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Only 3% of San Francisco Restaurants have not been vandalized in past month: Survey

Mortgage rates hit a 23-year high

Family-Owned E and B Family Restaurant opens at 3038 McCartney Road in Youngstown Ohio

All Philly Liquor Stores are closed today after at least 18 were broken into overnight

Furloughs, Layoffs mount on Maui as economic headwinds continue

New $4B Panasonic EV Battery Factory in Kansas requires so much power, needs its own Coal Plant

Liberty Media Proposes Sirius XM Combination


Blue Apron to be acquired by food delivery firm Wonder Group for $103 million

California to raise Minimum Wage for fast food restaurants to $20 / Hour

More Home Sellers drop their asking price as Mortgage Rates hits a Two-Decade High

GM, Ford, Stellantis could reportedly see more UAW Strikes this week

Mitsubishi Motors will stop Making Cars in China, Nikkei Reports

CVS to close 900 stores by end of 2024 as pharmacy chain battle rampant retail theft

Private Equity is Piling Debt on itself like never before


Recent Frontpage News

$100, $150 a tank: San Diego drivers grumble about California gas prices nearing $7 a Gallon

Chico's to go Private in $1 Billion Deal

Buy Junk, Get Junk... iphone 15 pro  overheating up to 122 degrees

Wawa plans to open 60 Stores in Ohio

New York Gov. deploys National Guard to help.....Migrants file Paperwork

Bankruptcy Filing Spiked in 2023 under Biden Administration

September Announced U.S. Layoff Total (Est.) - 16,235

September 29 , 2023

Jack Link’s distribution center in Laurens - 46 additional layoffs

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September 28 , 2023

The Natural Resources Defense Council, - < 40

Fortnite maker Epic Games - 870

Creative Assembly - Layoffs expected

X - confirms firing "Half of Election Integrity" Team

St. Norbert College Wisconsin - 41

SK Battery America in Jackson County GA - Layoffs?

Byju ( International ) - 5,000



September 27 , 2023

Galecto - 29

Utah Pride Center - Furlough most of staff that remains

Blizzard’s Hearthstone team - 10

Millennium Print Group - 800 Temp Layoffs

Snap - 150 likely

Portland transportation - Cuts would = 100 Layoffs



September 26 , 2023

Talkdesk - 3rd round of layoffs, no #

Health Insurer Centene - 2,000

Flexe - Layoffs off 1/3 of its employees , 144

Dana Fort Wayne Indiana Plant - 240 Temp. Layoffs due to strike

Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority - Layoffs possible

CommUnity - 100

Ambri facility in Marlborough - Layoffs if unless new funding comes in

Soft Surroundings HQ - Some layoffs , no #



September 25 , 2023

Bank of the West in Omaha Neb. - 150

Better Home & Finance Holding - 1/4 of staff in early Septemeber

Eagle Industries Inc - 171 Temp. Layoffs due to Strike

Disney ( Beijing Office) - Hundreds of Layoffs

Innovation Refunds in West Des Moines - 78

Houston Independent School District Texas - eliminated some Custodian positions



September 24 , 2023



September 23 , 2023

ImmunityBio in California and Florida - 48

Tucker Powersports - 165

CommonSpirit Health - 2,000

Menasha Packaging Company - 66

Alumacraft in St Peter Minn. - 68 Layoffs

Moog Music in Asheville NC - Layoffs, No #

Appsmith - 35

The Federal Reserve system - 300 jobs through the end of the year

Aramark Services - 700 Layoffs, but most will be rehired by next food service provider



September 22 , 2023

Roblox - 30 on talent acquisition team



September 21 , 2023

Outreach - 12% of staff, moving some operations to Mexico City, India

GM and Stellantis - 2,000+ Layoffs just on Wed.

Auto Supplier Dana Incorporate - 875 Layoffs, Temporary?



September 20 , 2023

John Deere Harvester Works Illinois - 225 Indefinite layoffs

Crypto Custodian Prime Trust - 62 possible layoffs

Crystal Dynamics - 10

DealShare ( International ) - 130

Stellantis Toledo Machining Plant in Perrysburg Ohio - 68 Layoffs Temp Layoffs?



September 19 , 2023

Kinnate Biopharma - 60+

SUNY Potsdam NY - Financial Cuts may = Layoffs

ProbablyMonsters - Some layoffs , no #



September 18 , 2023

Beamdog Studio - 25

Leaf Home - 37

CIE Newcor - warns of 290 layoffs due to auto strike



September 17 , 2023

Cisco - plans another 350 Layoffs



September 16 , 2023

UPS - Layoffs hit Dallas Forth Worth area Staff

Update: WWE - 100+



September 15 , 2023

Ford Michigan Assembly Plant - 600 Temporary layoffs due to labor strike

WWE - Merger Layoffs begin, multiple executives

West Virginia University - Approves 143 Layoffs

New York’s blockchain company, R3 - 20%



September 14 , 2023

Ascendant Studios - 40

VideoAmp - 40

Airtable - 237

Grabango - 40% or ~60 ?

Evolve - 175

Newburgh Heights Ohio - Mayor to announce Layoffs?

FedEx - Layoffs in IT and Finance Depts. - no #

Update: Google - Hundreds of Recruiting Staffers

Joann Fabrics Hudson HQ - Some Layoffs, No #

Ozarks Healthcare - 130 positions around 70 are layoffs

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September 13 , 2023

Update: Sage Therapeutics - 290

Sustainalytics - 150

Google - Cutting hundreds of jobs

Fungi-fueled alt meat startup Meati Foods - 30

Binance - 100

Citigroup - Layoffs coming , No #

Collins Aerospace - about 800

Oyster - Some Layoffs, No #

Cyber insurance company At-Bay - 27



September 12 , 2023

Barclays ( International ) - 450

Premier Glass USA LLC - 48

2Seventy Bio - 176

Rainbow Studios - Layoffs, No #



September 11 , 2023

Divvy Homes -95

Truist Financial Corp - Sizeable Layoffs in coming the months

Minim - Slashes Workforce 78%, Bankruptcy?

Chargebee - 100 to 120 Globally



September 10 , 2023



September 9 , 2023

Goodyear (International ) - 1,200

Sensor Tower - 40



September 8 , 2023

ProMedica - 30 in Corporate

app Grindr - 82

Billerud paper mill in Escanaba Michigan - Temp Layoffs?

Goldman Sachs - Another round of layoffs next month?

Waterbury Hospital CT - 15

Drift - 30



September 7 , 2023

Torrid - 5% of HQ staff

Slalom Consulting - 900

iSpecimen - 1/4 of staff , No #



September 6 , 2023

Gemological Institute of America - 151

Blue Origin space venture - Report of some layoffs

Catholic Charities Madison Wisconsin - 60

Nielsen - laying off 9% of its Global Workforce

Sheraton Mahwah Hotel - 91

Roku - 10% or 300 

National Express Transit Corporation - 140

Saddle Creek Atlanta Warehouse - 225



September 5 , 2023

eFuse - 30

Absci - 30

Update: Integral Care Austin TX - approves 48 layoffs

Crypto infrastructure provider Qredo  - 50



September 4 , 2023

AI computer vision company Nexar - 17



September 3 , 2023



September 2 , 2023

Maui linen supply - 179

Knight-Swift Transportation - Some Layoffs, No #

Software Company Pegasystems - 4% or 240



September 1 , 2023

Chicago-based freight brokerage Coyote Logistics - Some Layoffs, no #

The Memphis Zoo - 25 in the Education Dept.

Expedia Group - Layoffs, No #



August 31 , 2023

Malwarebytes - 100

Tech nonprofit Code for America - 35

Integral Care Travis county - 48

Steppenwolf Theatre - 12% or 13 , 7 open positions eliminated

GOJO Industries - <10% of Salaried Positions , 100+

Zeplin - 37

Ada Developers Academy - Another round of layoffs

UBS ( Switzerland ) - 3,000

Sage Therapeutics - 40% of workforce, no #

General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly Plant - Extends temp layoffs an additional week

Public radio nonprofit CapRadio - 12% of workforce

Wells Fargo Washington County Oregon - 316

Barstool Sports - around 100 layoffs likely

Guaranteed Rate - quietly laying off for more than 1 year



August 30 , 2023

SkyKick - 140 , 98 in US

Apellis - 225

Washington Post Arc XP - 7

Buchwald - 10

Blackbird Interactive - 40



August 29 , 2023

Update: Zebra Technologies - plans 7% layoffs or 700

MacroGenics - 63



August 28 , 2023

UW-Oshkosh and its Fox Cities campus - Layoffs likely

Stihl Incorporated Virginia Beach - furlough 1/3 of workforce

CoinSwitch - 44

Imagendary Studios - Reports of Layoffs

Farmers Insurance - 2,400

Update: Trialon Corporation - 100



August 27 , 2023



August 26 , 2023

Futuro Media - Layoffs, No #

Captiv8 - 13



August 25 , 2023

PDC Energy Inc. merger into Chevron USA Inc - 1/3 of Evan Facility losing their jobs, No #

Jacobs Technology Inc - 88 Contractors

Bally Sports eliminated its national desk - 8

Fifth Season - 30

United Coal in Virginia - Some layoffs, could be permanent



August 24 , 2023

T-Mobile - 5,000

Blackline - 95 Positions

Etta Collective - 10

Liberty Healthcare Corp. - Plans 96 Layoffs in Raleigh

Agenus - 25% , No #

The Texas Tribune - 11

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September 29 , 2023

Buffalo Transportation - +200



September 28 , 2023

Wegmans in Bucks County PA. - +400



September 27 , 2023



September 26 , 2023

International Paper in Chester County - +100



September 25 , 2023



September 24 , 2023

Calix - +100



September 23 , 2023

Fraser Industries - +100 by 2025



September 22 , 2023



September 21 , 2023

Lyon Shipyard in Norfolk Va - +134



September 20 , 2023



September 19 , 2023

Joby Aviation Inc. to build plant at Dayton Inter. Airport - +2,000



September 18 , 2023



September 17 , 2023



September 16 , 2023

Cruiser Yachts expand in Pulaski - +200



September 15 , 2023



September 14 , 2023

Retech Systems - +40



September 13 , 2023



September 12 , 2023



September 11 , 2023

Carter Associates - +20



September 10 , 2023

Safran Landing Systems Kentucky - +92



September 9 , 2023



September 8 , 2023



September 7 , 2023

ProKidney Winston Salem expansion - +50



September 6 , 2023



September 5 , 2023

Winston Industries KY invest $1.2M - Retain 215 jobs



September 4 , 2023

Sheetz to build $145M Distribution Center in Ohio



September 3 , 2023



September 2 , 2023



September 1 , 2023

HP Hoods in Batavia NY - +48



August 31 , 2023

Glass fabricator Press Glass Inc in Va. - +335



August 30 , 2023

Gulfstream Fort Worth Location - +100



August 29 , 2023

Voith Turbo North America - + add jobs after expansion



August 28 , 2023

Boecore in Colorado Springs - +620



August 27 , 2023



August 26 , 2023



August 25 , 2023

3M in Ames - +25



August 24 , 2023

Clayton Supply in Charlotte - +263






September Announced U.S. Closing Total (Est.) - 224

September 29 , 2023

Pilot Rock Market in Pilot Rock Oregon

Union Flats Seafood Co. in New Bedford

Showfields closed its New York City store in the NoHo neighborhood

Griffy’s Art Supply will close the store at 725 W. Kirkwood Ave in Bloomington IN

Joe’s Township Tavern, located at 1412 Township Road in Knox NY

Oak Park’s Healthy Greens CBD store IL - Looking for new Location

Q&A Sweet Treats in La Grange Ky.

Golden Corral on the Osage Beach Parkway MO.

Northside Drive Waffle House in Jackson Miss.



September 28 , 2023

The Green Drake Gallery and Arts Center 101-B W. Main St. in Millheim PA

Signature Room in Hancock tower closes

Carlton’s Men’s & Women’s Apparel in Rehoboth Beach DE

Poplar Tapas at 224 W. 10th St. Charlotte NC

Becky’s Real BBQ in Middletown RI closing but hopes to find a buyer

Uno Pizzeria Closing Its Warrington Location PA

Earth Rider Cycling in Chicago IL

Criterion Cinemas in New Haven CT



September 27 , 2023

Mr. Powdrell’s Barbeque House in Albuquerque NM

The Skate Escape in Atlanta GA,

Spice Island Tea House Oakland Pittsburgh PA

Report: Labor & Delivery department, as well as the nursery, at Betsy Johnson Hospital closing

The Grand Meridian in Appleton Wis.



September 26 , 2023

ESPN to close two of their studios — their Seaport studio in New York and their Los Angeles studio

Target closing 9 Stores in 4 states due to theft / organized crime

Merindorf Meat Market closing Williamston Location

Kent Precision Food Group is closing two facilities in Foley and Sauk Rapids - 61 layoffs

Gems Boutique, located on Monmouth Street in Red Bank NJ

Superior Die Set close the company’s Oak Creek plant - 133 jobs lost if no buyer found

JB’s Indoor Dog Park’s Kingston location MA

Halbinsel Volkswagon in Escanaba MI

Millbrae’s Lucky grocery store CA

Captain Nemo's is 367 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Lloyd's Restaurant closing its Inverness location



September 25 , 2023

Knickers Bar & Grill Carroll Meadow Golf Ohio

Brattleboro's Sam's Outdoor Outfitters VT

Milk Can Diner to close in Greendale WI

Bankruptcy: Pioneer Balloon Co.

Bankruptcy: MV Realty - Chapter 11

Bankruptcy: Let’s Talk Interactive - Chapter 11



September 24 , 2023

Lola'a closing in downtown Lake Geneva WI



September 23 , 2023

The Art Institutes including its campus in Atlanta GA

Café Soleil closing at the Dolphin Village shopping plaza at St. Pete Beach FL - May find new location

Dok Bua Thai Kitchen in Brookline Ma.

Office Depot located at 303 Homer M. Adams Parkway in Alton IL

Pruitt's Automotive in Louisville Ky.

John Christ Winery in Avon Lake Ohio

Mandarin Gourmet on Wood Street in Downtown Pittsburgh Pa.

Moosejaw to close all stores but 3 , and shut Madison Heights HQ

Enderlin’s only grocery store in Enderlin ND

Mishawaka ReStore Indiana

Athena Greek Restaurant in Tyler Texas

The Burger King on Prince Royal Drive in Berea KY

Mama Roux in Newburgh closing Dining Room on Oct 8 - But will continue on with events

Matt & Tony's in the Brewery District Columbus Ohio

Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre in Skowhegan ME



September 22 , 2023

Cakes LaMo’r Bakery in Columbia SC

Dougie's BBQ & Grill in Baltimore

Wave of Portland Breweries have closed, or plan to close down

O-I Glass in Waco Texas closing - 300 Total Job loses

The Fresenius Kidney Care dialysis clinic in Canon City Colorado



September 21 , 2023

The Subway restaurant in Hampden ME - 15 jobs lost

The BOSS Grill, located in Hartford County at 224 Berlin Turnpike in Berlin CT

Mandarin Garden in Pittsburgh Pa.

Bfresh market located at 224 Elm St. in Somerville Ma.

Erie Steak and Seafood, located at 301 Lakeside Ave. in Lorain Ohio

The Post Office in Marmarth, ND

Barbacco Restaurant in downtown San Francisco

Ivory Road Café and Kitchen at 1854 Brevard Road in Arden NC

Jalensky’s Outdoors & Marine, 5307 Green Bay Road Kenosha WI

Save Mart Store in Tahoe City CA

Cardboard company WestRock to close Fridley plant - 70 Layoffs

Bankruptcy: Noble House Home Furnishings - Chapter 11



September 20 , 2023

Rebecca’s Natural Food Market in Charlottesville Va.

The McDonald’s in Charleston’s Patrick Street Plaza W. Va.

Heroes Comics is closing in Fresno California

Downer Theatre in Milwaukee WI

Charleston’s Baker & Brewer SC

Historic Flooring in Johnson City Tenn.

Maddy McMurphy's Irish Sports Bar San Antonio Texas

Update: Vincenzo's Shoe Repair Braintree Ma.

T. Boone Pickens YMCA in Dallas Texas

Farmers Select Dairy in El Paso Texas

Red River Brewpub in Bossier City La.



September 19 , 2023

Rusty Nail on Buford Highway Atlanta GA

Louis Shanks Furniture is closing its last two stores in Austin and San Antonio

Plaza Del Sol on Colonial Ave. in Norfolk Va.

Le Terraza Mexican Grill and Bar in Mankato MN

QDogs BBQ in Marion IA

Heartland Motorsports Park, a multi-use motorsports facility located in Topeka, Kansas

Eegee’s Tucson’s icee and sandwich chain location at South Craycroft Road and East 22nd Street AZ

Circle Brewing Company closes North Austin, Elgin locations Texas

Restaurant Kim Son will close its Stafford location

Richburg’s Hardware supply in Gulfport Miss.

Outdoors Inc., Belly Acres Closing Midtown Locations

The Office Depot located in the Hyde Park Shopping Center, 5420 S. Lake Park Ave in Chicago IL

The T.J. Maxx store in St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood

Bankruptcy: IAero Group

Bankruptcy: American Physician Partners - Chapter 11



September 18 , 2023

Korshak Bagels at 10th and Morris Streets Philadelphia PA

Coronato Pizza in Carrboro NC

Strangeways in Dallas Texas

Georgia-Pacific Foley Cellulose mill in Perry, Florida - 525 Jobs affected

Help at Home will cease operation in the State of Alabama - 785 layoffs

The Mustard Seed in Mount Pleasant SC

Le Cheval in downtown Oakland Ca.

Tree Top Sacramento Ca

G.I. Rose Military Surplus Etc. at 6310 E. Harry in Wichita may close if no buyer found

Chattanooga Accounting Firm Croft & Frost closed, laid off all employees

The post office at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida

Santa’s Toys closing Owensboro location KY

Foxfire Grill, a neighborhood restaurant on Little River Turnpike in Pinecrest Plaza



September 17 , 2023



September 16 , 2023

Duane Reade Pharmacy at 40 Wall Street NY NY

Market Basket is closing its location at 3955 Phelan Boulevard in Beaumont

Jane's Delicatessen in Tulsa Ok.

JaCiva's Bakery & Chocolatier in Portland Oregon

Tulsa Promenade mall closing on Sunday

Snappy’s, located at 2892 Earlystown Road, Centre Hall PA.

Kohl's will close its location in southeast Albuquerque



September 15 , 2023

Donnell Ford Lincoln of Salem Ohio

Mount Sinai to close Beth Israel campus in New York

Sportsman's Lounge, 229 W. Mason St. Springfield IL

San Dimas Medical Group in Bakersfield Ca.

The AMC Classic Bloomington 11 theater, located at 1351 S College Mall Road IN

2 Mrs. Winner's locations in Greensboro NC

English's Model Railroad Supply in Montoursville Pa.

Eegee's location at 2470 N. Campbell Ave, and 1105 S. Craycroft Road Tucson Arizona

The Disabled American Veteran (DAV) thrift stores in Wichita Kansas closed for good

Eddyline Kayaks is closing its Burlington facility - relocates work to Arkansas and Mexico

Bankruptcy: Silver Star Properties subsidiary Hartman SPE



September 14 , 2023

Ubisoft is shutting down its London studio ( International )

IPL closing Ohio thermoforming plant in Cambridge Ohio

NY Bagel Deli & Pizza announces its closing in downtown Winter Garden FL

Coleman's Kitchen in Thomasville NC

Wilder Wood Restaurant in Austin Texas

Contra is closing on the Lower East Side NYC

Shea Hardware in Palmerton PA

Your Place Restaurant & Sports Pub in Harrisburg PA

The Rite Aid on Telegraph Road in Bellingham Washington

The Maker’s Galley in Portland ME

Falafel Hut Middle Eastern Cuisine in Saginaw MI

SYSTEM the design retail store at 786 Valencia Street San Francisco Ca.

El Xangarrito In Lincoln Square Chicago IL

An Orange Moon, 2418 W. North Ave. Humboldt Park IL

Rise'n Roll Bakery closing downtown Indianapolis and Broad Ripple locations, but opening in Nora

Muffler Express and Automotive Repair in Cape Girardeau MO

Green Hills furniture store in Nashville Tenn.

Bankruptcy: BioSteel - 181 Layoffs



September 13 , 2023

Discount Vacuum & Sewing Center in Dauphin County Pa.

Café Selmarie at 4729 N. Lincoln Ave in Lincoln Square Chicago IL

Piggly Wiggly grocery store on Spartanburg's south side

3 Kilts Tavern Bar in Denver

Friendly’s restaurant in Greater Binghamton NY

Rite Aid Closing 1 Store Location In Toms River NJ

Daikichi at 608 Valley Road in Montclair NJ

Lucky Dog Bakery will be closing its doors at 722 Traders Lane in Folsom Ca.

Americas Best Value Inn on La Crosse North Side WI

Crème Shack in Greenville SC

Lost Tuk Tuk in WI

Bennie’s Shoes in Atlanta GA

Duttenhofer's Books in Cincinnati

Update: GXO Logistics is ceasing operations at a distribution center in Wilmer, Texas



September 12 , 2023

Windham Weaponry

Portland coffee shop The Pied Cow

Burger Baron restaurant in Arlington Heights

Adventure Falls Golf in Surfside Beach SC

D&L Donuts on North Central Avenue in Staunton

Update: Soft Surroundings - closing all 44 stores

Mexican restaurant chain Lolita's closing down shop near Petco Park Ca.

Ephemeral Tattoo closing all locations

The Sizzler Restaurant in Meridian Idaho

Dragon Products Cement plant in Thomaston Maine

Burn St. Bistro in Missoula Mont.

Bankruptcy: Blue Harvest Fisheries - Chapter 7



September 11 , 2023

UMass Memorial Health going ahead with closing Leominster maternity unit

Update: Giant will close delivery facilities in Hanover and Milford, Delaware, by Oct. 21

Dumpling Club in San Francisco

Big Storm Brewing in Cape Coral FL

Massena Rite Aid NY

Ernest Camera Shoppe in Port Huron MI

Update: New Empire Restaurant in Holland Ohio

Nantucket Design & Home in Chico CA,

Bankruptcy: Soft Surroundings LLC



September 10 , 2023



September 9 , 2023

Bitterroot BBQ in Ballard Seattle WA

The Fine Wine and Good Spirits store in Bristol Borough Pa.

Treasure’s Formal Bridal and Tux in Idaho Falls

CJ's Great West Grill on South Willow Street in Manchester NH

Momofuku Ssäm Bar NYC

Nike closing its store on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Oregon 

Bankruptcy: Off Lease Only - Chapter 11 , terminated all 545 employees?



September 8 , 2023

Discount Treasures in Lynchburg Va.

Paper Plane Deli and Market is closing at 933 Louise Ave. in Charlotte's Belmont neighborhood

Bloomsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center in Bloomberg Columbia CO

Hoyt’s Ace Hardware in Rancho Cucamonga California

Lunacy Brewing Company in Haddon Height NJ

Recognition Unlimited in North Platte NE

Liberty & Union Alehouse in downtown Taunton MA

The Waterbury Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation facility on Cedar Avenue - Judge orders closure

Cinema De Lux at City Center in White Plains NY

Dickinson Avenue Public House in Greenville NC

Ingram Entertainment plans to close its music division

The University of Hartford will close its Entrepreneurial and Women's Business Center

Bankruptcy: Transport Acquisitions LLC

Bankruptcy: Tramar Inc - Chapter 7



September 7 , 2023

Scoop N Dough closing downtown Fargo location ND

Prairie Village home goods store Golden & Pine KS

College Park shopping center MD closing

99 Cents Only Stores will be closing this Carmichael location

The Pond Bar and Grill in Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Urban Mattress to permanently close in Vienna Virginia

Thirteen Mega Co-op gas stations in Western Wisconsin

White Center Bartell store 9600 15th SW Seattle Wa.

Heroes Hideout in Colonie Center NY

San Jose's Raging Waters closing for the season, not reopening next year

Foodland at the School Street location in Liliha Honolulu HI

Blue Dust in Homestead Pa.

Magdelena's Savories & Sweets in Petaluma Ca.



September 6 , 2023

The Arsya Hibachi Grill and Sushi Japanese Express food truck 312 W. Main St. Gardner KS

Hanlen’s Fine Meats & Catering in Kirkwood MO

Mutual Fish, a Seattle Seafood Icon

Peter’s Café and Bakery Cody WY

Princeton Care Center, in Princeton, NJ

San Antonio Magazine

Trident Grill III in Tucson AZ

The Rite Aid store in south Salisbury MD

Wells Fargo closing Downtown Richmond branch at 2nd and Grace Streets

Walmart is closing its store located at 680 Connecticut Ave., in Norwalk CT

Andy and Bax surplus Store in Portland Oregon

Rite Aid to close Bristol PA Location

Denizens Brewing Company to close Silver Springs Md. location



September 5 , 2023

Smooth-ish at 7415 Madison St. Forest Park IL

DeNuzzo’s Italian Deli in Bridgeport W Va.

Tiki Island Restaurant in Medford Mass.

Smiley's restaurant in Massillon Ohio

Friendly's restaurant in Webster

Downtown Deli & Donuts in Spartanburg SC

Ford shutting down Israeli R&D center ( International )

PNC Bank is closing its Strasburg Center Square branch at 1 E. Main St., Strasburg



September 4 , 2023

Leaping Llamas Artisan Shop, 725 S. Kansas Ave. Topeka KS

Regal Rexnord Corp. is set to close its plant in West Milwaukee



September 3 , 2023

North Denver Cares Food Pantry Broomfield Colo, is in danger of closing its doors because of rising costs.

Aktiv Pharma Group closing 2 plants - 70



September 2 , 2023

Update: Marcus Theatres closing Milwaukee, Franklin, Saukville theaters

Shinjuku, Station 711 W. Magnolia Ave Forth Worth Texas

Accenture to close facility in Fremont Ca. - 200 Jobs lost

The Hub Bike Co-op closing flagship in south Minneapolis



September 1 , 2023

Matheson Flight Extenders to close its sorting facility in Chicopee Mass. - 305 Jobs lost

Wash Park Restaurant Bittersweet Denver CO

Screamer’s Pizzeria Greenpoint Location Brooklyn NYC

Bridal Studio 61 in Vicksburg MS

Good Soup, 3135 S. 92nd St. in Milwaukee WI

Prescient Co. closes Arvada facility - 60 layoffs

Riccobono's Peppermill in Metairie La.

Walgreens store in the Piscataquis County town of Guilford

Seattle Children’s will close its Kent Bargain Boutique store

Update: FedEx shutters Kegley Road Facility

Bankruptcy:Alderson Broaddus University - Chapter 7

Bankruptcy:  Benitago



August 31 , 2023

Tony Nelson’s King of Philly Cheese Steaks restaurant on Pass Road in Gulfport MS

Cinderella's Closet of NEPA in Lackawanna County Pa.

13th Street Alley in Downtown Cincinnati

Volition studio closing down

JHU is The Beat’s local comics shop closing in Manhattan NY but to remain open in Staten Island

Rite Aid in Stroudsburg PA suddenly closes

Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis

Bigelow Cleaners, located at 217 Sumner St. at the corner of Langley Rd Newton Ma.

Our Place Café in Cody, Wyoming

Hippie Town USA in Lafayette, Louisiana

KO Restaurant in Newton Pa.

Bass Pro Shops announced the closing of its boat factory in Midway, Arkansas... for now?



August 30 , 2023

The Spinny Jenny in Greer, South Carolina

Raymon’s Restaurant & Catering in Clarksburg W Va.

Parkview Health will close in Sept. two of its Family Birthing Centers at its DeKalb or LaGrange hospitals

Kalsada, the St. Paul modern Filipino restaurant St Paul MN

Self Service Furniture-Courtesy Home Furnishings, 2216 Adams Ave. La Grande OR.

Mishler’s Drive-In is a staple in Evart MI

Web Industries Inc. plans to permanently close its Holliston plant

Eegee's at Broadway and Kolb in Tucson Arizona

Allen Press new owners closing Lawrence Plant



August 29 , 2023

The train branch of the Bank of Fayetteville at the northeast corner of Dickson Street and West Avenue

Gracias Madre in San Francisco

Fitness center at the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA in Mifflinburg Pa.

Simmons Shoe Store in Humboldt Tennessee

Newell Brands to close plant in Perrysburg Ohio - 130 Jobs lost expected

Chow restaurant in San Ramon, California

La’Wan’s Soul Food Restaurant at 7520 S. Tryon St. in Charlotte NC



August 28 , 2023

The Station Patio Icehouse Keller Texas

The General Store Pub in Anamosa Iowa

Casa Decor And More in Coral Springs Fla.

Moe’s Southwest Grill closes 7 Indianapolis area locations

Hardy’s Coffee Bar, 31 Bloomfield Ave., Flemington, NJ

Update: Newell Brands L-L-C are shutting down a Rubbermaid yarn mill and commercial plant Tenn.

Coffee Shop CUP at 79 Norman Ave Brooklyn NY

Milky Moo’s Deli and Creamery in Ozark Ala.

Truman’s Tap & Grill in the Lakewood Walk shopping center, FL

Stitch Fix ( International ) - closing UK Market

Copper & Flame Cincinnati Ohio

Rite Aid on the corner of Glendale Ave. and Detroit Ave. in south Toledo Ohio

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams NC Furniture Maker in Taylorsville NC



August 27 , 2023

Dart Container Plant in Urbana Ill closing at end of year - 135 jobs lost



August 26 , 2023

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Liverpool NY

Hodges University Nonprofit College in Florida

Peconic County Brewing closing in Riverhead NY

Morning Wood in San Mateo Ca.



August 25 , 2023

Fiber Company at 600 N. Trade St. in Downtown Winston Salem

McGann Furniture in Baraboo Wis.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen at 8380 N. Booth Ave in Kansas City

Otisco Bakery and Basics in Otisco Township Michigan

Coca-Cola to partially close Upper Macungie plant - 58 Layoffs

TRIN, Inc. says its Ashley Indiana plant will be closing on March 31, 2024 - 155 Layoffs

CVS pharmacy is closing its Berwyn location at 550 Lancaster Ave Pa.

Boloco closes one Boston location, two others shutting down soon

Boat 'N Net in Corpus Christi Texas

Update: Fatz Cafe closes all 18 locations?

Fogt's Gulf Coast Music Center in Sarasota FL

Marshalls Snyder Plaza 2000 Swanson Street in South Philly

Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Service at 825 White Spruce Blvd. Brighton NY

Update: Moving Company WayForth closing operations in 8 States - 450 Jobs lost

Chompsky's Cafe in Wenonah NJ

Godfathers Pizza in Helena MT

Price Rite supermarket is closing its Rosedale location MD

The All About Me Salon + Dayspa in Towson MD



August 24 , 2023

Rite Aid on Grandview Ave. in Ridgewood Queens NY

Ouray Sportswear to close Englewood Plant - 154 jobs lost

F.P. Kolbe in Point Pleasant PA.

Riff’s Joint in Easthampton Ma.

Parkdale Mills in Hillsville Va.

O'Charley's closes its doors in Greenwood IN

Fatz Cafe closes all restaurant locations

General Motors Arizona IT Innovation Center- 936 layoffs

BorgWarner to close Kokomo Indiana manufacturing plant

Bankruptcy - Orbital Infrastructure Group and Subsidiaries - Chapter 11

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