Washington Football

DC making Mask mandatory when leaving the house

Hollywood Studio orders 'AI-Driven' Face-Mask Detection Robots

Trump, Ben Carson are ' Tearing down' an Obama-Era Housing Rule

Trump to cancel Jacksonville part of GOP convention over COVID concerns

More than 1.4M Americans filed for Unemployment benefits last week

Temporary $52M COVID Hospital in NY admitted only 79 Patients

Cal State Students will be forced to take Social Justice Course

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are now Requesting not requiring masks

Democratic mayors align w Rioters and Looters over Citizens / Police

Tesla picks Austin for $1 Billion Auto Factory

Homeschool enrollment booms as uncertainty over School reopening

Retail Workers slammed by Job Cuts, pushed into new roles

MLB allows Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Jersey Patches

St Louis Prosecutor's Office busted altering Evidence?

Tucker: Democrats consider eliminating the Filibuster

PA Turnpike drivers without EZ-Pass Face 45% Higher Tolls next year

CA. Apt. Building lockdown, Mandatory Quarantine, Key Cards Deactivated?

7.8 Alaska Earthquake off Alaskan Coast

Silver Futures spike above $23

Some States, Cities raising taxes amid Pandemic, Tax Hikes coming

Alaska Airlines avoids pilot layoffs for now

Jeff Bezos adds $13 Billion to Net Worth in 1 Day

Trump raises $20M from 300k Donors in 1st ever Virtual Fundraiser

Epidemiologist:Hydroxychloroquine could save 100k lives if widely deployed

China vows retaliation after US shuts down Houston Consulate

COVID-19 Temp Checks are not reliable and might be more harm than good?

Federal Agents will deploy to Chicago as Violence soars

Dems. urged to reject GOP Aid Bill shielding Business from COVID Lawsuits

Disney World guest can't eat or drink while walking anymore

Trump moves to exclude undocumented immigrants from Census

Tucker Carlson: New York Times planning on revealing where my family lives?

Wall Street firms consider Moving Jobs from NYC, Study says

Joe Biden wants Schools to teach about 'Islamic Faith'

Florida Teachers Union sues DeSantis to stop Schools from Reopening

AP says it will keep 'White' Lowercase , but will Capitalize 'Black'

Uber has been quietly helping Gov. w Contract Tracing for months

EBay selling Classified ad Business to Adevinta for $9.2B

Virginia urges Slavery Lessons for Kindergarteners

KFC creating 3D-Printed 'Meat of the Future'

Trump Coronavirus Task Force returns

Verizon, AT&T , T-Mobile shut down Trump Campaign Texting Program

GOP bill will allow people to sue China over Coronavirus 'Deceit'

Report: MLB Players adding 'Social Justice' Themes to 2020 Season

More Parents considering Homeschooling

Unless Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler lets city burn, Protects ANTIFA

Democrats fume as DHS Tackles Portland Lawless Rioters

Chevron will take over Noble Energy for $5 Billion

Michelle Malkin attacked by Antifa and BLM thugs at Back the Blue Rally

Bahamas banning US Travelers starting Wednesday

Kentucky Family under house arrest after testing positive for COVID-19

Silver Hits $20 for the 1st Time since 2016

Gunman kills Son of Fed. Judge assigned to Epstein Case

Eldorado Resorts Inc. acquires Caesars Entertainment Corp.


This is will help.. Mutual of Omaha to remove Longtime American Indian Logo

UCONN Student Gov. Leaders resign because they are white

Missouri Gov. says pardon likely if St Louis Homeowners charged

NYC Landlords slash Prices on Third of Rentals as Newyorkers Flee

Some areas of the US Evictions bans expire

N. Carolina teachers Union demand welfare for Illegals before School Open

Portland Rioters Torch Police Union Building

'Baby Lives Matter' Mural painted outside Planned Parenthood Salt Lake City

CDC Employees made 8k+ Fed Contribution since 2015 only 5 to Rep. Cause

CDC extends US Ban on Cruise Ships through September

Mercedes-Benz C Class ends production in US

Wuhan Coronavirus death rate drops for twelfth straight week

Black Lives Matter Mural Outside Trump Towers, "Repainted" 3 times this week

Hydroxychloroquine should be available OTC

Housing Starts Jump 17.3% in June to 1.9 Million

Hydroxychloroquine: The One Chart you need to see

Umm No.. KFC hopes to develop the 1st Lab-Made Chicken Nuggets

Trump: 'No' National Mask Mandate... 'I Don't Believe in That'

Icelandair says its letting go of all its Flight Attendants, shifting duties to pilots

Suspect who allegedly attacked 3 NYPD Officials released from Jail w/o Bail

De Blasio assigns 27 Cops to Protect 'BLM Mural' as Violent Crime Soars

Fox Stands by Nick Cannon following his Racist rant against White people

Ca. Gov orders all Public, Private Schools in 32 Counties to stay closed

Broke NY to invest $750M to expand Electric Vehicle infrastructure ?

Anti American? House moves to Condemn Rep. Omar Ilhan in Resolution

30 Year Fixed Mortgage rate drops below 3% for 1st Time

Questions raised after fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID-19 Death

Bill de Blasio slams NYPD Union Leadership, says has 'no Respect' for Them

Seattle City Council Member suggest firing White Officers

Gov. Cuomo threatens to shut down NY Restaurants violating Restrictions

Manhattan rents drop for 1st time in a Decade

Berkeley Council approved unarmed Civilian Workers to perform Traffic Stop

Busch Light announces Rare New Flavor

Smithsonian graphic saying Nuclear Family,Hard Work specific to White Culture

Coronavirus data has disappeared after Trump shifted control from CDC

The Candace Owens Show... worth a watch

Georgia Gov. bans Cities, Counties from Mandating Masks

June Retail Sales surge 7.5% Higher than Expected

Weekly Jobless Claims rise by more than 1M for 17th Straight Week

Ingraham: What they're not Telling You

3 California sue Newsom after banning singing in places of worship

Minnesota Middle School tosses hundreds of Classic Books... why?

Back to School"No Thanks" says millions of Newly Homeschooling Parents

Mortgage rates could drop below 3% by 2021

National Association Police Organizations. ditches Joe Biden, Endorses Trump

Many Hospitals face Bankruptcy due to Coronavirus Losses

Portland Mayor tells Fed... don't need / want help after 6 weeks of unrest

President eases Sentimental Laws to speed up  Pipelines and infrastructure

Walmart, Best Buy, CostCo will require Mask for all starting July 20

Trump will be 'getting involved' in McCloskey case as Criminal Charges loom

US Manufacturing Production Rebounds in June by most in 75 Years

Prominent Twitter accounts 'Hacked' in Crypto Scam

Vanguard transfers 1,300 staffers to outsourcing Partner Infosys ?

Asheville NC approves reparations for Black Residents...

Tommy Tuberville defeats Jeff Sessions in Alabama Primary

California's New Lockdown could be brutal for the Economy

King Scoopers not giving change back... due to coin shortage?

WHO will not investigate Wuhan Lab where Coronavirus was kept

Tucker Carlson: AOC, Other Politicians want to 'Reimagine' Your Public Safety

Philadelphia to cancel all large, Public Events through Feb. 2021

Some Florida Labs report 100% COVID-19 Positivity Rates, Major errors

GoFundMe Campaign to raise money to buy Goya Products for Food Banks

US Small Business Optimism jumps higher than Expected

NBA Panics, Backtracks after Store Sales Rep. tells reporter...

Unemployment benefits in next Stimulus Package: What to expect

Vermont College goes on Auction Block w $3M Bid

Flu Shot may increase COVID-19 Infection rate by 440%

Tesla rose to a New High, then gives up all gains for the day

What is the Real Purpose of the Lockdowns?

Ford to continue making Police Cars despite online pressure to stop

HCQ helps contain COVID-19 Cases: New Evidence

Goya 'buy-cott' begins as Customers load up on Products after Backlash

Pediatricians agree on 'Absolutely' Reopen Schools

Cali. closes Indoor Restaurants, Movie Theaters, All Bars due to COVID rise

Young White Mother killed by BLM Mob for saying 'All Lives Matter'

3 Churches have burned in the last 24 Hours...

Washington Redskins to announce Name Change Today

Cali. to release 8,000 Inmates in attempt to combat COVID-19 spike in prisons

Analog Devices poised to buy Rival Maxim Integrated for more than $17B

LA Teachers Union - can't reopen unless Charter Sch. close, Police Defunded

Vermont City Council rejects America Flag Art but allows BLM Street Mural

President Trump wins Big on Secret Meatpacking Robots

Feds deny Minnesota request for aid to rebuild after unrest

Doctors urge FDA to consider Hydroxychloroquine as OTC option

TikTok: Is time Running Out for this App?

Krogers cashiers to stop giving Customers Coin change

Carnival Corporation to sell 13 Cruise Ships

Krogers Cashiers no longer providing Coin Change

Trump: 'Something' will be happening w Venezuela' and America

Phoenix Mayor lied about morgues bringing in  Refrig. trucks due to COVID

Trump threatens Tax-Exempt Status funding for Universities and Schools

NBC documents Contributor's COVID-19 ' Diagnosis' and 'Recovery' Fake?

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