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Jan 23 , 2020

Jan 22  , 2020

Jan 21 , 2020

State AGs urge senate to reject impeachment in stinging letter

Toyota to recall 3.4M Vehicles Worldwide, Air Bags may not Deploy

100k people seeking tickets to Trump's 'Keep America Great' Rally in NJ

Supreme Court allows lawsuit against Flint City Officials to advance

Migrants attack Mexican Soldiers at Guatemala Border, demand entry to US

Spread of Coronavirus - CDC to expand screenings to 2 more US airports

GM to Debut Autonomous car w/o a Steering Wheel, Report says


Virginia Senate advances 'Red Flag' Gun Law, despite rally

New York Dems seek to end Lifetime Prison Sentences

Average Unemployment Rate by President - First 35 Months of Term

Trump pledges to help plant 1 Trillion Trees

Delta Airlines gives employees enormous bonus

Fed. Bill introduced to preserve and Protect Female Sports

Kudlow predicts 3% GDP Growth in 2020

President Trump to crack down on 'Birth Tourism': Report

Puerto Rico fire 2 more officials after unused Hurricane aid found

VA. Senator calls for Ralph Northam to resign amid Gun Control Push

BAE Systems to buy Collins Aerospace's GPS, Raytheon's Radio Businesses

Estimate 25k people attended Virginia Gun Rally, 'All Peaceful'




Frontier Comm. reportedly considering filing for Bankruptcy

ICE issues list of 'Fugitive' Illegal Immigrants freed by NYC Sanctuary Policies

Illegal crossing plunge as US Extends policy across border

Trade deal position Farmers for 'Record year of Exports': US Agriculture Sec.

Thousands of Central American Migrants try to push through Mexico Border

Hospitals give Tech Giants access to Detailed Medical Records

Puerto Rico Emergency Director fired after unused Hurricane supplies found

San Antonio spends over 300k to keep Chick-Fil-A out of Airport: Report

Poll: Trump approval among Farmers hits record high at 83%

CA's Anti Self-Employment Law is already crushing Freelancers

Virginia State Senator issues warning hours before Mon's 2A Rally

Jan 17 - Jan 22 , 2020
Jan 11 - Jan 16 , 2020 Jan 5 - Jan 10 , 2020

Virginia Antifa issues list against....

Target employee gets GoFundme after public shaming by A-Hole Journalist

The Feds, Including ICE appear to be investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar

Ca. teachers sue following Delta Fuel Dump over Los Angeles area Schools

Trump Admin rolls back Obama School Lunch Program

Toyota moves Tacoma Truck Production to Mexico from US

President: Farmers are really happy w new 'Phase One' China Trade Deal

Gap back away from plan to spin off Old Navy

Penn Students gov. calls for fee 'Chest Binders' for Female Students??

Homebuilding Soars to 13 Year High

Jim Daly: Trump upholds religious freedom w new Executive order

Gap back away from plan to spin off Old Navy

Penn Students gov. calls for fee 'Chest Binders' for Female Students??

Payless ShoeSource emerges from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Kamala. Harris grins before calling Impeachment 'Solemn, Serious Moment'

E.Coli outbreak from Romaine Lettuce is over, CDC says

Judge blocks California Gig Economy Law Enforcement on Truckers

Trump's 'Hire American' Policy gets more Jobs for Americans

Virginia Senate passes Three Gun Control Bills

Homelessness #1 Issue for California Voters in 2020

Rep. Sen Martha McSally calls CNN reporter Manu Raju ' A Liberal Hack'

Dental Assistant fired for expressing Support for Trump on Facebook

Made in China to Design in China... Tesla Cars

US Retailers cap off strong 2019 w solid increase in Dec. Holiday Sales

The Dow just closed above 29,000 for first time

Green Card numbers drop from 2016 to 2018

E. Warren says she'll cancel Student Debt by Executive Action

Target's stock tumbles after holiday sales disappoint

Amazon lifts ban on FedEx Ground for 3rd Party Prime Shipments

Democrats block a vote to Support Iran Protesters

Consumer Price Index Surprise

MGM Resort to sell Vegas Strip's MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay for $2.5B

House votes to send Impeachment To Senate

E. Warren says she'll cancel Student Debt by Executive Action

Target's stock tumbles after holiday sales disappoint

Amazon lifts ban on FedEx Ground for 3rd Party Prime Shipments

Democrats block a vote to Support Iran Protesters

Consumer Price Index Surprise

MGM Resort to sell Vegas Strip's MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay for $2.5B

Impeachment Trial likely to begin Next Tuesday

China Tariffs to stay put until after US Election despite deal

Shopping Mall Vacancies Hits Two Decade High

SmileDirectClub jumps on plan to start selling to Dentists

UN Health Experts admit Toxic Vaccine Ingredients are...?

Trump plans to shift another $7.2B from Pentagon to Border Wall

Toyota recalls nearly 700k vehicles to fix faulty fuel pumps

Report: Shep Smith talked to MSNBC about Possible Job

Chapel Hill Mall served w Foreclosure Notice Monday

You Tube starting to ban Trump Merchandise? 

CA. Gov pushes more Illegal Immigrant Health Care Coverage..

Dems silent on Iran Protests as Demonstrators blame regime

LGBTQ Themed Charter School seeks to open in Alabama?

Walmart expands its Robotic Workforce to 650 additional stores

Illinois Sanctuary County frees 1k Criminal Illegal Alien into US in 2019

Cory Booker drops out of Presidential Race

Visa to buy Fintech Company Plaid for $5.3B

Iranian Security purportedly fire live ammunition to disperse Protesters

NJ may require company severance in Mass Layoffs

Trump Admin. rolls back Obama era 'Joint Employer' Rule

San Fran's new Socialist DA fires 7 tough on crime prosecutors

Bloomberg: "I'm spending all my money to get rid of Trump"

Trump Admin, looking to expand Travel Ban: Report

FAA Fines Southwest Airlines $3.92M

Ca. water infected w increasing Bacteria as Dems let Homeless Crisis Worsen

Texas won't accept Refugees, Greg Abbott letter confirms

Puerto Rico hit w another major earthquake

The Hummer will reportedly be resurrected as an Electric Pickup

FDA, Companies add 3 heartburn meds to recall amid Cancer concerns

Colorado Law allows Transgenders to obtain new Birth Cert.. w/o Proof

VA Democrats want to ban Indoor Shooting Ranges

Trump Admin. Authorizes New Sanctions on Iran

Women overtake Men as Majority of US Workforce

Pelosi: House will move to transmit impeachment articles next week

Record 158,803,000 Americans employed, 1.85M year to year increase

Marianne Williamson drops out of Presidential Race

Dow crosses 29,000 for First Time

US Created 145,000 jobs in December, Unemployment rate 3.5%

America created 145,000 Jobs in December

Ring confirms it fired 4 Employees for watching Customer Videos

Ilhan Omar laughs w 'Squad' while speaker talks about dead Soldiers

Tesla's "Black Boxes" are only accessible by the Company

93 of Illinois 102 counties have lost population since 2010 

PA Turnpike Commission hikes tolls by 6% for 12th straight years


Subaru is recalling nearly 500k vehicles because airbags could explode

CA. considers Statewide ban on Gas-Powered Garden Tools

Mayor Pete wants to bring in over 100k Refugees Annually

Vermont bill would ban cellphone use for anyone under 21

Newsom wants CA. to be first state to sell its own prescription drugs

2019 had the most CEO Departures on record w more than 1,600

US Jobless claims fall for 4th week in a row to 214,000

Report: President Trump ready to begin New Nuclear Talks w Iran

Carnival Cruise line bans 'Offensive' Clothing and Accessories

Appeals court releases $3.6B for Border Wall

Portland passes "Green New Deal" Carbon Tax

Bed Bath & Beyond CEO pulls Forecast, Promises a comeback plan

Ca. Judge denies 'Gig Worker' Exemption to Freelance Journalists

Ford, GM promote 1,500 Temp. Autoworkers to Full-Time Employees

Takata recalls 10 Million Airbags Inflators

Newsom's New Homeless Plan calls for more spending, using state land

State lawmakers push to protect girls from competing against males in Sports

Truck Manufacturing orders hit decade Low in 2019

Pelosi too busy to take VP Pence's call to inform of Iran Missile Attack

Kroger launches planted based meats brand

Bloomberg: Employers should hire 'Best' Foreigners instead of Americans

Stocks jumps to all Time High after Trump's Iran Speech

Private Payroll soar: 202,000 Jobs Added in Dec.

Gold's next big Bull Market may be upon us

Rep. look to change Senate rules to dismiss Articles of Impeachment

Bloomberg: Employers should hire 'Best' Foreigners instead of Americans

Dem consider changes to NY 'Bail Reform' 

Islamic leader in Texas arrested on charges of Sex crimes against children

Yum Brands Inc to purchase Habit Burger

Xerox gets $24B in Financing commitments for HP Buyout offer

YouTube officially rolls out changes to children's content

George Lopez appears to accept Iranian Bounty to....

SmileDirectClub bringing products to 3,800 Walmart Stores

Wegmans to eliminate all Plastic Bags, add Paper Bag Fee this month

Ikea ends US Sales on Amazon

Iran chants death to America, Pelosi moves to limit Trump actions in Iran

Mercedes recalls 750,000 Cars because Sunroof can fly off

5.8 Magnitude Earthquake rocks Puerto Rico

Tesla Model Y Production to being in China? How about US?

Little Caesars teams up w DoorDash for Pizza Delivery

Nearly 400k Anchor Babies Born in 2019, exceeding US births in 48 States

Ricky Gervais tears into Hollywood, Disney, Apple, Amazon

San Diego plans $100M on Sidewalk Repairs

Indiana School District's Social Media Policy... really

CA. real estate market takes a hit as Fire Insurance costs grow

300k Chickens die in Michigan Egg Farm Fire

Rail Traffic continues to plunge amid Industrial Recession

NFL Attendance crashes to 15 year low

VA. Gov. Northam acts to remove Robert E Lee Statue from US Capitol

US Begins returning Asylum seekers at AZ Border to Mexico

Omar threatens to 'Step in and Stop' Trump following Soleimani killing

Dem. draft resolutions to Limit President Trump's War Powers

Actress Rose Mcgowan apologizes to Iran for Soleimani airstrike???

Dem. Governor pardons more than 11,000 Drug Offenders

NY Lawmaker proposing Increase in Beer Tax

Sears selling DieHard brand to Advance Auto Parts for $200M

FDA issues ban on most vaping products

Germany aims to close all Nuclear Plants by 2022

Yale Universities students offered Cookies & Coloring for anxiety relief needs

Warren Buffet turned down a shot to buy Tiffany & Co.: Report

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