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March 23  , 2023

March 22 , 2023

March 21 , 2023

New 1 Bedroom Apartments get smaller, now under 900 Sq. Feet

Insurers Junk Entire EV's for Minor Accidents

Bed Bath & Beyond Stock falls to 30 year low on reverse stock split plan

Tennessee Hospitals are at risk of closing

FedNow Instant payments are coming?

Virgin Orbit scrambles to avoid bankruptcy as deal talks continue

US Authorizes another $350 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

LAUSD Strike: Public Schools to close Tuesday as 60,000 Teachers and Workers stage 3-day walk out

US Authorizes another $350 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine

Wyoming Bans Biological Males in Girls' Sports

Biden vetoes Bill for First Time to block Anti-ESG Measure

Biden vetoes Bill for First Time to block Anti-ESG Measure

More than 1.6M apprehensions, gotaways fiscal year to date

New EPA Regulations for Safe Water expected to cost municipalities billions

Fed announces "Coordinated" Daily US Dollar Swap Lines to ease Banking Crisis

PC Maker Acer  is making an E-Bike?

Gerber Baby Formula recalled Due to Bacteria Concerns

NHL goes "Woke" No longer a sport?

US Lawmakers to examine merits of Higher FDIC bank deposit insurance cap

UBS - Credit Suisse merger may lead to Massive Layoffs

Biden moves to shut down another mine over eco-concerns amid Green energy push

New Soil Testing in East Palestine Ohio finds...

First Republic to face Second S&P Downgrade in Less than a week

UBS agrees to buy Credit Suisse as regulators look to shore up the Global Banking System

Fed announces "Coordinated" Daily US Dollar Swap Lines to ease Banking Crisis

Nolte: Janet Yellen admits Gov. choosing Bank Bailout Winners and Losers

Michigan Communities protest Plans to Build Chinese Factories at Home

Produce Season likely to be weak.. and it's bad news for truckers

Midsize US Banks ask FDIC to insure deposits for 2 years

Disney mangers told to identify layoff candidates, w 4k job cuts expected by April: Report

Biden seeks to eliminate 96% of Gas Stoves

Dollar Tree has reportedly stopped selling eggs, pointing to 'very high' prices

400k Gallons of Radioactive Water leaked from Minnesota Nuclear Power Plant, Happened in Nov?

BlackRock CEO scales back emphasis on Climate Investing ?

Frozen Fruit recalled over risk of Hepatitis A Contamination

The Fed Reserve announces its first big step towards Digital Dollar

EV owners are increasingly frustrated w Home Charging, expensive Electricity rates

Ford recalls 1.5M Vehicles over Brake, Wiper Issues

Fed quietly move to take over Local Elections

Another Train derailment in Anacortes Wash. Some Diesel spills on land

UBS is in talks to take over all or part of Credit Suisse?

Banks borrow $164.8 Billion from Fed in Rush to Backstop Liquidity

Wall Street rides to the rescue as 11 banks pledge First Republic $30 Billion in deposits

Train Carrying cars derails in Hardin County Ky.

The Biden Admin. is trying to bail out Moderna too

San Francisco Bay Area Bans Gas Furnaces and Water Heaters

Mortgage rates slide following bank turmoil

Credit Suisse's $54B Lifeline gives global banks tentative respite

Five Below to expand Higher-priced Five Beyond concept to 400 Stores

Libs of TikTok will host Family friendly Book event in NYC

LA Teachers Union to shut down Schools in 3-Day Strike

Reebok to develop exclusive products in expanded partnership w Macy's

Virgin Orbit pauses Operations for a week, furloughs nearly entire staff as it seeks funding

Krispy Kreme scraps plans for Winston Salem Expansion

Canadian Pacific Railroad is acquiring Kansas City Southern for $31B

Scumbag 101 - Take a look

James O'Keefe launches O'Keefe Media Group after ouster from Project Veritas

Nevada considers giving water agency power to limit residential use as Colorado River dries up

Santander halts $942M Subprime Auto ABS Sale amid Turmoil

Train reportedly carrying Hazardous Material derails in Mohave County AZ

Credit Suisse shares tumble, latest crisis for sector

US doesn't have operational control of Border: Border Patrol Chief

Texas announces Takeover of Failing Big City School District

First Republic falls 30% as regional bank stocks continue to sink

Kellogg Company formally announces split into two Independent Companies

Ohio sues Norfolk Southern over Toxic Train Derailment

First Republic Stock dives after Credit Rating downgrades to Junk

Major Rating Service downgrades US Banking System

New York Fed. Survey finds disturbing trends in Manufacturing Data

Wholesale Inflation posts unexpected decline in February

Inflation rises by .4% in Feb. and 6.0% over the past year as Prices remain high

Honda recalls 448,000 Accords,CR-Vs, Odysseys and more Models over faulty seatbelts

San Francisco never allowed slavery, considers reparations of $5M per Black Person, why not $500M

T-Mobile will buy Mint Mobile for up to $1.35 Billion

Apple delays Bonuses and Implements Hiring Freeze, report says

Illinois enacts Mandatory Paid Leave 'for any reason'

Woke AI on Wheels: GM plans to add ChatGPT 'Virtual Assistant' to cars

Biden washing machine rule would make American clothes less clean and raise the prices

Biden to sign Executive Order on Gun Control

Don't give up VT Christian School, Vermont Principals Associations decides to punish entire school

Vinyl Records making a comeback? Squid Wax in PA reopens after 24 years

Boeing expected to sell about 80 Dreamliners in Saudi Airline Deal

H&M taps ThredUp for resale program

College Enrollment tanks as many teens opt for Trade School or early career

Electric Car Manufacturers remove AM Radios claiming Safety Concerns

Third South Tahoe Grocery Stores closes due to unsafe conditions

Red Cross Packets show Migrants where to cross the US Border

Tucker Carlson: Opening Statements

Silver Lake and CPP Investments on Monday announced plans to acquire Qualtrics for $12.5B

Pfizer buys Seagen for $43 Billion, boosts access to cancer drugs

Reason to Homeschool # 14,701

Credit Suisse shares fall to new record low

Something Broke, but the Fed is still expected to go through w rate hikes

Home Depot co-founder says - Silicon Valley Bank went 'woke' rather than focus on its shareholders

Californians will be able to vote on new measure in 2024 that would raise Minimum wage to $18.. 

First Republic gets additional funding from Fed, JPMorgan

HSBC pays 1 Pound to rescue UK arm of Silicon Valley Bank

Biden indefinitely blocks 16 Million Acres from Fossil Fuel Drilling

Massive Group of Illegal Migrants rush El Paso Port of Entry

Regulators close New York's Signature Bank, Citing Systemic Risk

Minnesota restores rights of paroled felons to vote

Swift Banking Network conducts New Global Phase of CBDC Testing

Joe Manchin slams Ford for Partnering w Chinese Company to build Batteries: I'm 'Totally Opposed'

Etsy warns sellers of payment delays due to Silicon Valley Bank collapse

Hundreds of Venture Capital firms vow to work w Silicon Valley Bank again if new owners is found....

Silicon Valley Bank employees received bonuses hours before gov. Takeover

Why are we having all these Medical supply issues?

Luxury Home purchases sink a record 45% to the second lowest level on record

NYC Mayor Eric Adams plans to use Taxpayer funds to send NYC Illegals/ Migrants to College

Norfolk Ship repair Contractor to add new jobs in $500,000 expansion

Vinyl Record sales top CDs for first time in more than 30 years

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem vetoes Central Bank Digital Currency Bill

Mom sues Doctor who gave her children the...

Roku says 26% of its cash reserves are stuck in Silicon Valley Bank

Biden admin to reduce Milk Allowance for families in WIC Program, substitute soy-based products?

Biden to propose raising top Income and Capital Gain Tax to 39.6% in Budget

February Payroll comes in at +311k, unemployment rate 3.6%

Calico Critters recalls 3.2M toys after death of 2 Children

Biden EPA proposes New 'Wastewater' Regulation to kill off Coal Plants

Titan Medical delisted from Nasdaq

Mortgage rates increase again, flirt with 7%

Yeti recalls 1.9M coolers and cases sold by Amazon, other retailers over magnet hazard

The # of Job Openings in Construction collapsed in Jan. A decrease of 248k jobs from the month before

10 Banks that may face trouble in the wake of the SVB Financial Group debacle

Visa, Mastercard pause work on code aimed at tracking gun purchases

Silvergate Capital Shares tank after company announces plan to wind down bank

GM offers buyouts to 'majority' of US salaried workers

Siemens Mobility to bring 500 Jobs to North Carolina

Diversey agrees to $4.6B sale to specialty Chemical Manufacturer Solenis

Shares of SVB Financial fall more than 50% as Tech-Focused Bank looks to raise more cash

NYC Learns that enforcing the law reduces Criminal Activity.. Imagine that

Michigan Democrats approve plan to repeal right to work law

Bed Bath & Beyond says it now has about $360M in proceeds from 'Most Unusual' Feb. equity offering

Biden set to unveil more than $2 Trillion in Tax Hikes in Budget

Illegal Immigration costs taxpayers $151B per year - 30% increase since 2017

Blackstone to acquire Ancestry com for $4.7B

Stitch Fix CFO to exit as declines persist

Trucking Company warns new EPA standards will kill Mom and Pop Businesses

NYC Mayor Eric Adams aiming to resettle immigrants across US

2 more eyedrops recalled, FDA announces

Judge rules - Binance.US can move ahead w plan to acquire Voyager Digital's Assets

American Car Center employees still haven't received final paychecks

Justice Department sues to block JetBlue-Spirit Merger

Walmart to invest nearly $1.5B in Mexico and Central America in 2023

Biden paints rosy picture of inflation, but pressure on consumers and small business owners persists

Fed Chair Powell says interest rates are 'likely to be higher' than previously anticipated

T. Carlson opening statements



Buc-ee's first Virginia Location planned for New Kent

Kohl's shrinks inventory position after 'Out of Control' levels in 2022

Norfolk Southern makes broad safety adjustments after third train derailment

Joe Biden plans new Taxes on the "Rich" to help save Medicare

Best Buy will setup in home Hospital care through a new deal with Atrium Health

Cal. Governor says State won't do business w Walgreens over position on abortion pills

Daimler Truck recalling 64,064 Units for possible Steering Loss

PC and Tablet shipments to be down 11% in 23' on low demand

Marlboro maker Altria agrees to buy e-Cigarette startup NJOY for nearly $2.8B

University of Houston removes diversity, inclusion statements from hiring practices

Bill gives SNWA power to cut supply for Las Vegas valley resident who use too much

High Interest Rates, Car Prices lead to record loan debt

NY Court workers fired for Refusing COVID Vax must be rehired with back pay

Federal Agency takes step toward Gas Stove Regulations

Harris Associates sells Entire Credit Suisse Stakes, FT says

Mark Mobius warns investors should 'be very careful' in China.. reveals he can't get his money out of China

Walmart unveils an AI-powered store, Cameras and sensors in store pump out 1.6TB of data a second

NYC Businesses urged to require Customers remove masks amid Crime surge... Times are changing

Lawmakers consider plan to raise Social Security's Full Retirement age to 70

SoCal Residents Snowed in and running out of supplies, Where is Newsom

Pet Food Prices are rising

Take a Moment, and give DJC a follow

Union fights back against New "Pronoun Policy" for Federal Workers

NYC - Grand Concourse Supermarket erupts in 5 Alarm Fire

Caterpillar commits to not closing Union Plants under New Contract

Scout returning with new South Carolina-built electric SUV

Insulin cost cap brings relief for people with Diabetes, capped at $35 a month

Over $30 Million Worth of Funkos are headed to the Landfill

First Time Homebuyers are Absolutely screwed right now

Tesla to cut costs of Next-Generation Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are the future..................?

Gov. Bill Lee Tenn. signs ban on gender-affirming care for Minors, Drag restrictions into law

Blackstone blocked investor withdrawals from $71B REIT in February

US Announces $400 Million in Additional Aid to Ukraine, No # provided for US Southern border

All 9 States with Lowest Unemployment Rates in 2022 had Rep. Governors, All 10 w highest had Democrats

Coinbase acquires One River Digital Asset Management

US Home Prices could plunge 20% amid risk of 'deep' Housing slide

Oregon Lawmakers want to pay the Homeless $1,000 Per month

Bills would require Minnesota students to take ethic studies, personal finance classes

Reason to Homeschool # 987

Amazon pauses Construction on Second Headquarter in Virginia

F-150 Lightning Production shutdown to last 5 weeks, Ford says

How is the Air in East Palestine Ohio?

Mortgage Rates jump back over 7% as inflation fears drive yields higher

NYC to pay $21,500 to 320 Far-Left Protestors over 2020 protest and riots that cost city millions

NYC Council to vote on bills to fight e-bike battery fires

Blackstone defaults on Nordic CMBS as Property Values wobble

Why the economy is in a masked collapse and what you can do to prepare

Car Debt is piling up as More Americans Owe Thousands more than Vehicle are worth

Dollar Tree Profits from raising prices above $1 level, Retailer adding $3 and $5 price points

16 Million US Household are relying on Federal Broadband Subsides...could end next year

Southern California Gas seeks 13% Monthly Bill Increase

MercyOne acquires Genesis Health System

Electric Boat expects to hire 4-5k per year: 'I don't see any real letup'

Woody Harrelson doubles down, slams COVID Mandates

1 Million Gallons Of Radioactive Waste Likely Dumped Into Hudson River In New York 

American Car Center faces Class Action Lawsuit after closing doors

Emergency SNAP Benefits ending after 3 Years

Delta Pilots approve contract with 34% Raises

Dish CEO says data was stolen in Cyberattack that's keep system down for days

Girls Basketball Team, stands up for Girl Sports and withdraws from State Tournament over Trans.Player

Reason to Homeschool #41,230

The National Apartment Size shrinking as Studios & 1-Bedroom Apartments gain in share

Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot loses Re-election Campaign

Mortgage demand from homebuyers drop to 28yr low

US Postal Services plans to buy 9,250 EV Ford Delivery Vehicles

Nissan to recall more than 809,000 Vehicles, Key Problem shutting off engines

Non-Citizens allowed to vote in Local Washington DC Elections: Report

Chipmakers required to provide Child Care in exchange for Government Money

Target profits continue to slide as discretionary purchases slow

Triangle NC H-1B Holders have 60 days to find new jobs or face deportation

Ford files Patent for Self-Repossessing Vehicles that drive themselves back to dealer if Payment is missed

Tesla to build new Plant in Mexico said to be worth at least $1 Billion

Amazon workers will be able to use shares as Collateral for Home Loans

Consumer Confidence fell in February for 2nd month as inflation weighs

Train carrying Propane derails in Manatee County Florida

Contraction in Texas Factory Activity deepened in February

Shrimp sold at Walmart, Albertsons, other stores recalled over health risk

US Home Prices tumbles for 6th Straight Month in December

Biden 'Efficiency' Rule would ban at least Half of Gas Stoves in U.S.

Janet Yellen makes 'Surprise' visit to Kiev to announce another $1.25 Billion in aid to Ukraine

Medicaid to drop 14 Million from Program under new rules

This is Nokia's New Logo

Genesis recalls 65,000-plus Vehicles for exploding Seat Belt Pretensioners

US Durable Goods orders plunged most since COVID lockdowns in Jan

EPA orders Railroad Company at Center of East Palestine Disaster to Halt Waste Removal

Migrants encounters at southern border hit 1,000,000 mark for FY 2023

Poll: Nearly 60% of voters 'have less money in their pockets' during Biden Admin.



Union Pacific CEO to step down as hedge fund presses for change

Cineworld Major Theater Chain warns that shareholders could be wiped out

Aroostook Centre Mall Maine closing until further notice

Slack permanently suspends Libs of TikTok

Truckload market has 25% too much Capacity

Shake Shack introduces fine Dining experience

Wall Street Investors are snatching up Single-Family Homes and taking over the rental market

South Carolina lawmakers proposes 'Yankee Tax' as northerners flock to state in droves

North Carolina on brink of eliminating Pistol Purchase Permits

Subprime Auto Lender American Car Center closes for Business

Steam Logistics offering $2,000 Cash for quits

General Motors will idle the Fort Wayne, Indiana truck plant for two weeks at the end of March

Three Fires at Pemex Facilities all in one day

Tucker Carlson's Opening Statements

Biden will not visit East Palestine following Train Catastrophe

Administration plans to Raise Costs on Appliances via New Efficiency Regulations

World Bank: $236 Billion must be spent in Addition to current aid in order to rebuild Ukraine

Bindle Bottle voluntary recall for its Insulated bottles

Michigan could spend another $750M on Ford Battery Plant in Marshall

IMF against making crypto legal tender, issues action plan

East Palestine Resident could see Long-Term Health risks from 'Highly Toxic Chemicals , says Analysis

Wayfair has canceled plans for Houston Fulfillment Center

Inflation comes in Higher,  troubling sign for Federal reserve

Bankruptcies are on the rise... check the charts

US Homeowners have lost $2.3 Trillion in value since June peak

Tesla Headquarters returning to California

Reason to Homeschool # 9,865

Domino's shares tank as inflation slices Q4 Pizza Sales

Carvana's Net Loss widens on Cooling used car demand

Tech Companies are dismissing Employees who oversee diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts

Report: Disney facing Bloodbath as thousands of layoffs, budget cuts loom

Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts Biden in SOTU response

Bitcoin Mining company closing in on purchase of North Tonawanda Power Plant

CVS nearing $10.5 Billion deal for Primary care Provider Oak Street Health

Buffalo NY area is hit with the strongest Earthquake in 40 years

NYC Buses Migrants to Canada

Massive fire at New Zealand's Largest Egg Farm kills 75,000 Hens

Union Membership reaches New Low, Big Labor to Blame

Massive Fire completely destroys Manufacturing Facility and Warehouse in Chicago

High Tax State Exodus accelerates as more Americans flee to Florida, Texas

Reason to Homeschool # 3,218

DeSantis to take control of Disney's Orlando District under New Legislation

Democratic leaders offer $180 direct checks to Michiganders in Tax Package



March 1   -  March 31 , 2023
February 1   -  February 28 , 2023 January 1   -  January 31 , 2023

Retirees lost 23% of their 401(k) savings in 2022, Fidelity says

Pimco's Columbia Property Trust defaults on $1.7B of Office Loans

Toxic Wastewater from Ohio Train Derailment headed to Texas

LEGO pivots brand toward push for Diversity and Inclusion

2 Million Cosori Air Fryers recalled over Fire, Burn Hazards

Lordstown Motors stops production, New EV Trucks recalled

'You might as well Ban' Books in NYC, because our kids can't read': Charles Payne torches  NYC Mayor

Report: Cyberattack on Dole Temporarily shuts down North American plants

Crash in Online Hiring may signal a Cooling Job market

Home purchase applications plunge to 28-year low as Mortgage rates jump

Economy grew at slower than reported pace of 2.7% at end of 2022

Biden Interior proposes first offshore wind lease sale in Gulf of Mexico

Amazon closes $3.9 Billion acquisition of One Medical

FHA loan borrowers can soon save $800 per year thanks to lower Mortgage Insurance Premiums

Target to invest $100 Million in Sorting Centers that make order delivery faster, cheaper

China urges State Firm to drop Big four Auditors on Data Risk

Dick's Sporting Goods to buy E-Commerce Outdoor Retailer Moosejaw from Walmart

Subprime Car Auto Loan Delinquencies hit 13-year high

Trump arrives in East Palestine, delivers truckloads of water

NYC sells $200 Million of Medical PPE supplies for only $500k

Gen Z , Housing , Jobs, Economy.. Great Podcast

McDonald's Introduces Plant Based "Chicken Nuggets" ... umm No

Stellantis workers could receive $14,760 in Profit sharing

UK Based INEOS to buy US Eaglel Ford Shale for $1.4B

US Labor Strikes surge 52% in 2022, showing rise in 'worker activism' study

Subway to add EV charging Stations to select Restaurants

Microsoft signs 10-yr deal to bring Xbox Games to Nintendo

Intel slashes Dividend 66% to Lowest Payout in 16 Years

EPA orders Norfolk Southern to Handle all Ohio Train Derailment cleanup

US Existing Home Sales unexpectedly decline in January, Record 37% YoY Collapse

Illinois has 930 Schools where only 1 in 10 Children can do Math at Grade Level

More than 60 Companies tried a 4-day work week and results show why 92% are keeping it

Costco shuts down its Online Photo Center , now linking customers to Shutterfly

East Palestine Mayor: Biden giving Millions to Ukraine, not us shows 'He doesn't care about us'

Ohio Metal Manufacturing Plant explodes, sending multiple people to Hospital

Massive Fire at Medley Welding Business in Medley Florida

Report: MCCarthy grants Tucker Carlson access to 41,000 Hours of January 6 Video

NBA enters strategic partnership with fintech Company Ant Group in China

Walmart and Home Depot are getting ready for a Consumer Slowdown

Home Depot says it will spend $1 Billion to give hourly workers a raise

Hy-Vee to change Employee Discount Program

Reckitt recalls 145k cans of baby formula due to possible due to possible contamination

Persistent Inflation keeping Grocery Prices High for Consumers

James O'Keefe out at Project Veritas

Illinois poised to mandate paid leave for nearly all workers

Used Car Prices Soar, Highest Jump in 14 Years

Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles recalled over foreign object

Discover to enable tracking of purchases at Gun Retailers from April

Biden makes surprise trip to Ukraine, announces $500 Million in new aid... No Ohio trip?

Born in 2007 or Later? This California bill would bar you from ever buying a Tobacco Product

Meta to test Monthly Subscription Service priced at $11.99 a month

Retailers could face cost cuts and slower sales this year

1.9M Fewer Americans working, 2M Foreign Workers funneled into US Jobs

Blue Cross Blue Shield backtracks on Racist Grant Program

Migrant Hotels in NYC killing Business, causing layoffs: Merchants

Pinkerton: The Greens aren't just coming for your Gas Powered Cars, they are coming for all cars

Digital Currency Experiment is under way in Nigeria...

Ram recalls 340,000 Heavy Duty Cummins Powered-Trucks for Fire risk

Illinois Supreme Court issues opinion over ongoing White Castle Biometric Privacy Case

Trump declares trip to East Palestine, FEMA announces sudden reversal on Ohio Disaster Aid

Housing starts fall in January to the lowest level since 2020

The Core of the Economy - The Middle Class is Crumbling

Ram recalls 340,000 Heavy Duty Cummins Powered-Trucks for Fire risk

Ford Louisville Assembly Plant temporarily halts work

EPA advises Doral FL Residents to shelter in place as Renewable Energy Plant continues to burn

Meta just gave thousands of employees poor performance reviews... more layoffs coming ?

San Francisco Bay Area Housing Market Crashes, Prices plunges 35% from peak

Amazon will require employees to return to the Office 3 days a week

Reason to Homeschool # 28,190

NFL Players' Association urged to screen for Heart Issues??

All Eyes on Inflation...Great Interview

HarperCollins union approves contract, ends 3 month strike

Wholesale Inflation surges .7% in January

House Dem. refuse to attend border hearing.. not enough notice

East Palestine Ohio update

Zillow signals more pain ahead in Online Real Estate

Report: Biden rejects Federal Disaster Assistance for Ohio town impacted by Toxic Train Derailment

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is stepping down

Troubling Signs emerge as Credit Card Debt hits Record High

Massive Fire in Kissimmee at 2am.. Plant Nursery, Hazmat at the scene

Amazon cuts ties with EU Distributors amid wider push to trim costs

Welfare State weakens.. 30 Million Americans are about to lose COVID Food Stamp Handouts

Nestle plans Price hikes after inflation eats into profits

More than a Dozen Alabama rural hospitals at risk of closing

BP to acquire TravelCenters of America for $1.3 Billion

Vanguard to liquidate a Mutual Fund for first time since 2020

FedEx preps revamp of operations, networks for long term savings

Not a Single Student can do Math at Grade Level in 53 Illinois Schools

Nissan recall: 405k older vehicles recalled due to this serious malfunction

Chipotle opening a new restaurant called Farmesa

Tesla will begin opening US Supercharger Network to outside brands

Train carrying Hazardous Material derailed in Texas Days after Ohio Incident

EBay buys AI Fraud Detection Company 3PM Shield

2 Weeks to slow the spread..... 3+ YEARS later NY lifts blanket Mask Mandate for Healthcare

Diamond Sports prepares for possible bankruptcy?

Mortgage demand drops as Interest Rates bounce higher

Retail Sales Soared 3% in January, Fastest Acceleration in 22 Months

Chicago pushes to house Migrants in Old Kmart Building.. how about the homeless?

Rand Paul goes after Health Institutions that refused critical care to unvaxxed patients

Subway says it's considering selling

Proposed Illinois Legislation to require EV Charging Stations could make homes more expensive

Vanguard reports record Number of "Hardship Withdrawals" from 401ks

Hyundai and Kia release software update to prevent TikTok thefts

All Bed Bath & Beyond, Buybuy Baby Stores to go dark in Canada

Biden Admin allowing States to spend Medicaid Money on Food, Housing

Biden taps 2 new Economic Advisors as inflation issues persist........

Ford halts Production and Shipments of its Electric F-150 Lightning due to Potential Battery Issue

Tesla employees in New York want to unionize

US to sell 26 Million more Barrels from Strategic Oil Reserve

Health Concerns Grow as More Toxic Chemicals reveled at Derailed Ohio Train

Uber closing all Data Centers, Moving to Google, Oracle Clouds

Amazon sellers are now paying more than 50% commission??

Chinese Investors own 384k Acres of US Agricultural Land: Report

Amazon's Zoox tests Robotaxi on public roads with employees as passengers

Relentless inflation and surging grocery prices have these Americans on edge

Zanesville Company announces license to brand rights with Mikesell's

Core CPI rises 32nd Straight Month, Headline Inflation hotter than expected YoY

Ohio Train Derailment Chemical disaster, rages on

Nissan, Renault to invest $600 Million to make new models in India

Seattle Public Schools consider closures as student enrollment plunges

Officials responding to Train Derailment in Enoree South Carolina

New Inflation warning for consumers coming from the supply chain

Report: Microsoft removes 'Negative Flags' for Conservatives sites

NYC Mayor: We may need Vax Mandates again, It 'Wasn't right' for people to do whatever they wanted

Reason to Homeschool # 6,091

Hochul faces an 'uprising' over her plan to build new housing in NYC suburbs

Royal Canadian Mint temporarily lays off 56 workers at its Winnipeg Facility

JP Morgan reaches agreement w Ukraine's Zelenskyy on Rebuilding Infrastructure???

House Republicans push to Ban China from buying US Farmland

More Layoffs coming to Meta Soon.. Report shows

Nexo shutters US earn product a month after settling with regulators

Zero Students Proficient in Math in 23 Baltimore Schools, Test Results reveal

Ford cuts Rivian stake to about 1%

Greg Abbott tells Texas to ban DEI in hiring at Public Institutions

Virgin Airlines CEO: Tech Layoffs will impact Airline Industry

SNAP Food Stamp Benefits will be reduced to pre-pandemic levels on March 1

Ford to announce $2.5B Battery Plant in Marshall with Chinese Partner

Tucker Carlson opening statement

Sellouts...Shop-Vac announces plans to move production from Pa. to China

Bed Bath & Beyond to wind down Canada Operations

Russia vows to slash Oil Production, latest response to Western Nations' Price Cap

West Coast Pipeline leak near Los Angeles has halted gasoline deliveries in several states

Purina Dog Food recalled over Toxicity risk

States who won't comply with CDC to Force Covid-19 Vaccination on Kids for School

Americans tell CEOs: Drop the 'Woke' and get back to Business

HarperCollins and striking Union reach Tentative agreement

Adidas shares crash over $1.3 Billion Pile of Unsold Yeezy Shoes

House passes Legislation to block DC's New Crime Law

Disney CEO Bob Iger is open to selling Hulu

Bank of America offers to bundle EV Chargers with Auto Loans

GM and GlobalFoundries announces Long term agreement, giving automaker supply of chips

Bitcoin Exchange LocalBitcoins to close, citing Market Conditions

Lyft shares tank 30% after company issues weak guidance

Credit Suisse shares sink after biggest loss since 2008 Financial Crisis

Manhattan rents hits an All-Time High in January

Chick-Fil-A tests its first plant based sandwich, falls to the plant-based bandwagon

Report: James O'Keefe on paid leave, Board considering removal?

NBC, MSNBC Journalists walk off job amid labor dispute

Republican blast Biden admin over plan to crack down on waiters' tips

Starlink cuts off Ukrainian Drones

Did you know Electric Vehicles EV need up to 6 times more Mineral than conventional cars

House Rep. warns Twitter Exec. they could go to jail

Crypto Exchange Kraken to shutdown stalking service, pay fine in US SEC Settlement

State of Union TV viewership falls nearly 1/3 from last year

Chinese Company's North Dakota Corn mill project struck down by Grand Forks, prompting cheers USA

Nancy Mace reveals Health Problems after Covid Jab while criticizing Twitter Censorship

Entire NJ Town Council, Mayor switch from Democrats to Republicans

Vermont to becomes First State to ban CFL Lightbulb sales

Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts Biden in SOTU response

Report: Disney facing Bloodbath as thousands of layoffs, budget cuts loom

Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts Biden in SOTU response

Bitcoin Mining company closing in on purchase of North Tonawanda Power Plant

CVS nearing $10.5 Billion deal for Primary care Provider Oak Street Health

Buffalo NY area is hit with the strongest Earthquake in 40 years

NYC Buses Migrants to Canada

Massive fire at New Zealand's Largest Egg Farm kills 75,000 Hens

Union Membership reaches New Low, Big Labor to Blame

Massive Fire completely destroys Manufacturing Facility and Warehouse in Chicago

High Tax State Exodus accelerates as more Americans flee to Florida, Texas

Reason to Homeschool # 3,218

DeSantis to take control of Disney's Orlando District under New Legislation

Democratic leaders offer $180 direct checks to Michiganders in Tax Package

California drops plan for K-12 Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate

Thousands of Texas Customers could be waiting days for power to be restored after last week's freeze

Carmaker BMW to invest around $870M in Mexico...

Record % of Americans say they have been worse off Financially since Biden was elected, Poll

Ohio plans 'Controlled release' of Toxic Chemicals after Train Derailment

Crypto Exchange Binance will suspend US dollar transfers

Yellen: 'You don't have a recession' when US unemployment at 53 year low

NYC Mayor Eric Adams ends Vaccine Mandate for City Workers

Recall Alert: 400 Products w the Fresh Creative Cuisine label 

Public Storage goes Public with $11 Billion Bid to buy Life Storage

Top Gold Miner Newmont offers $17 Billion for Newcrest

Twitter to charge Businesses $1k per month to keep gold Verification: Report

US Economy could see 'Second Chapter' in Pandemic Price Surge

7.8 Magnitude quake kills more than 3,400, knocks down building in Southeast Turkey / Syria

US Economy loses $12 Trillion to Covid lockdowns, Mandatory Business closures cited as Top Reason

Abbott issues disaster declaration following Texas Ice Storm

Democrat-Run tourist town sees 200% surge in break-ins amid Violent Crime spike

Disney World unions say no to latest contract offer

Eye Drops Recall: FDA bans imports of Artificial Tears linked to Health Hazards

Supermarket Chain Lidl to cut down on Meat Products to serve Green Agenda

Clorox Exec says no more Price Hikes, Layoffs coming as it lifts annual profits

US Military shoots down Chinese spy Balloon over Atlantic Ocean

Illinois Judge issues second block on 'Assault Weapons' Ban

UPS and the Teamsters prepare for High-Stakes talks w Union Contract set to expire

Its Official: Ugly People more likely to wear Masks - University Study

US Credit Card Debt jumps 18.5% and hits a record $930.6 Billion

Amazon is closing Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go Stores, shoppers want retail experience not tech

Project Veritas round two... very concerning

What was behind Today's "Wow, Wow, Wow" Job Report

January Payroll explode to 517k , Unemployment rate tumble to record low

New, expanded refineries in Southeast Texas add jobs to Texas oil & gas job boom

Nordstrom shares surge as investor Ryan Cohen takes stake: Report

Ford posts $2 Billion loss in 2022

California Regulator acts to lower utility bills now by speeding up Climate Credit

Meta stock soars after Zuckerberg hints at more layoffs

Report: Migrants arriving on Buses to cost New Yorkers more than $4 Billion

Bed Bath & Beyond says it missed Interest Payments on Bonds

64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck

Ilhan Out: House boots Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee

Energy Dept. proposes tighter efficiency standards for Gas, Electric stoves and Ovens

NYC had a Brand - Migrants destroy Hotel Rooms , Doing Drugs, Disrespect Hotel Workers

Another State just joined the fight against ESG Investing

New Bill in Tennessee aims to create Digital Drivers License

Nearly 2.6M pounds of canned meat, poultry products recalled due to packaging defect

State University of New York forces Students to take Diversity, Equity, DEISJ Course or not Graduate

The Fake Meat Industry is failing, but that might lead to Gov. propping it up

PA State dumps degree requirement for 65,000 Jobs, Promotes 'Practical Experience' over College

FTC slaps $1.5M fine on GoodRx for sharing users' Health Data with Facebook and Google

ADP says Job Growth in January slowest in 2 Years, Blames weather......

Cardboard Box demand plunging at rates unseen since the Great Recession

Record 285,000 Illinois residents saw power shut-offs due to non-payment in 2022

Silvergate Capital shares jump after BlackRock reports increased stake in the Crypto Bank

GM to invest $650 Million in Lithium Mining Company in US

Federal Reserve raises target Interest Rates by .25 point

Chamber of Commerce pledges lawsuit over 'Outrageous' Environmental Rule

GM Hourly workers to get biggest profit -sharing checks ever, over $12,000

Tucker Carlson examines strange destruction of Food Processing Plants across the country

Biden's new policy... allows Haitians, Cuban Migrants to receive Medicaid, Food Stamps, Cash Handouts

Maxine Waters: We have Right Wing Conservatives who are..

Joe Biden to end National COVID Emergency on May 11 , how do we know the day?

Dozen of Migrants refuse to move from Manhattan Hotel to Brooklyn NYC Mega Shelter

US Tripartite Chip Alliance should spook China

Worries loom for Used-Car Market

Housing Market Tracker: Housing Inventory falls once more

Boar's Head Brand among 52,000 pounds of Italian Cold Cuts recalled after Listeria found

California issues Driver's Licenses to over 1M Illegal Aliens since 2015

NYC forces all City Employees to undergo radical critical race theory training: 'Really Unfair'

Walmart CEO warns - Consumers could be in a 'world of hurt' if Biden doesn't act soon

DC now wants Federal Gov. to solve Migrant Crisis as it buckles under influx

2 Major Auto Insurers are refusing to cover certain Hyundai, Kia models deemed to easy to steal

Ford now recalling 462,000 SUVs due to rear camera issues

Ford cuts Mach-E price to compete with Tesla, offers deal to recent buyers too

Economic Slowdown, Recent Market Rally, Fed Tightening

Firefighters continue to asses Damage after Large Fire at Bozrah Egg Farm

Rural Nursing Homes Closing amid staffing crunch

Americans struggling to make Car Payments is highest since Great Recession

Amazon Fresh to start charging Prime Customers up to $10 for grocery deliveries

Indianapolis Art Center offer Several Free Classes to those affected by recent layoffs

Millions to see Food Stamp Payment Decrease after February, Federal agency says

Reason to Homeschool # 32,800

Pending Home Sales suffered worst Annual decline ever in 2022

Nolte: San Diego prepares to Tax Residents by miles driven

25 States hit Biden admin w lawsuit over climate action targeting Americans' retirement savings

Intel's horrible quarter revealed an inventory glut and underused factories

CVS, Walmart to reduce Pharmacy Hours amid labor concerns

The Price of Eggs soaring 138% is no Coincidence

Chipotle to hire 15,000 workers ahead of 'burrito season'

Bed Bath & Beyond says it can no longer pay its debts

Matt Gaetz to introduce 'Pencil Act' blocking Adam Schiff from reviewing Classified information

Ukraine's Zelensky thanks BlackRock for reconstruction investment

Mortgage rates continue downward trend

'We will get F-16's': Ukraine aims for NATO's fighter jets after winning battle for Western tanks

"Directed Evolution"? What is going on?

'I'm going to win' Kari Lake sets the record straight

New Plan to 'Empower' Tenants through 'Grace Periods' for Late Rent

Nikola brands hydrogen, begins filing Anheuser-Busch fuel cell order

Vermont Supreme Court upholds measure that allows Non-Citizens to Vote

Why the $7,500 EV Tax Credit may be tougher to get starting in March

Illinois hospital seeks approval to cut certain inpatient services

Chevron increases Quarterly Dividend: Announces $75B Stock Repurchase Program

Biden pulls Americans closer to war, USA sending Tanks to Ukraine

US Economy Slowed but GDP still grew 2.9% in Q4

Poll: Only 14% of Americans Agree with Amnesty for Illegals

BlackRock inc. cuts stake in Dick's Sporting Goods Inc

Gas Prices set to soar as crack spread jumps on tightening Fuel Supplies

McCarthy formally kicks Schiff and Swalwell from House Intel

Microsoft Cloud Outage hits users around the World

Is the left coming for your pickup truck?

Amazon's New Prescription service offers 'unlimited' meds for $5 per Month

Kari Lake: 40k Ballots Illegally Counted in Gov. Election ?

Josh Hawley to propose Legislation Banning TikTok Nationwide

Despite overturned mandate, NY Gov. Hochul won't Hire back unvax Health Care Workers

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana to be acquired by Elevance Health

LEGO group to build North American HQ in Boston

Verizon's Generous Wireless Promotions are about to expire

FDA proposes New Lead Limits for Baby Food...why is their high levels of lead in baby food is the question

Stock Market returns to Normal after early morning glitch

NYC has a Brand : 4 Illegal Immigrants caught shoplifting $12,000 worth of merchandise from Macys

Wall Street reportedly preps for biggest round of layoffs since 2008

Walmart increases average hourly wage to more than $17.50. How can Small Businesses compete?

Ukraine rocked by Corruption Scandal.. Sports Cars, Mansions, Luxury Vacations as people suffered

California Democrats consider Wealth Tax

Xbox will force gamers to power down to fight Climate Change

Business taxes rising just as US Economy heads into choppy water

DirecTV announces they will drop Newsmax after removing OANN last year

Kristi Noem on push to restrict Chinese Land Purchases: 'This is a National Security Issue'

City adds Defibrillators to 4 Las Vegas Parks... why?

600 workers face possible layoffs if 2 Energizer plants go through w 'phased consolidations'

Amazon Air launches in India

Chase to close ATMs in New York City at 5, 6pm due to 'rising crime and vagrancy'

Lab Grown Meat moves close to American Dinner plates... ugh

US Home Loan Banks lent Billions of Dollars to Crypto Banks: Report

US closes Ford SUV Exhaust Odor probe without seeking recall

Deutsche Bank to cut Investment Banking Bonuses by 40%

Elliott Management takes Big Stake in Saleforce

Harley Davidson will soon be all-electric, CEO says

More US Companies brace for Job cuts amid likely recession, survey shows

Amazon pulling out of Downtown Seattle office tower near HQ

NYC has a brand....three nabbed suspects were released without facing charges

Twitter is down to around 1,300 employees from about 7,500 before buyout

Bed Bath & Beyond gets Nasdaq Delisting Notice

Goldman Sachs announces reduction in asset Management investments

Abbot Labs facing Criminal Probe over Baby Formula Shortage

Yellen blasts House Republicans for wanting Spending Cuts amid Debt Showdown

Netflix is preparing to charge for password sharing: Here's what we know

Forever stamp prices increasing this weekend by 3 cents to 63 cents

Madame B's Bakery in Raleigh NC was on the brink of shutting down.. Community came to rescue

NYC to House Migrants at Cruise Ship Terminal, Mayor Eric Adams confirms

Media Silent on Biden Admin. plan to snatch Public Land for Solar Farms

Job Growth continues in Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry

What is next for the economy ...Recession Worries

Record High: CBP reports over 250,000 southwest land border encounters in December

Union Membership dropped to record low in 2022

McCarthy ends Proxy Voting: 'Members of Congress must show up to work if they want their vote counted

Amazon Web Services plans to invest $35B in Virginia Data Centers

Fanatics is in talks to acquire BetParx sportsbook

Siemens Chairman calls for 'Billion People to stop eating meat'

Southwest Pilots announce they may go on strike one month after Airline's Nationwide Meltdown

Existing Home sales tumbled in December for 11th Straight month, falling to lowest Level since 2010

L.A. Home Prices dropped 2nd most in Nation in December

Study: Law forces Prosecutors to dump 69% of NYC Criminal Cases

Biden Admin announces move to fight 'Organic Fraud'

T-Mobile announces another data breach, impacting 37M accounts

Central Banks will begin using Digital Currencies soon? whether people are ready or not

The US Consumer has cracked: Discover plunges after "Shocking" charge off Forecast

Crypto Lender Genesis files for Bankruptcy Protection

NHL is becoming a joke..Flyers Ivan Provorov faces backlash for boycotting team's Pride festivities

Lucky Lopez: Predicts Car Prices to fall this year

Airline CEO preparing Travelers for more disruptions

United States will soon make Hate Speech Illegal, say EU Commissioner

Number of US Restaurants per capita at 25 Year Low

Amazon discontinues Charity Program AmazonSmile

Bed Bath & Beyond looks for Capital Infusion, Buyer ahead of likely Bankruptcy filing

Shell is buying EV Charging company Volta for $169M

Carvana adopts 'Poison Pill' Sells $4 Billion of Auto Loans

Biden's DOJ fights to reinstate Mask Mandate on Planes

Crypto exchange Coinbase says it will halt Japan operations

California Democrats' Law goes into effect - Foreign Nationals can now police American Citizens

Man discovers it will take 5 days for his Hummer EV to fully charge

Holiday Sales Disappoint as Retail Sales drop sharply in December

Reps. Boebert, Gosar and Greene appointed to the House Oversight Committee

Crypto Firm Genesis is preparing to file for Bankruptcy

Nevada County to consider banning COVID-19 and Flu Vaccines

The richest 1% of people amassed almost 2/3 of New Wealth created in last 2 years: Oxfam says

Party City files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Pay Per Mile: State move Toward User Based Road Tax

Microsoft: We're bringing ChatGPT to the Azure Cloud-computing service

San Fran. reparations committee proposes $5M to each Long term Black Resident.. Its SF enough said

NY Supreme Court Strikes Down COVID Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers

New Bill proposes ban on Vaccine Mandates in Pennsylvania

Macy's CEO: 'We are in the Final Stretch' of closing stores

On the road to zero: More States phasing out the Income Tax

Climate Change Video.. worth a watch

Mayor Eric Adams NYC slams Biden's Border Crisis, says New York has 'No Room' for More Migrants

Empire Fed Manufacturing Survey Totally Collapses

BNPL Users twice as likely to miss a payment: Survey

Wyoming seeking to Phase out EV Sales by 2035

Home Depot soon changing how it pays hourly employees

CNN closing doors on its downtown Atlanta CNN Center

Norton LifeLock says thousands of Customer accounts breached

Report: Living expenses cost Americans an extra $371 per month

Almost 90% of GOP support Harmeet Dhillon over Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair: Poll

New ATF rule on pistol stabilizing braces will effectively ban millions of rifles

US will hit its debt limit Thursday, starting taking steps to avoid default, Yellen warns Congress

Senator Ron Johnson on Fox News...

NHL reverse course over 'Discriminatory' Job Posting.. after DeSantis warns it wont be tolerated

China's Import of ICs fell in 2022 for first time since 2004

Biden Administration to Illegals: Snitch on American Citizens to avoid deportation

Microsoft says it will start offering US Employees 'Unlimited' Time off

Green mess in German with coal a stunning 31% of Electricity Production.. vs 8% in 2015

Bed Bath & Beyond reportedly selling assets to private equity firm

NYC has a Brand - Migrants trash Hotel Rooms and Waste / Throw out Taxpayer provided food

What is happening with our food...New vaccine?

Could Subway go up for Sale? Fast Food Chain exploring the idea

Nevada Lithium Mine gets $700M Conditional Loan from US Dept. of Energy.. Not US Company

NYC Nurses reach Tentative agreement w Hospitals, return to work after strike

Kathy Hochul NY moves to ban Gas Stoves in New York.... 

Greenbrier terminating Rail Car Production at Portland Facility

DeSantis warns over China Real Estate Investments in Florida

American Families have lost $7,400 due to inflation, Rate Hikes under Biden: Heritage

Service CPI Soars to Highest in 40 Years, Real wages shrink for 21 month in a row

Massive Fire reported at La Salle Chemical Plant

Mass Layoffs will require Severance pay for New Jersey Employers

Momentum Academy in Port St. Lucie Fla - on the verge of closing. Asking for Community help

Egg Prices rise more than 64% in Some States

Biden extends COVID-19 Public Health Emergency again..Remember 15 days to slow the spread

American Gas Association says possible Ban on Gas Stoves 'Reckless'

Ark Gov Sarah Huckabee Sanders bans Critical Race Theory Indoctrination in schools

Pepsi ditches Sierra Mist for a New Sprite Rival

Not USA company.. South Korean company to build $2.5B Solar Manufacturing in Georgia

Mexican President thanks Biden for not building 'Even one Meter of Wall' along Southwest Border

Senators promote Amnesty for Illegal Aliens on Trip to US-Mexico Border

Wells Fargo is retreating from the Mortgage Market it once led

NY Gov. Hochul announces plans to ban Gas Heating in New Homes.. Great now you can freeze in NY too

In-N-Out Burger finally heads east and into Central Tennessee

Flights Resume across US after being Grounded Systemwide FAA Outage?

California weather leaves over 200k w/o Power

House Rep. files articles of impeachment against DHS Sec. Mayorkas

Purchase of AR-15s, AK-47s to be banned in Illinois

McCarthy bounces Dems Swalwell, Schiff, Omar from key House Committees

Pentagon ends Vaccine Mandate for US Military

Hero Customer who shot Armed Robber at Houston Taco Joint ordered to face Grand Jury

New Republicans House Votes to 'Repeal' The Democrats' Army of 87,000 I RS agents

Babies R Us plans to stage comeback w Flagship Store at American Dream NJ

Disney World employees set to reject $1 per Hour Pay Raise

Troubled Solar Company could be on the verge of closing??

Education Dept. proposes cutting Student Loan Repayment in half

No Slowdown in Spending by Wealthy.. of course - Rolls Royce sees record sales in 2022

Microsoft reportedly closing in on $10B Investment into ChatGPT creator OpenAI

Used Vehicle Prices are falling but not enough to offset grossly inflated levels

John Deere signs agreement giving Farmers more Freedom to Repair Equipment

Vaccine for Honeybees approved by USDA

Torrential Rains Trigger Flash Floods Across California

House GOP rules package aims to curb trillions in yearly heaps of new debt

Inverted Yield Curve Reflects Worries About Fed Policy Mistake

Biden Admin considering a Nationwide Ban on Gas Stoves

Vista Equity Partners to buy Duck Creek in $2.6 Billion Deal

Colorado Secretary of State admits mailing over 31,000 Voter Registration Instruction cards to Non-Citizens

Doctors should evaluate obese children as young as 13 for surgery: American Academy of Pediatrics

WH: Americans are Obliged to Aid more Migrants

From Heroes to Zeros... Nurses go on Strike at 2 Big New York City Hospitals

Public School District begin closing Schools after losing nearly 2 Million Students during the Pandemic

Southwest is giving Workers bonus points - sorry for the 'physical /emotional toll' of the holiday meltdown

Mass Arrests and 'Fed Intervention' in Brazil after Bolsonaro Supporters storm Gov. buildings

ISM Services Plunges 6.9 Points into Contraction, another Recession warning

Party City plans Bankruptcy filing as sales hit by Inflation: Report

More Americans turning to Credit Card as Inflation rages

Biden blames Southern Border Crisis on Republicans....

Reason to Homeschool # 12,600

SoCal Gas warns Customers to expect 'Shockingly High' bills this month

The US Economy added 223,000 Jobs in Dec. Unemployment 3.5% .....

Los Angeles-Orange County Homebuying plummets 44% to Record Low

Here's what you need to know about the New EV Tax Credit for 2023

Bed Bath & Beyond warns investors of possible bankruptcy

McCarthy Elected Speaker of the House after 15 Rounds

Fat Jack's Comic Book Shop in Philadelphia , trying to raise money to fight closure

FTC proposes a Ban on Non-Compete Contracts for Employees

Roku unveils its first-ever TVs designed and built by the Company

Nurses at 2 more NY Hospitals reach Tentative agreement ahead of strike deadline

Biden acknowledges canceling Keystone XL Pipeline cost jobs, Billions in potential revenue

Tokyo Gas Unit close to $4.6B deal for US Natural Gas Producer Rockcliff Energy

Delta announces Free Wi-fi beginning February 1

Auto Sales down 8 percent, Lowest Level since 2011

Stellantis to build Archer's Midnight Electric Aircrafts in Georgia

Silvergate shares plunge after Withdrawals top $8.1 Billion during Crypto Meltdown

Top Zelensky adviser rejects Peace Talks w Russia

Coinbase settles w NY State Financial regulator for $100M

More Americans than ever have Monthly Auto Payments over $1,000

Tucker Carlson hammers GOP Rep. Crenshaw

ADP: Private Sector Job Growth jumps by 235,000 in December

Bed Bath & Beyond issues 'going concern' warning as it eyes strategic alternatives

Microsoft is now the Home of the Video Game Industry's Largest Union

Charleston Bosch Plant is hosting a hiring event at the Dorchester Road location Jan.21 - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

The Great American Family becomes 'Fastest Growing Network' in all of Cable TV

Goldman Sachs yanks Free Coffee Perk as Layoffs loom

Mortgage demand plunges 13.2% to end 2022, as interest rates head higher again

Reason to Homeschool # 33,510

SF-based Gap announces plans to cut even more office space

Tolls are going up on NJ Highways, Bridges and Tunnels in 2023

Money-Supply Growth turns Negative for 1st Time in 33 Years

Hobbs forbids reporters when sworn in as 'Arizona Governor'

Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida Keys closes after hundreds of migrants arrive

Howard Brown Health workers set to go on strike Tuesday in protest of planned layoffs

Kroger Shoppers call out Shortages: "A lot of empty Shelves"

Arizona Container Wall deconstruction has begun

NY State Thruway sells out, NY Rest Areas to be run by an Ireland based company?

Howard Brown Health workers set to go on strike Tuesday in protest of planned layoffs

Drugmakers to raise prices on at least 350 drugs in US in January

University of California to invest $4 Billion in Blackstone's BREIT Real Estate Trust

Border crisis: Our immigration courts have a 2M+ case backlog , Asylum Hearing typically take 4.3 years

19 Republicans Block Kevin McCarthy's bid for House Speaker

Large Trucks and Buses made before 2010 Now banned from California Roadways

Companies offer big raises to keep workers, adding to inflation woes: report

California - 5 Radical Laws go into effect 

These States are raising their minimum wages in 2023

China December Manufacturing Contracts at sharpest pace in almost 3 years

Biden wiped out $10 Trillion of Americans' Wealth..2022 was worst year since 1871

Judge halts California Fast Food Law as Restaurants, Unions hammer each other

CT Electric Rates set to Soar in Jan...

Report: Medicaid Enrollees to hit 100 Million in March, Nearly 1/3 of Population

Kari Lake files appeal in Lawsuit to overturn Maricopa County 2022 Election

'Nobody gives a damn': Home Depot Co-founder slams Americans refusing to work, Thanks to Socialism

Hershey sued for allegedly selling Lead and Cadmium filled Dark Chocolate

Biden signs $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill , backed by 18 Senate Republicans and 9 House Reps.

CDC pushes Teachers to measure Commitment to 'LGBTQ Inclusivity Instruction'

Study: Inflation Hits Middle Class Hardest

Reason to Homeschool # 42,876 - 'The Dumbing down of America'

Russia bans Sale of Oil to Countries going along with G7 Price Cap

736k Fentanyl Pills / 196 pounds Methamphetamines seized in Rail Car crossing from Mexico

Momentum to axe Income Tax Mounts in State Legislatures


Zelenskyy, Blackrock CEO Fink agree to coordinate Ukraine Investment.. Rebuilding Ukraine???

Illinois judge to determine what happens next with no cash bail

Retail Stores racking up Fees on Returns

Kari Lake files appeal in Dismissal of Arizona Election Lawsuit

Supreme Court rules to keep Title 42 in Place indefinitely

Company recalling Blood Pressure pills because of potential impurity presence

Circle K Parent Company to acquire True Blue Car Wash

Walmart launches Drone Delivery in Texas, Florida and Arizona

Detroit Free Press editor resigns amid layoffs to help save employees' jobs

Florida Supreme Court approves DeSantis' Covid-19 Vaccine Probe

What's next for the Fed in 2023?

Ames Department Store to return in 2023 ??

Trucking Industry hit with stricter pollution regulations from EPA..could drive up operating costs

Stanford Univ. walks back plan to Eliminate 'Harmful' words like 'American, Grandfather' after backlash

Arizona Katie Hobbs files sanctions against former candidate Kari Lake

Story of Kindness amidst Chaos in Buffalo

Latest Twitter files revel how Biden admin 'Rigged' the COVID Vaccine Debate

Rand Paul's Annual 'Festivus' Report: $482,276,543,907 in Government Waste

Oregon State to approve the rule that prohibits sale of new gasoline powered vehicles by 2035

CBP had 233,740 Southwest Border encounters in Nov. Up 33% from 2021 and 240% from 2020

Footage shows "Looting across Buffalo NY" as City plunges into chaos after Blizzard

The Woke University Implosion and what comes next

Hollywood lost more than $500 Billion in Market Value in 2022

Pinpointing a Recession...

New York lawmakers gift themselves epic pay raise

Tesla owner stranded at Supercharger Station on Christmas Eve after Cold weather paralyzes Battery

Tuesday Morning announces Voluntary Delisting from the Nasdaq Capital Market

Footage shows "Looting across Buffalo NY" as City plunges into chaos after Blizzard

Christmas is still America's Favorite Holiday

Utilities Impose Rolling Blackouts as US Power Grid in Emergency amid Cold Blast

Liberal City enacts Anti-Pollution Order.. You can no longer burn a wood fire to stay warm

Samsung recalls more than 660,000 Washing Machine after Fire Hazard reports

Reason to Homeschool # 11,800

CBP has experienced 575,000 Migrant Encounters since Oct. 1

Judge Tosses out Abe Hamadeh's Election Challenge in AZ Attorney General Race

Flight Cancellations Surpass 2,000 As "Once-In-A-Generation" Over Christmas Weekend

$1.7T Omnibus Passes Senate with Help of 18 Republicans

Potential Purchases of some Cineworld theaters 'are not continuing' AMC says

Biden wins Lawsuit over Arizona's makeshift Border Wall, Must be removed. forget securing our border

Toyota Pres. says Auto Industry 'Silent Majority' wonder if EV 'are really OK to have as a Single Option'

Google tells employees more of them will be at risk for low performance rating next year

Election integrity witness in Lake Trial: Maricopa 'misplaced' receipts from early voting ballots

Biden pledges to fund Ukraine 'as long as it takes'.. Zelensky says support ' Not Enough'

Under Armour announces Linnartz as new CEO

HHS: Whites are giving Non-Whites Alzheimer's through 'Racism'

Excellent selection of Interviews / Videos....

Existing Home Sales fell in November for a record 10-th Consecutive Month

Party City faces NYSE Delisting

GM recalls 140,000 Chevrolet Bolt EVs over Fire Risks

Trucking Industry worries after EPA issues final rule on NOx emissions

Bitcoin Miner Core Scientific is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Kari Lake Trial Huge news..

Congress' Spending Bill contains Millions in Woke Handouts

Senate Votes 70-25 to advance $1.7T Schmer-Pelosi Omnibus Spending Bill

Biden to announce Patriot Missiles for Ukraine as Zelensky arrives in DC

US Postal Service commits to buying 100% Electric Trucks by 2026

Wells Fargo to pay $3.7B over Consumer Loan Violations

Some Families with no one working can receive up to Six Figures of Welfare in 3 States

N.J. could soon guarantee severance pay for workers in mass layoffs

Reason to Homeschool # 12,533

Stanford to eliminate 'Harmful Language' cautions against calling US Citizens 'American'

Mag. 6.4 EQ hits Northern California Coast

Walmart Chicken products recalled in 28 States

Congress releases $1.7T , 4,155 Page Omnibus Bill

Ron DeSantis promises to support Constitutional Carry

Kari Lake Wins right to bring Election Fraud Case to Trail , Judge denies motion to dismiss

Court Halts Biden's Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

Supreme Court Temporarily halts end of Title 42

Uber Drivers to strike on Monday after raises blocked by company

US Home Builder Sentiment dropped further in Dec. Lowest reading since mid 2012

Jan. 6 Panel votes to refer Trump for Criminal Charges

Fortnite maker Epic Games to pay $520M in Fines in FTC settlement

Home Prices could plunge 20% amid risks of 'severe' correction

LA Mayor Karen Bass plans to put Homeless 'in Motels and Hotels Immediately'

Christmas Meals will cost 16.4% more this year

Twitter users vote to remove Elon Musk as the Head of the Company

L3Harris to buy Aerojet Rocketdyne in $4.7B Deal

El Paso Mayor finally Declares State of Emergency after Mass Invasion of Illegal Migrants

Voyager announces agreement for Binance.US to acquire its assets

Rising Car repossessions trend a warning sign for Economy, report says

Ford again Hikes Price on F-150 Lightning Base Models

New York bans retail sale of Dogs, Cats Rabbits

The Expensive Colleges are still Mandating the Vaccine, Their Students have had enough

American Airlines and Regional Airline Mesa are severing ties

Denver Mayor declares emergency amid influx of Illegal Immigrants

Amtrak unveils new Trains that will replace aging fleet

DeSantis to hold Florida Businesses accountable for employing Illegal Immigrants

NYC Rolls out Child Care Program for Undocumented Immigrants

Global Coal Consumption hits Record High

Texas resume border wall construction after reaching deal with private property owners

Twitter Bans linking to Facebook, Instagram, other rivals?

NC High Court rejects Voter-Identification Law, Electoral Map

'Potential Blockbuster' Snowstorm brewing in Central, Eastern States ahead of Christmas

Elon Musk suspends Leftist Taylor Lorenz from Twitter

Could the Fed be missing the mark???

Kari Lake wins Partial Ballot Inspection Victory in Maricopa County

Starbucks Nationwide strike against unfair labor practice

Huge Aquarium explodes at Berlin Luxury Hotel

Cali.'s 5th Largest County votes to study Secession

Philly Schools to bring back Face Mask to start 2023... No thanks

COVID Vaccine Mandate Rescinded for US Military?

Must Read - A few New York Bills expected to pass in January.. Elections have consequences

Elon Musk lifts Twitter suspension of Journalists following Poll results

Businesses still struggling under Biden's Economy as Pandemic Loans come due

California will cut subsidies for Rooftop Solar

Biden admin seeks to make Citizenship Test Multiple Choice, add new material

Initial Jobless Claims unexpectedly tumble to 3 Month low

9 Million People received Student Debt forgiveness emails with an error

Elon Musk temporarily suspends left-wing doxxers

41 Democrats file Bill to bar Donald Trump from 2024 Eligibility

Retail Sales Declined Sharply in November

Biden admin. sues Arizona over creation of shipping container border wall to stop illegal immigration

Redwood Materials that makes parts for EV Batteries is building in S.C. - 1,500 jobs expected

Goldman Sachs may slash bonuses for 3,000 Investment Bankers by 40%: Report

Philadelphia Fed admits US Jobs "Overstated" by at least 1.1 Million

Airlines make push for Planes needing only 1 Pilot

What..Gavin Newsom says California is overwhelmed with migrants

Biden Administration announces $55 Billion Gift for Africa

US House passes Bill to extend Gov. funding for 1 Week, Prevent Shutdown

Wa. State to provide Illegal Immigrants with Health, Dental Insurance through Affordable Care Act

Reason to Homeschool #2,511

Fed raises interest rates half a point to highest level in 15 years

Used Car prices are down 3.3% from a year ago, but still 'grossly inflated'

Fed: Job growth robust in recent months......

Trump shares his Major Announcement....Trading cards??

Cali. Democrats are handing out cash to everyone... except White people

FOMC Hikes by 50bps, Hawkishly signals Rates will go-higher for longer

Subaru issues recall of 271,000 SUVs because of 'increased risk' of Fire

Report: Over 7,500 Earmarks totaling $16 Billion being negotiated for Spending Bill

New Zealand Bans Cigarettes for all those born after 2009

NCWorks plans several job expos for those seeking employment in the New Year

Biden finalizes plan to import 65k more Foreign workers for Blue-Collar jobs

Colorado goes Cage-free for eggs, joining trend in other states...but comes with some hefty prices

Sears Hometown files for bankruptcy amid disputes with 'new Sears'

Twitter reinstates 2 Doctors who were banned for 'misinformation'

Ram recalling 1.23 Million Pickups for tailgate issue

Construction on new Hershey Factory expansion starting soon

Cambridge Dictionary website includes absurd Definition for 'women'

Mortgage rates drop after CPI Report , but still dramatically higher than a year ago

DeSantis petitioning FL Supreme Court to investigate Coronavirus Vaccines

Zelensky Names Price for Ukraine's Winter Survival: Seeks $840M in Donations

Dollar General's New Popshelf Stores chase wealthier, suburban shoppers

University System weighs gutting Math Standards after Students keep failing Algebra

Judge sets dates, next steps for Lake's challenge of election results

Binance withdrawals surge as concerns about its Reserve Report spooks Traders

Microsoft purchases 4% Stake in London Stock Exchange for 10-year Cloud Deal

November CPI: Inflation rose at Annual 7.1% over last year

Colorado Election Results: Lauren Boebart Wins re-election, recount confirms

Plunge in US imports accelerates, volumes near pre-covid levels

Cacique Foods is hosting a Hiring Event to fill 100 positions on Wed Dec 14th Texas Workforce Solutions

Surprise....New York City Mask Advisory includes the Vaccinated, toddlers

Gallup: 33% of Americans 'Personally' own a Gun, 46% live in Home w a Gun

GM and LG get $2.5B Battery Loan from the Dept. of Energy

FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried is arrested in Bahamas , charges pending in U.S.

$36B Federal Bail Out Rescues Pension of Truckers and Others

US Scientists make Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

Shocking Video shows "Huge Migrant Caravan" Illegally crossing into El Paso

Researchers find 1.1 Million Acres of dead Trees in Oregon

Men are winning Women's Athletic Competitions across the Nation

Amgen to buy Horizon Therapeutics in $26.4 Billion Deal

3d Printed Lab Grown "Meat" Company building Facility in North Carolina.....

Subaru recalls Ascent SUVs due to Fire Risk

More from Kari Lake's Lawsuit in AZ

Amazon wants to kill the Barcode

San Francisco guaranteed income program for Pregnant Black Women

Vanguard: Cash-strapped Americans are raiding their retirement savings

Deportation of Criminal Illegal Aliens way down under Biden, Report says

Illinois Cherokee SUV plant closing , Electric Car Production moving to MEXICO ?

Oil Executives details how Biden is a drag on the Industry

Judge order Columbus Statue to be unboxed in Philadelphia

Massive Natural Gas Price spikes on West Coast

Arizona Treasurer divests from Blackrock over Political Activism, ESG Advocacy

Republican Kari Lake files 70 Page Lawsuit in AZ

Arizona Treasurer divests from Blackrock over Political Activism, ESG Advocacy

NYC issues Mask Advisory amid spike in Respiratory Illnesses.. No Thanks

US States raising Minimum wage, with 4 above $15

Wholesale inflation rises faster than expected in Nov.

Costco CFO hints at Membership Fee Hike

Store Credit Cards hit 30% Interest Rates as Consumer Balances Rise

Hyundai partners to build $4B Plant in Georgia

Walmart plans to offer BNPL Loans through its Fintech Venture - Report

UAW organizes its first Electric Vehicle Battery Plant

Reason to Homeschool # 7,241

Workers who tested 4-day workweek says they'll never return to 5 days or only with  a huge pay bump

U-M Health to acquire Sparrow Health System

Illinois named worst state for the Middle Class

Zero Republicans professors found across 22 Dept. at Seven Universities: College Fix Analysis

Leak from Keystone Pipeline reported near Nebraska-Kansas Border

Chicago Private School backs dean who taught students...

Leak from Keystone Pipeline reported near Nebraska-Kansas Border

'Picket Line' New York Times in House Critic call for Everyone to Stop Reading the NYT.........Done

Home Prices, Sales to drop for first time in decade, Redfin predicts

Reason to Homeschool # 1

County Council in Oxfordshire England, edge towards restrictions on Residents Travel

1,000 Salaried Ford Workers retire after Pension warning from Automakers

Manhattan renters face sticker shock with average rent at $5,200

IL Gov. Pritzker quietly signs revision to Safe-T Act...Which eliminates Cash Bail

1,000 Salaried Ford Workers retire after Pension warning from Automakers

Carvana stock tumbles 43% , books worst day on record as Bankruptcy fears rev up




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