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October 30 , 2020

October 29  , 2020

October 28 , 2020

Toyota recalling 5.84M Vehicles for Fuel Pump Issue

Rush Limbaugh issues plea for Americans to re-elect Trump



Trump admin. moves to change H-1B Guest Worker Program

Seattle City Council mulls law that could result in dismissal of many crimes?

Tampax tweets that men get periods too.. and it backfires spectacularly

'Who the Hell Elected You'? - Ted Cruz criticizes Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

First Lady Melania Trump warns Joe Biden's 'Socialist Agenda'

Study show Hydroxychloroquine may be effective for outpatient w COVID

New Bill would have workers automatically enrolled in 401ks

Hunter's Ex Business Partner"Joe Biden and Biden Family are Compromised

Dow ends down more than 900 points.. but its also election time

Tucker Video : Ex Hunter Biden associate, speaks out on Joe Biden

Callaway Golf just acquired the rest of TopGolf

Philadelphia police say 1k Looters targeting business, on 2nd night of protest

Trump: 'After the Election, We'll get the best Stimulus Pack.You're ever seen'



Indoor Dining Banned in Chicago, Gov. cites rising COVID case Numbers

This is Harley Davidson's First Electric Bicycle

NY State to test SUNY students for virus before Thanksgiving.. can't leave??

Tarrant County Voting Machines can't read Mail-in Ballots, 22k affected so far

Durable Goods orders rise 1.9%, Much Higher than expected

A Strange Thanksgiving coming to California

Biden floats rotating Supreme Court Justices if he is elected

Boston Herald endorses Trump

US State Dept. halts all Diversity Training after Trump's Exec. Order

Salt Tribune to end Daily Print Edition , Move to weekly print

Arizona Cardinals Receiver Deandre Hopkins flips of cars in Trump Parade

Female Cop Run over by BLM Mob in Philadelphia

Pence holds a 'Peaceful Protest' in Minnesota Rally

Ca.gets dumber.. Bans Indoor Gatherings ahead of Thanksgiving, Christmas

Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court


October 24 - November 3  , 2020
October 11 - October 23, 2020 October 1 - October 10 , 2020

Caterpillar reports a 54% drop in earnings in 3rd Quarter amid lower demand

Zeta strengthens to a Hurricane... Heading for US

CDC reaffirms warning against Nonessential Travel, Including Cruises

The New York Post endorses President Trump for Re-Election

Horowitz: Why is Deborah Brix pushing Lockdown

Amy Coney Barrett SCOTUS Nomination edges toward confirmation

Dunkin Brands held preliminary discussions to be acquired by Inspire Brand

MAGA Mask-Wearing Nuns steal the show at Trump Rally

Fauci: If People aren't wearing masks, maybe should mandate it

Blackstone Group to buy Simply Self Storage in deal worth $1.2B:WSJ

80,000 Furloughed as Bus Industry grinds to a halt

PG&E to Cut Power to Hundreds of Thousands in California

Fl. School revokes parking privileges of Students w Trump display on Truck

Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as Employees

Cola Cola saying goodbye to half its drink brands

Chicago mayor sets Curfew for Nonessential Businesses

Joe Biden calls PA. Voters who don't support him ' Chumps'

Expensify CEO sends email to 10M telling them to Vote Biden or..

DHS Wolf: Trump slashed Migrant Inflow from 400k to 14,000

Biden shocks Moderator says He will shut down Oil Industry

Small US cities hit with Airline Service cuts in Pandemic

PayPal in talks to Buy  Crypto Firms including BitGo

Foxconn $4B in Gov. incentives to build a Wis. , Facility a Fake?

Coca Cola can 200 Drink Brands, Slashes Portfolio

Tesla is recalling about 30,000 imported Vehicles in China

Trump posts Full Raw '60 Minutes' Interview

SW Airlines posts biggest ever loss- China Virus slams demand

Mortgage rates fall to record low for 11th time this year

JC Penney files new deal to get out of Bankruptcy

Avangrid to acquire PNMR for $4.3 billion

Rating for Game 1 of the World Series Crash 25%

Whole Food launches free 1 Hour Grocery Pickup at all Stores

Broadway to Stay Dark through May 2021

Game 5 of the NBA Finals gets atrocious TV Rating

US Box Office expected to plunge by 81 percent in 2020

175 Doctors sound off on the Medical Decision to cancel the 2nd Debate

Pelosi rejects Latest COVID-Relief Offer

No Spike in Florida COVID cases despite lack of Mask Mandate

Twitter censors Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke's Immigration Views

WHO official urges World Leaders to stop using Lockdowns as Primary Method

Biden says Voters don't deserve to know his stance on packing Sup. Court

Trump gives in-person remarks at 'Peaceful protest for Law & Order'

Trump: 'We have something that will Cure' COVID-19

Broadway to Stay Dark through May 2021

Facebook Whistleblower exposes "Hate-Speech Engineering...

3rd Walgreens in a year closing in San Fran. due to 'Shopliftng'

Quibi to 'wind down operations' after <1 year in Operations

AMC warns bankruptcy is on the table as cash runs low

PayPal will let customers buy and use Cryptocurrencies 

CDC: .2 COVID Deaths per 100k People in USA in the Last Week

Rawlings to acquire baseball and softball manufacturer Easton

O.Care Premiums drop from 3rd Year in a row under Trump

Family Restaurant in PA, Fight back against COVID Regulations

Thug beats Cop's Face in  attack livestreamed on Facebook

AMC offers Pandemic Special: $99 rent an Entire Theater

7.5 Magnitude Quake off Alaska Coast

Twitter employees openly rips Trump, Praise Biden

Trump: 'If Biden wins, China wins. and China will own the USA'

San Diego Schools changes grading system to be Anti-Racist

PA. to count Non-Postmarked Ballots 3 days after Election Day

Lightfoot's Chicago Mayor considering Tax Hikes

Coca Cola to retire Tab, its first Diet Soda

San Fran. Free Speech Marchers, Police attacked by Antifa

Twitter refuses to Unlock NYPost Account unless delete tweet about Hunter Biden

Steve Bannon behind 'Roll-Out Plan' for Hunter Biden Emails

PA. rejects 372,000 Mail-in Ballots Applications

Pres. of Florida Company warns of layoffs if Biden wins

More than 6M Households missed their Rent / Mortgage in Sept.

Senate to vote on $500B GOP Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Carnival Ships need court approval 60 days before restarting?

C-SPAN suspends Steve Sully for lying about Twitter Hack

All Bottle returns must reopen immediately in Michigan

WHO backed study No Remdesivir Benefit for Hospitalized Patients

California jobless rate dips as Pandemic Restrictions linger

Princess Cruises cancels Voyages into 2021 due to COVID

Cottonelle flushable wipes recalled over Bacteria concerns

Theater chain AMC says it could run out of cash by year end

Mortgage Rates sink to  another new low

Robinhood hackers reportedly gained access to 2k accounts

Trump's Florida Rally: 16% of Attendees were Dem., 24 % didn't vote in 2016

United slashes cost to prepare for eventual COVID-19 Rebound

NYC Storefront allowing Looters to Steal because reporting would be racist

Cut Cable shuts down Virginia's Online Voter Registration System

MI Supreme Court denies Gov. Whitmer's request for'Pandemic EO Extension

Amy Coney Barrett goes viral holding up Blank Notepad

Delta posts another massive loss, warns recovery could take 2+ years

Twitter fined for Multiple Campaign Finance Violations

NYT: Experts confident Pandemic to be over 'Far Sooner' than expected

Southwest Pilots' Union pushes back on 10% pay cut proposal

Trump urges GOP to 'Strongly' focus on relief for Americans

Roblox a popular Video game platform, plans an IPO

Trump tests Negative for Coronavirus 'Not Infectious to others' WH Physician

Latest Blooper - Biden calls for $15,000,000 Minimum Wage... Come on Man

Class 8 Truck Orders Soar, up 145% Year over Year

NYC slaps COVID Rule breakers with $150,000 in Fines

Nurse Home Residents in CO. protest 'Rather die from Covid than loneliness'

CDC Study:85% of COVID-19 cases in July were people who always wear Mask

Virginia is preparing for an unprecedented Vaccination Campaign...

Carnival canceling November Cruises from Port Canaveral, Miami

Miami 30k cars participated in Anti-Communist, Latino for Trump Caravan

USPS announces Prices increases for 2021

Trump admin. warns Anti-White Discrimination may cost Corp. Fed Funding

If Joe Biden wins the election...25 not good things that will happen?

Joe Biden reportedly considering Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General

Judge Amy Coney Barrett's contentious Confirmation process starts Monday

Diabetes drug recalled to High Levels of Cancer causing Contaminant

Game 5 of the NBA Finals gets atrocious TV Rating

US Box Office expected to plunge by 81 percent in 2020

175 Doctors sound off on the Medical Decision to cancel the 2nd Debate

Pelosi rejects Latest COVID-Relief Offer

No Spike in Florida COVID cases despite lack of Mask Mandate

Twitter censors Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke's Immigration Views

WHO official urges World Leaders to stop using Lockdowns as Primary Method

Biden says Voters don't deserve to know his stance on packing Sup. Court

Trump gives in-person remarks at 'Peaceful protest for Law & Order'

Trump: 'We have something that will Cure' COVID-19

Broadway to Stay Dark through May 2021

Pelosi announces bill on 25th Amendment after questioning Trump Health

No ONE is showing up to Biden Harris Event, barely anyone watching online

Roughly 50,000 Voters in Ohio got incorrect absentee ballots....

Organizers scrap next Presidential Debate, Trump says no to Virtual Format

More Millennials regret college debt as pandemic kills their jobs

Keith Olbermann: Trump supporters 'must be prosecuted and convicted....

Cuomo: 'I Don't Care' about your Religion, Follow the Rules.. Muslim, Jews...

Microsoft allows Employees to 'Permanently' Work from Home

58,000 Mail in Ballots in Westmoreland County delayed


TX Dem. Candidate Zul Mohamed arrested, 109 counts of Mail-in ballot Fraud

Yelp flagging businesses accused of racism on its review platform

Crypto CEO shows workers who disagree w 'apolitical' mission the door

Pelosi, J. Raskin propose 25th Amendment 'Commission' targeting Trump

Trump vows medication used to treat his COVID19 will be available to Seniors

That Little Green Dot: Your iPhone is spying on you ?

Both Presidential Campaigns agree to push back next In-Person Debate

90% of Portland Rioters are rewarded for months of destruction

Manhattan rents plunge as Coronavirus Drives vacancies to record

Elementary School Kids taught that 'Objectivity & Perfectionism' are ..

AMC Entertainment expects 520 of its 600 US Theaters to open by mid-Oct.

NBA likely to pull BLM messages from Courts, Jerseys next season

Microsoft Cloud Service outages continue into Week Two

NJ Postal Worker accused of throwing away election ballots

Second Presidential Debate to be Held Virtually. Trump says he's not doing it

163 Pizza Hut restaurants up for sale after Franchisee files for bankruptcy

840,000 Americans filed for 1st Time Unemployment Benefits last week

Mad Maxine Waters caught in Public without Mask.....

Cali. Governor's Office tells diners to wear mask 'in between bites'

< 11% of People w Fed. Student Debt are repaying their loans during COVID

Lowe's gives $100M more in Bonuses to hourly employees

Nearly 7,000 Voters in NJ town received incorrect ballots

Grand Jury Indicts St Louis couple who used guns to hold off Protesters

Pres. Trump says he'd sign 'Stand Alone' Stimulus Check bill 'Immediately'

Petco stops selling Shock Collars, ask Competitors to do the same

Almost 95% of Silicon Valley Donations have gone to Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson airs photographs he say shows Maskless Cuomo in Public

Trump authorizes declassification of all Russia Collusion, Clinton documents

WH Physician: President Trump reports no COVID-19 Symptoms

Trump calls off Coronavirus Stimulus talks until after election

Almost 95% of Silicon Valley Donations have gone to Joe Biden

Mass. New Voting rules will allow the state to count dead peoples vote this Yr

US Restaurant spending is almost back to Pre-COVID Levels

MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer reenacts unlawful Lockdown Policies

Hurricane Delta intensifies to Cat. 4 Storm, takes aim at Cancun

NJ Atilis Gym, reopens against COVID-19 Order, Loses Business License

Southwest CEO: Union Pay cuts needed to avoid Furloughs

49ers' Levi Stadium to go completely Cashless when fans return

Facebook and Twitter censor Trump post comparing COVID-19 to the flu

New Tech. refuses entrance to shops if your not wearing a face mask

Cuomo defends not wearing a mask at indoor Conference. Rules are for you

Trump pledges 'Biggest Tax cut ever' if he wins election in November

President Trump designates Oct 5th as 'Made in America Day'

Norwegian Cruise extends suspension of cruises through November

NBA Finals Game 2 Rating Collapse 68% to All Time Low

Walmart signs trio of drone deals as it races to play catch-up w Amazon

Coronavirus Nasal Swab Test caused Brain fluid leak in women

Pres.Trump leaves Hospital w message of hope. Don't be afraid of COVID'

Southwest ask for 'Sacrifice' from Unionized Employees

Teacher scolds 10 year old for saying he admires Trump

Coca Cola is discontinuing their Coconut Water Line Zico

Caterpillar to acquire Weir Oil & Gas for $405M in Cash

Poll: Donald Trump now leads Joe Biden in National Popular Vote

Record breaking California Wildfires surpass 4 Million Acres

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany infected with China COVID-19

President Trump could return to WH ' as early as tomorrow'

Philly Election Warehouse, Reporter strolls inside with no else around

Trump supporters march down Washington Street to back President

Cinema trade group says 70% of smaller US Theaters may fail

De Blasio closing Schools, Businesses in 9 NY Neighborhoods

Regal Cinemas likely suspending Operations at all US Locations

Cleveland officials traced COVID cases back to debate, before Trump on-site

Trump campaign blast Biden for running Neg. ads while Pres. is Hospitalized

Rochester, NY Mayor indicted in Felony Campaign Finance Scandal

Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation will move 'Full Speed Ahead'

Trump to appoint Tom Fitton to Court oversight agency

Airbnb cancels Halloween Rentals in bid to halt parties

Michigan State Supreme Court strikes down Whitmer's Emergency Powers

Donald Trump New Video from Walter Reed

Get Well Soon President Trump / Melania.. Trump transferred to Walter Reed

President Trump not taking Hydroxychloroquine?

NYC Business Owner: 'Explosion' of trash another struggle to deal with

Trump, First Lady Test Positive for Virus . "We will get through this together"

Nonfarm Payroll rose by 661,000 in September, Unemployment rate 7.9%

NBA Finals Viewership down by 45%, Lowest since 1994

Price of Gas in NJ is going up due to tax hike

Boeing to move all 787 Dreamliner Production to SC: Report

Minnesota's Mall of America offers free space for Women / Minority Business

SC. Gov. McMaster plans to relax restrictions on SC Restaurants

Ford recalls 700,000+ Vehicles because backup Camera can go dark

California's Newsom wants to ban gas cars, but 'Can't even keep the lights on'

Cuomo now denying that he ever told Nursing Homes to take COVID Patients

Jobless Claims.. another 837,000 filed new unemployment claims last week

Memory Sticks used to program Philly's Voting Machines were stolen

Black Dem.State Rep. from Ohio endorses President Trump for Reelection

When will the second stimulus check come?

Trump Admin. in FY20 admitted the fewest Refugees in 40+ Years

California task force will consider paying reparations for slavery...

PA. Dem.Gov., State Rep. laughing about 'Political Theater' of wearing masks

Walmart is updating its iconic SuperCenter stores for Digital Age

Cali. will require public Companies to have Diverse Boards

Nearly 18,000 Ballots Rejected in Massachusetts Primary Election

Meredith College NC Music Dept. pledges to remove 'Systemic Racism....

Senate passes stopgap bill to fund US Gov. through December

ICE planning Immigration Enforcement Operations in Sanctuary Cities

Mayor Bill De Blasio NYC announce Mask Patrols to fine Offenders

United, pilots agree on schedule reductions to avoid 3k furloughs

Airlines are hours away from cutting more than 30k jobs without Federal Aid

De Blasio may nix on-site learning at NYC schools amid soaring COVID-19 ?

Nordstrom to stop selling Fur, Exotic Animal skin products by end of 2021

Seattle approves Minimum wage for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Joe Biden: No More Coal/Oil Plants in America.. what do Electric cars run on?

St Louis Officials will not prosecute 9 BLM Protesters charged w Trespassing

Caesars agrees $3.73B deal for William Hill

CDC agrees to extend Cruise Industry 'No Sail' Order through Oct 31

NY Region sees 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces for more

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